100+ Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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Choosing good presents is not an easy task, especially if you need to decide what to give your colleague a man for his birthday. It is unlikely that you are well aware of his wishes, and you should not give too personal things in such a situation.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the holiday in advance and weigh the different options. It is also worth learning more about the preferences of the birthday person himself. This will help you choose a good gift for your male colleague to please him. Proper preparation is the key to your success.

List of 40 Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

  • A chic leather wallet or purse. It cannot be given empty, but only with a bill inside.
  • Leather cardholder.
  • A tie box is a great birthday present for a colleague who wears a tie to work all the time and probably has a whole collection of them.
  • Beautiful leather pocket key holder with unique embossing.
  • A high-quality diary with an unusually designed cover.
  • A ballpoint pen from a well-known manufacturer, decorated with a personalized engraving, will help out if you do not know what to give your colleague, a man who often works with paper documents, for his birthday.
  • A unique paperweight with a birthday person photo for a person working at a desk and with papers.
  • Clock. This is a universal male present, but not cheap, so it will be relevant only if such a cost is appropriate in this situation, for example, if a colleague has a serious anniversary. The watch can be decorated with a personalized engraving reminiscent of the holiday.
  • Thermos or thermo glass with a unique print.
  • A cute bauble to decorate your desktop, like Newton’s Cradle.
  • Gift set of tea or coffee.
  • High-quality, reliable umbrella. A model that folds inward will be relevant so as not to leave wet marks.
  • A travel case is an excellent gift for a colleague who is often on business trips.
  • Document folder made of quality leather.
  • A set of skewers with personalized engravings is an excellent gift for relaxing after hours.
  • Wireless charger or power bank. A merry fellow will like a non-standard shape device, funny, and a serious guy will do a simple standard battery.
  • A car vacuum cleaner is an excellent gift for a fellow motorist who takes care of his iron horse independently.
  • A subscription for a massage is a universal present, as it will please and be useful to any person.
  • A beautiful and high-quality lighter with the recipient’s initials will be a great surprise for a smoker.
  • A leg hammock is attached under the work table and is designed to relax numb calves and feet.
  • Nicely designed board game.
  • Souvenir weapon for decorating a study or home. Such a present will appeal to most men and will not suit only a convinced pacifist.
  • An anti-stress ball with congratulations and wishes in honor of the holiday.
  • A set of pencils called “Adult busy” with a handy sharpener, ruler, and stickers. It will be an excellent present for a person whose job is drawing.
  • Bright Good Morning mug with soft-touch rubberized coating for a comfortable grip.
  • A set of a ballpoint pen and flashlight keychain in the same style.
  • Ecocube is set for growing plants such as pomegranate, gardenia, or courageous oak.
  • Venerdi cooling sleeve to help keep your favorite drink cool.
  • A personalized set of gingerbread cookies, made in the shape of objects, reminds you of your common work.
  • A set of honey of different varieties in elegantly decorated jars. You can also present the now fashionable cream honey or honey with gold.
  • A bag for papers, documents, or a sports bag for going to training.
  • Personal signet decorated with semi-precious natural stones.
  • A stylish photo frame to decorate your desktop.
  • Stones for cooling the drink. You can also choose metal cubes decorated with the recipient’s monogram. This present is unnecessary for a person who often drinks because they can cool any juice or iced tea.
  • A set of several jars of “home” jam or preserves with personalized labels.
  • A magnetic stand for metal clips and other small items is a great idea if you don’t know what to give a colleague who works with papers for his birthday.
  • A multifunctional screwdriver with different attachments is a gift that will be useful to almost any man and any person, even if sometimes faced with the need for minor household repairs.
  • A flash drive is an excellent present for everyone who works with a computer. It can have a non-standard shape, resemble a toy or decoration, or fulfill its storing information function. An excellent idea for a colleague’s birthday is a memory card with a combination lock that keeps secrets securely.

What to Give a Colleague a Man for His Birthday Inexpensive

Very valuable, chic gifts are rarely appropriate between colleagues. If your company does not have very high salaries and the relationship between employees is not very close, it is better to choose inexpensive symbolic gifts for colleagues for their birthday.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

It is worth giving preference to things designed for work. But some trinkets for the home will also be appropriate if you choose universal things that can fit into any interior. Best ideas for what to give a colleague for his birthday:

  • Anti-stress bauble toy. It will decorate your desktop and will also help to get rid of unnecessary stress, which often arises during difficult work.
  • Heated USB mug holder. It will help you always have a warm drink on hand that will not cool down, even if you forget about it for a long time.
  • A computer mouse is decorated with a unique print or made in a typewriter or other object.
  • Flexible keyboard for your computer.
  • A massage cover for a work chair so that your back does not hurt from long sitting.
  • Massage ball-expander with soft spikes.
  • Nice safe in the form of a book, so as not to attract too much attention.
  • A chameleon mug that changes color after an increase in the temperature of its walls. You can also make a custom-made mug, on which a photo of the birthday person or other interesting picture will appear.
  • Passport cover or a set of cute covers for all documents. Since they have standard sizes, there will be no problems with the choice.
  • High-quality wireless headphones for your smartphone.

Since you work together, you probably know what you can give a colleague a man for his birthday, specifically for work. It may be some tool and device-related to your activity. If you are doing repairs, you may need various small tools, such as wrenches. And the driver can be given, for example, a thermo mug.

When deciding to present a colleague with an inexpensive gift, remember that it must be of high quality. It is better to choose something very small but of high quality, which can be purchased even for little money.

Appropriate Gifts for the Home for a Man Colleague on His Birthday

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

If you have a fairly close and warm relationship with a colleague, you can choose a present designed for the home. Of course, very personal items should be avoided, but there are some pretty decent ideas, for example:

  • Soft plaid with sleeves and soft-touch material;
  • Good cigars for a smoking colleague;
  • Cheese set ;
  • The light alarm clock that helps to wake up with the help of a gradual increase in lighting and pleasant sounds of nature;
  • Multifunctional multitool knife that helps to solve many flow problems;
  • A ball alarm clock that can be safely thrown if the sound is annoying is a great symbolic birthday present for a colleague-sleepy;
  • A humidifier, especially if you and your birthday boy, talked about a dry atmosphere in your home.

You can choose something purely practical as a gift that will come in handy in any home. Even if you do not know anything about the birthday person’s living conditions, towels will probably come in handy at home. Therefore, they can be presented by pre-packing beautifully and unusually.

You can also serve up a cute plate or teapot. Such practical things will come in handy and will be quite appropriate gifts for a man to a colleague personally or from the team.

Creative and Original Birthday Gifts for a Colleague

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

One of the best ways to please and surprise a person is to choose an unusual gift for him. To do this, you will have to explore different creative ideas. So you will find out what to give a colleague for a man’s birthday an unusual gift that can surprise and please at the same time. Most of us will love:

  • Handmade air freshener;
  • A smokeless car ashtray is a great birthday present for a man if he smokes;
  • The original braid for the steering wheel;
  • A heating scraper for cleaning the car from snow if the birthday is in winter;
  • USB fridge for a jar of your favorite drink;
  • Unusual smartphone holder – car or desktop;
  • Puzzle;
  • Book of your favorite author in a deluxe edition;
  • The Twister game is an excellent present for a young active colleague;
  • Motivational scratch poster;
  • Rotating glasses;
  • Carved wooden hairbrush.

If the birthday person loves different unusual things, try to make the presentation design original too. Your birthday present for a man to a colleague will immediately interest the birthday man and attract attention.

What is Cool to Give a Colleague a Man for His Birthday

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

If you have close friendly relations with the birthday boy, you can give him something cool for his birthday personally. Such gifts from the team will also be appropriate if a relaxed atmosphere reigns at work. Good ideas for fun presentations:

  • A funny sign on the door or the desk. She will amuse the birthday man and cheer up all employees every day.
  • Cool diploma or medal for high achievements in work and success in any other industry.
  • A set of cool smiley stickers.
  • Tabletop punching bag for relieving stress and raising your mood.
  • A cute cartoon shows the birthday boy from the best, but at the same time, funny side. It can be made from a colleague’s photo.
  • Cabinet golf. If the birthday boy enjoys such games, he will be glad to have a little fun during a break from work.
  • A funny pillow under the arms is an excellent present for those who work at a computer.
  • A funny holiday wall newspaper with photographs and witty captions to them.

If you decide to choose a funny gift, do it with care so that your joke is not perceived as a mockery, and the birthday person is not offended by accident.

What to Give a Colleague for His 50th Birthday

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

There is a tradition in our country to celebrate round dates on a special scale. Choosing a gift for a colleague for an anniversary must be very careful and must be special, more expensive and representative.

If you do not know what to give a colleague a man for his 50th birthday as a keepsake, pay attention to things that are solid, useful, or intended for interior decoration. Good ideas:

  • Luxurious leather briefcase for papers;
  • An expensive tie from a famous fashion designer;
  • Solid leather business organizer;
  • Nice picnic set with unbreakable dishes and other essentials;
  • Collection of your favorite films on disks;
  • Luxurious office chair if the birthday person works while sitting;
  • This self-winding watch box is a gorgeous keepsake for a colleague.

The golden anniversary is a serious reason to prepare an unusual and even unforgettable congratulation. You can use your composition poems or record a masterpiece video greeting, which the birthday man will review more than once at his leisure.

A portrait of the birthday man will be an excellent gift for the 50th anniversary. It can be ordered from a famous artist and spent a fortune, or made to order in a photo studio.

The second option will cost significantly less, but at the same time, such a picture looks like real handmade work. If desired, the original photo can be processed in Photoshop so that the portrait resembles a famous artist’s work.

What to Give a 55-year-old Colleague for His Birthday

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

55 is not such a significant and important anniversary as 50, but a worthy present is also required. At this age, men, as a rule, lead a rich social life, but more and more often, they want regularity and rest.

And the time comes for really chic accessories. You can also fry various useful and interesting things for the home. Good ideas on what to give a colleague to a man for his birthday:

  • Chic cufflinks;
  • BBQ grill for a summer residence or a private house;
  • A set of personalized glasses for strong alcohol or other drink to the taste of the birthday person;
  • A sketch of your family coat of arms to amuse your pride;
  • Cooler bag for outdoor recreation;
  • Desktop Japanese garden;
  • A poker set to play with your best friends.

A delicious cake with a unique design will be a great addition to any birthday present for your colleague. Excellent decor for him will be a photo of the recipient on rice paper, mastic figurines depicting the birthday boy and colleagues, a pleasant and funny inscription.

Gifts to a Colleague for 60 Years or More

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

It is very difficult to choose a birthday present for an adult man who has everything. Surely by this age, your colleague has already acquired everything that can be useful to him in everyday life, and there is nowhere to put cute souvenirs.

Therefore, it is better to choose useful or so original gifts that they will certainly smite him on the spot. Best ideas:

  • A family tree for those who have children, grandchildren and many beloved relatives;
  • Aquarium with live or mechanical fish, or several;
  • Folding sun lounger for outdoor recreation with maximum comfort;
  • A festive issue of a corporate newspaper dedicated to the birthday person;
  • Photo album in a chic leather cover with several photos of the birthday person with colleagues, at the workplace, etc.;
  • Glass flower vase with commemorative engraving.

If the birthday person will retire, you need to decide what to present to your colleague as a keepsake of your birthday and your team. You can choose something for home and relaxation, such as a comfortable rocking chair or a body massager.

Also, a man may like a beautiful tabletop bio fireplace. A commemorative medal with engraving will be a great addition to a present.

Intangible Gifts to a Colleague

Various adventures and entertainment are usually given to friends and loved ones, but a colleague can also be given a suitable intangible gift. It is better to choose entertainment that does not require a lot of time to complete and significantly affect the birthday boy’s plans.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

It is best to donate open-dated certificates so that the recipient can choose when to use them. In this case, it is important to take into account the tastes of a colleague and his state of health. So it will be possible to pick up a gift that the birthday person will like and suit him. Best ideas:

  • Hot air balloon ride for those who are not afraid of heights;
  • Participation in the quest ;
  • A fascinating excursion around the native city and its surroundings;
  • Riding an ATV or snowmobile;
  • Riverwalk ;
  • Horseback riding or dog sledding;
  • Flight in a wind tunnel ;
  • Certificate from the SPA;
  • Tickets for an event according to the birthday person’s taste;
  • Dinner for two in a chic restaurant.

If you cannot think of what to give a colleague a man for his birthday or how best to give your present, involve the whole team in solving the issue. Together you can not only choose a great gift but also organize the best presentation.

You can arrange a small quest with the search for a present or a large-scale theatrical congratulation. The main thing is that all together try and put a piece of their soul into the event’s organization.

What Not to Give a Colleague for His Birthday

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

When looking for an answer to the question of what to give a colleague for his birthday, a very important stage is to decide what to give. This will help you avoid many annoying mistakes and choose the best present. In order not to spoil the holiday, you cannot give a man for his birthday:

  • Health products and everything that can remind of old age, decrepitude, illness. You can only talk about age in a positive way, like experience, wisdom, etc.
  • Standard and familiar household appliances, for example, irons, electric kettles, vacuum cleaners. Surely the birthday man has all this at home, and such presents are unlikely to raise the mood.
  • Things associated with bad omens. For a superstitious person or even someone who listens to omens sometimes, such a gift can easily ruin the mood.
  • Clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, and other very personal items. It is not worth giving them to a person you are not connected by family or romantic relationships.
  • Animals. It is unlikely that colleagues know so well the birthday man’s wishes and his home environment to determine whether he needs, for example, a dog and whether he will be able to care for her.

Very often, the question arises, is it possible to give flowers to a man for his birthday? You can and even need to do this because a bouquet allows you to make any gift even brighter, and the holiday is more pleasant. But it is important to remember some rules.

The male bouquet should be muted and not too bright. It is better to avoid very exotic and too small flowers. The round shape of the composition, reminiscent of a wedding, would be inappropriate. For men’s bouquets, elongated silhouettes that tend to the top are preferable. Female colleagues usually give flowers.

Final Thought

Using our advice on what to give a colleague a man for his birthday, you will certainly be able to find a suitable present, as well as present it beautifully. In addition, do not forget about elegant packaging and various little things.

Men also love heartfelt congratulations on postcards and will be glad to your sincere wishes. Remember this, and you will surely please your colleague, and your further cooperation will be pleasant and fruitful.

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