100 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 17-year-old Girl

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 17-year-old Girl: It is easy and pleasant to congratulate seventeen-year-old girls! They are interested in so many things, want so many things, and at the same time, they are able to sincerely please rather simple and inexpensive things. In our selection of 117 gift ideas for a 17-year-old girl, you will find gift options from your beloved boyfriend, friends, family and best friend. Even with a small amount, you can find something impressive and unusual that you will definitely like and bring positive emotions.

What to Give 17-year-old Girl

  1. A multi-styler is a great option – this is a hair styler with which you can both straighten and curl.
  2. Jewelry with symbols associated with your favorite superheroes, characters from games, films, musical groups and the like.
  3. The LED selfie ring that attaches to the phone is a beautiful present for a 17-year-old girl, she will definitely use it!
  4. A certificate for visiting the quest room is interesting and unusual, it will turn out like a continuation of the holiday in a friendly company, only with adventures.
  5. Braiding device for making the most original hairstyles with ease.
  6. Powerbank in a funny design – in the form of a toy, powder box, lipstick, stone and other things, if only it was cute (and with a large capacity).
  7. Watercolor pencils – you can draw with them anyway, but if you wet the sheet, it will look like a watercolor drawing.
  8. An inflatable sofa as a gift for a girl on her 17th birthday is guaranteed to please all lovers of outdoor activities.
  9. A set of pastel pencils and a notebook with dark paper will delight those who like to draw. It also looks very unusual!
  10. Photography Certificate – choose a photographer with good taste and let him do a photoset for the birthday girl.
  11. Certificate for culinary master classes, such as sushi or Italian cooking, or a barista lesson.
  12. The Tangle Teezer comb is a universal gift that can be presented to a girl on her 17th birthday – absolutely everyone likes it!
  13. Quality branded picnic tableware.
  14. Plasma ball – decorates the room, attracts attention and serves as a pretty night light.
  15. Headbands – whether elegant in a romantic style or tight sportswear – are now in vogue.
  16. A lamp for fixing gel polish to do manicure at home and repaint marigolds whenever you want.
  17. Books for creativity can be presented to any girl for 17 years old, draw or meditatively paint, although sometimes everyone likes it.
  18. A lunch box is a birthday girl who loves healthy homemade food and tries to take snacks with her.
  19. A picture for coloring by numbers – ideal if you order a personal print.
  20. Home planetarium, a projector of the starry sky. There are a variety of models and options.
  21. Anti-gravity ball for pin juggling
  22. A set of lens lenses for smartphone cameras – easy to attach and allow you to take pictures no worse than a camera with different lenses.
  23. The diffuser bottle is a great birthday present for a girl. Fruits and berries are placed in the diffuser, and they give a light flavor to the water.
  24. Desktop organizer for cosmetics.
  25. Certificate for make-up lessons – to learn how to apply the perfect make-up in any style.
  26. Rechargeable or battery-powered electronic candles.
  27. Handgum – engages, entertains and soothes.
  28. A headphone splitter is an inexpensive but handy little thing.
  29. Bath kits – foam, bombs, oils, etc. are perfect as a gift for 17 years for a girlfriend.
  30. A board game for a large or small company, something classic or based on computer games.

Original Birthday Gift Ideas for 17-year-old Girl

  1. A projector for a smartphone is convenient if the walls are light at home.
  2. Sets of pens, markers, pencils, felt-tip pens and other things for drawing.
  3. A laptop stand, possibly with additional cooling, or a table for working at a laptop in bed.
  4. Rainbow projector night light to make your dreams the brightest and most wonderful.
  5. A beauty box or even a subscription to beauty boxes is something that you can always give a 17-year-old girl, let her try a lot of new good cosmetics.
  6. A jar of coconut oil – beneficial for skin and hair care.
  7. Silk pillowcases are good for hair health and shine.
  8. Eco-friendly cosmetics made from natural ingredients.
  9. Vinyl chalkboard, on the refrigerator or on the wall, and a set of colored crayons for it.
  10. Certificate for extreme entertainment – go-karting, laser tag, ATV ride and much more.
  11. Mini versions or perfume samples will appeal to a young lady who is just looking for her own fragrance, so let her try different new items.
  12. Kigurumi pajamas are a present that will delight every 17-year-old girl on her birthday.
  13. Sleep mask – for travel and to fall asleep comfortably at any time.
  14. Banana bum bag in a style that will suit the birthday girl. There are fabric, leather, wicker and the choice of designs is simply huge.
  15. The fondue set is both fun and delicious. An excellent item for any party, chatting with girlfriends or a romantic evening.
  16. An umbrella, on the contrary, which is not afraid of the wind and always looks attractive.
  17. Fingerless gloves. Stylish leather, knitted, sports – the choice is large.
  18. An original flash drive, maybe even in the form of decoration, or with fingerprint protection, or just in a funny design.
  19. Bubbles are a very inexpensive, symbolic birthday present for a girl.
  20. Hair accessories – elastic bands, hairpins, clips and so on – will definitely be useful to all owners of at least relatively long hair.
  21. A certificate for a cosmetics or perfumery store.
  22. Buff, multi bandana – will appeal to athletic and active people, this is a thing that can be worn in dozens of ways, and not only on the head.
  23. Quality make-up removers to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Especially necessary for lovers of bright make-up who are painted every day.
  24. A wireless mouse, ideally with batteries and a special charger for them, so you don’t have to buy batteries.
  25. Jewelry box – if you choose a roomy and beautiful one, there is every chance that it will serve the birthday girl all her life.
  26. An anti-stress pillow in the shape of a funny animal is a very cute thing, and it is comfortable to sleep with it, and just put it under your head.
  27. Fashion socks or a set of several pairs. Something bright, stylish, with provocative drawings and inscriptions – a 17-year-old girl will appreciate such a gift.
  28. 3D-lamp with a photo – these can be ordered or made by yourself according to the instructions on the network
  29. White magnetic whiteboard for self-organizing and planning lovers. You can write on such a board with a special marker and attach any drawings, pictures, notes to the magnets.
  30. A hammock is ideal for outdoor recreation, in the country or in the park. It can even be hung in a spacious room or balcony.
  31. Korean cosmetics have been very popular for several years and are interesting to everyone, so most will definitely like it.
  32. A miniature mirror, you can – with a folding comb to easily fit in your purse.
  33. Crossbody messenger bags – they are very different in size and style, so look for what works for a particular person.
  34. Nice stockings or tights with a funny pattern will come in handy for everyone, especially for lovers of dresses and skirts.
  35. A monopod, a selfie stick – something that you can definitely give a girl on her 17th birthday if there is no such thing yet.
  36. Fortune cookie box is ideal if you make it yourself, but many stores also sell ready-made gifts of this type.
  37. Portable bluetooth speaker, better with moisture protection.
  38. Microfiber towel – very light and compact, useful for travel and commuting.
  39. A tree for storing jewelry – in itself decorates a room, and all earrings, bracelets and rings are in plain sight, it is convenient to choose and store.
  40. Lip gloss – there are many of them, they are very diverse, but they are used at least sometimes by everyone.
  41. A large, foldable travel cosmetic bag, which can also be used in the bathroom, is a good present for a girl on her 17th birthday.
  42. A scent lamp and a few essential oils for it, or incense sticks and whatever they need.
  43. A foldable lightweight backpack or a set of fabric bags – especially popular with ecology lovers.
  44. A humidifier is a valuable and interesting thing.
  45. Pay for an account in an online game or a subscription to a music / TV series service.
  46. A piggy bank for coins or banknotes, and let the birthday girl save up for her dream.
  47. Travel make-up brush sets. It is convenient to use and store them at home, as they are usually in a durable case, can be in separate containers or with removable attachments.
  48. Tripod for your phone – improves the quality of shooting photos and videos and simplifies the process itself. It is convenient to communicate via video communication, fixing the phone, and also to shoot panoramas and take photos with a long exposure.
  49. Jewelry made of gold and silver is another universal option for a birthday present for a girl, the main thing here is to guess which of the metals she likes best.
  50. The ball answering questions is just a hit among the young ladies who care about so many things. So let the predictor ball answer all doubts.
  51. A good teapot for tea, a French press or portioned in an interesting design, for example, in the form of a fish, a submarine, a berry, and more.
  52. Glowing headphones are stylish and fashionable, attract the attention of other people at parties or evening walks.
  53. A cosmetic bag in a handbag, compact and convenient, where all the essentials will fit. Take a closer look at the volume of the existing cosmetic bag.
  54. A camera with instant photo printing is not cheap but impressive, and it will definitely be tested right during the celebration.
  55. A set of candles or just a large and beautiful candle. You can choose aromatic or regular ones as an option – even hand over a large package of tea candles if the girl uses them.
  56. The showerhead that paints the stream of water in a bright color is what helps many with pleasure to finally wake up under the streams of water and start a new day with a positive mood.
  57. A double-sided mirror, with a normal and a magnifying side, can be presented to any girl for 17 years in general.
  58. Socks-slippers or home knitted boots-socks – even in the warm season, the floor is cold.
  59. Handmade chocolate or chocolate with unusual flavors will definitely please any sweet tooth.
  60. Unusual food or desserts that can be ordered online or found in small shops of foreign products.
  61. A cozy dressing gown, long, fluffy and warm, certainly with pockets, and even better with a hood.
  62. Yoga mat – for all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and at least occasional sports.
  63. A stylized portrait from a photograph in the image of the heroine of a cartoon, TV series, a computer game is a very original and impressive present; 17-year-old girls are delighted with this!
  64. Moisturizers and body milk are helpful for everyone and always, so you can give it with confidence.
  65. Cycling LED lights are guaranteed to delight the rider. It also improves safety when driving in the dark.
  66. Fashionable backpack made of leather or eco-leather in a color that the recipient likes or just trendy this season.
  67. Illuminated umbrella – stylish and very comfortable. And also – invariably attracts attention and arouses interest.
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Pleasant Gift for 17-year-old Girl

  1. Dreamcatcher – such an interesting gift for 17 years for a girl, can be made with your own hands, although you can buy a ready-made one.
  2. Mini-courses in dancing, drawing, yoga and more. Usually, these are 2-4 lessons, which are enough to try and understand whether you like it or not.
  3. Hair crayons are better suited for fair-haired people, they make it easy to dye the strands in any color and then are washed off when washing. Alternatively, you can buy hair mascara.
  4. A five-book notebook in which you need to record events every day for five years.
  5. Wireless microphone with built-in speaker, for karaoke – for singing lovers anytime, anywhere.
  6. The palette of eyeshadows – the choice of styles and shades is huge, so you will definitely find what you want to present to a particular 17-year-old girl for her birthday.
  7. It is very convenient to place an inflatable mattress for summer fun on the water, for a picnic, and for guests!
  8. An organizer for storing linen is a very feminine and convenient thing, which is especially pleasant to receive as a gift.
  9. A book on a topic that is interesting to the birthday girl, or just something fashionable that everyone has heard.
  10. A cushion in any unusual design – fluffy, with sequins, in the form of a piece of sushi or a log.
  11. A portrait made of words is a touching and very personal gift for a girl on her birthday, it always evokes a storm of emotions.
  12. Glass markers – for those who love parties and fun companies, so that no one confuses glasses.
  13. A miniature clutch bag is a thing that should be in the wardrobe of any young lady, even the most athletic sometimes need to dress up solemnly. Well, women of fashion will always come in handy with another handbag.
  14. A touch-sensitive alarm clock that helps you wake up softly and easily, from the sounds of nature, slowly growing light, or even the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or pastries.
  15. A good mascara is something that girls at the age of 17 can always give as a gift, as it will come in handy for a variety of moments.
  16. Large jars of body scrubs are invariably loved by all young ladies.
  17. Wireless headphones are a luxurious thing, especially if they are from a well-known brand, so if there is an opportunity, it’s worth presenting.
  18. Gadgets and appliances – a new smartphone, laptop, tablet and the like can be presented to a 17-year-old girl by her parents, close relatives, or a loved one.
  19. A certificate for online courses or master classes, webinars and similar events on a topic that is of interest to the birthday girl. Many people like courses and marathons of yoga, sports, proper nutrition, etc.
  20. An original houseplant: romantic young ladies are more likely to like orchids, and predatory plants may be suitable for young rebel and lovers of attracting attention. Someone likes a coffee or lemon tree with fruits.
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This, of course, is only a part of the options, only 117 ideas from a huge list of gifts for a 17-year-old girl, but they certainly were able to give you the idea of ​​what to present to a particular birthday girl, taking into account her preferences, the nature and characteristics of your relationship. Do not forget that it would be nice to add a bouquet to the present: traditional flowers or a bouquet of sweets, or maybe edible bouquets of fruits or vegetables – it will be very original and the recipient will definitely be impressed!

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