55 Best Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girl

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Birthday Gift for 10 Years Old Girls: Thinking of what to give a girl for 10 years? We have 55 great gift ideas for this birthday for you. They are divided into sections: favorite games and toys, fashion accessories and goods for beauty, for handicrafts and creativity, original, for physical development, pets, as well as that can be made by hand.

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Favorite Games and Toys

They are intended both for role-playing games with girlfriends and for independent ones. Let the girl enjoy her childhood for a longer time thanks to such gifts.

1. Fashion Doll

Each year brings its own surprises – the trend for toys is constantly changing. Therefore, if you want to please the birthday girl with a good doll, find out about the new products. They are usually sold in a set with accessories.

2. Clothes for Dolls

Buy things the size of the girl’s favorite doll. For baby dolls – children’s sandpots and overalls, for a toy fashionista – various dresses, hats or even shoes with heels.

3. House With Furniture for Dolls

Nowadays, room boxes are in vogue – these are separate rooms where you can organize the interior and furnishings at your discretion, a kind of constructor for a future designer. They even have lighting.

4. Beauty Saloon

With him, you can bring beauty to all your dolls. The set has everything – from a hairbrush to a hairdryer, by the way, there are bottles of perfume too. Well, the coolest gift will be a beauty salon with a dressing table.

5. Bust Mannequin for Hairstyles

The mannequin doll has long hair on which you can practice hairdressing – make hair, decorate with accessories. You can also wear makeup.

6. Goods for the Game in the Store

First of all, you need a cash register that works like a real one, even sounds the same. There are also toy plastic products on sale – from sausages to vegetables, a cart and even counters.

7. Talking Repeat Hamster

He is so funny – he repeats what he is told, only in a funny, squeaky voice. A hamster can easily cheer up even on the saddest day.

8. Boardgame

It can be “Monopoly” in the style of “glamor”, logic puzzles, such as mahjong or puzzles, gambling – bingo or dominoes, in general, all those that can captivate the birthday girl and her girlfriends for a long time.

9. Interactive Toy

The most interesting thing for girls is a baby doll that behaves like a real child. But there are others, no less fascinating, for example, a tabletop robot that will become a friend for the birthday girl.

10. Big Soft Toy

A teddy bear or a hare is needed not only for toddlers but also for school girls. Such toys serve as a kind of antidepressant, they are so pleasant to hug!

Fashion Accessories and Beauty Products

10 years is already time to be fashionable, to show off in front of classmates and friends from the yard. And such gifts will help the girl find her own style.

1. The Chain With a Pendant Is a Sign of the Zodiac

It is believed that such a talisman protects its mistress from all sorts of adversity. It can be a symbol for the sign of the zodiac or images of a lion, a virgin, twins, etc.

2. Decorations in the Form of Fruits, Vegetables and Berries

Accessories fashionable in our time – rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Most often, they are made in two halves.

3. Summer Hat or Bandana

The choice of a gift depends on the girl’s style. For a romantic nature, a crocheted or straw hat is suitable, and for a fidget girl – a cool biker bandana.

4. Gloves or Mitts

Mittens are for children, and you can already buy gloves for a young lady, for example, demi-season gloves for spring-autumn. Or trendy “fingerless” mitts – fluffy woolen or thin lace.

5. Glowing Jewelry

Pendants, bracelets, beads, laces for sneakers and even curls of hair. They have a soft neon glow or flickering lights thanks to special impregnation or tiny batteries.

6. Decorative Cosmetics

The set is almost the same as for adults, several levels in the box – there are shadows, lip gloss, nail polish. The composition of the cosmetics is hypoallergenic, harmless, and the colors are not very bright.

7. Children’s Perfume

Perfume or eau de toilette should have a subtle, slightly sweet scent with hints of fruit or vanilla. A good choice would be the Malizia Bon Bons children’s perfume, specially designed for young people.

8. Handbag

This is a mandatory attribute of style, especially a very practical one – no need to stuff your pockets with all sorts of little things. For a young fashionista, a bright handbag with a shoulder strap is suitable.

9. Umbrella

The assortment of girls’ umbrellas is huge: classic ones with pictures, transparent, with animal faces and ears on the dome, folding and canes. But the main criteria for choosing are lightweight and a dome size of about 90 cm.

10. Fur Keychain

It can be just a fluffy ponytail or a soft faux fur toy. The pendant can be attached to a bunch of keys, to the strap of a handbag or a backpack – everything is in the theme and for a “cute” style.

Gifts for Needlework and Creativity

If the birthday girl is quite assiduous and has a creative streak, then the next ten gifts will be interesting for her. Let him discover some new hobby or improve in his favorite hobby.

1. Topiary Set

Is it possible to grow a tree in a pot in one day? Of course, yes, if it is artificial. The set contains everything you need – a glass of cement “for planting” and decorations for the trunk and crown.

2. Embroidery Kit

There are many options: beading, sequins, a cross-stitch on the hoop and diamond. The kits contain all the necessary materials and tools, you do not need to buy anything in addition.

3. Glowing Stained Glass Window

The girl will be able to independently assemble a beautiful stained-glass window for her window. The set includes a transparent base for a mosaic, elements of different shapes, a template, 4 suction cups and instructions for making.

4. Children’s Sewing Machine

Not a toy, but quite real, which lays the lines. Usually, the kit contains scraps of fabric, thread, ribbons and patterns, and the machine itself is equipped with a pull-out drawer for storing materials.

5. Sewing Kit for Soft Felt Toys

A great gift for a birthday girl who has a younger brother or sister – she will sew toys for someone. In any set, there are ready-made patterns and decorations.

6. Floriana Accessories

Gifts for a girl who is engaged in the cultivation of indoor plants and makes flower arrangements. Present a decor for a florarium or a special multifaceted glass vase.

7. Goods for the Young Artist

Set with pencils, paints and markers or easel. And a novice artist can be presented with a painting by numbers – it will become her first masterpiece.

8. Plasticine or Modeling Mass

Now “light” plasticine for filigree modeling or “plush” – soft and fluffy is very relevant. Well, the multi-colored mass is also in great demand due to its elasticity.

9. Musical Instrument or Karaoke Microphone

Well, if a girl wants to do vocals, then the microphone is in her hands.

10. A Set for a Young Actress

How can a girl overcome her fears and complexes before the stage if she dreams of becoming an actress? The set will help her. It contains a CD for the development of speech techniques, a ready-made script, props and even an Oscar.

Original Gifts

Presentations that will cause surprise or laughter. In addition, they are all quite practical, and the girl will be interested in using them.

1. Popcorn Machine

It is quite small, measuring 40×21 cm, but nevertheless, you can quickly prepare a whole portion of sweet or salty popcorn in it. It is also a wonderful decor for a girl’s room.

2. Apparatus for Making Cotton Candy

And this is a gift for the sweet tooth. It is very simple to use it – you need to pour a spoonful of sugar into a special hole and then wind the “cobweb” on a stick. Safe to operate.

3. Chocolate Fountain

Another gift for making a treat, it is also called chocolate fondue. Warm chocolate cascades down the fountain and you can dip pieces of fruit and berries strung on a skewer into it.

4. An Unusual Lamp

A lightbox with her photo will be a wonderful gift for a girl. This is a kind of backlit painting, and it can be done in some form, for example, in the form of a little princess.

5. A Giant Pillow

This is not just a pillow, this is a real bed, but without legs and body. For example, this “Alligator” made of plush with a recess for sleeping on the back is a luxurious sleeping place, albeit non-standard.

6. Glowing Stars on the Ceiling

A gift for a romantic person or for a girl who is afraid to fall asleep in the dark. The stars can be glued to ceilings and walls and they will shine with a soft, light green light.

7. Antistress Toy

For example – neogam, fashionable among children, elastic hand crusher. But there are other options – a nice-to-touch toy filled with granules or a spring-loaded tabletop pear for a little rebel.

8. Keychain Flashlight “raging Rabbit”

Sometimes the girl has to return from school or from a walk alone, and the lights are not always on in the entrances. Such a rabbit can light the way and still declare his love, saying: “I love you”.

9. Ceramic Speaker for a Smartphone

In order to have a pajama party with your girlfriends, it is not at all necessary to turn on the music center. It is enough to insert a smartphone into such a device and the sound will be amplified.

10. Diary With a Lock for Personal Notes

Girls at this age already have their own secrets – joys, disappointments and even their first love. In order not to keep everything to herself, she can write them down in such a diary.

Gifts for Physical Development

Very useful gifts for playing sports and games at the same time, which allows you not to allocate special time for training. Here are the best ideas for such presentations for you.

1. Bicycle, Scooter or Rollers

With such a gift, you want to immediately run out into the street and start rolling, showing off to your friends. For a girl, already teenage “transport” is suitable, the main thing is that it can be adjusted in size.

2. Remedies

This is a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Such gifts are needed to safely ride a bike, roller skate or scooter. The design of these tools is reliable.

3. Outdoor Games

Twister, small towns, bowling, basketball with a hoop, cricket, rounders, relay legs and sacks, mini-golf, ring throws, badminton or archery – that’s how many!

4. Swedish Wall

If a girl for her 10 years old is completely restless, then such a wall will really come in handy for her, and preferably with all sorts of devices – a horizontal bar, rings, a ladder and a rope.

5. Beach Gifts

As soon as children come to the pond in the summer, it can be difficult to get them out of the water – they splash until shivering and blue in the face. In this case, for the complete safety of the girl, give her an inflatable raft, circle, mattress or vest.

Pets Gifts

Such a gift to a birthday girl can only be given with the permission of her parents – you will have to take care of the animals! And although pets in these five ideas do not cause allergies and do not need to be walked, they still require food and cleaning.

1. Bird in a Cage

A canary or budgerigar, you can even give a couple to keep them from getting bored. These are funny birds who love communication and chirp cheerfully. Only such birds need a spacious cage.

2. Turtle

There is a lot of trouble with the sea turtle – it needs a special terrarium with water, and it bites painfully. Therefore, it is best to buy an overland one – it is slow, calm and can live in a cardboard box.

3. Rodent

Guinea pig, chess mouse, hamster, rabbit, chinchilla, or even a decorative rat (for an amateur). All of them are cute and unpretentious, only some rodents need to live in a society (for example, mice).

4. Fish in the Aquarium

To avoid any special hassle, it is best to buy small guppies for a child or a beautiful cockerel that can live alone. But it is best to give them right away in the aquarium.

5. Ant Farm

This is a transparent container with a gel filler, where many ant passages are laid. The birthday girl will be interested in watching the life of insects.

DIY Gifts

And finally, 5 more interesting gift ideas for a girl for 10 years, which you can make yourself. Each description has its own master class on the video.

1. Interior Guardian Angel Made of Fabric

According to legend, such an angel will protect his mistress from troubles and misfortunes. And it is quite simple to make it – the dress and wings are sewn from dense material, the head is made of thin fabric, and the hair is made of woolen threads.

2. Hat “beanie” Is Made of a Rectangle of Fabric With an Unusual Crown

No patterns are needed, and it is sewn simply and quickly. This is a demi-season hat made of lightweight fabric. And if the girl wants, she can let her hair out through the hole on the top of her head.

3. Painting “Fairy Moon”

Painting for beginners, very easy to make. You will need titanium white, gouache of different colors, brushes (thin and flat synthetics), a palette, water, a thick A4 sheet, cotton swabs and scotch tape.

4. Candy Soap With a Water-soluble Cartoon Picture

An amazing gift that a birthday girl can mistake for a treat. But still, this is a soap, in the center of which is an image with your favorite fairy-tale characters.

5. Pinata

This is a hollow toy for sweets made of papier-mâché for a children’s party. It will need to be broken, and all the sweets will fall out. You can make this piñata in the form of a large candy wrapper.


If, thanks to our list, you have already chosen a gift, then here is another piece of advice for you – buy a bouquet of flowers for a young lady. It is not necessary to take a luxurious one, let it be small, but touching, especially for a small table vase.

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