75 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

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Are you looking best birthday gift ideas for brother? We have a whopping 75 cool ideas! They can be implemented by both younger and older brothers and sisters – it all depends on financial capabilities or imagination.

In our list, gifts are divided by age: from 3 to 6 years old, from 7 to 10, from 11 to 14, from 15 to 17, from 18 to 23, as well as for an adult brother. And at the end, presents are made by hand.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother in 3-6 Years Old (Little Brother)

Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

For the kid, “development” is needed, which will prepare him for school. But they must be in a playful way for the brother to like the gift.

  1. Developing book. Its pages should contain puzzles (for example, large puzzles), bright pictures, short rhymes and riddles. And also, such books are sensory – they are also called “touching” editions.
  2. Interactive toy. Robots or figurines of animals that can glow, move their bodies and limbs, and most importantly – speak, read poetry and sing. For a boy, such a toy will be a good friend.
  3. Toy musical instrument. For a modern child, some interactive instruments are suitable, for example, a children’s synthesizer, a xylophone or a piano with electronic bells and whistles.
  4. The poster “Alphabet. ABC and Counting “. It has buttons for each letter and number. On the buttons are smart games: “Whose voice?”, “Counting”, “Riddle”, “Show the letter,” and the phone. And drawn cartoons can sing a song.
  5. A set for sculpting castles from snow and sand. The set includes not tiny molds but two containers for global construction – for the construction of walls and castle towers. And also, a spatula is included so that the material could be tamped into the molds.
  6. A set of figurines. They are needed for staged games, for example, soldiers for a battle or dinosaurs for an invasion of the planet. You can also take a set of fairy-tale characters, for example, Pokemon.
  7. Desktop “Tetris”. This is a playing field with various geometric shapes. The essence of the game is to connect the pieces to each other so that there is no free space left. “Tetris” perfectly develops logic and spatial thinking.
  8. Toy cars. It can be a collection of miniature racing cars to compete with a friend or serious construction equipment such as dump trucks and sandbox trucks.
  9. Mosaic. Boardgame for the development of fine motor skills of hands and imagination of the child. Details of the mosaic can be assembled into some image in a chaotic manner (the artist knows better), or together with adults, make up a picture according to a sample.
  10. Ortho mat. Firstly, this rug is needed for creative activities – the color segments can be assembled at your own discretion. And secondly, it is good for health – it has massage pimples for the baby’s feet.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother in 7-10 Years Old (Elementary School Student)

And in this top ten, you will find ideas for school, and for sports games, and for creativity. When choosing a gift, consider the interests of your brother.

  1. Puzzles. Keep in mind that for this age, puzzles of medium difficulty are needed – the lungs are assembled in one moment, and very small ones with an incomprehensible pattern quickly get bored. Take as a gift with some boyish pattern.
  2. Backpack bag. School, you know, such a backpack is needed for a change or sports uniform for physical education or in a section. It is lightweight with drawstring straps with a drawstring top.
  3. Aeromach. It can be driven even in winter, and although not on the football field, but around the room, it is safe. Such a ball flies very smoothly over the floor, is not understood as a ceiling and is safe for surrounding objects.
  4. Experiment kit. Almost all the boys are “techies” – they are interested in chemistry and physics, and their own experiments cause delight. You can grow a crystal or watch the amazing reaction of chemical elements.
  5. Pottery set for children’s creativity. The set contains a potter’s wheel and accessories, as well as clay, paints, palette, brushes and instructions. A little patience and skill – and the clay product will be ready.
  6. 4D encyclopedia. For this edition, you need to install a special application DEVAR books on your smartphone, and the pictures on the pages will start to come to life. The child will even be able to control them and take photos and videos with them.
  7. Radio-controlled toys. These are helicopters, tanks, boats and remote-controlled cars, well, quadcopters can be attributed to the same series. No wires – just a joystick and the toy itself.
  8. Rollers for shoes. Two castors on each heel and strap fastening. By the way, they glow while driving. Thanks to them, you can easily acquire the skill of real roller skating.
  9. Football set. Collapsible goalposts, net, ball and pegs – that’s the whole set. But it is quite suitable for playing with friends. And the size is quite childish, the gate is 91x61x48 cm and a small ball.
  10. Cool alarm clock. The boy is already a schoolboy, it’s time to learn how to get up on his own. To prevent him from oversleeping, the alarm clock will jump, roll back or take off from the bedside table.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother in 11-14 Years Old (Middle School Student)

My brother at this age, is already a teenager, so he is interested in serious technology and smart computer games. Also, in these ideas, you will find kits for the young master and sports equipment.

  1. Solar-powered educational game. What kind of toy can be assembled from the parts included in the kit? A dog, a boat, a car, an airplane or a mill. And all this will work from a built-in solar panel.
  2. Computer steering wheel with pedals or joystick. A great gift for a gamer who is a fan of simulation games. The joystick (gamepad) can control the aircraft, and the steering wheel with pedals and gearbox can control the car.
  3. Prefabricated model. Simpler – wooden, it is assembled using grooves. And more difficult – a plastic model, it is glued together from small parts. For a boy, buy something from military equipment: a tank, an airplane or a ship.
  4. Burnout kit. A great gizmo for diligent and neat guys. Of course, safety precautions must be observed – the attachments of the device heat up when working with wood. But you can decorate your mother’s cutting boards.
  5. Inflatable volleyball net. Thanks to the inflatable racks, the net is installed in the pool or on the pond, right on the surface of the water, and its size is 239 x 64 x 91cm. It’s fun to play a team game and swim at the same time.
  6. Electronic constructor. The best construction set for a boy of these years is Mikronic. The kit contains many electronic parts, but that does not mean that it is complex. The birthday boy will be able to assemble any devices according to the instructions.
  7. SpaceRail constructor. This is a roller coaster for balls. The boy can, at his discretion, make a track and launch balls along with it. You can observe the “races” taking place in accordance with the laws of physics for a long time.
  8. Lamp “Plasma ball”. It is not quite ordinary, it is also called a “Tesla lamp”. Inside the sphere, one can observe the illusion of electrical discharges of lightning and at first, it is even scary to touch it. But everything is safe.
  9. Hulk Fist Gloves. Huge and green – just like the famous superhero. In them, you can warm your hands or beat a punching bag for a warm-up. They are made of cotton-filled textiles.
  10. Horizontal bar on the wall. The guy is already forming as a man, so even a little physical exercise will only benefit him. Exercising on the horizontal bar will strengthen his muscles and make them more prominent.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother in 15-17 Years Old (High School Student)

Young men are most often interested in parties, music and girls. Here is the main collection of this dozen ideas on this particular topic.

  1. Home light music. Great device for home parties! These can be various lasers and projectors, color and mirror disco balls powered by a USB port, with remote control and a built-in MP3 player.
  2. Headphones. Choose which of them is more necessary for the guy – or powerful with a microphone for gaming on a PC, or compact for a smartphone. Well, as a joke, you can give “Double ear headphones” – with a plastic auricle.
  3. Wireless speaker. You can take it wherever you are planning a youth party for a small circle of friends. The column works from a USB flash drive or via Bluetooth, and the sound quality is just super.
  4. Sports games fan set. What do you need from paraphernalia? These are various pipes, rattles, knocking sticks, flags, scarves, caps or top hats. Everything must be in the color of the country or team flag.
  5. Decision ball. A guy’s age is associated with worries and doubts – before exams, for example, or in connection with his first love. It is enough to ask the ball for advice, and it will give the correct answer to the question asked.
  6. Piggybank safe with a key. A metal box with a slot for money on top and the keys can be entrusted to parents so that there is no temptation to open early. But the main thing is that the piggy bank is stylized, for example, like a retro radio, for decoration.
  7. Glowing disco accessories. Glasses, bracelets, laces, braces for shoes, headphones and even hair! Everything glows in the dark thanks to impregnation or a special battery. A gift for a prominent guy – both literally and figuratively.
  8. Drum set for fingers. It soothes the nerves, and it’s fun to beat the rhythm with your fingers on the drums. By the way, this setting can be turned on in different sound modes.
  9. Inflatable sofa “Lamzak”. He is “Bevan”. Its “inflated” shape resembles a hot dog bun. You can lie along or across the lamzak to sunbathe or just relax. And you can also swim on it in the reservoir.
  10. Rubik’s ball. An interesting puzzle – it is made in the form of three transparent spheres rotating on axes. Inside the spheres, there are six colored balls, which must be driven into their own “pocket” of the same color.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother in 18-23 Years Old (Student)

Studying at a university or a completed army makes a guy more serious. Yes, and everyday worries above the roof. Here are a dozen ideas for a very busy brother.

  1. Spy pen. She writes in colorless ink that can only be seen with backlighting. And also, a voice recorder is mounted in a pen, and headphones are included in the kit. Such a pen will definitely come in handy somewhere.
  2. Binary wristwatch. Firstly, they have a stylish design – it looks like a beautiful, shiny bracelet. But on its segments, there are luminous digits that reflect the time in binary notation. Not easy, but so cool!
  3. 3D pen. An excellent gift for those students whose profession will be related to “business creativity” – design or construction. Models and designs can be literally drawn in the air, creating three-dimensional shapes.
  4. Basketball hoop for clothes. Well, what student does not get tired in a day? Day and night – couples and parties! If the birthday person is too lazy to hang clothes in the closet for the night, then let him throw it on the ring – there is a hope that she will not wrinkle there.
  5. Yearly stock of socks. A wonderful gift for a young guy who is alien to pedantry. Always these socks disappear somewhere, and it is difficult for them to find a pair. And in such a set, they are all the same, and there are many of them – all for the future.
  6. Thermo glass. Small and compact, just enough to pour a mug of hot coffee into it and put it with you in your backpack. Within 5 hours, the drink will be hot, just useful in order to cheer up between pairs.
  7. USB hub with a cup warmer. Well, if there is no thermo glass, then this contraption will always help warm up a cooled drink in a mug. In addition, it has three USB ports for the necessary devices and gadgets.
  8. Backpack with compartments for gadgets. Or rather, for a phone or MP3 player and with a headphone output. Well, the backpack itself is very light, discreet, with comfortable shoulder straps and an oblique “zipper” on the outside.
  9. Book-safe with keys. An excellent “edition” for a cache both at home and in the hostel. Who would dream of picking up a boring textbook off the shelf? And only the birthday man will know – there are no pages in it, but a stash, locked.
  10. Calculator with memo panel. A gift for a future financier or economist whose job loves accurate calculations. A calculator is needed for calculations, and on the surface of the panel, you can write notes and then erase them with a napkin.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Adult Brother

And this ten is for a serious man (well, or not very serious). Everything is taken into account – from accessories to hobbies, even with a grain of humor.

  1. Business suit accessories. A solid man needs solid things! The best set is a tie, a clip, cufflinks and a silk handkerchief for a pocket. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the brother’s costume.
  2. Portrait in the image on the canvas. For example, a king or a knight, well, or someone with whom the brother identifies himself. It is not necessary to choose the Middle Ages, you can also choose the image of a modern hero.
  3. Pocket fishing rod-handle. Unique item – ballpoint pen and miniature reel. Nobody would even suspect that a man is going fishing! And only at the reservoir, it turns into a telescopic fishing rod on which the reel is attached.
  4. Leather car organizer with folding table. A great gift for an auto tourist! A compartment for a thermos flask, a bag with a hard case, a lot of pockets and, most importantly, a table for snacks and a laptop.
  5. Picnic set with refrigerator. A polyester bag with a storage container and the compartments contain a variety of picnic tools – a corkscrew, tongs, spatula, fork, skewer and salt shaker with a pepper shaker.
  6. Plaid-transformer. If the blanket is tightly zipped, you get a pillow. And in the “uncovered” form – a thin and light blanket. Such a gift is suitable for outdoor recreation or during a trip.
  7. Men’s perfume. You probably know your brother’s taste and you can’t go wrong with the choice of cologne or eau de toilette. Well, if in doubt, then ask for advice from a sales assistant in the store – what is the trend now?
  8. A set for making cocktails. Geyser, jigger and shaker – these are the three components of the kit. A gift for a hospitable man who loves to surprise his visitors with both culinary delights and unusual drinks.
  9. Flask tie. A gift with a secret – a seemingly ordinary solid tie, and inside it is a soft flask with a straw for a drink. A present is needed in order to go to establishments where “you can’t be with your own.”
  10. Extreme certificate. What does your brother dream of doing in his life? Skydiving or bungee jumping? Drive a cool racing car? Climb high up the cliff? Give him this opportunity.

Diy Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother From Little Brother or Sister

And these are children’s crafts, a child can easily cope with them. You just need to provide him with the necessary material for work.

  1. Paper boat. This craft is suitable for the smallest children – after all, in it you just need to fold the simplest paper origami into the shape of a boat. And also, a flag must be attached to the top of the boat.
  2. Tank made of matchboxes. Almost all men are interested in military equipment, so a tank as a birthday present for his brother will be very useful. For the craft, you need 3 boxes, colored paper, plasticine, scissors, a ruler, glue and a plastic stopper.
  3. Plane made of colored cardboard. But for aviation, you need one box for the base, colored cardboard for the wings and paper for “covering”. From the tools, you will need – glue, scissors, a ruler, a pencil and thin tape.
  4. Rocket made of colored paper. Even a small child can make a rocket! By the way, the master class is taught by a young needlewoman, and it is she who will tell you how to make such a technique from a roll of toilet paper and colorful leaves.
  5. Toy pig from a plastic bottle. The toy is made very quickly, and the result is a cute pink pig with a heel plug. By the way, if you make a slit on the piglet in the back area, you get a piggy bank.
  6. Endless 3D postcard. It is folded in such a way that no matter how you lay it out, the picture on the postcard changes all the time – it is a smiley, then a heart, then something else. There is no magic, it’s just clever origami.
  7. Dragee candies in a heart. A sweet-tooth brother will be very pleased with such a gift, and even in such a cute envelope! It is best if such a hearty present is prepared by a sister because the craft is more likely a girl’s.
  8. Organizer EMOJI made of paper. Painstaking work that requires special attention and concentration – you need to fold the boxes correctly. But the end result is a positive office organizer with cool emoticons.
  9. Paper antistress. And one more emoji idea! This time in the form of a book that turns the pages by itself, you just have to pull the bottom tab. And on each – a funny face that will cheer up the birthday man.
  10. Lollipops at home. Making lollipops is not difficult at all, but all the same – it is so interesting to make them yourself, like a real pastry chef! Moreover, a brother should appreciate such efforts for his sake!

Diy Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother From an Adult Brother or Sister

In these five ideas, there are detailed master classes on how and from what to make gifts, but they are all rather complicated. Therefore, they are meant for adults.

  1. Lantern of desires. It would seem that it is much easier to buy such a flashlight, it is not that expensive and it costs. But your work will be invested in such a gift. And this means that his wish will certainly come true as soon as the lantern is turned on!
  2. Satin bow tie. A gift for any age – both for a baby to his white shirt and for a respectable man. It is only important to choose the right color of the satin for the birthday suit and sew the tie very carefully.
  3. Huge “Kinder Surprise”. No scarce materials, just paint, paper, potato starch paste and a balloon. Well, for a neat inscription, the letters need to be printed on a printer. And in “Kinder” itself, you can put gifts or sweets.
  4. Medal holder. A wonderful gift for an athlete brother who has won honorable places more than once. Making a pendant for medals is quite difficult, but for those who have worked with wood and power tools more than once, it will be quite within their power.
  5. Handmade men’s soap. It learns to be amazing as if glowing from within. The master class is very detailed, with textual explanations, so you can always stop the video and clarify the nuances of manufacturing.


These are the ideas! Perhaps you have already found some for yourself among them, or rather, for the joy of your brother. Finally, we will give you one more piece of advice. Whether you buy a gift or make it yourself, do not forget to tell your brother how much you love him when you present him!

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