90 Best Birthday Gift for 35 Year Old Man

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Finding a gift for a man is always difficult. Their tastes are very different from the preferences of beautiful ladies, as are the ideas about good gifts. Therefore, before you go shopping for the best present in the world, you should study the preferences of the recipient, as well as our 95 best birthday gift for 35 year old man.

Birthday Gift for 35 Year Old Man

These are options collected taking into account the characteristics of 35-year-old men, as well as a wide variety of hobbies and interests. They will definitely give you interesting and correct thoughts and help you choose the best present.

List of 95 Best Birthday Gift for 35 Year Old Man

  1. Multifunctional fitness bracelet or smartwatch. Men like sophisticated modern gadgets and your present will be useful, so the birthday boy will definitely like it.
  2. Alcohol dispenser in the form of a fire extinguisher. If a man occasionally drinks alcohol, he will like such a present.
  3. A flash drive of an unusual shape is useful for anyone using a computer for work or entertainment. The flash drive you choose can resemble a weapon, musical instrument, food, etc.
  4. Decanter or bottle for drinks, decorated with a personalized engraving.
  5. Safe in the form of a book. It will help to reliably hide the stash and at the same time, will bring original notes to the interior of the room.
  6. Unusually decorated table clock, for example, in the form of a motorcycle or a wheel.
  7. Thermos in the form of a rocket. It looks unusual and at the same time will be beneficial – to provide a man with a warm drink in any situation.
  8. Oscar gift statuette decorated with personalized engraving.
  9. Home brewery. This is the dream of many men because she will allow herself to provide herself with her favorite drink while preparing it according to her favorite recipes and using only high-quality natural raw materials.
  10. External battery. This is one of the most popular and versatile gifts, as everyone has a variety of gadgets, and they need to be recharged from time to time. The power bank can be simple and standard or made in the form of another object, for example, a stone or a grenade.
  11. Lamp-projector “Starry sky.” This is one of the romantic gifts that most men love. It allows you to completely transform a room by painting a scattering of stars on the walls and on the ceiling.
  12. “Love Meter” is a cool romantic little thing. It looks like a small hourglass filled with a special liquid. If you take the “meter” in your hands and warm it up, the liquid in it begins to rise and even beat with a fountain, as if hinting at the strength of the feelings of the second half.
  13. Light alarm clock with sounds of nature. Few people like to wake up in the morning. If a man is nervous about waking up early, give him a special alarm clock that wakes up with light rays reminiscent of sunny dawn and birdsong. This will help you wake up without unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  14. Riding ATVs or snowmobiling if it is winter and everything is covered with snow.
  15. A lava lamp is an interior decoration and anti-stress at the same time.
  16. Love calendar for the year. He will surely have a positive effect on your relationship and by the next birthday, they will reach a new level.
  17. An elementary set of tools for minor household repairs in a neat case.
  18. A quality webcam for a man who often uses video calling.
  19. A tabletop punching bag is a cool anti-stress.
  20. Collapsible dumbbells. They will appeal to a sportsman because they will make it possible to train at home, strictly regulating the weight of the projectile and choosing a variety of exercises.
  21. Flexible keyboard for the lover of unusual and functional devices.
  22. Bean bag chair for comfortable rest and creation of an original interior. Usually, they are filled with special small balls that adapt to the shape of the human body, so it is very comfortable to sit on them.
  23. Hot air balloon flight for the romantic lover who is not afraid of heights.
  24. A laptop table with a cooling function to work or play was comfortable.
  25. A multifunctional computer mouse is a good birthday gift for 35 year old man who works a lot with a computer.
  26. A cool USB hub is useful and interesting, it will help create a cozy atmosphere on your desktop.
  27. Double flight in a wind tunnel. You can feel like real birds and get an unforgettable experience.
  28. Cool tie. This is one of the traditional gifts for a businessman, but it does not lose its relevance and will delight the recipient only if he makes the right choice.
  29. A projector for a smartphone is an interesting gift for a lover of modern technologies and, of course, cinema. It will allow you to watch interesting movies from your smartphone right on the wall.
  30. Cooler bag. It will come in handy in the summer to take cool drinks or ice cream for a walk and in the winter to keep the lunch warm.
  31. Money clip. A silver item decorated with a personalized engraving will look very cool. Clips made of leather with a unique embossing are also in demand.
  32. A purse made of leather or any eco-material to the taste of the recipient is a necessary and always appropriate gift for a man’s birthday.
  33. Toolbox for cleaning up debris and tidying up your garage or closet.
  34. Chic sunglasses. You can choose a special model that will be ideal for the driver or fisherman.
  35. SPA certificate. Few men allow themselves such entertainment, but the birthday boy will definitely like the gift.
  36. Home horizontal bar.
  37. Tickets for a concert of your favorite performer. Naturally, it is better to go there together to relax and get to know each other’s tastes better.
  38. A car keychain with the function of defrosting locks will be a great gift for a man-motorist for 35 years. It will be especially appropriate if your birthday is in winter.
  39. Pocket multitool in the form of a card.
  40. Touch calculator – original and transparent. It will be useful to everyone who works in trade, construction, and literally wherever there is a need to count something.
  41. An unusual and necessary flashlight, for example, in the idea of ​​a credit card to illuminate a door lock or other little things, or on a long flexible handle for hard-to-reach corners.
  42. Antique cupronickel cup holder.
  43. Table “Mini-bowling” for the lover of this game.
  44. Wine set with corkscrew, cork and bottle collar. There may be other necessary things in it, for example, a thermometer to determine the temperature of the drink.
  45. Stand or organizer for TV remotes, tuners, etc.; if a man likes to watch TV, he will definitely like the gift and come in handy.
  46. USB light that connects to your laptop and will light up your keyboard to remind you of your love and care.
  47. An expensive lighter with a personalized engraving is a great stylish gift for a smoking man for 35 years.
  48. Tank driving. If a man has long dreamed of trying himself in the role of a tanker, he will be delighted with such a presentation.
  49. Chocolate weapons or tools. Choose whichever is more appropriate for the recipient’s character.
  50. 3D model of the recipient’s favorite arch car. He himself will be able to collect it and be proud of the results of his labors.
  51. Massage cover for the driver’s seat if a man spends a lot of time behind the wheel.
  52. An encyclopedia related to a man’s hobby.
  53. An electric fish scaler is the best gift for a fisherman who doesn’t really like to clean his catch.
  54. Comfortable orthopedic pillow for comfortable sleep and rest. To make the gift look more original, you can make a custom pillowcase for her with a photo of the recipient and some funny print.
  55. Extreme driving lesson. It is both a great adventure and a way to learn new and much-needed skills. Such a gift will be useful both for a novice driver who does not yet know how to cope with difficult situations on the road and for an experienced driver because it is useful for everyone to hone their skills.
  56. Bed linen with interesting pictures. You can choose something funny or a chic silk bed with exquisite ornaments.
  57. A set for a bath with a chic kilt, a hat and other necessary things. You can also purchase a quality fragrant broom.
  58. Bath or dressing gown with embroidery on the back. As a basis for the decor, you can choose the birthday person’s monogram or embroider his name.
  59. Quality wireless headphones.
  60. A set for poker or an exclusive deck of cards for a lover of gambling and card games.
  61. A set of skewers. Almost all men love picnics and kebabs, so your present will evoke only the most positive emotions, especially if you decorate them with personalized engravings.
  62. A folding brazier is another present for a pleasant outdoor recreation.
  63. Photo calendar. It can be made to order using your shared photos or your favorite birthday photos taken from his social networks.
  64. Horse riding lesson. A man who loves animals will definitely like such a present.
  65. Thermo mug with an unusual design or decor.
  66. T-shirt or sweatshirt with a unique print. If you love and know how to create pictures and illustrations, you can do it yourself. You can also use the recipient’s photo. And the finished drawing is applied to the fabric in any good photo studio.
  67. A souvenir weapon is a beautiful and symbolic birthday gift for 35 year old man.
  68. Luxurious carved glass, wood or stone chess, if a man loves this intellectual game.
  69. Kama-sheet. This is a Kamasutra guide that will help you diversify your intimate life. Naturally, you can give it only if your relationship allows such intimate gifts.
  70. Painting on wood or leather is a stylish male interior decoration for a study or other room.
  71. Wine bottle holder.
  72. A bar in the shape of a globe, violin and other beautiful objects. Such a bar will be an excellent interior decoration and will help to neatly hide bottles and glasses.
  73. Glass for your favorite drink with the recipient’s name engraved.
  74. Chilling stones decorated with the recipient’s initials or exquisite monograms.
  75. Shoeshine set in vintage style.
  76. Piggybank for wine corks. If a man likes this drink, he will gladly collect such reminders of happy holidays and romantic get-togethers.
  77. Desktop business cardholder.
  78. An unexpected romantic evening. In order not to break the man’s plans for celebrating his birthday, on this day, hand him an invitation to an unusual evening. And spend the romantic meeting itself on another day. You can relax in a nice hotel or organize an unusual dinner, for example, at the planetarium or conservatory.
  79. Silver keychain with unique engraving.
  80. Electronic photo frame.
  81. A set of original covers for documents.
  82. Jewelry clip for a tie. You can choose something traditional, perfect for business style, or an original dagger clip, or other unusual shapes.
  83. Briefcase for papers.
  84. Mini vacuum cleaner for cleaning dust from a computer or car interior.
  85. USB powered warming mug pad. If a man stays at the computer for a long time, such a present will definitely be useful.
  86. Outbred column. It allows you to play music from different media and will delight the real music lover.
  87. USB flash drive in the form of a bottle of beer, hot dog or other unexpected items.
  88. Tickets to the cinema or to the theater, whichever is more pleasant to the birthday person.
  89. Car organizers – for the trunk and for the salon.
  90. A parachute jump is a present for a real daredevil.
  91. A delicious bouquet of meat delicacies is just a great birthday present for a 35-year-old man.
  92. Bracelet-shaped multitool. It looks like brutal male jewelry, but at the same time, it will help out in many difficult situations.
  93. Stylish men’s umbrella with an unusual handle or folding in the opposite direction. You can also choose an umbrella on which the print will become noticeable when wet in the rain.
  94. Travel bag for a man who is often on the road.
  95. A set “Love as Art” for creating a picture with your own hands, not with your bodies. This is an unforgettable adventure that will leave not only memories but also a gorgeous painting to decorate the wall and life.


Do not forget that men love beauty no less than women, so it is important to pack your present elegantly and present it with a soul, beautifully, festively. Be sure to come up with an interesting congratulation that will warm the soul of the birthday man and make your present for 35 years even more pleasant.

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