80 Best Birthday Gift for 55 Year Old Man

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The 55th birthday is a serious anniversary of a respectable man, so choosing a worthy gift often becomes a real problem. To be guaranteed to please the birthday person, preparations for the holiday should be started in advance.

Birthday Gift for 55 Year Old Man

This way you will have more time to study the tastes of the recipient, as well as analyze our 85 best birthday gift for 55 year old man. They will be an excellent hint and help you determine the direction of your search so that it becomes even easier to choose the best present for your dear person.

List of 85 Best Birthday Gift for 55 Year Old Man

  1. It gorgeous board game. Usually, men at this age are presented with chess or backgammon made of wood, stone or other interesting material. But it is quite possible that he will like a monopoly with almost real bank cards or another modern toy better.
  2. Golf set. It will be a great gift for a 55-year-old man if only there is a golf course nearby where he can play.
  3. A sports bottle is a useful gift for a person who leads an active lifestyle and monitors their water balance.
  4. External battery. At this age, a man would rather like a standard-form power bank with a laconic design, but there are lovers of original solutions and for them, it is worth choosing something unexpected, for example, a stone battery.
  5. Super – shovel is a multifunctional multitool that can replace not only a shovel but also a hatchet, a hook, a hoe and many other tools. He probably will not interfere in the trunk of a car if the birthday person often finds himself outside the city.
  6. The levitating globe is a very unusual interior decoration that can win the heart of a lover of technology or interesting things.
  7. A beautiful compass. A souvenir item will become a worthy decoration, for example, for a study, and a real device will delight the traveler.
  8. Keychain defrosting car locks. This is an inexpensive and functional keepsake that will often end up in your hands and actually remind you of you.
  9. A set of skewers in an elegant quiver case. Each skewer can be decorated with a personalized engraving.
  10. Sterilizer for water. If the birthday person loves outdoor recreation and often happens in places where there is no access to clean drinking water, your present will become real salvation because it will save you from having to carry full bottles with you.
  11. Collapsible dumbbells for home workouts are the best choice for a person who is actively exercising or is going to start exercising all the time.
  12. A bottle opener ring is an inexpensive trinket that can make life much easier and cheer up.
  13. A beautiful board for serving shish kebab, which is a favorite dish of so many men.
  14. A car repair kit in a compact and pleasant-looking case is an excellent present for a motorist who loves to fix minor problems on his own.
  15. Piggybank for collecting wine corks. If the birthday boy loves wine, he will be happy to collect corks reminiscent of various pleasant events in his life. A commemorative engraving can be made on the glass surface of such a piggy bank.
  16. Darts. This is a toy that can conquer a man of any age. It can be both real and magnetic so as not to damage the environment and people.
  17. Document holder made of genuine leather, decorated with original embossing.
  18. Home weather station, preferably with a remote sensor. It will allow you to monitor the temperature and other air parameters not only in the house but also outdoors and even predict weather changes.
  19. Indoor air ozonizer.
  20. A fold-out tripod with a pot for cooking fish soup and other favorite dishes over an open fire.
  21. 3D puzzle. Choose something challenging enough to captivate the birthday boy but not too much to get bored with during the assembly process.
  22. Personalized leather bonfires for a home bar.
  23. A docking station for recharging your phone and conveniently placing various useful little things on the table.
  24. An oak barrel for a stronger drink or wine.
  25. A manual wood splitter will be needed by a man who often is out in nature with barbecue and barbecue or loves sitting by the fireplace.
  26. An e-book is the best present for a literature lover. It is advisable to load a couple of any books of the recipient into it once.
  27. Metal cubes for cooling alcoholic drinks with the owner’s initials.
  28. A set of whiskey glasses with personalized engravings.
  29. The suitcase cover will appeal to a man who travels a lot.
  30. Home brewery. A lover of this drink will be delighted with the opportunity to cook it on their own and treat friends.
  31. A writing set made of precious wood or beautiful stone is the best 55-year-old gift for a man who usually spends his day at his desk.
  32. A beautiful umbrella is a discreet and laconic cane, an umbrella that folds inward or is made in the form of a gun, katana, etc.
  33. Shoeshine set in vintage style. Choose a set in a stylish compact suitcase so you can easily put it in the hallway or even take it to work.
  34. Stormglass is a very interesting interior decoration that changes its appearance depending on the weather outside. It can even help you try to predict weather changes.
  35. An anti-gravity case for a smartphone is a very interesting and useful purchase, as it will allow you to securely fix the phone on any smooth and clean surface and not be afraid of falling.
  36. Compact multitool in the form of a keychain, credit card or stylish men’s bracelet.
  37. Wireless keyboard, a compact, flexible model, can be selected.
  38. A sliver with a lever is a 55-year-old gift to a man who often lights a brazier or fireplace.
  39. Keychain with Bluetooth search function so that important little things never get lost.
  40. Home smokehouse. It will come in handy for a man with a subsidiary farm or a hunter, a fisherman to smoke his prey.
  41. Travel flask with personalized engraving.
  42. A personalized clip for banknotes made of silver or other inexpensive but beautiful metal. You can also choose a leather clip with a unique author’s embossing.
  43. Inflatable sofa for mega-comfortable outdoor recreation.
  44. An anti-sleep device for a man who spends a lot of time behind the wheel and travels long distances.
  45. Table for working with a laptop with a cooling function. You should also pay attention to its ease of use. Tables with the possibility of heights of the legs and with a soft knee pad are very popular.
  46. The bathroom drink holder is an unexpected 55-year-old gift for a man, but he will definitely appreciate all the benefits of this fixture.
  47. A powerful and reliable flashlight that can help out in a variety of situations.
  48. Salt lamp. It is believed that it helps to improve the indoor microclimate and even prevents the development of ARVI in its inhabitants. It’s also just beautiful and unusual.
  49. Vibrating massager. Choose something compact and convenient to use so that your gift will definitely come in handy for the hero of the day.
  50. A solar-powered garden lamp is a great birthday gift for the owner of a private house or summer cottage.
  51. Comfortable belt designed for working and carrying tools.
  52. Hand power tool. It can be a drill, screwdriver, jigsaw and whatever. You just need to find out in advance what exactly the recipient needs at the moment and purchase.
  53. Shish kebab apron. It is desirable to decorate it with unique embroidery.
  54. The humidor is a present not just for the smoker but for the lover and connoisseur of really good cigars.
  55. A high-quality orthopedic pillow that can ensure comfortable rest and ideal sleep.
  56. Pedometer or fitness bracelet for a person leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of their health.
  57. A flash drive of an unusual shape. Almost all modern people use memory cards or flash drives, so your gift will definitely be useful. Choose a flash drive with an interesting design that echoes the recipient’s hobby, for example, a hunter will like a memory card in the form of a bullet.
  58. Wallet made of quality leather with unusual decor, for example, embossing.
  59. Mini-bar in the form of a globe – large floor-standing or compact tabletop.
  60. Small decorative rock garden. It is an interior decoration and a real anti-stress on your own desktop.
  61. A bouquet of the birthday man’s favorite snacks – sausages and meat products, cheeses, nuts, etc. It is necessary to supplement such a composition with a bottle of a suitable drink, not necessarily alcohol.
  62. A small safe disguised as something else, like a book.
  63. Flame is an interesting gift for a 55-year-old man, if he is often in nature, in the wild. It will make it possible to light a fire even if the matches get wet and the lighter runs out of gas.
  64. Souvenir anniversary medal.
  65. Originally designed corkscrew.
  66. A day planner in a chic leather cover or a decorated photo of his family.
  67. A pillow with an embroidered name of the hero of the day or a photo print depicting him.
  68. A chic ashtray with a lid is a great present for a smoker.
  69. A folding chair or chaise longue is a great gift for 55 years for a man who loves outdoor recreation with comfort and coziness.
  70. The silver icon is a stylish gift for a believer.
  71. A convenient folding brazier is the best gift for a lover of barbecues and picnics.
  72. Delicious and healthy natural honey. It can be presented in an elegant gift keg, or you can choose from several different varieties and present it as a set in small jars.
  73. Certificate from a good car wash offering a wide range of services.
  74. Hike to the spa. If the birthday person in his 55 years has never been to such an institution, he will receive a sea of ​​new impressions and sensations, and if he has, he will once again enjoy pleasant and useful procedures.
  75. Luxurious bathrobe for home or sauna. Such a gift can only be given to a very close person. It is desirable to decorate it with original personalized embroideries.
  76. Plaid. You can choose from a traditional product with Scottish or Scandinavian patterns, as well as a fashionable plaid with sleeves.
  77. The food container with a heating function, powered by mains, USB or cigarette lighter, will be real salvation at work.
  78. T-shirt with an original and unexpected pattern. It is important to come up with a print yourself. You can use a photo of the hero of the day, his favorite phrases and anything that can cheer you up.
  79. Inflatable boat. If you don’t know what to give a man who has loved fishing for 55 years, remember what he doesn’t have yet. For many, their own inflatable boat remains a dream, so it’s time to fulfill it.
  80. 3D figurine of the birthday boy, made from his photo.
  81. A box of great cigars is the smoker’s best present, albeit not the healthiest one.
  82. Subscription to your favorite publication or to a new magazine related to the birthday boy’s hobby.
  83. A romantic evening in an unexpected and very interesting place. Try to organize an unforgettable adventure, not just a trip to the nearest restaurant, even a good one, so that this evening becomes truly special.


When choosing a gift for a 55-year-old man, avoid things that may remind you of aging, decrepitude and that the man is “not the same.” It is quite possible that a tonometer will now be more useful to him than a glass of whiskey, but giving it for a birthday means ruining the recipient’s mood.

Try to make your present pleasant, romantic, original, funny, evoking only the most pleasant associations. Then your relationship with the birthday boy will definitely improve, they will have more mutual respect and understanding.

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