200 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys at School

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Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys at School: On the holiday of Defender of the Fatherland Day, it is customary to congratulate and give gifts not only to those who really defended the country, served in the army or were in the war, but also all representatives of the stronger sex.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

In schools, it is also necessary to congratulate boys. They, like adult men, also deserve attention and a pleasant surprise.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys at School

1-2 Grade

Of course, children studying in elementary school will also be interested in various toys: military equipment, airplanes, tanks, cars, etc. But you can also look after more serious presents. Classmates 6-7 years old can be presented as a gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day:

  • Lego.
  • A puzzle with a picture of a military theme.
  • Children’s educational encyclopedia, for example, about cars, space, history, etc.
  • A sweet gift, for example, to give each boy a big kinder surprise.
  • Boardgame, such as Jenga, loto, and action games.
  • Children’s expander.
  • Children’s puzzle.
  • A cup with the image of the recipient and the inscription “From February 23rd”.
  • Dinosaur excavation kit.
  • Children’s alarm clock.
  • Coloring book with stickers “Tanks”.
  • Table darts.
  • A set of toy soldiers for role-playing games.
  • Children’s wristwatch.
  • A set for creating an engraving with a picture of a military or other equipment.
  • Squish is an anti-stress toy.
  • Piggybank coloring book.
  • Luminous shoelace.
  • Spy set with a walkie-talkie.
  • Children’s wallet.
  • Game “Twister”.
  • “Bananka” – belt bag.
  • A set of erasers in the form of weapons, equipment, and machines.
  • A set of markers, pencils or pens.
  • A set of slimes is a soft multi-colored mass that can be stretched and assembled into various shapes.
  • Neokub is a construction toy from which you can assemble various shapes.
  • Growing pencils are unique stationery that will amaze boys.
  • A set of stickers for covers and notebooks with pictures on a military theme.
  • Notebook.
  • Keychain in the form of a grenade, bullet, or tank. You can make a personalized keychain by specifying the boy’s name.
  • Game set “Fishing”.
  • Lunchbox is a useful thing for first graders.
  • Glowing spinner.
  • Beyblade.
  • The game “Ring throw”.
  • Children’s bowling.
  • Height meter.
  • Pistol with a scope or plastic balls.
  • Bubble.
  • Unusual pocket flashlight.
  • Sports bottle for water/drinks.
  • Key case.
  • Harry Potter magic wand.
  • Hourglass.
  • Globe or world map.
  • A set of luminous ink pens.
  • Bag for removable shoes with a themed print, for example, with the image of a tank or other military equipment.

3-4 Class

For boys 8-11 years old, the gift ideas from the previous list may work. But usually at this age, the interests of children change. Boys are beginning to get interested in gadgets, some even try to master the computer. In addition, in grades 3-4, many already go to various circles and sections, so you can come up with gifts for their hobby. For boys 8-11 years old, such interesting gift ideas are suitable:

  • Laser pointer.
  • Game “Monopoly”.
  • Magician’s set.
  • Experiment set.
  • Rubik’s Cube.
  • Game-set “Lovishka” with a Velcro ball and two plates.
  • Magnetic poster with the multiplication table.
  • Popsocket for the phone.
  • Nice and comfortable book holder.
  • Sweets in stylized packaging, for example, wrapped with tanks.
  • Bath bombs.
  • Aeromach.
  • Robotics kit.
  • Regular or finger twister.
  • DIY kit for creating a birdhouse.
  • Magnetic constructor.
  • Fortune cookies in a Superman box.
  • Basketball hoop.
  • Soccer ball.
  • Decorative plate with a photo of a boy or with the inscription “From February 23rd”.
  • Hanger for medals with the inscription “Champion”.
  • Snezhkolep.
  • Warm mittens/gloves.
  • Kaleidoscope.
  • Mini crossbow.
  • Khaki scarf.
  • Kinetic sand.
  • A neck pendant in the shape of a machine gun.
  • A nominal teaspoon with the name of the recipient and the inscription “On February 23rd.”
  • Universal phone holder.
  • Boardgame “Uno”.
  • Game “Who am I?” with headbands and cards.
  • Harry Potter book.
  • The game “Doble”.
  • A funny toy yo-yo.
  • Beyblade arena.
  • Set for experiments “DIY slime”.
  • Miniature checkers.
  • Tetris.
  • 3-d constructor “Mask of the Iron Man”.
  • Diary of a Weakling.
  • Mouse pad with a picture of a car, tank or other transport.
  • Roller pillow “Kotopes”.
  • Brawl Stars Action Figures Set.
  • Game “Tic-tac-toe”.
  • Regulator’s rod.
  • The pendulum of Newton.
  • Origami kit.
  • A name book about the adventures of a boy.
  • Children’s microscope.
  • Projector starry sky.
  • Box for storing things trinkets in the form of a car, tanks, etc.
  • Runaway alarm clock.
  • Wooden slingshot.
  • Spider-Man Gloves.
  • Electronic game “Tamagotchi”.
  • Toothpaste dispenser in the original design.
  • Express sculptor in 3D format.
  • Glowing gloves.
  • Key ribbon “Minecraft”.
  • Children’s binoculars.
  • Pixel cool glasses.
  • A prank gift such as a spider gum or a snake matchbox.
  • Set of bricks “Write your own story”.
  • Bookmarks for books with images of military and other equipment or cartoon characters.
  • Finger skateboard.
  • Snowblaster.
  • Children’s face painting.
  • Lamp “Plasma ball”.
  • A gift certificate to the children’s store.

5-6 Grade

Boys who have already graduated from elementary school should no longer give toys. At the age of 11-13, they can be given small school supplies or some interesting, practical gifts:

  • Flash drive with a flashlight.
  • Soft slippers with the image of tanks.
  • Headset gloves.
  • A set of youth socks.
  • Scarf mask on the face.
  • Stylish bracelet.
  • Desk calendar with photos of classmates.
  • Face towel with a personalized inscription.
  • Flying glider.
  • Chocolate shoulder straps.
  • Set of reflective stickers for clothing or backpack.
  • Khaki balaclava.
  • Sports bag for shape.
  • A disc with a computer game.
  • Gel anthill.
  • Boardgame “Zombies in the House”.
  • Boxing pear tabletop.
  • A set of gingerbread cookies with the inscription “From February 23rd” on each.
  • Personal hygiene products.
  • T-shirt with the “Defender of the Fatherland” themed print.
  • Small calculator.
  • Nano beetle.
  • LED lamp for reading literature.
  • Thermos 0.5 l.
  • Mug constructor.
  • The magic ball of answers to questions.
  • A wooden pistol that shoots rubber bands.
  • Balance.
  • Mechanical toothpaste squeezer.
  • Selfie monopod.
  • Backlit baseball cap.
  • Boardgame “Mini-basketball”.
  • Pedometer.
  • Gamepad for a smartphone.
  • Lightweight dumbbells.
  • Perfume (toilet water).
  • The clutch purse for men.
  • A jar of candy “For a real hero”.
  • A set of tools for a child.
  • Invisible ink pen.
  • Folding camouflage umbrella.
  • Mini keyboard vacuum cleaner.
  • Folding comb for men.
  • Mouse for a computer in an original design, for example, in the form of a tank or a car.
  • Heated mug.
  • Book safe.
  • Notepad in the form of a bundle of bills.
  • Themed set with the inscription “February 23rd” – shower gel and a washcloth in the form of a pomegranate.

7-9 Grade

Older schoolboys should be looking at more practical, adult gifts. At the age of 14-16, classmates can be pleased with the following gifts:

  • Headphones for the phone.
  • Powerbank.
  • Hand trainer.
  • Portable speaker.
  • Foot hammock.
  • A flash drive in the form of a wrist bracelet.
  • A board game, such as Mafia.
  • USB hub in the form of a man.
  • Alarm clock with target and laser sight.
  • Wallet case.
  • Tubing for downhill skiing.
  • Personal comics.
  • Photo frame “Magic cube”.
  • A mug with a knuckle duster handle.
  • Necessary things for the hike (if classmates often go on hikes, then the boys will need a multitool, a flashlight, a hiking backpack, etc.).
  • Personalized wallet.
  • Handmade thematic soap (in the form of tanks, and other military equipment).
  • Pendulum.
  • Sandpainting.
  • Anti-stress pillow “Defender of the Fatherland”.
  • Postcard with a photo of the gifted person and a congratulatory inscription.
  • Universal bottle opener.
  • Nominal medal.
  • A book about famous military leaders.
  • Stylish wristband.
  • CD with contemporary music.
  • Flask with a congratulatory inscription.
  • The lava lamp is small.
  • Interactive globe or map of the conquest of the world.
  • Maze game.
  • A set for cutting out or burning figures.
  • Steering wheel for the computer.
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt with motivational lettering.
  • Bouquet of socks.
  • A bouquet of sweets.

Impression Gifts

If you don’t want to offend one of your classmates, then it is better to give them the same gifts. Girls can put together and buy the same type of gifts. If you want to personally congratulate your deskmate on Defender of the Fatherland Day, then it is better to do it so as not to sharpen the attention of other classmates.

You can present the boys with a common gift, but be sure to present each one with some small pleasantness: the same gingerbread or a bar of chocolate. And as a gift experience, you can use the following ideas:

  • Presentation of personal certificates for merit. For each classmate, come up with something for which he is loved and appreciated, for example, a diploma for success in school, for diligence, for sports victories, etc.
  • Come up with and read funny, comic poems about schoolmates.
  • Go to the circus or cinema with the whole class.
  • Arrange for the boys a sweet table with a disco.
  • Host an evening of contests, quizzes and various games.
  • Go together to the quest room or give a certificate for attending the quest only as boys.
  • Order a paintball game. What boy wouldn’t want to shoot?
  • Go to the Museum of Military History together.
  • Make a large wall newspaper with photos, and comic congratulations. Hang it in a prominent place in the classroom.
  • Go with the whole class to the skating rink or to an entertainment center, for example, on trampolines.
  • Go bowling together and organize a battle between girls and boys.
  • Go to a pizzeria together. Additionally, you can order a pizza-making master class.
  • Go to the water park together.
  • Order a show with animators.
  • Make a video congratulation or a documentary about the boy classmates, about their merits and positive qualities.
  • Organize a costume photo session for the whole class.

Tips for Choosing a Gift for Boys

  • If there are fewer girls in the class than boys and everyone cannot buy some original or expensive gift, you need to fold and buy a common present for all the boys. For example, you can order a large cake and other sweets.
  • All boys are different, so it’s hard to please everyone. In this case, you can agree on how much for a gift we are talking about. Then each girl simply has to buy a present for her deskmate for a pre-agreed amount. Then no one will be offended that someone was presented with an expensive flash drive, and someone received a set of pencils.
  • Do not give too expensive gifts, because you can put the boys, as well as their parents, in an awkward position.
  • Do not forget about the beautiful decoration of the gift. Even if it’s a small present, wrap it up in a pretty package anyway. Do not forget to attach a greeting card, as well as some sweetness to the gift.
  • When choosing a gift, be sure to consider the age of the children, their personal interests and creativity.
  • If you decide to give the same gifts to all the boys, then buy some kind of universal gifts, for example, key chains, flash drives, thermoses, lunch boxes, piggy banks, office supplies, etc.

Wrap Up

Choosing a gift for boys at school is not an easy task, but a real one. The main thing is to think in advance with the girls or with the parents about what will suit all the boys. If you want to separately congratulate your deskmate, then use the ideas above.

Be sure to take into account the boy’s interests and hobbies. And remember, a good gift doesn’t have to be expensive. The main thing is to present it with all your heart and make a holiday for classmates memorable.

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