30 Best Birthday Decoration Ideas and Tips in 2023

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Best Birthday Decoration Ideas: One of the important dates for children is a birthday. If you want this date to be a very memorable moment, why not celebrate it big? It is not necessary to get yourself a place, you can also do it at home.

Birthday Decoration Ideas

In this article, you will find many ideas for children’s birthday decorations, both classic and original that you will love.

30 Ideas to Decorate on Birthdays

1. Decorated Balloons

Birthday Decoration Ideas

At a children’s birthday party, balloons are a must. And if you want to give a little originality, decorate them so that they are more attractive. You can place polka dots of different colors, stick mini pompoms, or even paint them.

2. Figure Balloons

Today there are different shapes and sizes of balloons, which just by placing them will help you decorate for the birthday party. You can get balloons shaped like stars, hearts, unicorns, donuts, dinosaurs, even favorite characters, and many more.

3. Balloons on Wall

Birthday Decoration Ideas

To give your wall a festive touch on your birthday, decorate the balloons by randomly placing them in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even put dogs like other figures made of balloons. By filling with balloons, space will immediately be filled with colors and a lot of joy. Kids will love them very much.

4. Balloon Garland

A little laborious, but not very difficult to do, tie and join the balloons until you reach the preferred size. You can combine it with different types of balloons, even flowers or other decorations. Also play with colors, textures, and sizes. It is perfect for decorating a birthday table.

5. Figures Made of Balloons

Birthday Decoration Ideas

It’s a bit complex to do it, but it will look fantastic. Use various colors and sizes of balloons to assemble an object, animal, or character, depending on the theme you will make on the birthday or according to what the birthday boy loves.

6. Fruits Made of Balloons

With balloons plus the colored cardboard cut in the shape of leaves, you can create fruits made of balloons. In addition to the pineapple, you can create balloons of apples, grapes, lemons, oranges, even cherries, and many more.

7. Balloons on Your Ceiling

Do you want to put color on your ceiling? Fill your ceiling with balloons with colors that you prefer inflated with helium. The fuller it is, the more colorful it will be. Guests and even birthday children will be amazed.

8. Balloon Entrance

If you want to impact the guests from the entrance of your house on the day of your birthday, it is an option to make a balloon arch. Like the garland, join the balloons until you reach the size you prefer. They will look even better if you combine colored balloons randomly.

9. Happy Birthday Balloons

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Place balloons with the letters “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Birthday”, when the birthday boy sees them, he will be surprised. The classic is the golden color, but you can get other colors or even combine them as it is in the image. It does not have to be just for children’s birthdays, it can be for anyone, and everyone will be amazed.

10. Numbers with Balloons

Gather balloons of different sizes and colors, forming numbers of the age that the birthday boy will be. You can put it on a wall for family and friends to take a photo as a souvenir.

11. Flower Numbers

Like the previous idea, gather flowers of different sizes, they can be artificial flowers, even made of paper or other materials. In this case, glue the flowers onto a base of the number shape the birthday boy will have.

12. Paper Flowers for Wall

Would you like a theme full of flowers for a birthday? With colored cardboard and scissors, you can create a variety of flowers and leaves that you can decorate, giving life and joy to your home. Before doing it, choose the color palette and follow a pattern to make it very charming and prevent it from looking overdone.

13. Happy Birthday Garlands

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Cut the papers in the shape of little flags, and paste the letters “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Birthday”. You can also add the name of the protagonist of the day. Make two holes to pass the thread and voila. This decoration can be made not only for birthdays, but also for other events, such as Christmas, New Year, and many more.

14. Led String Lights

When decorating with these garlands, they will make them look good regardless of whether it is day or night, also their advantage is that at night it can give a different effect, making it very ideal for photogenic areas.

15. Pom Pom Garlands

With colored yarns that you prefer, you can make various types of pompoms, and by joining them on a string or thread, you can create a garland of pompoms. Decorate them on the walls, and tables up to the ceilings so that the atmosphere is colorful.

16. Garlands Made With Tissue Paper

Get yourself tissue papers and choose the colors you prefer, cut them every one centimeter wide, twice as long as your garland will have. Gather and fold the papers in half using the thread that will tighten it, stick it with a tape on top to fix and you’re done.

17. Diy Figure Garlands

You can do it yourself with colored cards, glue, threads, and your creativity. The garlands can be with shapes or figures of candles, gift boxes, cakes, or any element that relates to the birthday or the theme for decoration.

18. Garlands for Stairs

Birthday Decoration Ideas

The stairs are another option to decorate garlands for the birthday day. In the same way as the previous ideas, they can be with any type of garland such as balloons, flowers, flags, etc. For this, you just have to tie it to the handrails of your staircase, and voila, they will undoubtedly look beautiful.

19. Cake Garlands

Why not garland the birthday cake too? If it is very simple, by placing it, you can make it stand out and attract attention. Cut the paper in the shape of little flags, it can be of any color and texture, you can even add letters. Make two holes to pass the thread, tie the threads to the wooden skewers, and finally put it on the birthday cake, it will be very attractive.

20. Happy Birthday Candles

Birthday Decoration Ideas

One way to decorate your table put candles with the letters “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Birthday”, they can all be the same color, even different to make it look very colorful and fun.

These can be placed in birthday cakes and also in other desserts such as cupcakes.

21. Birthday Tablecloth

You can get or even create a tablecloth for birthdays, only by extending it to the table can you give a festive touch and a lot of joy. Combine with the colors of the kitchenware and other decorations, they will look excellent.

22. Decorative Glasses

Birthday Decoration Ideas

In transparent or white glass, decorate freely with fabrics or washi tape that you love, and combine them with various colors, materials, and textures. Try not to use glue, to fix use threads or strings to tie, it can also be easy to remove tapes such as washi tape. The good thing about this is that after celebrating the birthday, you can easily remove it.

23. DIY Vases

For the birthday, decorate your coffee table with vases of your own design. Like decorative glasses, they can be freely decorated with materials of your choice. But I recommend keeping them simple so that the flowers stand out more.

24. Bases for Birthday Cake

Do you want the birthday cake to stand out? Use cake bases, since by placing them in the center of the table and raising it, you can draw attention. The classic is a white one, however, there are a variety of heights, sizes, materials, and colors, which you can choose according to the theme you will decorate.

25. Fun Pinatas

Birthday Decoration Ideas

For the children’s birthday party you can never miss the piñatas. You can get yourself one, even make it yourself. With cardboard, a variety of types of paper and colors, scissors, and many sweets, and toys you can make it and decorate it freely. If you create one of the favorite toys or characters of the birthday boy, he will love it very much.

26. Themed Pinatas

Like the previous idea, in this case, you can do it by adapting to the theme that the decoration will have for the birthday. If the theme is the little mermaid, the piñata can be made of a sea shell like the image, or even a star from the sea.

27. Birthday Hats

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Create some birthday hats that play well with the theme that will be on the birthday. They can be simple as can be seen in the image, and they can also be freely decorated, with polka dots, frosts, drawings, pompoms, etc.

28. Photobooth

Birthday Decoration Ideas

On a special days like birthdays, we take plenty of photos to keep as memories. Why not create a photo booth space? It will be fun and everyone will want to take photos and post them on social media.

It is possible to decorate with any element, for example, you can use decorations from previous ideas, such as the balloon garland, decorated balloons, paper flowers, etc. I recommend adding colored curtains or backgrounds to make it very photogenic.

29. Themed Accent Tables

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Choose a theme that the birthday boy loves, and choose the colors and shapes that you will use. Then, put balloon garlands, Happy Birthday letters, the age of the birthday, tablecloth, and tableware that is consistent with the theme.

Do not forget the original desserts and snacks, and finally, the most important, the birthday cake in the central part.

30. Original Snacks and Desserts

Snacks and desserts are very important for the birthday, and if it is a very special day, why not make it special too? Like the previous idea, choose a theme and apply it to food as well. For example, if your theme is the movie Frozen, you can use colors related to winter.

In this case, blue and white tones are being used in marshmallows, cupcakes with buttercream, and cookies with icing, among others.

How to Plan a Surprise for the Birthday?

Birthday Decoration Ideas

To start, think about the theme it will have and you have listed the things you need, such as food, decorations, gifts, etc., and get everything in advance for your birthday.

One day before the celebration, at night, when the boy or girl went to sleep, begins to decorate everything, you must do it carefully and without making too much noise, as it may wake up.

If you have school that day, you can do it while you are not at home. Gather family and friends before the birthday boy or girl arrives at the house, and when he arrives, shout Surprise! It will certainly be an unforgettable day.


There is a wide variety of types of decorations that can be made, some easy to do and others a bit complex, within the ideas I shared, choose the most perfect that you think of to decorate your home and surprise everyone.

Have an excellent birthday with the most important people!

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