Best Birthday Gift for 9 Year Girl

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Choosing the Best Birthday Gift for 9 Year Girl? Our list of 60 ideas will help you with that. Gifts are divided into sections: inexpensive but interesting, for creativity and science, for role-playing and outdoor games, for a young fashionista, as well as impressions, delicious and handmade.

Inexpensive but Interesting Gifts

They can be afforded by friends of the birthday girl who will come to visit for her birthday. What parents usually allocate for a gift is quite a reasonable amount for buying an original presentation.

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  1. Piggybank candy box. It is exactly the same as on store shelves – around a transparent sphere filled with sweets. To get candy, you must first flip a coin to save.
  2. Magic cubes trick. The gift is sold in a wrapped box, so no one will know the secret of the trick, except for the birthday girl. But then she will be able to demonstrate the fantastic illusion of turning one cube into four.
  3. Surprise insert “Flying Butterfly”. A fantastic thing that will shock and delight a girl at the same time. It needs to be created in a unique way and put, for example, in a postcard. The birthday girl will open it, and the butterfly will fly out!
  4. Bouncing spring. It is a large plastic coil that is flexible and reshapeable. You can twirl it in your hands or run it down the stairs. This toy is not a novelty, it appeared in the days of the USSR, but it is still relevant and interesting.
  5. Flexible pencil “Graphite”. Another spiral, only from the “world of the office”. This is a twisted silicone pencil as long as 2.5 meters! It can be cut piece by piece, sharpened and used as normal.
  6. Chocolate notebook. No, it is completely inedible, but it looks very appetizing. And judging by its appearance, someone has already tried to devour the notebook! There’s a bite right on the edge of the notebook – it’s such a fantastic design.
  7. Selfie props “Emojis”. At the age of ten, the girl probably does not have a fancy phone yet, because the child just needs a “dialer” with a simple camera. But thanks to such props, you can take excellent photos.
  8. Glowing 3D stars. If such stars are attached to the walls and ceiling of the room, then in the dark, they will begin to shine! A lovely gift that creates a romantic fairytale atmosphere. And they are recharged from any light source.
  9. Headphones “Inedible pasta cookies”. In France, there is such a dessert “Macaron”, a round cake. So in this gift, it will act as a headphone case, although it is made of plastic and completely inedible.
  10. Table night light. Take such a cute bunny as a gift – it will become a decoration of the children’s room and will stand on the nightstand by the birthday girl’s bed. The bunny glows with a pleasant light.
  11. The original mouse pad. For example, this one – “The most delicious” with a funny cartoon design. It is made of textiles and rubber, but the most important thing in it is the drawing – a piece of cheese with mice in holes.
  12. Neogamus. Soft and elastic “Chewing gum for hands,” Slime and anti-stress. If neogamy mash, then it exudes a pleasant aroma. And some Lizuns even glow in the dark! Such a gift is made from a polymer that is safe for health.
  13. Origami icons set. If the birthday girl does not like to adorn herself with pampered girlish jewelry, then she will like these badges. They are made in an avant-garde style and resemble figures folded from paper.
  14. Children’s apron. If the birthday girl with great pleasure helps her mother to cook, then she cannot do without a beautiful apron. Pay attention to such a gift for a little princess – in pink and with bows. Very gorgeous!
  15. Stickers for gadgets. Let the girl decorate her tablet or phone by herself according to the conceived design. There are many themed sticker sets with fairy tales and cartoon characters.

Gifts for Creativity and Science

Such presents are suitable for a young, clever girl and a needlewoman. If a girl is drawn to study and spends her leisure time in creativity, then she should be encouraged with one of the next ten gifts.

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  1. Musical instrument. If the birthday girl is already attending a music school (or wants to enroll there), then she also needs a home instrument. Perhaps the best gift can be a synthesizer with various functions.
  2. A set for needlework. You need something girlish, for example – embroidery (with a cross, sequins or beads), topiary (creating an artificial tree), sewing from felt or weaving beaded bracelets using a typewriter.
  3. Children’s sewing machine. This is an absolute machine that perfectly seams. It is equipped with a needle guard, so the girl’s hands will be safe. Now you can sew clothes for your dolls.
  4. Chalkboard sticker. You can attach it to any vertical surface and draw on it with crayons. If the birthday girl and her friends start a game of school, then such a gift will be beneficial.
  5. A set of accessories for the artist. This is a case with a large set of markers, crayons, paints, markers and pencils, as well as the necessary stationery – a sharpener, scissors and an eraser.
  6. Figures for coloring and decoupage. These can be sets of wooden blanks or figurines of animals, people, or houses. They can be painted with acrylic paints to your liking.
  7. A set of plasticine or mass for modeling. Modern materials for sculpting are elastic, have a bright saturated color and, most importantly, do not stick to your hands and do not stain things. It is very important that the finished figurines do not require firing.
  8. Ice Cream Factory set. The delicacy will not be real but made of plasticine – just for a puppet tea party. You can cook different ones – from a chocolate popsicle to a banana split. The set also includes ice cream bowls.
  9. Young Perfumer set. Includes many different oils, test tubes, pipettes and test strips. Now the girl can make up her perfume collection. Such activity develops aesthetic taste and creative imagination.
  10. A set for physical and chemical experiments. If the birthday girl has a penchant for the exact sciences, then take her something from the series “Experimentarium”, “Alchemist,” or “Young Physicist”. These sets are both fun and educational.

Gifts for Role-playing and Outdoor Games

Choose a gift considering the character and temperament of the girl, for a fidget, some sporty one, and for a quiet one – calm home games.

  1. Bicycle, scooter or rollers. This is what you can brag to your friends from the yard! Anyway, these are the necessary gifts for serious sports. You can purchase a helmet with arm ruffles for them.
  2. Prefabricated pool on a frame. You can’t splash on a small inflatable as it was in early childhood – you need a pool about 2m in diameter and at least half a meter in depth. It fits perfectly in a suburban area.
  3. Inflatable swimming accessories. If the girl does not know how to swim at all, then she needs some kind of accessories: a circle, a vest, arm ruffles or a raft. But for an experienced “mermaid,” you need a hat, glasses or fins.
  4. Trampoline. What is important to clarify before buying? First of all, the strength of its frame, springs and canvas. High mesh walls will also not be superfluous. The trampoline can be placed in the summer cottage for the entire warm season.
  5. Gymnastic ball. This is the one with “ears” (or with “horns”). It is made of durable PVC, so it can easily support the weight of a child. Exercises on it develop dexterity, coordination of movements and a sense of balance.
  6. Fashion doll. Surprisingly, even dolls are changing fashion! The Barbies of the 90s have long been forgotten, and now “LOL” is almost irrelevant. Before buying, check what toys are in trend right now to please the birthday girl.
  7. Roombox. This is a dollhouse or a separate toy room that you can assemble yourself according to your design. And they can also be furnished with furniture, decorated with decor and even put a light on them.
  8. Set for the game in the store. You can assemble it yourself by purchasing everything separately. The set includes a cash register, counters, a trolley or basket, and a whole range of toy products.
  9. Set for the game in the beauty salon. A small set consists of simple devices: a hairbrush, scissors, a curling iron, and a mirror. But if the set includes a prefabricated dressing table.
  10. Board games. Logical and creative, for speed and ingenuity, for one or the whole company. If the girl is assiduous and is not interested in active games and sports entertainment, then such a gift is quite suitable.

Gifts for a Young Fashionista

From an early age, girls love to spin in front of the mirror, and the older they get, the more they are demanding of the things that are now in trend. These are the ones that will be discussed in the next ten ideas.

  1. Children’s cosmetics. Sets are on sale on several floors, where there is blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss, brushes and even nail polish, and inside there is a mirror on the lid! It is very important to take soft, pastel colors for the child.
  2. Children’s perfume. What perfume can I take for a girl? Best of all – Eau de Toilette from the Malizia Bon Bons line. They have a delicate fruity, berry or floral aroma, even two drops per ear are enough.
  3. Glowing accessories. Shining hair in a hairstyle, beads, bracelet and other jewelry. If a children’s party is being prepared at home on the occasion of a decade, then, undoubtedly, the birthday girl will be the brightest at it.
  4. Hair ornaments. What to give depends on the girl’s hairstyle. For a short haircut, you can buy a tiara, for a bob – headbands and elastic bands, and for long hair, you need hairpins, invisible hairpins, bows and hairpins.
  5. Handbag. Well, what fashionista can walk without a beautiful bag? For an elegant dress, you can buy a small clutch. And for everyday wear, you need a more capacious one so that you can put “ladies’” things and toys into it.
  6. Cosmetic bag. There are two interesting options – this is “Striped Cat” with a fluffy tail or “Dog-meme” with the image of the famous Internet dog. Convenient zippered cosmetic bag made of 100% polyester.
  7. Children’s jewelry. What can you donate? Beads, a chain with a pendant, earrings (and if the ears are not pierced, then clips), a bracelet or a ring. All these decorations should be very bright and catchy, girls love this.
  8. Fashionable clothes and footwear. For a girl who loves new things, this will be the most desirable gift. Of course, she will immediately put on a fashionable thing and go to show it off to her friends. Only the donor needs to know what is in trend now.
  9. Umbrella. No “classics”, it should be somehow unusual. For example, transparent or with a bright pattern. The umbrella should be light, and the optimal radius of the dome is 46 cm.
  10. Headdress. You need to choose carefully because young women sometimes refuse to wear any caps and hats at all. Here, again, fashion must be taken into account – more precisely, what all girls are wearing now.

Impression Gifts

Who wouldn’t want to have fun on their birthday? For the birthday girl, one of these gifts will become the highlight of the holiday. Here are five of the best things to do for girls.

  1. Certificate for children’s hairstyle or manicure. A perfect gift for a young lady who in the salon will feel like an adult fashionista. The master will not only bring beauty to the girl but also explain how to take care of her hands and hair.
  2. Excursion to the profession. If the birthday girl has almost decided on her future profession but still doubts, then this is a good option for a gift. Let her go backstage at a theater or go to an ice cream factory, for example.
  3. Aerial gymnastics for children. This is a whole lesson dedicated to circus art, but it will be very fun and safe. The girl jumps on a trampoline, sways on a trapeze and an aerial end with a belay.
  4. Amusement park certificate. The park is generally a favorite entertainment for children, and with such a certificate, you can ride anything that is suitable for category 10+. An excellent mood for the birthday girl is guaranteed for the whole day!
  5. Karting. Well, if the girl is a desperate fidget and loves extreme sports, then children’s karting will suit her. The low-slung racing car will slide along the winding track, with the birthday girl herself driving.

Delicious Gifts

These five ideas with edible presents. If the girl is sweet, then they will be just right, and the gifts are not quite simple, but with their own original “zest”.

  1. Fruit tea Pina colada “For a good mood”. Even a pink teabag is just for a girl! The tea is very aromatic, with the taste of assorted fruits. He will be on-topic when the cake is served to the festive table.
  2. Shokopazl. As a basis for the picture, you can take a photo of the birthday girl. The picture will be divided into 28 parts according to the number of wrappers, and the girl will need to assemble a complete picture. And then eat the chocolates.
  3. “Delicious Help”. This is a whole series of different sweets – gummies and marshmallows, packed in transparent jars with excellent labels. For a girl, you can take this option – “For a cute and kawaii”, she will understand the name.
  4. Handmade cookies. A set with an unusual design – sights of cities are depicted instead of drawings. The cookies themselves are delicious, you can feast on them and at the same time learn something new for yourself.
  5. Cream honey. Buy a Poparto For Her jar as a gift. This honey is very healthy and strawberry-flavored. And the packaging contains pop-art comics! Very interesting design!

DIY Gifts

And one more section of gift ideas for a girl for 9 years. You can make such presents yourself, guided by the master classes under the descriptions.

  1. A box with surprises. Such a gift can easily be made by the girlfriend of the birthday girl, the main thing is to approach work with full responsibility. The box has many layers with unexpected surprises and hearts, and the main gift can be hidden inside.
  2. Homemade files for collecting. If a girl collects inserts from chewing gum or coins, then she can be presented with such an album. It is made from a folder and transparent files, everything is very simple!
  3. Cheerleading pompons. Girls love to dance in front of the mirror, pretending to be a cheerleader from a sports team cheerleading group. For such dances, a hand pompom made of 30 pink cellophane bags is useful.
  4. School organizer with tablet holder. A very cool master class with the participation of a chatty cat! In this video tutorial, you will learn how you can make a stationery box out of a juice box, napkins, colored paper and sleeves.
  5. The unicorn hoop is a decoration for a girl. This is not a simple hair accessory but rather an accessory for a carnival costume. In the very center of the hoop, there is a shiny horn with ears framed with flowers, and it is very easy to make it.


I would like to add this to the list of ideas – the girl is still a young lady who also loves flowers. Present her with a small bunch of wild or garden flowers. Daffodils, cornflowers, pansies, asters, or tulips will do.

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