Best Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl in 2023

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Best Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl: 11 years is a special age. Psychologists consider it the beginning of the teenage period. The girl seems to be also small, but you can’t give her a baby doll. Parents should remember that when choosing a gift for their daughter, they must consider that she is growing up.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

You find it difficult to decide what to give the girl for 11 years, who has almost everything? We have collected a wide range of ideas in one selection for a gift for a girl on her 11th birthday!

It is really difficult for guests invited to the celebration to make a choice. It is 11 years old that children acquire new forms. In girls, the breast begin to grow, and posture, and gait change. All this is a consequence of a change in the hormonal background.

In order not to be mistaken for a surprise for a girl, keep in mind that not only is her appearance changing. The inner world and the girl’s attitudes also undergo significant metamorphoses. Relations with the opposite sex come to the fore, with maximum separation from parents.

Thoughts and options that can present to a girl of 11 years old should emphasize the individuality of the hero of the occasion, her independence, and the teenager’s own merits.

Remember that the surprise must be appropriate for the age of the child. If you are lost at the mere thought of giving a child an 11-year-old girl, take a look at our ideas list! They compiled on the advice of experienced parents and specialists in child development.

30 Best Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

A romantic dress – is the most girlish, in ruffles, and with a full skirt. No one will remember when it entered the classic wardrobe of all the girls from year to 10-11 years. But such new things cause the birthday girl’s delight, and they are sorted out like hotcakes. If you want to buy by size and choose the best – get ready ahead of time.

Music center  – the time for balls is approaching. You must be able to dance, as well as be aware of youth music trends. This study is akin to pleasure, once an unknown country is discovered. Give a personal player; in the morning, he will wake up to the tunes and, dancing, do ordinary things.

Rollers, skates  – by the age of 10, girls begin to understand fashion trends because a pair of sports shoes should be selected, taking into account such nuances. The actual color and decoration chips are in priority, then the desired size and convenience of the model are already in place. It can be a gift without regard to “knows how – does not know how.”

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

Eau de toilette – this time it will not work for a bottle of caramel flavor: tastes have changed, and the young lady wants something that resembles her mother’s perfume. The teenage range of cosmetic brands is a convenient hint from experts. To guess the notes to the character and preferences is the task, rather, for the female half of the donors.

Smartwatches  – we give, according to tradition, for a coin in return. Many will be surprised by how wide the choice of children’s devices is. There are models with panic buttons, and geolocation, with call and message functions in voice or text. Built-in microphones and flashlights make this accessory a complete media gadget. Girlish colors are plentiful.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

Sports corner  – suitable for real athletes, and those who are just eyeing the workouts. In the selection, focus on the size of the room and its color scheme. It will be great if the equipment includes not only the wall and the crossbars but also the swing. Romantic!

A trendy backpack is an indispensable attribute of a modern urban resident of a young age. The more interesting, brighter, and more functional it is, the better. What to look for – first of all, on the catchy color and miniature shape, then – on the strength of the finish and the presence of numerous convenient pockets.

A plush toy  – the option remains relevant until graduation, but the age choice is narrowing. Now, this is not a participant in children’s games (well, or not for long), but a mimic buddy and a pretty piece of furniture. Bunnies, bears of pastel colors – what you need.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

Decoration  – this should be something not too adult or massive, but also not a children’s assortment. Clips or earrings made of safe metal and plastic, an amulet pendant on a cord, bracelets, hair clips – the princess should have a lot of such sets. A sense of proportion and taste are good clues.

A bicycle is almost an adult model, it is taken a little for growth because the young lady is already neat and careful in handling things. The model is being looked after semi-sports so that if you wish, you can drive. But in general – a girl in coloring and elements of comfort.

Classical books – instead of frivolous publications with a predominance of illustrations come informative and instructive. This is the perfect time to explore Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, with Peppy or the tale of a prince on a ship under red sails.

Media  – in this section a clip from smartphones, headphones with a player, tablets, and each position will be quite appropriate both by age and by necessity. It is worth considering the option with the first computer, which is needed for school lessons and online communication. You can start practicing with an inexpensive netbook on a stand-alone device or with a rugged phone.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

Fortune cookies with cookies  – you can bake them on your own or order in a candy store for your birthday. The trick is the unusual, unpredictable surprise that all her guests can share with the birthday girl. Each cookie contains a message with wishes and forecasts for a day or a year.

Collections for needlework and creativity  – a set with plastic clay and paints, a basket of colored balls for knitting or felting, and a set for beadwork will delight an inventive nature. If your birthday is just that, buy without a doubt, but look for something non-standard – colors, textures, or attached samples.

Girlish accessories  – this part of the wardrobe is now almost completely replaced by teenage-style items. A little from childhood, a little from adult femininity: hats and baseball caps, hairpins and thongs, scarves, umbrellas, coin boxes, and cosmetic bags. These things will determine the style of the birthday girl in the coming year.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

The gyro scooter or monowheels are high-speed attributes of fashionable teenagers. And your young lady, undoubtedly, dreams of acquiring such equipment. Prices for it, along with demand, have subsided a bit, but are still high enough for the average buyer. Parents and grandparents decide to buy for the 10th anniversary.

Fashionable wardrobe items  – shoes, suits, and handbags of youthful, feminine styles occupy more and more space in the everyday style of a 10-11-year-old beauty. If you are confident in your knowledge of trends, this will be a useful purchase that will definitely please the birthday girl. Because being fashionable for her is now the most important thing.

Wallet  – increasingly independent walks with girlfriends, going to the movies and mugs, some have their first dates. Pocket expenses have increased, and a presentable wallet is indispensable. Often this is a mini bag with several compartments for money and papers, a little less often – a small purse in a fun range.

Panels or posters on the walls of the nursery  – transform the look of the room, which is so important in adolescence. In this case, the impression the pictures produce is important. Views of distant cities and countries, natural macro photography, close-up happy family photos – all of this creates a positive atmosphere.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl
Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

The aquarium is decorative in itself, at the same time it accustoms us to caring for aquatic inhabitants and helps to expand knowledge. Compare the size of the gift with the size of the room and the possibilities of caring for the container. Of course, they give along with the interior and 2-3 pairs of fish and shellfish.

Board, growth games, or 3D puzzles  – the shape of the products does not change much, but the topic is focused on the development of social and communicative qualities. Career-oriented areas are popular – sets for hospitals, beauty salons, and ateliers. Historical plots and country studies – in-game versions.

Puzzles and constructors  – girls occupy no less than boys-peers. It is time for discoveries, manifestations of character, and ingenuity when moving towards a goal: all these tasks are successfully solved by developments corresponding to adolescence. In stores, this assortment is not so large, you have to look.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

A computer table with an armchair  – the charm of the acquisition is not in updating the furniture, but in its stylish solution. The fact that the occasion coincides with the time of global change simplifies the decision. Look for a lightweight, durable model with many variations of use – functionality is in trend.

Accessories for active activities – sport is becoming a hobby and a new opportunity for communication and dating. Tennis or badminton rackets, basketball rings in the room or cottage, balls, skis, and on to infinity. It is permissible to give in the future, as an occasion to try new things.

The textiles in her room are pillows of all sizes with photographs of loved ones or movie stars, fashionable prints from teenagers; fluffy blankets, bright covers for furniture, new curtains, or fabric blinds. Life determines well-being, and the more the environment meets expectations, the more cheerful the mood.

Teenage cosmetics  – gaining more and more rights on the girl’s shelf in the bathroom and in the nursery. Bottles with gels, shampoos, and bath foams are usually presented by friends and acquaintances. Buy care and decorative products according to the recommendations of parents.

Dolls  – some girls hide, but still love to tinker with doll beauties. Now the purpose of these games is practical – learn to do hairstyles, apply makeup, and collect onions from existing outfits. Based on this, select a specific instance.

Karaoke microphone  – a godsend for a singing girl. Adults understand that the ability to sing in full voice not only reveals vocal data and trains musical taste. It is also self-confidence training, almost a public speech – and these skills are as needed in adulthood.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

Training discs are cost-effective and extremely useful gift items. The list of courses is competently limited by age, which facilitates the choice. The range includes dozens of directions – from foreign languages ​​and geography to cooking and dance steps.

A trip to the water park  – here you can also include the rest of the entertainment offers: circus performances, performances by choreographic groups, and pop stars. The main motive is not advance, the birthday girl should express her specific interest – then she will fully appreciate your gift.

TOP 50 Ideas What You Can Give Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

  • City backpack.
  • Electronic notepad.
  • Set for painting with an easel.
  • Glowing hair.
  • Crystal ball or ball of predictions.
  • Night light.
  • Selfie Tripod.
  • Gaming computer mouse.
  • Graphic or light tablet.
  • Board games: “Scrabble,” “Monopoly,” “Jackal,” or “Evolution” – this is not only a decision about what to give to another girl for 11 years. Such games require the participation of other people, which will bring the birthday girl closer to relatives and teach them to trust.
  • Wireless headphones. How about models with a built-in player?
  • Voice picture.
  • Kits for simple experiences. The experiments allow the girl to feel independent and able to draw her conclusions.
  • Cardboard house coloring.
  • Ice Cream Nailing Kit.
  • ZD-pen is a universal idea of ​​what to give a girl 11 years old for graduation. This gift will not gather dust in a teenager in a desk drawer!
  • Magic curlers. Do not forget that the birthday girl is only growing interested in her appearance!
  • Folding umbrella in an interesting design.
  • Music Box.
  • ZD constructor.
  • Electric scooter.
  • Children’s Kigurumi costume. No young fashionista will refuse such pajamas!
  • Chalkboard sticker.
  • Interactive pet.
  • Set for weaving bracelets from elastic bands.
  • Children’s knitting machine or embroidery machine. 11 years is the same age when a girl should teach needlework and reveal her talents.
  • Blank for 3D sculpture.
  • Aquarium with its ecosystem.
  • Set for drawing by numbers.
  • Dance mat.
  • Levitating light bulb.
  • Thermos mug.
  • Set for creating perfumes.
  • Tourist hammock.
  • Microphone with a speaker.
  • Ultrasonic aromatic diffuser.
  • Dispenser for drinks.
  • A large set of magicians.
  • Soft piano.
  • Candy box piggy bank.
  • Coloring book anti-stress.
  • Florarium.
  • Non-spillable thermostat.
  • Bursting soap bubbles.
  • Twister.
  • Folding drone for a selfie.
  • Beach towel.
  • Organizer for scarves and scarves.
  • Sundial.
  • Inflatable candy.

Original Gifts for a Teenage Girl on Her 11th Birthday

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

In search of a surprise, a classmate or girlfriend on her birthday should show all her imagination. When desires and opportunities coincide – it’s great. But if the budget for the gift is not large, you can also find a cute gift. We offer a choice of exciting offerings. Among them, there are no boring gifts, but their price does not go up too high.

Toy Squishy – This anti-stress toy is increasingly winning the hearts of adults and children across the planet. Maybe among the fans of this funny little thing and the hero of the occasion?

Sling Bag for the Camera – This accessory is useful to a girl who is passionate about photography and does not part with her camera.

A Set of Stationery Buttons in the form of an Airplane – One kind of these “aircraft” sets up the working mood. If the birthday girl likes to put off essential matters for later, this surprise will become her an additional incentive to action.

Hairstyler – Remember that girls at age 11 begin to monitor their appearance carefully? Help the girl find the best assistant for creating a fashionable hairstyle!

Map of World With a Scratch Layer – Exploring the vastness of the home country of the hero of the occasion will now be more comfortable!

Alarm Clock With a Target- Let time itself submit to the hero of the occasion, and if you wish, you can even shoot at it.

DJ Mixing Console – With him, the hero of the occasion will be able to throw parties at any time!

Boxing Punching Bag – Not only boys and adults want to let off steam after lessons or an unsuccessful project. Offer the birthday girl a peaceful solution to this problem.

Wireless Stereo Speaker- Which teenager doesn’t like listening to music? Offer the girl a device that will make her sound brighter than before.

Box for Notes – You can pick up a mini-safe with a cover in the form of a banknote, or a stylized bunny book. At 11 years old, you can already start collecting start-up capital for your ideas.

A Couple of Interesting Ideas on What to Give the Girl on Her 11th Birthday

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

A Sister’s birthday surprise is even more challenging to make than other family members. It seems that the sister has everything, and she does not need anything. Do not rush to conclusions! How about gifts like:

Skipping Rope With an Electronic Calorie Counter – With such a familiar and straightforward childhood simulator, the hero of the occasion will always be in excellent physical shape.

Webcam – It is difficult to find people who do not use modern types of video communications. So let your sister have the best information transmitter!

Device to Massage the Feet and Ankles – The best thing about this massager is that it does massage automatically. No efforts on the part of the birthday girl will be required. An active teenager will like such a gift!

Think about what other surprises you could please the birthday girl, while we tell you what rules it is worth knowing, going to the celebration.

Diy Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

What to present to the best friend on her birthday? Eleven-year-old girls, as we have already mentioned, appreciate cool things. For many years, the results of manual labor remain such objects. What handmade gifts will please a birthday girl? We list a few ideas.

  • Knitted hat and snood.
  • Plaid.
  • Do-it-yourself wallet.
  • Wall organizer.
  • Table dresser for jewelry.
  • Lamp.
  • Stand for pencils.
  • Handmade soap.
  • A carpet of knitted yarn.
  • A set of sofa cushions.

Sleep Mask, “Unicorn.”

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

For work you will need:

  • felt of blue, white, pink, and black;
  • ribbon of gold sequins;
  • rubber;
  • fabric glue or glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • pencil.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

Working Process:

  1. Draw blank masks on paper. Separately depict bangs, ears, and eyes. Cut patterns and transfer them to felt. Attach with pins and cut. There should be two unicorn faces!
  2. Glue the details on the face of the animal. The first is better to attach the eyes, and then glue the ears and bangs.
  3. Glue the sequin ribbon on the unicorn’s horn. Make it better, zigzag.
  4. Glue or sew gum on the mask.
  5. Glue the second part of the mask from the inside of the cover. She will hide the elastic and give density to the product.

Door Hanger

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

For work, it is necessary:

  • the skein of hardwiring;
  • pliers;
  • nippers;
  • spray paint can.

Working process:

  1. Measure the width of the door and create a drawing of the future coat rack in full size.
  2. Unwind the wire. Straighten particularly difficult excesses with a vice.
  3. Use a pair of pliers to form a U-shaped loop. She will hold the hanger on the door.
  4. From the silhouettes of the necessary objects. Use a vise to create square and rectangular shapes. Rounded forms are better formed with the help of round objects (around them, it is enough to wrap the wire).
  5. When the product is ready, create another U-shaped loop. Cut off excess.
  6. Paint the hanger with paint from a cylinder. To Dry.

Tips: How to Choose the Best Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

In recommendations on how to choose a gift for a teenage girl, it is important to understand right away. Otherwise, even a surprise to her daughter may be a failure.

Forget the word “Useful!” –  It is customary for children to give practical gifts. Leave them for another occasion. On her birthday, the girl is still waiting for a miracle. Yes, even if she is already 11 years old, he does not want to receive a set of dictionaries.

Chat!  To find out what the birthday girl dreams about is simple. It is important not to lose her confidence. Then the girl herself will talk about those things that are of interest to her. You just need to hear her.

Ask!  At 10-12 years old, the child can still answer without hesitation what he wants to receive for his birthday. You can invite the girl to act like an adult: make a wish list and send it to guests. They will choose what surprise they can present to the birthday girl.

Only for her!  Gift etiquette states that you need to choose a birthday present so that only the birthday person uses it. For children’s holidays, this rule will not be an exception.

Do not bother!  You can not spoil a girl’s birthday with words of edification when presenting a gift. For example, give a watch to your niece and remind her not to be late. To do so is ugly. On a birthday, it is not customary to indicate with a word or a gift the shortcomings of the hero of the occasion.

Don’t take all the girl’s attention – It is not acceptable to ask whether the girl liked the gift at the celebration—no need to insist on explaining to the birthday girl how to use the item. Let the hero of the occasion enjoy the holiday and everyone’s attention. To discuss how pleasant your surprise is, you will burn in a couple of days when the girl opens all the gifts.

Be an examplePresent a gift to a girl in a beautiful package, carefully tied with a ribbon. Do not forget about the flowers for her and mom, a congratulatory speech, and a postcard!

What is Better Not to Give the Girl on Her 11th Birthday

What is the worst mistake you can make on a birthday? Handing is not what the hero of the daydreams is. And there is a list of gifts that it’s better not to give even the granddaughter.

Used things – Used items are easy to recognize. And, if you give such a gift to a girl, you can forever lose her location.

Hygiene products and cosmetics – Pointing out a person to his or her shortcomings directly or indirectly in a decent society are not accepted. And evidently, someone without you will be distinguished by such a “useful gift” that will not bring the girl much joy.

Clothes and shoes – Tell me, can you always choose a new wardrobe item for yourself without trying it on? Not? Then why did you decide that you could accept it from another person without his consent to it?

Certificate – In many cases, the girl will not be able to use it without the participation of adult relatives. Whether they manage to adjust their schedule for visiting the entertainment center or the store before the expiration of the certificate you have handed is unknown.

Plant or pet – With such gifts, you need to be more careful. They do not always bring joy to adult family members who will have to take part in the care of this gift for themselves.

What to Give a Girl 11 Years Old for a Birthday From Her Parents?

Gifts can select from several categories, but they should all show that parents consider her a fairly adult, independent person. Of course, the best gift for children is what they dreamed about.

But if difficulties arise with this, you can look at universal presentations, original souvenirs and gifts related to the daughter’s passion

It would be a good idea to give the eleven-year-old girl who has everything, fun entertainment. Organize a real holiday for her with friends, animators, and dances. If the girl is homely, and quiet, you can arrange a family walks out of town, go to a cafe, or visit a circus.

Beautiful clothes. Do not give the girl ordinary trousers or a sweater for her birthday. Let a dress or a stylish suit in which she can go to parties with her friends or other fashionable gifts become gifts.

Jewelry. If finances allow, you can buy jewelry made of precious metals, but the girl will also be happy with simple jewelry.

Porcelain doll. At 11 years old, the girl can not yet be called an adult who does not show interest in the world of games. A porcelain doll will look stylish in the bedroom of a little princess and teach her to appreciate the genuinely fragile and sophisticated beauty.

Universal Gifts for Girls

The active girl will love the vehicle. It can be:

  • bicycle;
  • videos;
  • sneakers on wheels;
  • Kick scooter.

An excellent gift for a fashionista will be a new outfit. A denim suit, kigurumi, a new dress or shoes should be best if the parents chose them for a presentation.

Watches are perfect for any girl. You can choose an elegant watch model for a young fashionista or a sports model of chronometers for a girl attending the training.

Also, you can always choose a smart thing for your daughter’s room:

  • night light;
  • bedside rug;
  • decorative pillow;
  • unusual panel;
  • alarm clock.

And also a lot of trinkets:

  • music box;
  • decorative mirror;
  • statuette;
  • stuffed toy;
  • jewelry.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

Separately, it should be said about cosmetics for the daughter. Surely she will like a set of decorative cosmetics, appropriate to her age, or a set of care products for skin and hair.

Original Presents

A gift that is not like everyone else is always received with enthusiasm. In this case, you can give the child something inexpensive, but unusual in design and shape.

An original gift for a sister for 11 years on her birthday will be a pasta decoration. It can make in the form of a necklace, necklace, or bracelet. You can also make a beautiful hair clip or elastic for your hair, for example, using pom poms.

You can give a girl 11 years old if she loves vivid sensations, and she likes everything unusual, an ant gel farm. It will become a stylish table decoration. Also, insect care is not required. You only need to open the lid for ventilation from time to time.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

Among the ideas of the best gifts for a girl for 11 years on her birthday, the famous chocolate fountain occupies a worthy place. This is an unusual device that allows you to melt chocolate bars and dunk pieces of fruit, cookies, or other sweets. Invite your beloved girlfriends to visit, and there will be no end to delight!

In extreme cases, you can always find a cup or T-shirt with the original inscription.

Hobbies Gifts

You can give your birthday to an 11-year-old girl with a thing related to her hobbiesIt can be:

  • various sets for creativity;
  • sports equipment;
  • musical instruments;
  • disks;
  • books
  • indoor plant;
  • collectible item;
  • kits for making crafts;
  • puzzles.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

Give the little craftswoman an unusual bouquet of multi-colored woolen balls, if she is fond of knitting, or an unusual form for making ice cream at home for a young hostess.

An excellent gift will be a set for the production of toilet water or handmade scented soap.

Many girls adore computer games and, at times, are in no way inferior to boys. In this case, great gifts can be:

  • headphones;
  • mouse and rug of unusual shape;
  • game discs;
  • original keyboard;
  • flash funny drive design.

A Gift for a Girl on Her 11th Birthday From Her Grandparents

Of course, grandparents will not miss the chance to pamper their beloved granddaughter and buy a girl a gift for 11 years. What can you choose for a birthday girl who has already begun to grow up?

Beautiful Pajamas – Most likely, the girl will like pajamas with cartoon characters, animals, or princesses.

Scrapbooking ki – This type of needlework is gaining popularity. Maybe scrapbooking will become the girl’s new hobby?

Plush Toy – Girls almost sleep with their soft toys before marriage, so such a gift will delight even the one that has everything.

A Set of Cosmetics for the Bathroom – Probably, the birthday girl dreams of using the same cosmetics as her mother. First, you can give her a set for taking a bath: shampoo, shower gel, bath foam, and hair balm. You can complement the gift with a beautiful bathrobe or towel.

What to Give a Girl From Classmates for 11 Years?

If the birthday girl is studying in the class, it is customary to give gifts together, then the amount for the gift can be impressive. In this case, in the list of birthday gifts to a classmate or friend, the leading position is occupied by a large plush toy.

A great present will be a board game. For a girl of 11 years old, perfect:

  • checkers, chess;
  • lotto;
  • 3D puzzle;
  • volumetric constructor.

From inexpensive presents you can choose:

  • glitter felt-tip pens;
  • diary of a girl;
  • funny key rings;
  • a book;
  • sweet gifts;
  • encyclopedia for the girl;
  • stencils for drawing.


Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

You can give a girl 11 years old from a boy an unusual bouquet of balloons or sweets.

A notepad for notes with a helium pen of unusual color or an eraser of a funny form will be a good gift.

You can always carefully study the various workshops on making crafts and give your favorite girl a birthday gift made by yourself.

How to Celebrate a Celebration?

More important than a gift should be the organization of a festive event. Parents should prepare for such an event in advance

You can decorate the house in the morning, put up posters with congratulations, and organize a small party for friends and classmates of the daughter with dancing. Such actions show the girl that her parents understand her growing up and help her daughter remain best friends.

If the family is in financial difficulty, a fun family dinner is a great alternative. You can always bake an inexpensive, beautiful cake, cook your daughter’s favorite dish, or decorate the apartment with balloons, or homemade garlands.

Do not forget that the future woman celebrates her birthday, and presents her with a bouquet!

Warm words, attention and care, unexpected pleasant surprises, and even low cost or preparedness will turn the event into a magical holiday for the little princess.

What to Give to a Girl Who Has Everything

Yes, such lucky ones also have a birthday once a year. And the day before, parents, friends, relatives, and classmates are lost in thought – about how to surprise such a spoiler. The rule of the fulfillment of desires also works in this case, only the dreams of the birthday girl seem to be overstated. Or maybe all this was invented by adults? Likely.

As you know, little joys just create a feeling of happiness. Do not take it literally, we are not talking about diamonds. At 10-11 years old girls feel the time of change – soon the carefree time will end. And the dreams of even the most prosperous young ladies come down to the desire to be beautiful, to remain in the spotlight, to grow up imperceptibly and elegantly.

  • Royal photoshoot  – a fabulous period of serene childhood ends. Adults understand this, the heroine of the upcoming celebration feels it. The idea of ​​filming in the interiors of an old castle or the scenery of a cartoon kingdom is valuable in stopping moments. The session will be remembered as an event, and frames materialize magic.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

  • adventure  – on a quest journey along the routes of fairy-tale and cinematic heroes, in search of hidden treasures or stolen princesses, it is worth going to a friendly company. Common trials rally and trust help a growing person great. After the game, they all go together to the festive table, and this way you will provide even the most modest young lady with a cheerful birthday party.
  • Personal diary  – order a short-run notebook or exclusive: a beautifully published copy in a decorative cover with your favorite characters from fairy tales and films. Here you can write down plans and events of the day, stick photos and drawings, and try yourself in composing poems. Many girls at this age are very passionate about such secret recordings.
  • A pet  – this option is especially suitable for small homebodies, who are still rarely chosen for walks on their own. Kittens are taken more readily – they are so cute, but they are harder to raise. It is easier to make friends with a puppy of a small breed and play more fun, and he will be a devotee with another.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

  • The design of the girl’s room – is a transformation of the room where the girl spends most of the time, including with her friends, which is hard to overestimate. Unlike annual repairs, the changes will be dramatic. Instead of a typical kid style, come up with a girlish, teenage setting with her.
  • Summer cottage pool – those birthday girls who love to splash around and make grandiose plans for a summer cottage with enthusiasm. To the best of volume, the bowl will serve as a home bath for the baby and her friends, and neighbors. In addition, here you can launch boats, and arrange a pond and a house for Thumbelina.
  • A trip to Disneyland or another fabulous park  – Almost all children dream of an entertaining trip. At the end of elementary school, the child will be able to visit most of the attractions, he is not so tired and enjoys the opportunities.

Birthday Gift for 11 Years Old Girl

  • Horseback riding training is a suitable activity for little ladies. But the princess should be eager to learn how to ride and manage a horse, otherwise fear will overpower pleasure. If you previously go on the run, in the arena, then it will become clear to you whether the young lady wanted to become a young Amazon.
  • Jewelry  – educated in abundance, a girl understands the value of jewelry. Nothing massive, demonstrative – rather, miniatures of earrings, rings, and chains with pendants. At the same time as the present, share the rules of storage and preservation of expensive jewelry.
  •  staged holiday  – the famous book or movie tale is taken as the basis. The whole holiday is built on this plot, the main role with the appropriate costumes is intended for the hero of the occasion. Relatives and guests are also in stage dresses and stick to their roles.
  • Dance school  – this is not about a group of folk dances, here we choose coaches for ballroom or modern dances. Value – practice and an educational component. Classes individually or in micro-groups will help the girl become self-confident, learn how to dance, and move at ease.

Birthday Etiquette Rules

They are unwritten, but in the girl community, there are no pretenses. And with growing expectations are increasingly shared on the principle of family or friendships. At 8-9 years old, it is not so important who gave the new fluffy sneakers-grandmothers. At 10, and at 11 all the more, it will be almost a mathematical problem for the birthday girl: what did you mean when choosing a gift?

Since you have gained patience and read the article almost to the end, you deserve some more tips. Of course, these recommendations are not for experienced, respected grandmothers. But for parents, aunts, uncles, family friends, and peers, reading will be useful:

  • Dads and mothers, godparents  – can be generous at any present to pamper and surprise: from the player with headphones and a personal laptop to the first jewelry beauties and designer repairs in the nursery.
  • Grandfathers and grandmothers  – keep an educational, adorable brand: they buy encyclopedias, educational games, bicycles, and other equipment, choose the most magical dresses for their granddaughters, or take them to amusement parks.
  • Relatives  – take on useful little things like a pink hairdryer with combs, funny pillow toys, videos, and sports corners. An exclusive backpack or an entertaining rebus is also an attentive gesture.
  • Friends and girlfriends  – give aquarium fish, notebooks and sets of felt-tip pens, hair clips for girls’ hairstyles, and the first makeup. The closest, with the help of their parents, dare to buy roller wheels for shoes or a karaoke microphone.
  • Neighbors  – may well be limited to a basket of strawberries, a training or music disc, girl’s accessories, or soft toys. With a long friendship, it is permissible to present tickets to parks or concerts, and buy a doll. Yes, childhood has not completely passed.

Birthday Congratulations to 11 Year Old Girl

Congratulate the birthday girl as follows:

  •  Congratulations on your eleventh birthday. I wish you to be surrounded by joyful, bright, and cheerful events. Let friends value you, parents love you, and teachers are proud of you. Let your childhood be like a fairy tale.
  •  I wish to bring you new knowledge and discoveries, interesting conversations, and funny adventures every day. Happy birthday to you!
  •  Kitten, let failures pass you by, let your talents be revealed, and let your friends not leave you in trouble! I wish that your life has developed as you yourself want it.
  •  You are 11 years old, and today you have become a year older, a year wiser, smarter and happier. Let your life be as fun, bright, and colorful as in science fiction books.
  •  On your birthday, I want to wish you that the good fairy will help you in all your affairs, the magic elves will not let you feel sad, and the wise wizard will help you learn for one five.
  •  Beauty, happy birthday to you. Become a pride for your parents and an example for friends and classmates.
  •  Happy Birthday! Go through life with a smile, do not be afraid to believe in a miracle, and do not stop dreaming. You will succeed!
  •  Good morning princess! Happy Birthday to You! I want you to be always cheerful, beautiful, smart, and healthy. Give others a smile and do not lose optimism.
  •  Baby, I congratulate you on the most joyful, magnificent, and significant event – your birthday. May your life be full of miracles, joy, and smiles.
  •  Congratulations to the kindest, beloved and cheerful girl on her birthday! Study well, grow, obey your parents, do not be sick, and do not stop to delight us with your smile. You are our pride and the most important reward.
  • This day is special for me because today the coolest, most fun, most beautiful, and kind girl in the world was born! Your childhood is not over yet, let it last as long as possible and be bright, joyful, and happy. Let you have a good mood today and always.


To choose a surprise for a girl on her 11th birthday, she needs to bring positive emotions to the hero of the occasion. Thus, the 11th anniversary is a significant stage in the life of every girl. She slowly says goodbye to the world of childhood and is gradually approaching adulthood.

Gifts for this holiday to her, without exaggeration, will be remembered for a lifetime, which is why they should be chosen with the soul. So the sincere joy of the girl will reward you for your efforts in finding the best gift for her!

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