Best Birthday Gift for 60 Year Old Man

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Choosing the best birthday gift for 60 year old man requires a unique approach because an inappropriate thing can become a reminder of his age for him. Presentations from loved ones and from unfamiliar people are different. Therefore, when choosing, you should take into account not only the hobbies of the birthday person but also your degree of intimacy (kinship).

Birthday Gift for 60 Year Old Man

The Birthday Gift for 60 Year Old Man

This age period is important for every man. He has already reached a respectable age when he wants peace and quiet. But at the same time, he is still far from old. That is why you should take a responsible approach to buying a gift. It is not recommended to give presents hinting at his age.

Most men have already formed life preferences and interests by this period of life. That is why you should be careful when deciding to give a birthday boy a non-standard present, especially for a man with whom you are a little familiar.

Choosing a gift is easier if you know the birthday boy’s hobby:

  • For a gourmet – a wine set, which, in addition to an elite alcoholic drink, can also include a corkscrew of an original shape, glasses, a thermometer and a bottle holder.
  • For the lover of delicious beer, there is a home brewery. You can brew live beer with it, which is not inferior in taste and quality to the purchased one.
  • For the hiker and hiker – a functional flashlight, a thermos, a folding knife with a sheath that attaches to the waist of your trousers.
  • For a fisherman – folding furniture (chair, tent), a spacious backpack, tent, spinning rod.
  • For a man who goes in for sports – a microfiber towel with high moisture-absorbing properties.
  • Brazier or barbecue set – if the birthday person loves outdoor activities.
  • For those who like to pick mushrooms and berries – a raincoat, a convenient basket or a box.
  • For the car owner – a folding table mounted on the steering wheel. Such a gift will come in handy for a person who often makes long trips. Also, the owner of the car can be presented with a navigator, seat covers, floor mats or an organizer for the trunk.
  • A seedling of a rare tree or shrub – for a person who is engaged in gardening.

Any useful thing related to the hobbies of the hero of the occasion will be a good birthday present. Such a present first of all shows your interest and respect.

Classic Gifts

Classics are considered the most appropriate gift option for any occasion. Going to the DR to an unfamiliar man, feel free to give preference to classic surprises. Most often, the heroes of the occasion of this age category are given:

  • Cufflinks are a stylish accessory that matches the business style of clothing. They can be made of gold, silver, platinum and other metals.
  • A tie or bow tie – this accessory is recommended to be presented to a man who prefers a strict style of clothing or works in an office. It is best to choose a classic shape and a neutral color for the product.
  • This brand pen in a stylish case is a practical and presentable gift suitable for a man of such a respectable age.
  • Leather goods – belt, wallet, purse, purse, gloves, a folder for papers, briefcase, etc. Since the gift is intended for the DR, the products must be of high quality and made of real leather.
  • The Swiss knife is a world-famous product. Most men dream of such a gift. When choosing a knife as a gift, you should buy only an original high-quality product.
  • An original razor with a rare wood handle – such a present is original and at the same time useful.

Classic products are perfect as a gift for birthday people of any age. They are always relevant and practical. They can be presented to both close people and colleagues or unfamiliar people.

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Gifts for Health

Giving medical devices to a person of mature age is considered bad form in DR. But at the same time, there are many options for useful things for health that will be appropriate as a gift:

  • Air ionizer, with the help of which a healthy microclimate is maintained in the room. Such a device has a positive effect on the well-being of people. Some models also provide air fragrance.
  • Multifunctional massage chair – will help you relax after a hard day and improve your overall well-being. The best are the models of chairs with a footrest.
  • An orthopedic mattress or pillow will provide a comfortable and sound sleep. As we age, the importance of sleep for human health and well-being increases more and more. When choosing products as a gift, you should pay special attention to their quality, since low-quality products can negatively affect the night’s rest of the birthday person.
  • A salt lamp is a device that simultaneously performs the task of a night light and a healing device. They come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Reflex slippers – for acupuncture foot massage. Walking in such slippers is not only pleasant but also useful.
  • The foot massage mat imitating seashells and stones is a useful attribute that can improve your well-being in a short time and relieve tension in your legs.
  • Vibration cushion that can be used for both a simple chair and a car seat. Its action is directed to the cervical and shoulder areas. Such a cape will be useful for avid motorists, office workers and other categories of people who have to spend a lot of time in a sitting position.
  • A portable foot hammock is a device that promotes rest and relaxation after a hard day. The portable model can be used not only at home but also outdoors. And the folding mechanism and compact size allow you to transport the hammock in the trunk of a car.
  • A voucher to a sanatorium or a rest house. Such a gift will allow the birthday boy to have a good rest and improve his health.

Gifts for health and wellness can be of different price categories. If you want to make an expensive present for the hero of the occasion, then it can be a joint gift from all family members or work colleagues.

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Gifts for Home

Most people begin to appreciate the comfort of home more and more with age, even men. A birthday present can be not only pleasant but also necessary. For a man 60 years old, you can choose the following options:

  • Bio fireplace – will decorate the home and give it comfort. If the hero of the occasion has his own house, then you can present him as a gift a certificate for laying a real fireplace. But you should choose only well-known companies with extensive experience and positive feedback from customers.
  • TV is a necessary thing in every home. The smart model is considered the best option. It is more functional than a simple TV.
  • Satellite TV set. Such a gift will allow the birthday boy to enjoy watching his favorite programs and films.
  • A set of household accessories – a robe with personalized embroidery and cozy slippers. The dressing gown can be terry or silk.
  • Mini-bar of the original form. It is recommended to choose such a gift only if you are sure that the man drinks alcohol. The mini-bar can be made in the form of a globe, a vintage car or a boat.
  • Watch box. It can be designed for one or several items. Most often, these boxes are made of wood and then upholstered with leather or velvet.
  • A blanket with sleeves is an interesting attribute for pleasant home evenings.
  • Chess is made of valuable material – rare wood, crystal or porcelain. Such a gift will appeal to a connoisseur of calm, measured leisure and solving logical problems. Personalized engraving will add personality to chess.
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Gifts for the home are most suitable for a man who spends most of his free time at home. The necessary present is able to give comfort and style to your home.

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Practical Gifts

Many men are very practical by nature. If the hero of the occasion has a similar quality of character and primarily appreciates utility in things, then for his birthday, please him with a present that will be useful in everyday life and everyday life:

  • A set of tools in a case is a necessary thing that will always come in handy in the household. Such kits can consist of a different number of instruments.
  • A computer chair with an anatomically shaped seat is a gift for a person who spends a lot of time at a desk.
  • Household appliances are an indispensable item for any home. A 60-year-old man can be presented with a multifunctional multicooker, which will become an indispensable assistant in the preparation of tasty and healthy meals or a robot vacuum cleaner for quick house cleaning.
  • Universal remote control with which you can control many electrical appliances. It is convenient in that one such remote control can replace several simple devices.
  • A compact weather station is a device that allows you to find out the weather conditions, atmospheric pressure, level of pollution and radiation. Such a gift is especially useful for meteorological people.
  • A modern computer mouse or keyboard is a gadget that will make working at a computer more convenient and enjoyable.
  • A set of original glasses or glasses on which toasts are already written.

Any present should be given with good intentions and wishes. The birthday boy will appreciate the emotions invested in the gift.

Delicious Gifts

Edible surprises are considered the most desirable gifts among gourmets. A birthday man 60 years old can be pampered with the following goodies:

  • Elite alcohol – cognac, whiskey, martini or wine. The choice of the drink depends on the preferences of the hero of the occasion. The alcohol must be of high quality.
  • A cake made to order especially for the birthday boy. Since the gift is intended for a man, then choose a treat in a stricter design. You can make a congratulatory inscription on the surface of the cake.
  • A basket of exotic fruits from around the world. All fruits must be fresh and ripe.
  • An edible bouquet, which may contain different types of cheese, deli meats, nuts or sweets.
  • Honey with gold is an unusual and elite gift, which is also good for the body. Pieces of real gold are visible even to the naked eye.
  • A keg of real Czech or German beer. The beverage must be of the highest grade and the barrel must be made from natural wood.
  • A set of elite varieties of coffee or tea is a gift for true lovers of these drinks. In addition to raw materials, the set can also include a turka or a teapot.

Edible gifts are ideal if you are familiar with the birthday boy’s preferences and tastes. All products must be fresh, high quality and natural.

Inexpensive Gifts for 60 Year Old Man

Choosing a gift for a good friend or relative is much easier than finding a present for a man you don’t know. If you do not know the birthday person well, then it is not recommended to give expensive things. In such cases, inexpensive but interesting presents will do.

  • Notebook or diary with engraving on the cover (initials of the birthday person or congratulations).
  • Cover for documents. For example, for a passport or driver’s license. In modern photo salons, you can buy personalized covers.
  • Stylish glasses case – an accessory in which you can store any glasses (for vision correction or sunglasses).
  • Cooling stones for the drink. They can be used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Boardgame for which a man can spend interesting evenings with family or friends.
  • A musical disc with compositions that the birthday boy loves.
  • Subscription to a popular magazine for men.
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The cost of a product is not the main thing when choosing a birthday present. There are tons of inexpensive surprises for strangers or those on a tight budget.

What to Give a Man Who Has Everything?

The most difficult thing is to find a gift for a successful man who already has everything. Of course, a simple symbolic present can be presented. But this can offend the birthday boy if it is about a loved one.

But what to give a man if he already has all the necessary things and modern novelties? In this case, you can surprise the hero of the occasion with a non-standard surprise that will leave a lot of emotions and memories:

  • Playing paintball with friends is an active and interesting leisure time in good company.
  • A subscription to the shooting range, in which a man can test his accuracy or learn to shoot.
  • A parachute jump is a presentation option for a brave and active man.
  • A gym membership is for a man who supports his figure and goes in for sports. It can be calculated for a different period of time – from a month to a year.
  • A certificate for a massage parlor is a pleasant and useful gift for any person.
  • Renting a vineyard is a very unusual and prestigious surprise. The birthday man is given a winery certificate confirming his right to his own plot. He will also be able to attend private parties with other tenants or owners and will regularly receive several bottles of wine.
  • Going bowling or billiards in a friendly company.
  • A visit to the sauna or Finnish bath with friends.
  • Sports tickets are for a real fan.
  • The figurine, made from a photograph, is a small copy of the birthday boy.
  • A real Tula wood-fired samovar is an unusual surprise that will decorate any meal.
  • A rocking chair, in which it is pleasant to spend evenings by the fireplace, read a book and just relax.
  • Photobook, which contains the most memorable moments in the life of the hero of the occasion. Such a present is more suitable for a loved one.
  • A set for making mulled wine at home. This drink is not only tasty but also healthy. These kits include wine, honey, fruits and special spices. Also, the set can be complemented with beautiful glass.
  • A real samurai sword is a valuable male gift that can be presented to a collector or lover of similar weapons.
  • Repair in an apartment is a gift for a close relative (father, husband, brother, father-in-law, etc.). If the birthday man has long dreamed of updating the interior of his home but still has not been able to fulfill his dream, then bring it to life on his birthday. But in order for this to be a surprise, you should first move him out of the house for the duration of the renovation (for example, invite him to stay with him, send him to the country house or to a sanatorium).

It is difficult to surprise a wealthy person who, by his advanced age, has already managed to acquire everything he needs. But even the most wealthy and fastidious birthday person can be amazed with a non-trivial rare gift.


When choosing a present for a loved one, consider his desires and interests, and not your own preferences. The birthday should bring joy to the hero of the occasion, not to the donor. A comic cup or an award “To the best husband (father, grandfather, brother, etc.)” will be a pleasant addition to any gift.

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