Best Creativity Birthday Gift for 8 Year Girl

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Are you looking birthday gift for 8 year girl? We have 55 great ideas for this birthday. The list of gifts is divided into sections: for creativity and needlework, for outdoor games and physical development, toys for role-playing games, for a young fashionista, for a children’s room, impressions, as well as handmade ones.

Gifts for Creativity and Needlework

Already at such a young age, a girl may well be engaged in adult needlework. And if she is drawn to art, then maybe a gift for creativity will help her decide on her future profession ?!

  1. Embroidery kit. For a girl, embroidery with ribbons, beads, a cross, sequins or a new-fashioned diamond embroidery is suitable. These are the only kits you need to buy at the children’s store – there are kits for beginners there.
  2. Drawing or sculpting with sand. Kinesthetic or colored sand sets are sold in stores. Kinesthetic is more suitable for sculpting figures, and from color, you can create bright masterpiece paintings.
  3. Painting with light. Such pictures are drawn in absolute darkness with a special stick stylus, and the “strokes” depend on the pressure. And if you don’t like the image, you can immediately create another one.
  4. Painting by numbers. At first glance, it seems that a child cannot draw a picture according to a model, but an assiduous and patient girl will easily succeed. In a set of paints, brushes and canvas on a stretcher with numbered zones.
  5. Lightweight or plush plasticine. Lightweight plasticine is almost weightless. And thanks to its viscousness, you can sculpt ornate figures from it. And the plush is similar to the material of the same name – the same soft and fluffy.
  6. Engraving notebook. This is such a great spring painting sketchbook. You can draw or sketch on notebook sheets with graphite pencils, sepia and pastels.
  7. A set for making hand gum – slime or neogam. Slimes are now very popular with children, and the birthday girl can make her own hand gum using the ingredients and instructions in the kit.
  8. Topiary set. The set includes everything for “growing” an artificial tree – polystyrene, foam rubber, toothpicks, wire, beads, beads, fabric, carnation pins, plaster of Paris and a glass.
  9. A set for weaving jewelry and accessories. From beads or elastic bands for weaving baubles, bracelets and beads. The set should include fittings, the necessary materials and, if necessary, a special device.
  10. Musical instrument. If a girl attends a music school, then it is simply necessary for her to buy the instrument that she is mastering. Well, for a self-taught person, you can purchase a small synthesizer for 3.5 octaves.

Gifts for Outdoor Games and Physical Development

And these gifts are suitable for a sporty and active girl who cannot be put on a hoop. You can frolic with them on the street, and some will come in handy for practicing at home.

  1. Bicycle, scooter or rollers. If it is warm and dry outside the window, the girl will run to test the gift immediately after it is presented. The main thing is that the present exactly matches the age of the child.
  2. Jump rope with a counter. This rope can always be adjusted to the height of the child. But the most important thing is that there is a scoreboard with a counter on its handle, it shows the number of jumps made.
  3. Hoop. For an 8-year-old girl, you don’t need any extraordinary – with massage balls or weighted ones. Buy a simple aluminum with a diameter of 90 cm or a plastic one with collapsible parts.
  4. Gymnastic ball. This is such a resilient jumper with ears or horns to hold onto. Take a colorful, not boring monochromatic as a gift – let it have an image of a funny face or a fairy-tale character.
  5. Children’s croquet. Does the birthday girl know the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”? If yes, then I am familiar with this game. In general, it is very similar to golf, only the inventory is slightly different – a bat instead of a club, a gate instead of a hole, and a ball.
  6. Bowling set or small towns. Very active games, you can arrange agility and eye competitions with friends in the courtyard. In principle, in both, the goal is the same – to shoot down the lined figures.
  7. Swing or bungee. For a calmer girl, it is better to take a swing on the ropes. And for a fidget who loves extreme sports – bungee jumping. These attachments can be hung from a tree branch and swayed.
  8. Trampoline. Buying it should be taken seriously because the most important thing is the safety of the child. The frame and the trampoline should be made of very durable materials, and for full protection – high mesh walls.
  9. Pool. Giant inflatable or frame. The first one is easier – you can take it anywhere to quickly organize a place for swimming. But the second option is more reliable, and it can be installed in the country for the whole summer.
  10. Inflatable circle. The right tool for safe bathing. Here, notice the “Mermaid” circle. It is made in the shape of a vinyl mermaid tail, and the improved technology will prevent the print from fading.

Toys and Gifts for Role-playing Games

The girl probably has many girlfriends with whom it is fun to play together, coming up with her own scenarios or events on the go. But even as one, she also needs toys for entertainment.

  1. Shadow play. Such a gift develops the girl’s creativity. She can do productions for her girlfriends at her discretion. In a set of fairy tale characters, stage and decoration on magnets.
  2. Game set “Beauty salon”. It has everything you need for a hairdresser – perfume, hairdryer, combs, and various accessories for the outfit. And some sets even have dressing tables with a mirror.
  3. Mannequin doll for creating hairstyles and makeup. And here is the “client” of the beauty salon, more precisely – just her bust. The doll has long hair that can be combed and large features for applying makeup.
  4. Seller’s toy cash register. It is like a real one – with slots for money and a characteristic sound when working. You can play with her in the store, and, of course, the birthday girl will be the cashier. And there are also sets with toy products.
  5. Doctor’s set. We need a special ambulance case. The set includes what a doctor needs: a stethoscope, a thermometer, an otoscope, a syringe, forceps, a magnifying glass, and a frontal reflector. A white robe for the kit is also desirable.
  6. Fashion doll with accessories. Even dolls are changing fashion. For example, Enchantimals dolls with unusual appearances are now in trend: Prina Penguin, Bree Krol, and Lorna Barashka. Or maybe the birthday girl has her own preferences?
  7. Doll family. Produced by Melissa & Doug. There are 7 dolls in the set at once – adults and children, there is even a grandmother and grandfather – in general, a whole family of Dolls. And they are dressed in a simple way – at home, but this is the “highlight”.
  8. Dollhouse. There are dolls, it remains to solve the problem with their housing. You can buy a large house with several floors or a separate room in which you can arrange everything as you wish.
  9. Toy kitchen and dishes. The queen of the kitchen is the stove. Well, all sorts of pots, pans, spoons and ladles are attached to it – everything you need to cook dinners for dolls.
  10. Interactive bobblehead. Such a baby can become a beloved child for a birthday girl, and she can become a mother to him. He behaves like a real little man – crying, laughing, asking for a pot, eating and much more.

Gifts for a Young Fashionista

Girls love to show off and show off, and they already know what is trending with their peers. Therefore, gifts from the next ten ideas will be accepted with enthusiasm.

  1. Hair ornaments. They will be especially useful for a birthday girl with long hair – all sorts of rubber bands with ruffles, clips, crocodiles, hairpins or a sophist-twist. But for a girl with short hair, a headband or bow is suitable.
  2. Children’s jewelry. What goes with the birthday girl’s outfits? Beads, bracelets, earrings, clips or a ring. Thanks to such gifts, the girl will learn how to create her own individual style and choose the right jewelry for it.
  3. Luminous accessories, clothing or shoes. Accessories are inexpensive – they can be glowing hair, glasses, and bracelets. But clothes or shoes are more expensive, such as these Elsa’s shoes from Frozen Heart.
  4. Children’s decorative cosmetics. It is almost the same as in adults, only it does not contain harmful chemicals. And the colors in the shadows, varnish and lip gloss, are not so bright – rather, slightly noticeable, pastel tones. It is best to buy a complete set.
  5. Children’s perfume. What kind of eau de toilette or perfume can you choose as a gift for a girl for 8 years? For young ladies, there is a special line of perfume, “Malizia Bon Bons”. Sweet and fruity aromas are what the birthday girl will love.
  6. Handbag or backpack. For a sporty style, a soft backpack is suitable – just not a school one, but a cool one, for example, in the form of an animal. And for the feminine, you need a small handbag with a strap, such as “Eve’s Apple”.
  7. Clothes with double-sided sequins. Such clothes are in vogue now. Moreover, shiny sequins can be turned in any direction, and the outfit will look completely different. Most often, these are separate elements (appliques) of clothing.
  8. Denim things. They will never go out of style, and denim itself is very practical. And you can buy anything – trousers, overalls, sundress, jacket, vest or skirt – everything will be in the subject.
  9. Home kigurumi pajamas. She’s so funny and warm at the same time. A child in such pajamas looks cool – as if in a carnival costume of an animal, where the head is a hood. By the way, there are also Kigurumi slippers and gloves.
  10. Elsa’s dress. There are many beautiful dresses, but this is beyond praise! The glitter outfit has a cool blue color. He has a train and accessories – a white braid, a diadem, gloves and a necklace. The birthday girl will be the most elegant.

Gifts for the Nursery

Beauty should surround the fair sex! Therefore, when choosing a gift for a girl, focus on something beautiful, like a little princess.

  1. Decorative cushion. It can be a nice-to-touch anti-stress pillow in the form of some kind of animal. Here, for example, is a face of a tiger cub with kind eyes.
  2. Night Light Projector. If you turn it on in the dark, then the moon with colorful stars will shine on the walls and ceiling, or a rainbow will appear. And the projector itself can be of an unusual shape, for example – in the form of a turtle.
  3. Canopy for the bed. But such a gift is certainly for a little princess, even if she already has a large teenage bed. Choose the material (tulle, organza) in accordance with the color scheme in the room.
  4. Photo wallpaper. They should also be fabulous – with the birthday girl’s favorite characters. But there are good options with beautiful landscapes – they visually expand the room, and nature has a beneficial effect on the child’s psyche.
  5. Photo curtains. And one more decoration for the room is photo curtains, but they also need to be matched to the overall interior. For example – the plot of your favorite cartoon. For a little princess, something like “White unicorns in the background of the castle” will do.

Impression Gifts

These include entertainment that the birthday girl probably dreams of. Surprise her by giving her a certificate for an event from the list.

  1. PHOTO SESSION. Most girls dream of a career as a fashion model because it is so interesting to pose for the camera in beautiful outfits. And high-quality pictures will come in handy for a photo album in memory of a birthday.
  2. Riding karting. A gift for an active girl who loves extreme sports. Go-karting is a high-speed ride along a winding track in small racing cars in a full racer outfits.
  3. Acting lesson. But if a girl dreams of becoming an actress, then she needs to try herself in this genre. She will be taught performing arts – how to behave on stage and not be afraid of the audience.
  4. Aquapark. This is where you can celebrate your birthday in a great way. There are water slides with pipes, a waterfall with a jacuzzi, and rough rivers with whirlpools – in general, it is a lot of fun. And there is also a cafe where you can eat.
  5. Attraction certificate. The amusement park is adored by all children. And when you also have a certificate worth 1000 rubles or more, you can use any attractions with a category of 8+. There is where to roam!

DIY Gifts

The top five final ideas are about crafts and cooking. Some can be done by children, and some products can only be made by adults. A master class is attached to each description that will help you deal with the nuances.

  1. Japanese fan. This is what will save you from the summer heat, and it will also serve as an accessory for a girl’s outfit. And to make such a fan is quite simple, only light wooden slats, wire, jewelry and paper with drawings are needed from materials.
  2. Number letters to decorate the room. Such a gift can be prepared by the parents or the older brother (sister) of the birthday girl. It will be easier for the household to prepare a surprise in the girl’s room – to decorate her with the name and the number “8”.
  3. Bracelet made of ribbon and beads. To make it, you need threads with a needle, glass and mother-of-pearl beads and a satin ribbon. By the way, according to the same principle, you can also make a necklace, and then you will get a whole gift set.
  4. Sweet gift “Kindersheart”. This is a cake-shaped gift basket. The sides are made of small Kinder chocolate bars, and the filling is a soft toy and M&M’s candies. A great gift from loved ones.
  5. Elsa cream cake for a girl. And one more gift in the style of a cartoon fairy tale, “Frozen”. Thanks to the master class, you will learn how to properly decorate a cake with cream and draw a portrait of Elsa with chocolate on it.


These are our ideas, and as you can see – there is plenty to choose from. The birthday girl will be pleased if you compliment the gift with a small bunch of delicate flowers – she is a little lady!

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