Best Birthday Gift for 5 Year Girl

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This article contains 60 ideas that will help you choose a birthday gift for 5 year girl. Gifts for physical, creative and mental development, for role-playing games, shoes and clothes, crafts, pets and fashion dolls – this is what can please a baby.

Birthday Gift for 5 Year Girl

Gifts for Creative and Mental Development

At the age of five, the girls are already quite smart young ladies, and the parents see what their daughter is striving for. Does she like needlework, or is she dreaming of a career as an artist, or maybe her “strong point” is a serious science? The gift must be chosen in accordance with her abilities.

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1. A set for creating jewelry

Basically, these are “beads and bracelets” – for five years, it is not difficult. The set usually contains many beads of different colors and sizes and a strong thread for the base of the jewelry.

2. Loom

The set includes multi-colored skeins of wool, a warp thread, a machine frame with details (thigh, shuttles, hedges) – everything is just like in the old days. Now she herself can make a small piece of woolen fabric according to her own design.

3. Set for soap making

The birthday girl will be interested in trying to make soap herself and then using it. For this age, the process should be simple, and the composition should not be complicated, for example, as in the set “Sweet Soap” – colored soap, double-sided mold, ribbon for decoration and instructions in the drawings.

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4. Kinesthetic sand

All children adore its delicate structure and the amazing shapes that can be made out of it. It looks like ordinary sand from the sea beach, it contains 98% quartz sand and E900 food additive, which is added to jams for viscosity. Playing with him develops fine motor skills, imagination and spatial thinking.

5. Applique kit

Modern sets are very amazing! It turns out that when creating an applique, you can use not only paper and holographic foil but also plasticine, various cereals, colored sand, beads, cotton wool and even twigs from trees. Well, for clarity of the future masterpiece, a picture template is included in the kit.

6. Easel with paints

The talent is still visible “from young nails”, and if a girl likes to draw, then she needs to be supported with a suitable gift. Buy an easel that is almost the same as that of professional artists, only for children.

7. A pen for painting with chocolate

Double pleasure for a five-year-old girl: not only can you draw with such an unusual pen, but also chocolate on the cake! There are no particular difficulties with melting chocolate on the stove – the set includes a bag of icing that must be heated in warm water, as well as natural colors and flavors.

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8. Magician’s set

The tricks are simple, so the girl can quickly learn the art of magic. The set contains step-by-step instructions with a solution to the secret of any trick and some attributes to it. But any skill must be honed, and if the girl is patient and at the same time inquisitive, then she will soon succeed.

9. Explorer’s kit

Chemistry and physics for the little ones. The simplest research is to grow your own crystal from scratch. There are also sets with multiple reflections, studying the microworld through a microscope, the starry sky through a telescope, and even “Why brush your teeth.

10. Mass for modeling

It is in many respects better than plasticine – it does not leave greasy and sticky marks, does not “eat” into the fabric of clothing, and besides, it is much more elastic and pleasant to the touch. Buy the girl as a gift many different colors of mass for modeling, then it will be easier to come up with crafts.

Gifts for Physical Development

It is difficult to forbid children to frolic and demand perseverance at this age. You just need to help them channel their energy into the right track of sports and outdoor activities. We have selected a dozen ideas for sports equipment and sets for outdoor games. And among them, you can pick up as a gift what is closest to the birthday girl in spirit.

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1. Sports complex

It’s great if the area of ​​the children’s room allows you to install such a complex! There is everything – stairs, and a rope, and a slide, and beams and even a house at the very top. It all depends on the equipment chosen as a gift. But if there is still not enough space, then simply donate a Swedish wall.

2. Bike

Choose a bike with twenty-inch wheels and two extra small ones for stability. Please note that it has a lowered frame – it is safer during emergency braking. By the way, the brake must be manual, and the color “girlish” – pink, light green or white.

3. Rollers

When buying such a gift for a girl, it is advisable to immediately take care of safety – buy an additional helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. The roller shoes themselves should be strictly the size of the girl’s feet, hard on the outside and soft on the inside. You can choose quads (with two lines of wheels for beginners) or inlines (wheels in one row, like skate runners).

4. Skates

Many girls dream of figure skating, especially when famous skaters are shown on television. Give your child the opportunity to try this sport! Buy her a beginner’s walking skates with a rigid ankle fixation. Such skates will help to teach you how to keep a child’s leg on the ice correctly and confidently, and injuries with them are not terrible.

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5. Gymnastic sets

Five-year-old girls are very flexible, it is from this age that future world gymnastics champions most often begin their careers. Therefore, the following gifts will come in handy for the girl – a jumping ball “with ears”, a hoop, a jump rope (it is possible with a jump counter), an elastic band for stretching or just a mat for classes.

6. Sets for outdoor games

In the yard, outdoors or in the country, children are bored without games. Therefore, for such occasions, take as a gift something from the proposed ideas – badminton, towns or a kite. In such games, a partner or assistant is most often required. But if they are not there, then you can give the girl a frisbee – and then your favorite dog can become a partner.

7. Basketball hoop with a ball

Do you think basketball is a boys’ game? You are wrong, girls are also interested in throwing the ball into the ring. Moreover, with such a gift, it is not necessary to wait for the summer. It is quite possible to hang the ring somewhere in the room, for example, over the door, and let the baby practice accuracy.

8. Pool

How great it is to pump up an inflatable pool somewhere in the country or in nature, fill it with water and splash there all day, fleeing the heat! Therefore, if you present such a gift to a girl, she will be infinitely happy, and if there is also an opportunity to immediately install it, then the birthday girl will immediately begin to enjoy it.

9. Inflatable swimming toys

But in a pool or an open pond in nature, just such toys are needed. The gift can be small – a simple circle in the shape of a duck, a sea animal with handles and armbands to boot. But it can also be solid, for example, in the form of a cool scooter. Choose a thick vinyl toy.

10. Dance rug

A very interesting gadget that is interesting at any age. It is such a floor platform with an anti-slip surface and luminous arrows. The rug can be connected to a computer and run a disc with a music program – and now you just need to have time to get up on the platform’s light circles.

Everything for Role-playing Games

The girlfriends of the birthday girl come to visit, or the elders (parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters, brothers) want to play with the girl. Such impromptu staged amusements are role-playing games. Another dozen ideas – toys and kits for just such cases.

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1. Game beauty studio (hairdresser)

A table, a mirror and a lot of all kinds of beauty tools. There are scissors, a comb, a hairdryer with attachments, a brush, a curling iron and even a dressing gown for the master – all this fits into a convenient case. You can also donate a model doll to create hairstyles if there is no one to share the role-playing game with.

2. Toy shop

These saleswomen are very businesslike aunts – they manage the goods and money. The birthday girl, for sure, also wants to visit the cashier’s place, and so that there is a line to her workplace. The set usually includes counters with goods, scales and a cash register that glows and sounds just like the real thing.

3. Doctor’s set

Doctors are also smart and very businesslike, and the baby also wants to be in the role of a strict doctor. No problem, the medical case contains everything for examining a patient: a tonometer, syringes for injections, a phonendoscope, measuring spoons and even a neurologist’s hammer! And most importantly – a white robe with a cap for solidity. Did you call an ambulance?

4. The Young Actress set

Almost every girl dreams of becoming an actress. It’s so great to be famous! The set includes a script for the performance, a CD with a speech of the monologue, and props for the image, and even a poster with tickets! Well, if the viewer is satisfied with the actress, then she can be awarded an Oscar.

5. A set of clothes for dolls

All dolls can be runway models, especially with a Barbie-like appearance and figure. Well, why not please the dolls, the birthday girl herself, and her girlfriends with a gift with a set of fashionable clothes, who will immediately arrange a fashion show of new clothes? Great presentation idea!

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6. Dollhouse

Such a gift is the dream of all girls. You can come up with such scenarios about the social life of the hostess of this house! How she wakes up in the bedroom in the morning, has breakfast on the veranda, plays sports around the house and watches TV in the hall. Well, on weekends, she invites her doll friends for tea.

7. Doll furniture

But the house needs furniture so that you can play designers. You can discuss with the whole friendly company – in which of the rooms you can equip the pink bedroom, where to put (or hang) the TV and what should be on the veranda. Exactly as in the TV show “The Housing Question”.

8. Game figures

They are needed for the “extras” of puppet performances. The more there are, the more interesting the game is. These can be small sets of dolls, figurines of various animals (both real and fabulous cartoons). By the way, they can all be invited to the dollhouse for a tea party.

9. A set for a puppet tea party

By the way, about the tea party. To invite toy guests to visit is half the battle because you also need to set the table beautifully. Here you need exquisite dishes – gorgeous saucers, cups, spoons, vases. And to the service, you can buy toy food (fruits and vegetables) and put it on plates. The table is ready.

10. Play cart with a set of garden tools

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Grandmothers and grandfathers take their grandchildren with them to the dacha in the summer, and the children do not know what to do with themselves between the beds! So let them play gardeners with such a set. The set includes a cart, a bucket, a watering can, a rake, a shovel, a pruner, and there are also real plastic wheelbarrows on wheels. The baby will play enough with such a gift and will help her grandfather and grandmother.

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Gifts for a Young Fashionista

The favorite pastime of young ladies is to spin in front of the mirror and try on different outfits, especially their mother’s – they are the most beautiful, albeit not in size. Our next ten is dedicated to children’s clothing and jewelry – fashionable and in size, the birthday girl will definitely like them.

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1. Handbag

Mandatory requirements are bright coloring and spaciousness (well, like all handbags) so that all the necessary things and also your favorite doll can fit there. Sometimes a purse for money (albeit not real) is attached to the purse.

2. Cosmetic bag with accessories

Another attachment to the bag. This is where you need to put the necessary accessories: a mirror and a comb. There are also cosmetic bags in which the entire set is collected – cream eyeshadows with a palette, lipstick, lip gloss and even hair bands.

3. Children’s cosmetics and perfume

For girls of this age, you can buy eau de toilette from the Malizia Bon Bons series – the best brand for children. Well, you can choose the cosmetics that are heard by many – this is the “Little Fairy” known to all girls.

4. Hair ornaments

These are elastic bands, bows, hairpins, invisible hairpins, headbands and hairpins with different clips. Girls with long and especially with “naughty” hair need them every day, but even if the hair is short, the same bows with rims are suitable as an adornment.

5. Children’s jewelry

If the birthday girl is haunted by her mother’s jewelry box, then she needs to find an alternative – inexpensive jewelry. But it should be bright, shiny or even with a glow effect (with LEDs).

6. Nice dress

There are no princesses without a luxurious dress. You can give the girl a festive outfit – a fluffy dress, like a meringue cake – made of chiffon with lace frills, delicate pastel color, or just a cute dress for every day.

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7. Shoes

The most beautiful ones are lacquered and with decorations on the toe or clasp. But keep in mind the main thing – for the correct formation of a child’s foot, the sock should not be very narrowed, and the material should be made of genuine leather, at least on the inside of the shoes.

8. Tights

They should be presented in season, in winter – woolen (but not more than 60% wool), and in summer thin cotton with elastane or microfiber. But do not forget about beauty – drawings and patterns are only welcome.

9. Sundress

light, “flying”, colorful. Sometimes girls dress one beautiful thing, wear it all season and never want to change it for another. This is how a sundress should be! Silk, chiffon and satin – for the holidays, linen and chintz – for everyday summer wear.

10. Summer hat

It can be straw with a flower, “retro” and a short veil, and even crocheted (if someone from close people loves needlework, then this is very handy). The hat is a very beautiful accessory for a little lady.

Fashion Dolls for 5 Year Girl

And these dozen gift ideas will be dedicated to the most beloved dolls of modern girls. They collect them, carefully store them, take care of them and show off their new products to their girlfriends. The gift will be straight to the point!

1. Monster High doll

Dolls adored by girls, although a little strange in appearance – to adults, they seem to be some kind of creepy freaks. This is an American line of fashion dolls from Mattel. Dolls come in different ways, but always with a certain amount of “horror”.

2. LOL doll

A ball with many wrappers, among which there is a doll with big eyes, as well as various accessories – clothes, stickers and other little things. The doll knows how to interact with water – it is worth giving it to drink from a bottle, she cries with tears, spits and even “walks in a small way”.

3. Doll Kurhn “Fairy Patrol”

A series of dolls from the cartoon known to children – Alenka, Snezhka, Masha and Varya. You can choose for a gift exactly the heroine that the birthday girl loves most of all. And you can buy all four in a set at once.

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4. Defa Lucy doll

Remember the gorgeous Barbie? So this doll is its analog, almost an exact copy. It is sold in a set with accessories, and one of the dolls in the series is even “expecting a baby”.

5. Doll Defa Lucy Kevin

And here is the groom of the Defa Lucy doll – the irresistible handsome Kevin, his prototype is Ken. The sets also contain many different clothes for him, and one set even with a stroller and a baby. Has Defa Lucy already given birth?

6. Doll “Baby Born”

This interactive toy will replace a little brother (or sister) for a girl. A doll should be looked after as if it were a living baby. She eats, drinks, cries with tears, moves her head, arms and legs, reacts to sounds and even walks to the pot.

7. Doll Rainbow mermaid

Beauty with long, silky hair that you can swim with while completely dipping her into the water. The most interesting thing about a mermaid is her tail. When you press the bead button on her necklace, the tail begins to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

8. Doll “My little princess”

A series of very beautiful dolls (crowned persons) from Disney cartoons. All of them are interactive to some extent – they have light and sound effects. Made from textiles and plastic.

9. Dolls “Spring”

The birthday girl will love any of the presented dolls from this factory. They are similar to Soviet toys – everything is like picking a cutie without quirks in appearance. They just look like little, pretty girls in pretty outfits.

10. Furby pixie

Not quite a doll, of course, but such a funny and incomprehensible fairy-tale animal – shaggy, eared and big-eyed. He has lively facial expressions. When he expresses his emotions, he wiggles his ears, rolls his eyes and jerks his beak. He is also a wonderful conversationalist for a child.

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Gift for Pets by 5 Year Girl

Having thought of giving the girl a pet, consult with the baby’s parents. Is it worth it? After all, they will have to clean the cage or aquarium. By the way, when giving the animal, take care of its housing – you may have to buy it in addition.

1. Fish

Choose an unpretentious breed that does not need special care and conditions. Usually, these are guppies (they also reproduce quickly) or a lonely but very beautiful cockerel that does not like an individual of the same sex on its territory.

2. Parrot

Preferably wavy – it is beautiful, chirpy and ideal for home keeping. If you seriously take up his education, then this bird will be able to learn to publish familiar sounds, imitating them exactly.

3. Rabbit

So gentle and fluffy, almost like a kitten. But, unlike a cat, a decorative rabbit will not jump on curtains and scratch furniture. He will be loyal to his mistress and be quiet.

4. The guinea pig

Another affectionate and gentle “beast”. Only first, this rodent needs to adapt to new conditions. You need to feed your guinea pig only with commercial food and not food from the table.

5. Land turtle

The red-eared sea turtle is more playful and can bite painfully. But the land one is less agile and more delicate – it eats neatly, behaves quietly and has practically no smell.

DIY Gifts

Well, if the donor has golden hands and a rich imagination, then he can prepare a gift himself. And what kind of gifts they can be, we will tell you in this collection of ideas.

1. Bouquet of chocolate and fruits

For the lady – flowers, this is a prerequisite! Only flower buds should not be ordinary – tasty and sweet. You can be smart or watch a master class on the Internet and collect a gorgeous bouquet!

2. Festive room decor

It is not so easy to do all this as it seems. After all, you need to figure out how to make flags yourself, inflate and hang balloons (or buy already inflated with helium) and draw a poster on the wall. A great gift from a sister or teenage brother.

3. Crochet openwork cape

Most likely, this gift will be made by the grandmother. It can be a cape, such as a collar, or a wide poncho. If the birthday girl is already a real fashionista at such a young age, she will definitely appreciate such a gift.

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4. Sewn soft toys

Bears, bunnies, fish and birds are much nicer if they are made by the hands of a loved one. So, if you are friends with needlework, then stock up on fur, felt, flannel, padding polyester or foam rubber and start acting.

5. Unusual postcards

“Clamshells”, “accordions”, “magic tricks”, 3D-postcards – a lot of different masterclasses can be found on the Internet. Such a postcard can be presented along with the main gift as an attachment to it.


Well, you have probably already decided what to give the girl for 5 years, and we helped you with this, which is very happy. It is important that the birthday girl herself appreciates your gift, and for this it would not be bad to confirm the idea by consulting the girl’s parents if you are not completely sure of your choice.

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