90 Best Birthday Gift for 50 Year Old Woman

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The 50th birthday is a wonderful age when most of the problems and worries inherent in youth are already behind and there is time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. At this age, a lady probably has time and opportunities to please herself, and therefore it is so difficult to find the present she needs. But our list of 91 gift ideas for a woman for 50 years will come to the rescue.

These are options with different prices and they will suit people with different interests and wishes because the main thing is to choose a thing that will truly delight the birthday girl.

List of 91 Best Birthday Gift for 50 Year Old Woman

Birthday Gift for 50 Year Old Woman

  1. Breakfast table in bed. Naturally, it will need to be used as intended as often as possible. So an uncomplicated gift will delight and delight a dear person.
  2. Jewelry. This is a classic women’s present and will be appropriate for the golden birthday of your beloved lady.
  3. Travel. Choose the ride that’s perfect for the birthday girl. It can be cool entertainment in an exotic resort or a quiet vacation in a country boarding house and, of course, in the company of a loved one.
  4. Gym membership. An active lady who looks after her health and appearance will be happy with such a gift for 50 years.
  5. Gorgeous bouquet. You need to choose exactly those flowers that the birthday girl likes and put them in a bright composition.
  6. High-quality orthopedic pillow or mattress to ensure comfortable and healthy sleep for the hero of the day.
  7. Handmade jewelry, for example, from beads or polymer clay. It is better to make it to order so that the model exactly matches the tastes of the recipient.
  8. Fur product. Unless the birthday girl is an animal rights activist or an eco-activist, she will be happy with a fashionable fur coat, stole, cape, etc.
  9. A set of silverware is a beautiful status and, at the same time, a necessary gift.
  10. Certificate from the SPA. Absolutely any woman will like it because it is a pleasant and healthy vacation.
  11. The book of your favorite author in a deluxe edition. You can also order a unique personalized book.
  12. High-quality and multifunctional hair dryer for hair styling and care.
  13. An exotic houseplant. Such a gift will appeal to a lover of home flowers, who takes care of them with pleasure.
  14. A certificate from a perfume store, jewelry store or other that meets the interests of the birthday girl. This is a simple and not at all romantic present, and it will delight a practical woman, who primarily appreciates the benefit of a gift and, of course, freedom of choice.
  15. Garden swing. If a lady has a summer cottage or a private house, she will be delighted with your surprise.
  16. Rocking chair for a comfortable stay on quiet evenings.
  17. A hammock so that the dear person has the opportunity to just relax in the garden.
  18. An invitation to a master class. You need to choose something related to the hobbies of the birthday girl or to make her dreams come true. For example, if a woman likes to sing, she will love a vocal lesson. Also, cooking and handicraft masterclasses are always popular.
  19. A set of bed linen made of silk or other material but decorated with an original 3D pattern.
  20. Picnic basket. Together with it, it is advisable to purchase unbreakable dishes.
  21. Plaid. You can give a warm traditional-shaped blanket or a fashionable modern product with sleeves to comfortably hold a book, mug or TV remote control.
  22. A beautifully painted samovar – electric or wood-fired, in the old style.
  23. Salt lamp. This is a lamp made of natural sea salt, which not only illuminates the visit and decorates it but also fills it with useful substances.
  24. Portrait of the birthday girl on canvas. She can be portrayed as a noble lady or the heroine of her favorite book. To do this, it is not necessary to contact an eminent artist, the picture can be printed on canvas in a photo studio, having previously processed it in a graphic editor.
  25. Cushion seal in the form of cool, bear etc. You can choose a pillow as a massage filler so that it brings not only beauty but also benefits to a woman’s health.
  26. Heated home slippers. A special filler for such shoes is heated in an ordinary microwave and retains a high temperature for a long time, warming the legs of its mistress.
  27. A thermal bag that will maintain the temperature of the food stored in it.
  28. Certificate for tailoring shoes. Shoes that fit perfectly on the leg are the dream of most women, so your birthday present will definitely delight the birthday girl.
  29. Fitness bracelet. Contrary to popular belief, they are needed not only by athletes and will be useful to any lady who monitors her health, figure and activity.
  30. Home weather station. You can choose a beautifully designed gadget that will not only show changes in the weather but also decorate the house. A simple digital device with a remote sensor will be relevant – not so interesting in appearance, but functional.
  31. A beautiful copper Turk for making coffee with a removable handle. It is better to give it immediately, complete with good coffee.
  32. Robot vacuum cleaner. If the birthday girl, like any housewife, often has to vacuum, she will like such a home assistant.
  33. A humidifier or air purifier is a good gift for a woman for 50 years to provide her with a healthy atmosphere in the house.
  34. Electric fireplace. If a lady often complains about the cold in the house, your present will be very helpful.
  35. A pedigree book in a chic leather binding. This is a great birthday present for a woman who loves and is proud of her family.
  36. A necklace or pendant made of natural stone, which should bring her luck according to the horoscope or according to the recommendations of traditional medicine.
  37. A set of several jars with honey of different varieties. Original honey with edible gold can be added to natural delicacies.
  38. A lightbox with a photo of a birthday girl is a very stylish gift for a 50-year-old woman.
  39. A set of wicker furniture for a summer cottage or garden.
  40. A chic handbag from a famous brand. It should fit perfectly into the recipient’s wardrobe, so it should be carefully studied.
  41. Jewelry box. A great idea is a carved box made of wood or with enamel painting.
  42. A visiting tea ceremony is a very exquisite gift for 50 years for a woman who loves tea and exoticism.
  43. Battery-powered LED candles. They will help decorate the house, arrange a romantic atmosphere in it, but at the same time, they will be absolutely safe, unlike ordinary candles with open fire.
  44. Cozy home or bathrobe decorated with unique embroidery. It is better to make it to order and embroider the name of the recipient, a monogram and a beautiful ornament.
  45. Jewelry stand. If a lady loves jewelry and has already collected a lot of them, a present will come in handy for her.
  46. Umbrella with illumination or with a beautiful pattern that appears only in the rain. It is very important to choose a truly high-quality product that will not break under the gusts of the wind. Reverse folding umbrellas are very popular, as they withstand strong winds, and once folded, water does not flow into them on the floor and surrounding objects.
  47. A suitcase on wheels and with a bright cover is a great gift for a woman traveler for 50 years.
  48. Hot air balloon flight. Such an adventure will delight only strong-minded ladies who are not afraid of heights. Together with the birthday girl, you will be able to improve the flight and gorgeous landscapes around, as well as get a lot of new impressions.
  49. Nordic walking sticks. If a woman loves to walk, such a device will help make walking safer and healthier.
  50. A bouquet of sweets or other delicacies that the birthday girl will definitely like. Such a bouquet will immediately delight the birthday girl, as it looks very beautiful, and then it will also be used for its intended purpose.
  51. A set of several varieties of quality tea. If the lady prefers coffee, then you need to give it.
  52. An original lamp in the shape of a flower, the Eiffel Tower, Cinderella’s carriage or other interesting objects.
  53. Glasses case from the renowned manufacturer or handmade.
  54. Wristwatch. It is necessary to choose a beautiful accessory that complements the image. You can decorate it with a personalized engraving so that your gift to a woman for 50 years is also unique.
  55. Steamer. This is a great present for a lady who monitors her diet and prefers healthy meals.
  56. Dryer for fruits, vegetables and other products. Many women like to make supplies for the winter. If the birthday girl is one of such hostesses, your present will delight her and come in handy.
  57. Luxurious perfume. You can choose such a present only knowing the tastes of the birthday girl very well. If you have the necessary knowledge, you can safely go in search of such a presentation.
  58. Subscription to a magazine related to the interests of the birthday girl.
  59. Photoshoot. It is both an adventure and an opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of a professional photographer.
  60. Home pet. You can give living beings only if you are sure that the lady dreams of just such a new friend and will gladly take care of him.
  61. Box with live butterflies. It is very beautiful and romantic. When the birthday girl opens the box, they will fly out and surround it with bright colors, creating a festive mood.
  62. Horseback riding. If both you and your darling love animals and adventure, this kind of entertainment will bring a lot of pleasure.
  63. A large family photo album in a beautiful cover.
  64. Glass vase with unique laser engraving. Thanks to the achievements of modern technology, anything can be engraved on the vase, even a portrait of the recipient.
  65. The large photo collage in a beautiful frame for decorating the birthday girl’s home.
  66. The bread maker is a great gift for a hostess and a lover of fresh baked goods.
  67. High-quality modern smartphone. If you can get a better and cooler gadget that a woman already has, such a gift for 50 years will become necessary and appropriate.
  68. Air conditioner for creating an optimal atmosphere in the home.
  69. A set of beautiful plates with original drawings. They can be applied by photo printing or you can buy ready-made utensils.
  70. Warm woolen scarf or shawl – knitted or felted.
  71. An aquafarm is both an aquarium and a vessel for growing greenery for the kitchen and other plants.
  72. The board game is of high quality and beautifully designed.
  73. An e-book is a good 50-year-old gift for a woman who loves to read.
  74. Garden figurines will be a great present for a lady who loves to clean up the yard, garden and flower beds.
  75. Painting on canvas for painting by numbers. If a woman loves to draw or create in other ways, she will be happy with your gift, and after coloring, she will receive a picture, as if written by a professional artist.
  76. Dinner at a chic restaurant. It is necessary to find an interesting institution, with an unusual cuisine and stylish design, so that your darling will definitely like it there.
  77. Embroidered tablecloth with napkins.
  78. Clip for a neckerchief.
  79. Pillow with photo printing.
  80. Piggybank safe.
  81. Hand-painted silk scarf.
  82. Body or face massager.
  83. Interior doll that looks like a birthday girl.
  84. A chocolate figurine, such as a flower or toy.
  85. Fondue dish is a special dish for making fondue.
  86. Hairdryer or other styling and styling appliances.
  87. A beautiful candlestick and elegantly decorated candles.
  88. Digital photo frame with uploaded photos of the birthday girl.
  89. Leather cardholder with elegant embossing and beautiful fittings.
  90. Wallet made of quality leather with original embossing or other decor.
  91. Bio fireplace is a stylish interior decoration that creates comfort and warmth.


When choosing a gift for a woman for 50 years, do not forget that they love everything beautiful. Therefore, it is so important to pay attention to various little things and try to make your gift as presentable as possible. You also need to prepare a greeting card and come up with good and, preferably, non-trivial wishes. All this together will make the gift special, pleasant and memorable.

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