Birthday Gift for Ex-Girlfriend or Wife

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The question of what to give an ex-girlfriend shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, not everyone breaks up as enemies, sometimes it is difficult to erase a beloved from your life, or you often see each other in the same company, or maybe you even want to renew the relationship.

To keep at least friendly ties – you need to give gifts! However, not every surprise will appeal to the former soul mate, so before you run to the store, do not be lazy and read this article.

Birthday Gift for Ex-Girlfriend

Here you will find many interesting, unusual, useful and even cool gifts that are appropriate to give for Birthdays, New Year, March 8, or just as a keepsake.

If you want to give a present to an ex-girlfriend, do not restrain yourself, because this is an act of a worthy man. Feel free to choose one or more of the proposed ideas and be sure that the former passion will see you from the other side.

Do not forget the main thing – when choosing what you can give your ex-girlfriend, it is better to pay attention to restrained things that do not give unnecessary reasons for thought, hints. Be sure to supplement your present with a bouquet of flowers, a postcard with pleasant wishes, then you will definitely be able not only to make a good impression on your ex-girlfriend but also not to spoil your opinion of yourself!

100 Ideas for Gifts to Your Ex-Girlfriend

  1. Soft toy.
  2. Keyring.
  3. 3D lamp.
  4. Teapot.
  5. Jewelry.
  6. Picnic set.
  7. Sunglasses.
  8. Music Box.
  9. Manicure set.
  10. Heated cup.
  11. Lava lamp.
  12. Stirrer mug.
  13. Thermo mug.
  14. Selfie tripod.
  15. Cozy slippers.
  16. Portable speaker.
  17. Antistress toy.
  18. Mask for sleep.
  19. Flower in a pot.
  20. Handwarmer.
  21. Leather wallet.
  22. Creative diary.
  23. New recipe book.
  24. A case for phone.
  25. Cool piggy bank.
  26. Edible bouquet.
  27. Hairstyling devices.
  28. Chocolate fountain.
  29. Designer umbrella.
  30. Fitness water bottle.
  31. Runaway alarm clock.
  32. Self-watering pots.
  33. Brand handbag.
  34. Fitness bracelet.
  35. Notebook Stand.
  36. Needlework box.
  37. Chameleon mug.
  38. Heated slippers.
  39. Instant camera.
  40. Decorative fountain.
  41. Animal pillow.
  42. Digital photo frame.
  43. Huge chocolate bar.
  44. Embroidered towel.
  45. Hammock for legs.
  46. The original ice mold.
  47. High-quality jewelry.
  48. Personal power bank.
  49. Cozy and warm blanket.
  50. Belt bag or shoulder bag.
  51. Stand-tray for the bathroom.
  52. Capacity for making ice cream.
  53. Lunch box with heating function.
  54. Gloves for working with touch screens.
  55. Socks with cool prints.
  56. A swinging flower on a solar battery.
  57. Set of decorative candles.
  58. Small household appliances.
  59. USB keyboard vacuum cleaner.
  60. Smartphone projector.
  61. A set for growing plants.
  62. Compact cosmetic bag.
  63. Aquarium with a goldfish.
  64. Warm scarf, hat, mittens.
  65. Interior decorations (e.g., clock, candlestick, etc.).
  66. A set for creativity (scrapbooking, decoupage, kanzashi, etc.).
  67. Bath and shower products (therapeutic mud, sea salt, bath foam, etc.).
  68. Exotic fruit basket.
  69. Wireless headphones.
  70. A set of growing pencils.
  71. Cushion with an interesting print.
  72. A set of aromatic tea or coffee.
  73. A bouquet of soap or soft toys.
  74. Travel kit (pillow, sleep mask, earplugs).
  75. A bottle of your favorite eau de toilette.
  76. Floriana.
  77. Exclusive biscuits in a tin can.
  78. Aromatic lamp with a basic set of oils.
  79. Wooden puzzle.
  80. Gel anthill.
  81. A scarf or stole.
  82. Luminous painting.
  83. Handmade soap set.
  84. Wall or pocket key holder.
  85. Fortune cookies.
  86. Named vase.
  87. Decorative cosmetics (eyeshadow palette, etc.).
  88. Handle with engraving.
  89. Creative mouse for the computer.
  90. Custom vase for baking or fruit.
  91. Set for making sushi.
  92. USB hub in the shape of a funny little man.
  93. A set consisting of an apron and potholders.
  94. Glowing map of the starry sky.
  95. Stylish hair accessories (hairpin, elastic band, headband, etc.).
  96. Box for storing small items.
  97. Perpetual calendar.
  98. Cardholder.
  99. Cup with a special compartment for cookies.
  100. Night light projector of sea waves or the starry sky.
  101. A jar for drinks with a lid and a straw.
  102. Cover for documents with an interesting picture.
  103. A set of electronic candles with imitation of a flame.
  104. Facial massage set.
  105. Interactive musical pots.
  106. Cool cupcake molds.

Original Birthday Gift for Ex-Girlfriend

Surely, during the time you were together, you already managed to give the girl a lot of presents. If you still want to surprise her, then you will definitely like the next selection of gifts!

Rainbow generator. An excellent option for a birthday present for your ex-girlfriend. This little thing will decorate the room, add a little positive to life. A creative girl will definitely like the gift. The product is very reminiscent of a diamond.

Thanks to the correctly selected edges, it begins to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow as soon as it is brought to a light source, for example, to a window. A rainbow that appears on a wall or ceiling eliminates unnecessary thoughts and helps to cope with stress.

Carnivorous plant. Most often, the Venus flytrap is grown at home. At the tips of the leaves of this plant, traps are located, consisting of two valves.

While waiting for the victim, they are open, but if the insect slightly disturbs the sensitive hairs on the surface, the trap closes in a matter of fractions of seconds, leaving no chance for the victim to escape. Such an interesting and unusual gift for an ex-girlfriend will not go unnoticed.

Red thread on the wrist. Perhaps this is the best gift for an ex-girlfriend. It is not only a fashionable accessory but also a talisman that has a positive impact on a person’s destiny. It is believed that the red thread protects against negative energy, dark forces.

It is advisable to wear the amulet on the wrist of the left hand. If the thread is frayed, lost or broken, in this way, it fulfilled its purpose, that is, it absorbed all the negative or saved a person from something bad.

Dream Catcher. A suitable birthday present for an ex-girlfriend. This is a home amulet that is hung over the bed. It protects its owner from nightmares, bad thoughts and also promotes rapid falling asleep.

Thanks to the amulet, a person will get enough sleep, which ensures an excellent mood throughout the day. Also, it is a beautiful interior decoration. After all, only natural materials are used to create a dream catcher: threads, feathers, stones, etc.

What Inexpensively You Can Give a Former Passion

In search of an answer to the question of whether it is worth giving gifts to an ex-girlfriend, many come to the conclusion that it is not always appropriate to give presents that are too expensive.

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If you are looking for pleasant little things, then carefully study the presents offered in this category. You will definitely be able to find something suitable!

Eco bag-shopper. Not a bad option if the girl accepts gifts from her ex. Such a present does not oblige you to anything. He will especially appeal to a girl who supports the theme of minimalism and ecology.

This accessory emphasizes individuality, the ability to think outside the box. Any print can be applied to the bag if desired. Shoppers are always at hand, durable, durable, easy to clean.

Sets for spices. Inexpensive, and most importantly, an original gift for an ex-girlfriend. This is a set designed for storing spices and seasonings. Thanks to the jars with a sealed lid, unique ingredients will be kept in order and will not lose their taste.

The set will become a decoration of any kitchen, it will not take up much space, and all the necessary spices will always be at hand.

Bouquet of yellow tulips. Since the sign that yellow tulips are the messengers of separation, you are no longer afraid, you can safely choose flowers of a sunshade. Psychologists believe that it is this color that has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person, gives him joy, warmth and light.

Mug cuff. This is a cute and cozy gift that will remind you of yourself. The cuff is a sweater. It is put on a cup and fastens with a button.

Such “clothing” allows the drink to stay hot longer. The cup does not burn your hands, it is enjoyable to hold it. The cuff can be removed to wash or wash the mug itself. This accessory will make your tea even more enjoyable.

Useful Gifts for Ex-Girlfriend

If you want your ex-girlfriend to remember you as often as possible when using a present, do not pass by these gifts. Here are some of the best practical ideas that will benefit you on a daily basis.

Orenburg downy shawl. A chic gift that will be appreciated by a girl of any age. Such a product looks elegant and impressive. Despite the fact that the scarves are very thin, almost weightless, they help to keep warm.

The scarf can be used as a cape for the shoulders or head. The product will not only complement the look but also bring practical benefits.

Blanket with sleeves. A good gift for an ex-girlfriend. The plaid resembles a large robe that is worn the other way around. Thus, the whole body is covered, and the hands remain free, thanks to which you can read a book, drink tea, watch TV, work on a laptop, etc.

The blanket is of optimal length, so it does not interfere with movement, for example, moving from room to room.

Illuminated pocket mirror. Inside the mirror are built-in miniature LEDs that allow you to touch up your makeup even in a dimly lit room. The backlight is switched on using the button.

Compact mirror, so it fits in the smallest purse or even pocket. Rest assured, no girl can remain indifferent at the sight of this present.

Magnetic slate board. This gift option will appeal to a forgetful or creative person. The board is mounted on the refrigerator while perfectly fitting into any interior.

This helpful tool can help you create a plan for your workday or a shopping list and unleash your creativity. Get aboard in the shape of a rectangle, apple, house or car, and do not hesitate, you will definitely like it and come in handy.

Memorable Gifts for the Girl Whom I Broke Up With

You need to part beautifully. If you are of the same opinion, it would be appropriate to give your ex-girlfriend something as a keepsake of your relationship.

Voice picture. A unique gift that will remain with the girl for long memory. This is a picture that shows a sound wave, there is a QR code at the bottom. To listen to the “message,” you just need to use the phone.

Since you are giving a present to your ex-girlfriend, most likely, you should not record your voice. However, you know what kind of tunes she loves, from what sounds she relaxes, etc. In the picture of the voice, you can record anything: audio, video, photo.

Horseshoe “For luck”. It is not at all necessary to part as enemies. If you decide to end the relationship, sincerely wish your ex-girlfriend happiness by handing her a souvenir horseshoe.

This is a symbol of not only good luck but also wealth and prosperity. A charm for the house is hung over the front door, thus protecting the home from the effects of evil forces and attracting success, love, prosperity.

Zodiac sign pendant. Such a present can also be regarded as a kind of talisman. It enhances the energy of a person, emphasizes individuality.

The pendant can be worn on a chain around your neck or as an adornment on a bracelet. The product gives vitality and brings good luck only if it is correctly selected. Both the shape of the pendant and the material of manufacture, as well as the stones with which it is decorated, are of great importance.

Salt lamp. It is not only a lighting device but also an item that contributes to the prevention and treatment of many diseases, as well as a spectacular interior decoration.

A lamp made of salt gives life energy, disinfects the air, improves the functioning of many organs and systems, and promotes sound and healthy sleep.

Cool Presents for the Ex-girlfriend

If you and your ex-girlfriend managed to remain good friends who can joke at each other when choosing a gift, use the following tips. However, at the same time, you must be completely sure that you do not offend your ex-girlfriend by giving her a present with humor.

A cup with the inscription “Tears of the Former”. A gift that will definitely cheer up your ex-girlfriend. You, as it were, jokingly hint to her that you regret breaking up to tears.

A cup with a humorous inscription will allow you not to get depressed, but to enhance the effect, write the name of the girl on the item, for example, “Tears of Natasha’s ex.”

Warmer toy. Let the hot-water bottle keep the girl warm until she meets her soul mate again. Well, humor aside, this product is a very practical device disguised as a toy.

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The hot-water bottle not only matures but also relaxes the muscles, relieves pain, and helps to cope with a cold more quickly. It is best to purchase a heating pad filled with cherry pits, then it can be used to flavor the room.

Cushion-hug in the form of a man’s shoulder. If you know that a girl is going through hard loneliness, then this gift is just for her. The product will improve the quality of sleep, relieve stress, give a feeling of comfort, calmness and security.

The girl will happily return home, knowing that she will be able to “rely” on a comfortable man’s shoulder.

Ball for making decisions. The gift will appeal to girls who find it challenging to make decisions, as well as to lovers of fortune-telling. With such an object, you no longer need to look for signs of fate, just pick up a magic ball and ask him for advice.

Before touching the ball, you need to shape the question so that you can answer “yes” or “no” to it. But do not trust the ball too much because only the faith of people makes it so powerful.

Sweet Presents for Ex-girlfriend or Wife

Not a single girl has remained indifferent at the sight of originally designed sweet presents. Sweeten your ex’s life by giving her one of the presents below.

Gift set of honey and nuts. A tasty and valuable present, at the sight of which the ex-girlfriend will forget all the grievances and omissions. These two products will cheer you up, boost immunity, and help you cope with depression, nervous tension, and stress.

Both honey and nuts can be used as a snack, which will help to quickly overcome the feeling of hunger, in addition, these products stimulate brain activity, so they will help out a girl doing mental work.

A set of themed cupcakes. These are small, festively decorated cupcakes. Some confectioners call them miniature portion cakes.

As a decoration, you can use not only cream, frosting or cream, it can be a waffle print, berries, fruits, etc. Any sweet tooth will certainly appreciate your efforts.

Marmalade packaging. Despite the fact that there are many negative rumors around this product, often because marmalade is 60% sugar, still eating it in moderation can be beneficial for the body.

For example, it is known that pectin, which is part of a delicacy, removes toxins from the body, gelatin has a positive effect on cartilage tissue, agar-agar improves liver function. The composition of marmalade also includes potassium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, calcium.

Gift set with kinder surprises. Probably, there is no such girl who is not moved at the sight of a package with kinder surprises, no matter how old she is.

This is a universal surprise for any occasion. The vanilla aroma and unique taste of chocolate help to strengthen the nervous system, raise mood, and enhance mental activity.

A Couple More Interesting Thoughts, What to Give an Ex-girlfriend

If, after examining all the options, you still have not found a suitable gift, do not be discouraged. You still have a chance to choose a good present. Just take some free time to consider some more interesting ideas.

Luminous pillow. This gift will decorate the interior, can act as a night light. The product is equipped with an LED device that blinks at a certain interval.

The pillow is soft and pleasant to the touch and can be placed under your head. It will create an atmosphere in the room conducive to relaxation and quick sleep.

Coloring book antistress. This is a set of pictures that are interesting for an adult to paint. The secret is that such an activity calms the area of ​​the brain (amygdala), which is responsible for the emotional state of a person.

By focusing on coloring, choosing bright, positive colors, the person gradually calms down, which gives the brain the opportunity to relax and unwind.

Happiness tree. A product made of natural stones is a lovely interior decoration. Such a tree also serves as a talisman for its owner.

Many people believe that it brings good luck, especially in professional activities. The tree of happiness gives self-confidence, protects from evil forces, gives a person good health and long life.

Set of scented candles.  A candlelit in the house creates a cozy atmosphere, and if you add a few drops of essential oil to it, it can work miracles.

For example, a scented candle, depending on the selected scent, gives calmness or energizes, relieves obsessive fear, worries, adjusts to a positive mood, etc. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to use several scents at the same time.

How to Understand What Is Better to Give Your Ex

There may be several reasons to give a present to an ex-girlfriend. Maybe you want to apologize for something, try to restore a relationship, or just have friendly feelings for your former passion. Regardless of the reason, there is only one solution to the issue – to buy a gift and congratulate. But, in order not to spoil the relationship even more, you need to know what nuances should be taken into account when choosing a presentation.

You can never go wrong with giving a girl flowers. You can complement your surprise with a box of her favorite sweets or a soft toy, but don’t rush to buy giant teddy bears. These are dust collectors and they are unlikely to please the girl. Practical things that come in handy in everyday life will also not be ignored. Pay attention to unusual but cute or even touching gifts.

Do not forget to accompany your gift with a pleasant congratulation. It is important to choose words that can touch the girl’s heart, as well as smooth corners, help to forget the grievances.

If you are invited to a holiday, then the gift can be presented in the traditional way. Otherwise, you can order delivery by courier or congratulate the girl in a neutral place.

If your present is connected with the end of a love relationship, then give the girl a thing that will help her to more easily get through the moment of separation. It can be an elegant figurine, a small soft toy, a neck pendant, etc.

Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That It Is Better Not to Give to the Girl Whom You Broke Up With

Not every girl will react positively to a gift given to her former lover. In order not to hurt her feelings, not to spoil the holiday, it is advisable to prepare in advance and find out which gifts should be avoided.

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Intimate things.  These include bedding and underwear. Since you are no longer together, these gifts will not be appropriate.

Trinkets, souvenirs, etc. These are banal gifts whipped up in the first store you come across. Such unnecessary things do not deserve a girl’s attention.

Sports-related presentations.  Subscription to a gym, dumbbells, home exercise machine, etc. These items are not suitable as gifts. Many women are unhappy with their figure, even if it is close to ideal. Therefore, your present can be regarded as a hint that the girl needs to lose weight.

Personal care products, shaving machines, scales, etc. Giving such gifts is a great way to offend a girl and say goodbye to her once and for all. These are ambiguous presentations, at the sight of which a girl will most likely think that she is not taking good care of her appearance.

Kitchenware.  By handing the pan, a set of pots, you seem to indicate to a woman that her place is in the kitchen and she is not capable of anything else.

Cheap jewelry.  Your gift will look silly, especially if the girl prefers to wear jewelry made of precious metals.

Clothing. If you stayed on good terms with your ex-girlfriend, then you can consider this option as well. However, do not rush to buy a beautiful dress for a girl, not being sure that you will not go wrong with the size. By donating an item of clothing one size smaller or larger, you will forever become enemy number one.

Pet. Not everyone is ready to take care of another creature, so such a present can only be given if you are sure that the girl will be delighted at the sight of a kitten or puppy.

Birthday Wishes for Ex-girlfriend or Wife

  • Despite the fact that our paths diverged on your birthday, I want to wish you all the best. I hope that soon you will meet a person whom you will sincerely love, I wish that he will reciprocate with you. Always be in a good mood, do not be discouraged over trifles. Let all your plans come true, every day become more beautiful and happier;
  • You are kind, sweet, wonderful, but not mine anymore. So fate decreed that we, unfortunately, or fortunately, are no longer together. I do not blame anyone for anything, I think that it should have happened. With all my heart, I wish you to be happy, not to know what sadness, sorrow, troubles are. May you succeed in everything you strive for, believe in yourself and remember that you deserve the best;
  • Please accept my sincere congratulations on your birthday. We may have parted, but I often remember the time when we were happy with a smile, warmth in my heart and light sadness in my soul. I wish you good health and happiness! Let go of all resentments and worries, enjoy every moment you live;
  • You and I have known each other for many years, met, parted, even hated each other and still managed to remain friends. Someone will say that this does not happen. But we know that there is still some kind of connection between us. Therefore, I congratulate you on holiday and wish you to finally find your happiness once and for all;
  • Happy birthday, so beautiful and wonderful, my ex-girlfriend. With all my heart, I wish you as many reasons for joy as possible so that a smile always shines on your face and your eyes shine with happiness. May an understanding, close, sympathetic, and most importantly loving young man appear next to you in the near future;
  • My ex-love, I congratulate you on holiday! I am pleased that in spite of everything, we remained on friendly terms with you. I wish you a beautiful life full of bright, unforgettable events. Become more beautiful, healthier, luckier and happier day by day;
  • What a pity that our paths with you parted, but nothing can be done, you can see this is fate. Happy birthday to you and I want you to know – I will always remember you. Do not regret the past, boldly look to the future. Always be in a good mood, stay the same beautiful, sweet, kind, caring and sympathetic;
  • Let’s forget on this holiday all the bad things that happened between us, we will leave in our memory only the most pleasant and warm memories. You are a girl worthy of admiration. I sincerely wish you happiness, sincere, ardent and passionate love. May all your dreams come true, and bitterness bypasses;
  • You are to me like the sun that has gone into the sunset. Once I could call you beloved and dear, but now you and I are just friends who do not forget to congratulate each other on the holidays. I wish your life to be full of interesting, happy events. Do not be afraid to make great plans, dream of true love, I am sure that you will succeed! Happy birthday, my dear;
  • Ignoring the fact that our dreams never came true, I still congratulate you with undisguised pleasure on your holiday. I wish you good health so that fate will not forget to pamper you with pleasant surprises. May your soul always be calm, and the house is warm and cozy;
  • Intelligent people, even if they are not destined to be together, still try to maintain a warm relationship. I will never forget your date of birth and will always find a couple of minutes to wish you health, happiness, success in business. May your youth last as long as possible so that men continue to lie down in front of you in stacks, and women bite their elbows with envy!

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