Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Classmates

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Classmates: An invitation to a birthday party always means attending a fun party with friends. However, when preparing, the question immediately arises of buying such a present, which would not be too expensive, but useful, original and interesting.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Classmates

Recommendations and advice on what to give a classmate for his birthday will be of interest to everyone who is going to visit on such a holiday and pleasantly surprise him.

30 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Classmates

Picking up a present for your friend is a responsible and exciting process because it must be useful, unusual and always interesting for the boy at the same time. The main selection criterion should be the hobbies of the birthday man and the interests and taste preferences of the future man. Although the stores offer a large assortment of large and small, expensive and fairly cheap souvenirs and gizmos, the donor will be pleased with the admiration and delight that his present will cause.

Tips and tricks for choosing an interesting and useful birthday present for a classmate:

  1. Constructors of any kind (Lego, Brik, etc.).
  2. Headphones with beautiful decor (fruits, animals).
  3. Hedgehog-shaped mittens are a cute present for winter birthdays.
  4. A beautiful notebook, you can name it.
  5. A flash drive in the form of a pen or a toy is the most practical thing.
  6. Any board game (Monopoly, etc.) that is useful for entertaining not only the birthday man but also his friends.
  7. Surprise print with an unusual pattern or statement (Like, Dislike, etc.).
  8. Anti-stress keychain – such an original little thing can be used both for carrying keys and for raising your mood.
  9. Game console and a set of exciting games for it.
  10. The original puzzle containing photos of friends and classmates was made to order.
  11. Model of a dream ship or a pirate frigate.
  12. A cap with a fan to help you get through the summer heat.
  13. A transforming selfie stick is an essential item for today’s teenagers.
  14. The wireless speaker is connected via USB to the phone.
  15. Power bank (battery) with a flashlight for recharging the phone on the road.
  16. Chameleon mug (changes color or becomes transparent under the influence of a hot drink).
  17. Boardgame – chess, checkers, backgammon.
  18. Electronic piggy bank for collecting money.
  19. A printed poster with interesting and funny congratulations from the whole class.
  20. A set of puzzles of any subject for boys (the number of pieces depends on age).
  21. The lamp for the computer is included through the USB port.
  22. A small travel case – for travel lovers.
  23. Computer games on discs.
  24. A set of soldiers in historical (medieval, Napoleonic) or modern design.
  25. Chest in which a surprise is placed with cheerful wishes from classmates.
  26. Sports equipment (for those who are passionate about football, volleyball, swimming, etc.) or a bag in which uniforms and sports equipment can be folded.
  27. A set of tools is a gift for a classmate who knows how to do something useful with his own hands.
  28. Named t-shirt or baseball cap with an individual design.
  29. The original “runaway” alarm clock (you have to catch it to turn it off) or shockproof (you can safely throw it against the wall).
  30. Smartwatch with Internet access.

15 Gifts for an Elementary Schoolboy

The list of possible presents will help when choosing what to give to a guy 8 years old and a little older, who is a student in grades 1-4:

  • Encyclopedia or any book with adventures – for those who are fond of reading.
  • A scale model of a car with remote control is suitable for car enthusiasts.
  • Lego-type constructor in the form of a railroad, a model of a ship, or a building.
  • Sweets, sweets, or kinder surprises for a 9-year-old classmate are always attractive and delightful.
  • Figures of Indians, pirates, soldiers, or cartoon characters (Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, etc.).
  • Certificate to your favorite toy store.
  • A set for coloring images of your favorite heroes (Varangian, gladiator, knight).
  • A piggy bank in the shape of an animal or a favorite cartoon character is a gift for a classmate that will help you save money for future purchases.
  • A magician’s set that will teach the boy how to make them on his own.
  • Sports equipment is suitable for football and other sports fans.
    Puzzles for 100-200 pieces depicting an object of interest to the boy.
    Balloons filled with helium and with interesting signatures and wishes.
  • 3D constructor made of wood, metal or plastic parts.
  • Interactive toy (lion cub, dog, etc.).
  • A set of coloring books with a military theme and felt-tip pens.

We Select a Birthday Present for a Student in Grades 5-8 – Top 20 Cool Ideas

When a boy turns 12, he enters the age of a teenager. His tastes and lifestyle change dramatically – he is no longer interested in toys, and his preferences include books, a computer, gadgets, games, sports activities or going to the movies.

Therefore, when deciding what to give a classmate, one should proceed from his tastes and interests:

  1. Certificate for lessons in roller skating, and skateboarding.
  2. Original phone case or colorful vinyl sticker.
  3. Dance mat – when you press the button, music sounds, it will help to occupy the company of friends – lovers of dancing.
  4. A fun-shaped flash drive (car, tank, cartoon characters).
  5. A series of 7 books about Harry Potter is suitable for fans of this hero.
  6. The book “The Lord of the Rings” will be a great gift for fans of fantasy style.
  7. A bottle for drinks, which is convenient to take on the road.
  8. Ant farm – suitable as a gift for a classmate who is fond of biology or zoology. It will allow you to observe the life of insects without complex and time-consuming care for them.
  9. An original gift mug for tea or beer in the form of a cup, a photo lens, a “hat”, with a cheerful muzzle, with an animal at the bottom (the head of a crocodile, a gopher, an octopus, etc.).
  10. The fingerboard is a mini kit for skateboarders, controlled with two fingers.
  11. A go-kart certificate for those who love racing and speed.
  12. Diving kit – air snorkel, fins, mask.
  13. Scratch map of the world, where you can make notes about trips.
  14. A cool bell, reflectors, a basket for things – any accessory needed by those who love cycling is suitable as a present.
  15. Any item of equipment for sports – a protective helmet, knee pads, etc.
  16. Funny house slippers in the form of a car or a toy.
  17. Encyclopedia about warriors, weapons, dinosaurs.
  18. Movie or cartoon tickets to a good cinema for the whole company.
  19. African mask or Superhero mask.
  20. Certificate for parasailing or riding lessons.

What to Give a Classmate for 10 Years for His Birthday – 15 Ideas

Recommendations and tips on what you can give a classmate for 10 years:

  1. Keychain with figures of cartoon characters.
  2. Radio-controlled robot or tank.
  3. Kinetic constructor, from which working technical models of cars and houses are assembled.
  4. Electronic sword with laser, toy blaster.
  5. The game of badminton stimulates the development of coordination and the eye.
  6. A set of making different crafts from the DIY series.
  7. Dinosaur interactive.
  8. Virtual reality glasses.
  9. Set “Young chemist”, “Young archaeologist” or “Young physicist”.
  10. Wood burning kit – such a gift stimulates the development of fine motor skills and creativity.
  11. Certificate for visiting the quest room with a group of friends.
  12. Crystal Growing Kit.
  13. The game of darts – develops accuracy and coordination of movement, it is useful when celebrating with the whole company of friends.
  14. Puzzles of any kind – wooden, metal, plastic.

However, with age, the tastes and interests of boys change greatly. Therefore, a gift or toy that a younger child liked will already surprise an older boy. Therefore, when going to a classmate 11 years old and older for a birthday, you should choose a completely different direction. Be sure to take into account his hobbies, hobbies or tasks in the educational process.

20 Birthday Gifts for a High School Classmate

In high school, teenagers already have their own beliefs, so gifts should be selected taking into account their tastes and interests:

  1. Any computer accessories (mouse, stand, flash drive, laptop stand, backlight).
  2. Silicone keyboard (changing shape) with backlight.
  3. A non-spill mug for those who drink tea without leaving their laptop.
  4. For guitarists, a new case for your favorite instrument is suitable.
  5. A ticket to a music concert of your favorite band.
  6. Items for tourist equipment (thermos, thermal mug, backpack, tent, etc.) are a good gift for a classmate who loves to travel.
  7. A small short film featuring classmates and friends.
  8. Video game on disk.
  9. Quality headphones or portable speakers for listening to music from your phone with a cool design.
  10. For the winter skier, ski goggles.
  11. Book on the subject of programming.
  12. MP3 player with headphones.
  13. Collections for preparing for final tests and exams.
  14. Table lamp with the possibility of transformation (changing the angle of inclination).
  15. Accessory for your favorite hobby – soccer ball, designer.
  16. Basketball hoop complete with a wastebasket – when thrown, things fall into it, bouncing off the wall. Develops dexterity and promotes cleanliness in the room.
  17. Certificate for visiting a paintball club or bowling alley.
  18. Visiting the quest room with friends.
  19. Binoculars or a telescope for viewing the area and a quest in nature.
  20. Punching bag and gloves.

We Select Gifts for February 23 – 15 Top Ideas

The list of presents that can be given to a classmate on Defender of the Fatherland Day is best chosen according to the age of the boys:

  1. School supplies in camouflage color or with army decor – a pencil case, a notebook, a key chain, a compass, a flashlight.
  2. Chocolate set – for a primary school student.
  3. Military-themed toys (tanks, armored personnel carriers, ships, etc.).
  4. For those who are fond of adventure, a Jedi sword or a Harry Potter magic wand.
  5. A flash drive in the form of a bullet or a tank.
  6. Diary or notepad.
  7. Calculator, which is sure to come in handy at school and home.
  8. A mug or cup with an image or congratulations for the holiday.
  9. Football team fan scarf with logo (find out in advance which boy is rooting for).
  10. Sports equipment, selected by preference – goggles for swimming, a cover for a tennis racket, uniforms.
  11. Sports bag with print.
  12. For dreamers of long-distance travel – a model of a ship or aircraft.
  13. Magnetic card – suitable for travelers.
  14. Smartwatch counting pulse, pressure, steps, etc.
  15. Headphones for your phone to listen to music, language courses, etc.

15 Romantic Surprises for February 14

Touching gifts to a friend from a classmate that will allow you to express your sympathy for him:

  1. A set of chocolates or sweets – will allow you to show a favorable attitude and interest.
  2. A pendant in the shape of a heart or its halves is a talisman that allows you to unite 2 loving hearts in the future.
  3. Personalized cup with a beautiful pattern in the shape of a heart.
    A bouquet consisting of sweets and cute soft toys (bears, kittens, etc.).
  4. T-shirt with a photo of hearts.
  5. Personalized flash drive “With love”.
  6. A mug with a heart on the bottom.
  7. Decorated box with sweets or cookies.
  8. Umbrella in the shape of a heart.
  9. “Lock of Love”
  10. A heart-shaped splitter for headphones, which will allow you to listen to music together, is a great present for a guy from a classmate.
  11. An exotic amulet or amulet brought from distant wanderings.
  12. Pen engraved with the names of lovers.
  13. Heart-shaped LED lamp.
  14. Photo frame for photos of lovers.

Original and Inexpensive Gizmos – 20 Cool Offers

The decision on what to give a classmate is made by taking into account the budget. Many inexpensive gizmos can interest a boy.

Tips for choosing interesting and original presents, inexpensive:

  1. Chocolate or cookie set with wishes.
  2. Photo frame – useful for posting photos of friends and girlfriends.
  3. Handles with cool nozzles in the form of soldiers or animals.
  4. Photo mug with pictures.
  5. Stand for pencils on the desktop or for music for those who are fond of music.
  6. Protective film for the screen of a mobile phone or tablet.
  7. Notebook with original cover.
  8. Alarm clock with a cheerful image to boost your mood in the morning.
  9. Cover for the first passport.
  10. Anti-stress cube – to relieve tension, to occupy hands with increased nervousness.
  11. Keychain with a personalized flashlight, preferably with a calendar or a reflector.
  12. Spinner – an object spinning in the hands helps to relax and surprise friends with tricks.
  13. Glowing laces for sneakers.
  14. Mechanical sharpener for quick sharpening of pencils.
  15. Pocket Calculator.
  16. Puzzle or logic toy made of metal.
  17. Inexpensive toys (clockwork nesting dolls, projectors, flying sphere, yo-yo, finger skates, etc.).
  18. Funny rubber toys (scorpions, toads, snakes, luminous fish, spiders).
  19. Shaggy mustache on magnets.
  20. An original plate or cup with a funny picture or inscription.

Do-it-yourself Gift to a Classmate – 10 Original Ideas

Many girls and boys are fond of making various crafts. Such skills can come in handy in a situation where you need to make a gift with your own hands for the birthday of a friend or classmate.

A few recommendations and suggestions for original presents that you can make yourself and give to a classmate:

  1. T-shirt with an interesting story, painted by hand.
  2. Mobile phone case made of fabric, jeans, or felt, sewn on a sewing machine or manually with decor (you can use a ready-made set from the store).
  3. Cake or pizza baked for a birthday boy with a cheerful congratulation inscription.
  4. Gift card made as a gift to a guy with your own hands or made from a purchased set.
  5. Knitted warm scarf in the original color (in the colors of the football club or others).
  6. A little barbaric, but an original present – buy a textbook for the next class, cut a hole in it and write “Piggy Bank”.
  7. Crafts from CDs – a cup stand or decor for decorating a Christmas tree.
  8. In the photo of a boy in camouflage, substitute the medal “For Courage” – for those who own Photoshop.
  9. Handmade wooden amulet with positive effect.
  10. Decorative pillow with a sewn cheerful image or in the shape of a cookie, fruit, donut, or cactus (filler inside, colored felt outside).


When choosing a gift for your classmate, you should remember an important rule – it does not have to be expensive and trendy, but unusual and cool, which will help the application of your imagination and the ability to do something with your own hands.

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