200 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

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All girls believe in fairy tales and magic, therefore, when choosing a gift for their daughter for her birthday, parents should take into account the wishes and interests of the child. Despite the fact that after a while, the daughter will understand that Santa Claus does not exist, she should know that her parents love and appreciate her.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

Therefore, birthday gift ideas for daughter should be special, and magical. Be sure to take into account the age, hobbies and wishes of the child.

Top 35 Gifts for Daughters 2-4 Years Old

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  • LOL doll.
  • Flying Fairy.
  • Accessories for a doll – a crib, a stroller, a cradle.
  • Dollhouse – you can take a full house: with fairy-tale characters, and furniture.
  • Snowblaster is a weapon that shoots snowballs. Suitable not only for boys but also for girls.
  • Sleds, ice-floes.
  • Snow scooter with skis instead of wheels.
  • A soft toy – only if the daughter plays with such toys.
  • An interactive animal that can move, sing, talk, and tell poems/fairy tales.
  • Girl’s designer – “Shop”, “Castle”, “Girlfriends”, etc.
  • Glowing constructor.
  • Dance mat with various functions and effects.
  • Projector for drawing – if your daughter has an artistic inclination.
  • Role-playing games: a set of “Doctor”, “Salesman”, “Cook”, “Hairdresser”, “Master of manicure”, etc.
  • Children’s play kitchen.
  • The hostess’s set – a toy iron, ironing board, and vacuum cleaner.
  • A set of children’s cosmetics – bathing products, lipstick, eyeshadow palette, lip gloss, nail polish.
  • A set of jewelry in a beautiful box – a brooch, hairpins, beads, rings, necklace, etc.
  • Accessories for a young lady – a mirror, a hairbrush, a wristwatch, sunglasses, a crown/tiara, etc.
  • Handbag/backpack with your favorite hero.
  • Clothes – fluffy elegant dress, princess costume, animal pajamas.
  • Toy music or educational laptop/tablet.
  • Music box with a ballerina/fairy or princess that rotates when the lid is opened.
  • Children’s dressing table, like a mom’s: with a mirror, drawers and decorations.
  • Princess Tent – will become a favorite house for a daughter.
  • Finger paint.
  • Educational toys – sorters, lacing, puzzles, mosaics, etc.
  • Children’s bowling.
  • A set for singing – a microphone with speakers – if singing inclinations wake up in your daughter.
  • Water drawing set.
  • Plastic toys from cartoons: “Paw Patrol,” “Masha and the Bear,” “Doctor Plyusheva,” “Fixies,” etc.
  • Easel with crayons and markers.
  • Soap bubbles and a machine for inflating them.
  • An aquarium with fish, a cat, a puppy, a parrot, a hamster – there is a daughter who has long dreamed of pets.
  • A baby doll that resembles a real child. You can buy an expensive option – a baby doll that knows how to eat, drink water, relieve themselves, cry, etc.

Top-36 Gifts for Daughters 5-6 Years Old

At this age, children are actively developing logical thinking, imagination, memory, and perception. Many have favorite activities and hobbies, and some already suspect that Santa Claus does not exist. But the parents’ task is to prolong the fairy tale as long as possible. And this can be done with a gift for the birthday. But the one that my daughter dreamed of all year. We present to your attention the top 36 gifts for a girl 5-6 years old on birthday Eve:

  • A large dollhouse where you can place the entire collection of dolls.
  • Baby Born doll.
  • Enchantimals doll with a pet.
  • Poopsie Set Magic Friends with Slime and Surprise Glitter.
  • Luminous little mermaid.
  • Chichi loves a toy – a girl can feed a dog, and walk it on a leash.
  • Light tablet for drawing.
  • Glowing shoes of Elsa from the cartoon “Frozen.”
  • Elsa’s children’s wig from the cartoon.
  • Sports gift: roller skates, scooter. If your daughter has long dreamed of such a gift, why not put it under the tree? Well, let it be winter because you can practice skating at home so that in the spring you can safely cut along the street.
  • Creativity kit: embroidery, knitting, beading, etc.
  • Collectible toys – LOL, Barbie, etc.
  • Surprise set LOL “Glamorous camper.”
  • Twister.
  • Wardrobe items – it is important that these are beautiful things, for example, a ball gown, glowing sneakers, high heels, etc.
  • Home planetarium.
  • Home theater of shadows.
  • Glittering heel rollers that slip over the shoe.
  • Children’s perfumery/cosmetics.
  • Game console – many girls love to play games like this.
  • Musical piggy bank.
  • Board games.
  • Transformer “Robocar Polly.”
  • Toys in the form of a unicorn, horses.
  • The Lost Kitties collectible toy is a surprise box with cute kittens hidden inside.
  • Play Dog modeling kit.
  • Poopsie set shiny unicorn surprise with slime.
  • Thermal mosaic.
  • Playset wardrobe suitcase for stylish Barbie clothes.
  • Sylvanian Families three-level bed set.
  • Adventurer – for the whole family to play.
  • Fragrant set for creativity: mass for modeling, markers, helium pens, stickers, and coloring.
  • Plastic set Spinmaster Lollipets – pets with surprise candies.
  • A set for creating hairstyles, which includes: a model doll (doll bust), a set of combs, and accessories for hairstyles.
  • A great gift from Disney princesses – a set for creativity. The girl herself will be able to make colorful magnets, a jewelry box, a photo frame, etc.
  • Scientific gaming microscope.

Top-51 Gifts for a Girl 7-9 Years Old

Grown-up children at this age no longer believe in the existence of Santa Claus. However, this does not mean that they should not put gifts under the tree. For girls of primary school age, the following gifts for the birthday are suitable:

  • Smartwatch – it will be interesting for a girl to wear such an accessory on her hand, she will be able to call her parents at any time.
  • A doll with a set of clothes and accessories – develops imagination, and style.
  • Elegant porcelain doll beauty – will decorate any shelf or interior.
  • Collectible doll – for the young fan who wants to create a complete collection.
  • Skates or rollers are for an active girl.
  • Wool painting is for a creative person.
  • A set of elastic bands for weaving bracelets – develops fine motor skills, perseverance, and attentiveness.
  • Large coloring by numbers – develops new abilities and talents.
  • Children’s tea set – the daughter, will be able to arrange a real tea party for the whole family.
  • Children’s sewing machine for sewing outfits for dolls.
  • Real adult jewelry: earrings, beads, bracelet.
  • An ant farm for caring for a colony of ants will delight a girl who loves nature.
  • Pink microscope for girls – will spur your daughter to study, and will allow you to usefully spend time.
  • A pink cap with a fashionable print and sequins is a stylish gift for a young lady.
  • Popcorn maker – helps you enjoy crispy goodies.
  • 3D pen for creating volumetric toys, and figures – will help to create various elements, and toys using special plastic.
  • Experimental kit: growing crystals, creating spirits, etc.
  • A walking backpack – bright, beautiful, small.
  • Braiding machine – opens up unlimited possibilities for experiments.
  • Express hand sculptor – develops fine motor skills, and is a point massager.
  • A pink wallet is a great gift for a young fashionista.
  • A ceramic constructor is a visual way to show your daughter how architectural works are made from simple elements.
  • Puzzle game – develops thinking, helps to escape from school everyday life.
  • Photo puzzles with a photo of a daughter or the whole family.
  • Book-encyclopedia for girls.
  • A night sky projector – for fabulous dreams.
  • Microphone for karaoke, microphone stand – if the girl has a talent for singing.
  • Stylish set for the winter: hat, gloves, scarf/collar.
  • Jewelry holder – so that accessories are not lost.
  • Glowing LED sneakers – girls love everything that is bright and luminous.
  • The lava lamp – will turn the girl into a good sorceress.
  • Boardgame “Django.”
  • A fluffy backpack keychain to show off at school.
  • Creative notebook with stickers, stickers, and bookmarks.
  • Notebook with a lock for innermost desires.
  • Spring bomber jacket – for a stylish girl.
  • Running alarm clock – the girl will never sleep with it, she will not be late for school.
  • Toy kitchen module.
  • Game set “Ice Cream Factory.”
  • Winter transport: sleds, tubing (“cheesecake”), skis, skates.
  • Sand painting table.
  • Hygiene and skin care products – shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, bath foam, towel, comb, etc.
  • Easel, brushes and paints – if a talent for drawing woke up in my daughter.
  • Children’s camera – if the girl is fond of photography.
  • Musical instrument – if your daughter is fond of music.
  • Plaid-koftenish “Unicorn.”
  • Clay sculpting kit.
  • Badminton.
  • A beanbag chair is a 2 in 1 gift: both a piece of furniture and an interesting toy.
  • Beautiful sports uniform – if the girl is engaged in rhythmic gymnastics or dancing.
  • Interactive magic mirror with light and sound effects.

Top 46 Gifts for a Girl 10-12 Years Old

The anticipation of the birthday begins long before December 31st. Belief in miracles lasts for life. Therefore, you need to give gifts to children of any age. For girls 10-12 years old, the following options for gifts under the Christmas tree are suitable:

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  • Tablet.
  • Telephone.
  • Giroskuter.
  • Snowboard.
  • Wireless or glowing headphones.
  • Portable music speaker.
  • Glowing blue LED laces.
  • Monopod. He will help you take cool photos.
  • 3D glasses of virtual reality – for full immersion in a film strip or your favorite cartoon.
  • Selfie Stick – Helps you create cool photos with your friends.
  • Good resolution webcam.
  • Color music for discos with friends.
  • Stylish accessories for your mobile phone.
  • Fitness bracelet.
  • Electronic piano music gloves Electronic piano – let your daughter express her emotions through sounds.
  • Electronic photo frame – allows you to view photos in excellent quality.
  • A flash drive of an unusual shape, on which you can record various videos, and upload photos. My daughter will love the flash drive in the original design: in the form of an animal or a fruit.
  • A pogo stick or jumper is a sports jumping device.
  • Pendant with daughter’s initials.
  • A real telescope is for an inquisitive girl.
  • Flip-flop portrait kit – for creating a picture with your own hands.
  • A levitating globe in the air is an unusual gift that will surprise anyone. If the daughter does not know what she wants for her birthday, then she will like this gift.
  • Quest game – for brain training.
  • A bouquet made of soft toys – girls 10-12 years old still love to play and sleep with soft toys.
  • A beautiful outfit for a fashionista.
  • Paint for Mehendi – if a girl is interested in the art of Mehendi, then such a gift will definitely please her.
  • Hair crayons – in order to somehow stand out, and change your appearance, but not burn your hair with paint, you can put crayons under the tree.
  • Painting with rhinestones.
  • Manicure/pedicure set – at the age of 11-12, girls are already starting to watch their nails. With this set, you can create a beautiful nail shape.
  • A set of nail polishes.
  • A set for making an exclusive bag (do it yourself).
  • A fun T-shirt with an unusual print, such as a luminous equalizer.
  • Funny house slippers.
  • Games “Monopoly.”
  • A set for sewing felt toys or assembling jewelry.
  • Aquafarm is a self-cleaning aquarium with a plant and a fish.
  • A game console with a set of games designed specifically for girls.
  • Hairstyler – styler, hairdryer or curling iron.
  • Eau de Toilette.
  • Fur headphones. A great alternative to a hat in the autumn-spring period.
  • Wristwatch.
  • Scrapbooking kit.
  • A set of experiments in physics.
  • Chocolate Fountain – This allows you to melt chocolate bars and dip pieces of fruit, cookies, or other sweets into it.
  • Overhead strands are for those who like to experiment with their appearance.
  • Anti-stress pillow made of small balls – to relieve negativity and bad mood.

44 Gifts for Daughter 13-16 Years Old

At this age, the girl gradually turns from a child to a lady. Her appearance, views and preferences change. We will not write about electronics (telephone, laptop), because at this age, almost all girls have a mobile phone and a computer. A birthday gift should be useful, practical or original:

  • Stylish MP-3 player.
  • Iron (hair styling device).
  • Cosmetics: a set of eyeshadows, lipstick, and mascara.
  • Body care products: peels, scrubs, bath foam, sea salt, hair conditioner, shampoo, etc.
  • Youth wristwatch.
  • Jewelry, scented bijouterie.
  • Stylish clothes: branded jeans, smart blouse, beautiful dress. At 13-16 years old, girls show a special interest in things.
  • birthday sweatshirt or sweater.
  • Winter set of double snood and a hat.
  • Warm pajamas.
  • A cap with a luminous visor is creative and interesting.
  • Home boots that will warm the girl’s legs in winter.
  • Sports trainer: treadmill, exercise bike. Why not on your birthday? Such a gift will be a joy to a sports girl.
  • A set of board games – “Mafia”, “UNO”, “Crocodile”, etc.
  • Daughter’s hobby items – swimming suit, dancing lessons, volleyball/handball, etc.
  • A box with sweets, a personalized box of cakes.
  • Smart wallet.
  • Karaoke microphone – if the girl loves to sing.
  • Kits for creativity: making gel candles, soap making, decoupage, diamond mosaic, embroidery, etc.
  • An interesting book, for example, about fashion, hairstyles, makeup, etc.
  • Decorative pillow with a photo of a girl.
  • Fashionable phone case or personalized case.
  • Skating, skiing, snowboarding – if your daughter is fond of winter sports or has long dreamed of doing active winter fun.
  • Power bank to recharge your phone.
  • Pen for the tablet – for those who like to draw.
  • Glamorous laptop bag.
  • USB hub in a cool style – in the form of a frog, minion, man, etc.
  • Spy pen.
  • Balloon advisor.
  • Clutch.
  • The first set of stylish underwear.
  • Certificate for the purchase of branded clothing.
  • Items for creating a new design in the room – a digital photo frame, a cool lamp, a mirror, an easy chair, an inflatable sofa, a magnetic board, a picture, etc.
  • Fireflies in the bank.
  • Cool mug with the symbol of the year.
  • Magnetic cube for the development of logic.
  • Piggybank with money – every girl aged 13, 14, 15 or 16 dreams of her own savings, which she can spend on buying the things she needs.
  • Professional set – hair care complex.
  • A musical instrument (guitar, violin, etc.) – if a girl is engaged in music and has long wanted a new instrument for herself.
  • A large soft toy (bear, dog, etc.) that you can even sleep on.
  • A ticket to the birthday concert of your favorite artist/group.
  • Certificate for a photo shoot in the studio – many girls, likes to be photographed.
  • Certificate for visiting a makeup artist, stylist, dance master class, etc.
  • Certificate for visiting the quest room, paintball, and carting.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter (17-20 Years Old)

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At this age, girls are already waiting for practical gifts under the Christmas tree. Usually, they are already hinting to their parents about what they would like to get for their birthday. Here are some interesting ideas:

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  • A set of high-quality decorative cosmetics – girls 17-20 years old constantly strive to look like an adult. Therefore, they will be happy with a gift that will make their appearance more beautiful.
  • A set for a professional manicure (gel varnishes, milling cutter, UV lamp) – it is very important to monitor the condition and beauty of nails at this age.
  • A new, definitely stylish handbag or backpack.
  • A yoga mat – if a girl is interested in this topic.
  • Elastic bands of various strengths for fitness training.
  • Warm sweatshirt for the winter.
  • Sports set (leggings, body) for sports.
  • Leather gloves.
  • Wireless headphones.
  • Lottery tickets are for a gambling girl.
  • Sensory circle.
  • A set for making sushi – if the daughter wants to learn how to make rolls/sushi on her own.
  • Eyelash extension starter kit – if a girl dreams of becoming a lash maker.
  • A set of eyebrows (brow-paste, pencil, shadows, eyebrow pomade) – it is very important to care for eyebrows today.
  • Neurointerface is a device that can simulate sounds: the noise of the sea, wind, rustling of sheets, etc. Such a gift helps to calm down and relax.
  • Bathroom scales – if the daughter keeps track of her weight, her figure.


There are plenty of options for gifts for the daughter’s birthday. There are more modest ideas, but there are also significant ideas. Your task is to find out what your daughter wants, be sure to take into account her age and choose a gift, starting from financial capabilities and the need for one or another present. But remember that a fairy tale should come on a birthday. Try to become a wizard for your daughter for a day.

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