Best Birthday Gift for 7 Year Girl

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Best Birthday Gift for 7 Year Girl: Many parents are worried about the question: “What can you give a girl when she turns 7 years old?” When choosing a gift, her family and friends should take into account that she is no longer a small child but a schoolgirl. Girls of this age not only play with dolls but also show interest in sewing, knitting and reading.

Birthday Gift for 7 Year Girl

The birthday girl seeks to grow up faster, and she will be delighted with the presents confirming her belonging to the life of adults. If the girl is physically developed, she can be presented with sports kits or a small electric car.

The Best Birthday Gift for 7 Year Girl

At this age, the girl feels happy when she is presented with dolls, funny toys or board games.

  • Dolls, and not only Barbies but also other popular models.
  • Clothes, shoes and accessories for dolls, including jewelry, handbags, and combs.
  • Dollhouse with furnishings and household appliances.
  • Constructors. In particular, Lego attracts girls with the opportunity to create a castle with a princess, a carriage with Cinderella and other fairy-tale characters.
  • A large size soft toy that all girls dream of.
  • A set of multi-colored polymer clay for sculpting, which includes a set of tools for creating mini sculptures.
  • Puzzles for girls inclined to concentrated, thoughtful leisure.
  • A good gift idea for a daughter would be a personal diary, the secrets of which are guarded by a real castle. The set includes a pen with secret ink and a special flashlight for their development, a pencil, paper clips and stickers to make the diary unique.
  • Sets for needlework. Such sets develop the child’s creative imagination and contribute to the mastery of the skills he needs in adult life. In addition, fine motor skills contribute to the development of intelligence and memory and also help the learning process at school.

Kits for Children’s Creativity

  • Engraving kit.
  • Pictures with numbers for easy drawing. You should start with a simple option.
  • Embroidery kit using various techniques. These skills have traditionally been considered a necessary component in the upbringing of girls.
  • Knitting kit that includes crochet hooks, knitting guide and yarn. The guide contains many photos to help budding needlewomen. Knitting doll dresses, dish coasters and other items can eventually become a serious hobby for a girl.
  • A set with a pattern for making a soft toy with all the necessary materials, including colored fiber for stuffing products.
  • Weaving kit with various decorative elements and instructions.
  • A set of plasticine or clay for modeling, from which you can mold a variety of figures, decorations, imitation of cakes and other food for dolls.
  • A set for creating original cakes and cupcakes for girls with a taste for cooking. The items in the set, it is enough to buy the missing products and the guests will be amazed at the sophistication of the delicacies.

Gifts That Remind the Girl of the Life of Adults

Every girl strives for adulthood and dreams of gifts that are given to women. However, when presenting a girl with adult gifts, one should not forget that the birthday girl is still a child.

Varieties of “Adult” Gifts

  • The first on the list of gifts can be a cosmetic bag. You will have to choose from many options, including models with images of fairies, wizards and princesses.
  • Children’s cosmetics. This includes eau de toilette for children, a set of nail polishes, a manicure set, sequins and stickers for hair and nails, and more.
  • A gift in the form of jewelry is not a new idea. At this age, the time for real jewelry has not yet come, but high-quality jewelry will bring great joy to the girl. Many parents know from their childhood how popular bracelets with metal pendants are among children.
  • Hair ornaments not only distinguish the girl from the group of her peers but also create a unique image for her among children. The large assortment offers set with a variety of hairpins, artificial flowers, curlers and combs.
  • Electronic devices. Presentations in the form of a simple smartphone and tablet, on which you can watch cartoons, play computer games and read, will not only entertain the child but also benefit him.
  • Children’s wristwatches with images of favorite characters will help the girl to appreciate the time.
  • A children’s handbag, correctly matched to the outfit, will help her to understand the basics of impeccable style and fashion from childhood.

Fitness Gifts

A Girl With Athletic Inclinations Will Suit

  • Bicycle with the necessary safety accessories (helmet, knee pads, etc.).
  • Roller skates with images of your favorite cartoon characters.
  • Skates recently can be used not only in winter but also in other seasons, thanks to the presence of indoor skating rinks.
  • The scooter is the most popular entertainment and means of transportation among children. A small walking backpack for riding will complement the gift.
  • Sneakers with wheels are also popular among children. To master this mode of movement, specific skills are required.
  • Subscription to the pool and children’s swimsuit. The latter will also come in handy on the seashore.
  • The ball gown will make the birthday girl look like a fabulous Cinderella. A subscription to a dance class will help the girl to fulfill her cherished dream – to learn how to dance.

Gifts – Surprises

A gift that can cause surprise pleases both the giver and the donee.

Exclusive Presents That Can Capture the Imagination

  • A tablet for creating paintings with water.
  • A luminaire with a rainbow projected onto the ceiling, a starry sky or other images.
  • Aquafarm. It includes a small aquarium with indoor flowers on the roof.
  • The bouquet, consisting of toys, kinder surprises and sweets, is triple pleasant because, in addition to the bouquet, the child receives toys and sweets.
  • Birthday cake with chocolate decorations.
  • A T-shirt with an original inscription that will surprise the girlfriends of the birthday girl.


It should not be forgotten that in addition to the gift itself, the process, setting and ritual of giving are important. The gift must be beautifully wrapped and brightly decorated, not sparing the decor. If all these rules are observed, the value of the gift in the eyes of the child will increase many times over and will be remembered for a long time.

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