Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Boss Male

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Wherever you work, you still have to decide every year what to give your boss a man for his birthday. Choosing the perfect present, in this case, is not an easy task, since too personal things are prohibited, and even your career may depend on how the birthday boy will assess your gift.

It is important to correctly determine the acceptable cost of the presentation and think about what exactly can please the recipient. One of the simplest and most correct decisions is to give your boss something for his work and office for his birthday, but there are other ideas as well.

List of 45 Birthday Gift Ideas for Boss Male

  • A chic pen from a renowned brand for writing and signing important documents. If this does not spoil the design of the product, you can apply a commemorative engraving on it.
  • A high-quality and beautiful wristwatch is a traditional keepsake for a man’s boss.
  • A chic leather briefcase or folder for papers.
  • A wall panel is made of wood, plaster, leather, metal and other materials that will emphasize the style of the owner.
  • Personalized wallet made of high-quality leather.
  • Amber painting.
  • Decorative globe.
  • A beautifully designed desktop weather station will not only become a stylish decoration for your office but will also help you navigate the weather. This is especially important if the work of your company depends on weather conditions.
  • Caricature figurine based on the birthday boy’s photo. Naturally, such things can only be given to a birthday man with a good sense of humor, and the statuette itself should show it only from its best side.
  • A personalized silver cigarette case is an excellent gift for a smoking male boss for his birthday if he is not going to part with this bad habit and does not feel any discomfort about it.
  • Barometer in vintage style.
  • Massage chair cover. If at work the boss has to spend a lot of time at his desk, he certainly will not refuse such a useful birthday present.
  • Unique chess, backgammon or other handmade board game.
  • Souvenir edged weapons. It will be an excellent decoration for a stylish office.
  • Miniature rock garden.
  • Balls of Newton. This is a very popular decoration for offices, if your manager does not have one yet, you can donate it.
  • Collectible alcohol. It is often considered a universal gift for a man, but if the birthday man is a teetotaler and has a very negative attitude towards alcohol, it is better not to give it.
  • A set of expensive cheeses is the best present for a gourmet.
  • Corporate calendar with a photo of the head and others relevant to the topic.
  • Desktop organizer made of expensive material, such as stone or precious wood.
  • This metal 3D puzzle for assembling a machine with moving parts is a great anti-stress for a busy person.
  • A portrait of a birthday boy on canvas is a solid gift for a respectable person.
  • A huge cake with a unique decor that hints at the direction of your company.
  • Desktop perpetual calendar.
  • A photo book about the development of a boss’s career.
  • Original paperweight. A donative engraving on it will also be appropriate.
  • Leather organizer in the form of a folder with a notepad, pen, compartments for business cards and other little things.
  • A set of eco-cube for growing a tree, for example, an oak – a symbol of strength and masculinity. If your company doesn’t accept expensive birthday gifts, even for the CEO, this would be a great compromise.
  • A mini-golf set that can be used even in the office during a break. By handing it over, you can hint that the manager works a lot for the good of the company and sometimes it doesn’t hurt him to be distracted and relaxed a little.
  • Coffee machine. If your chef loves coffee, and he still does not have such a useful appliance, give it immediately.
  • The thermal calendar is a very interesting device that, when touched, will show the current date, as well as interesting facts about this day.
  • A vintage or vintage style shoe shine kit is an excellent gift for a fashionista and dandy.
  • Watch box with automatic winding.
  • A compact and high-quality laptop bag is an excellent gift for an executive who carries a PC with them.
  • Travel bag for a man who often travels and business trips.
  • Table fountain with lighting.
  • A chic tie clip crafted from precious materials.
  • Wall clocks, antique or supermodern, the main thing is that they match the tastes of the birthday person.
  • A set of elite varieties of coffee or tea.
  • Desktop business cardholder.
  • A cache or safe in the form of a book or other object that does not attract attention in the office.
  • Gift seal with precious or semi-precious stones.
  • Stylish retro telephone.
  • Large map of the world made of wood.
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Original Gifts for a Man-leader for His Birthday

Many difficulties are sometimes caused by the choice of gifts for people with whom you have been working for a long time, and have already been given a lot, or if they like interesting surprises, and a simple, practical thing is simply not needed. It is also not easy to choose a gift for the director, a wealthy man who has everything and simply does not need anything. In this case, you will have to use all your imagination. Original ideas and unusual birthday gifts will help out. Our list of suitable options includes:

  • Compact tabletop fireplace. Playing tongues of flame will decorate an office or living room and will help to distract from negative thoughts, get rid of stress. And it will also help warm your hands slightly, if necessary.
  • Personalized set of handmade chocolates. The chocolate should be of high quality and tasty, the box should be solid and beautiful.
  • Decorative “hourglass” with magnetic metal shavings instead of ordinary sand.
  • Stones or metal cubes for cooling drinks. It is desirable to decorate them with monograms of the birthday man.
  • Galileo’s thermometer is a very interesting device that can attract attention and interest.
  • Honey with gold. This is a sumptuous treat for the man who has it all – an excellent gift for a golden birthday.
  • The levitating globe is a very interesting, simply mesmerizing interior decoration.

Not only your birthday present for your boss can be original, but also its packaging. You can use different unusual materials and shapes, for example, a wooden box or a wicker box. It’s a good idea to use wrapping paper with your company logos or other recognizable prints.

Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Bossman

Presentations to the head do not always have to be luxurious. Moreover, there are situations where they are simply inappropriate. If you are looking for a personal gift for your boss, it is best to choose something inexpensive so that it does not sound like a bribery attempt and does not put the birthday person in an uncomfortable position. Also, budget gifts would be appropriate if company rules prohibit luxury gifts. Here are some ideas for inexpensive gift ideas for your boss:

  • USB heated mug. Such a frivolous, at first glance, the present will definitely benefit him and remind him of the concern of his employees.
  • A USB stick with a code is an inexpensive and helpful present for anyone who sometimes works with a PC. By the way, a memory card can also be a luxurious present if you choose a gilded USB stick encrusted with stones.
  • Organizer for ties, belts, etc.
  • A daily planner is a must-have for careful planning of work.
  • The puzzle is something small but interesting, captivating for a long time.
  • Book. You can choose something from the classics, the work of your favorite author of the birthday man (if you are in the know), a collection of wise expressions and aphorisms.
  • Self-stirring mug in a simple and concise style.
  • Thermo mug. It will come in handy if the boss often works outside the walls of his office and cannot brew fresh tea or coffee.

When presenting an inexpensive gift to a wealthy man, you should not focus on its value, whatever the reason for this choice. Just congratulate the birthday person and say what you planned, emphasize the importance of his work and contribution to the common cause.

If the boss has a birthday and not just a birthday, it is still better to choose a more expensive and more impressive gift, since various little things in this situation will be inappropriate.

How to Choose a Birthday Present for Your Boss

In order for your present to bring joy to the birthday man and not become a source of problems for you, you must choose it correctly. Choosing a birthday present for a leader is doubly difficult, since the work of the company and your career can literally depend on it, and you hardly know its tastes thoroughly. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the atmosphere at work and how the boss relates to the team.

  • If your leader is a joker and a joker and maintains informal relationships, more personal presents and different jokes are possible. But the boss, who insists on strict adherence to the chain of command, should choose things that are solid and related to work. If the birthday boy is not averse to sometimes chatting with his subordinates and talking about his hobbies, you can donate things related to a hobby. If communication on third-party topics is not supported at work, the gift should be as neutral as possible and intended specifically for the work.
  • Often, when choosing a birthday present for a man, we undeservedly forget about such trifles as packaging and decoration. Although they are less worried about the appearance of the present than women, a nice box or wrapping paper is still essential.
  • Another important aspect is the need to correctly determine the acceptable value of the gift. This will depend on the tradition of the company and the capabilities of colleagues. But frankly, cheap things cannot be given. They should be of decent quality anyway. If you are looking for a birthday gift for your boss from the whole team, you can choose something more expensive, and personally, it is better to give more modest things on your own, so as not to be suspected of trying to bribe.
  • To give or not to give flowers to the boss man? It will only depend on his personal preference and who will hand it over. A female colleague may well hand over a strict masculine bouquet of discreet shades. It should be laconic and in no way resemble a basket or a wedding arrangement. Simple, upward-directed forms are preferred. But men practically do not give flowers to representatives of their sex.
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What Can Not Be Given for a Birthday to a Bossman

To avoid embarrassment, make a list in advance of what you will definitely not give your boss for his birthday. We recommend adding to it:

  • Personal hygiene products, including a variety of natural, handmade shower gels, shampoos, etc.
  • Perfumery products. This is too personal, like the first option. They are given only to close people.
  • Clothes. This is also a present for a loved one, and not for a boss at work.
  • Health control devices. Any boss wants to appear strong and invulnerable in the eyes of his subordinates, and you should not point him to how you really see him.

Another category of unwanted gifts is living things that require careful care. It is unlikely that a busy person will be delighted with the worries that suddenly fell on him. But there are exceptions here too. For example, a crippled aquarist may well be presented with an exotic fish. But this is only if the boss himself has shared his hobby with you.

A Gift for a Man-leader According to His Hobby

If the boss is not shy about discussing his hobbies with the team, then this information can and should be used to choose a good birthday present for him. Depending on how exotic and expensive a manager’s hobby is, the difficulty of choosing a presentation will vary.

If you are not at all versed in the birthday man’s hobby, it is better not to risk choosing a themed gift at random. In this case, it would be more expedient to contact a professional in this industry and get detailed advice.

Many men enjoy fishing. If your boss is one of the fishing enthusiasts, a variety of tackles will be great gifts for him, for example, a new cool spinning rod or a rod from a well-known manufacturer. You can also give gifts to make your fishing trip more comfortable. Great examples:

  • Fishing tackle box;
  • A folding chair or a whole chaise longue to comfortably sit on the shore;
  • Sun umbrella;
  • Lightweight fishing tent;
  • Bite alarm;
  • A good choice would be a portable fish smoker so that, without leaving the coast, immediately cook the catch and save it from the attack of flies.

When choosing what to give your boss for her birthday, remember how he feels about picnics and outings. For many men, this is their favorite entertainment, so the following will be good gifts:

  • Folding or stationary grill for cooking your favorite dishes over an open fire;
  • Tent or awning from the sun;
  • Cooler bag for storing perishable food and cool drinks;
  • A set of personalized skewers with engravings;
  • Multifunctional solar-powered radio torch.

For a birthday boss, an athlete can be given something related to his favorite sport, for example, high-quality equipment, exercise equipment. He will also like tickets for a sports event or some item autographed by his favorite athlete. A certificate from a sports store would also be appropriate in this case.

If you decide to give a certificate, be sure to purchase or make an unusual envelope for it to make the gift look more interesting.

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It is more challenging to choose a collector’s gift, especially if he collects some rare and expensive things. If you understand that you will not be able to replenish your collection, choose items designed to care for an existing collection. You can also present an invitation to a themed event, such as an exhibition.

Intangible Gifts to the Leader for His Birthday

If the future birthday boy has repeatedly hinted that he is financially secure for everyone, and in life, only fresh impressions are lacking, this is an excellent hint. Give your boss an adventure birthday present and make this holiday even more enjoyable. Most successful ideas:

  • Hot air balloon flight over the outskirts of the city.
  • A test drive of a supercar such as the Lamborghini Huracan is a great gift for a male motorist.
  • Master class in yacht management, if your birthday is in the warm season and there is such an opportunity nearby.
  • An extreme driving lesson will appeal to even an experienced driver, as it will help to improve their skills.
  • Flight in a light airplane.
  • Master class in shooting a pistol or other firearms.
  • Dinner with unlimited meat for the true connoisseur of steaks and other meat dishes.
  • An invitation to a restaurant with exotic cuisine.
  • A parachute jump for the most courageous and physically strong.
  • Master class for driving an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Harley-Davidson driving lesson.
  • Walk on ATVs.
  • Paintball for the company.
  • SPA weekend in a good SPA hotel.
  • Riding a jet ski.
  • Horse riding lesson.
  • Flying in a Long wind tunnel.
  • Fly on a flyboard or hoverboard.
  • Ring race as a passenger.

With such an intangible gift, you can definitely surprise and please the birthday person. But keep in mind that when choosing it, it is important to remember not only the interests of the recipient and his hobbies but also the state of health, as some entertainment can be dangerous for an unprepared person.

What to Give for a Birthday to the Boss From the Team

If you decide to gather the whole team for a gift to the leader, you can count on the help of colleagues in making a decision. After some consultation, you will surely choose the perfect present. Good hints:

  • Music center in retro style “Gramophone” – a present for the music lover;
  • A set for wine with chess “For the Leader “, unless you have a strict prohibition at work;
  • High quality multifunctional Swiss knife ;
  • A lightbox with a photo of the birthday boy is a unique and very interesting birthday present for the boss;
  • A smart set for poker, if the recipient is a gambler;
  • Vintage table lamp or floor lamp.

Since you choose what to give your boss for his birthday from the whole team, congratulations should also be collective. Be sure to get together and decide who will say what and how so that everything goes in an orderly and beautiful way. You can independently come up with poems for congratulations.

A manager with a good sense of humor will surely enjoy a funny prank or flash mob performed by employees.

Cool Gifts for the Boss Man

A joke lover will certainly be delighted with a funny present from colleagues. Just keep in mind that you need to joke carefully and correctly, after all, the birthday person is your boss. Good fun gifts for the director will be:

  • Scratch card of the conqueror of the world;
  • Radio-controlled anti-gravity car;
  • A scepter that will remind you that your leader is almost a king and exactly in his place;
  • Scratch poster “TrueLife”;
  • The Oscar statuette with a sign corresponding to the holiday will be a good souvenir for a man’s boss;
  • Corkscrew “Mustache”;
  • A set of cups and plates with the inscription “I will command the parade”;
  • “500 Evil Cards” cards;
  • Cocktail alcoholic sweets “Assorti”;
  • Wood barrel for liquor;
  • A set of “Drunken glasses” for whiskey or other drink preferred by the recipient;
  • Anti-stress bubble wrap XXL;
  • Piggybank in the form of a golden loaf;
  • Home-made moonshine still (souvenir).


After you choose a birthday present for your boss, think about how you can complement it. Use flowers if appropriate. Excellent addition to any present will be a postcard, preferably signed by each of the team members. The time of delivery is also important. If possible, it is better to congratulate in the morning or postpone this matter until lunchtime, when there will be more opportunities to communicate, for example, over tea. With the right preparation, everything will definitely work out.

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