Birthday Contests for Children 9 Years Old

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Birthday Contests for Children 9 Years Old: In order for the holiday to bring a lot of positive emotions to the child and to be remembered by the guests for a long time, it is necessary to carefully prepare for it. Preparation involves compiling a menu, developing a script and an entertainment program, and decorating a room.

Birthday Contests for Children 9 Years Old

Children cannot sit still, they like to measure strength and ingenuity with each other. Participation in games awakens in them the spirit of healthy competition and improves mood. Therefore, the script must include competitions in which each guest is involved. At the same time, the rules of the games should be as simple as possible.

Top 50 Fun Games and Contests for a Child’s Ninth Birthday

Below is a list of games and competitions that can be included in the entertainment program on the occasion of the ninth anniversary.

Game “Rainbow Palette”

Players stand side by side, forming a semicircle. The host says the name of any color. Children have only 3 seconds to touch the item of the desired color. The one who could not find such an item is considered to be out. Then the facilitator calls the color again, and the participants search for objects. The winner is the one who can find all the colors in the allotted time.

Competition “Whose name is this?”

Participants are divided into teams. Each team is given a card with the same task – to decipher the name of the hero. As an example, you can take the name “Piero”, and encrypt it in this way: 17 letters of the alphabet + 30 letters of the alphabet + 6 letters of the alphabet + 18 letters of the alphabet + 16 letters of the alphabet. The team that solves the problem the fastest is declared the winner.

The game “One, two, one and a half”

Children dance to the music. At a certain moment, the music is turned off, and the organizer calls a random number (within the number of participants). Let’s say that he announced the number 5 – then the players stand in groups of 5 people. The one who could not get into the top five is out of the game. If a half value (2.5, 3.5, 4.5) is named as the leader, one member of the team stands on one leg. The team that fails to complete the task is out.

The die is cast game

Prepare a bag or hat for the game. The hat is pre-filled with the personal belongings of the participants. The guys close their eyes and take turns pulling an object from there. Having taken it out, they make a wish, which is then fulfilled by the owner of the thing.

Competition “Young Parodist”

Children receive cards with the names of singers and song titles. The child must parody the performer by trying on his image and singing a song. It is better to take care of the musical accompaniment and lyrics in advance.

Eat If You Can Contest

Stock up on props: candy and boxing gloves. Choose two “fighters” from among the volunteers, bring them to the center of the room, and provide each with gloves and candy. The contestants will have to remove the wrapper from the candy and eat it without taking off their boxing gloves. Whoever copes faster, he won.

Competition “Who will inflate the balloon faster?”

Each player receives a balloon. After the leader’s command, the children, with all their strength, inflate the balloon and tie it. The goal of the game is to do it faster than the opponent.

Game “Who are you?”

The host writes the name of each month on paper, and in front of them makes a column with adjectives (funny, cute, thoughtful, decisive, aggressive, etc.). Then he writes numbers from 1 to 31 in a column, and to the right of each of them are the names of animals (chanterelle, hedgehog, squirrel, mouse, wolf, rabbit). Next, the leader in turn invites children to his place, naming him the month and day of their birth. The adult tells the player who he is by matching words from different columns. It turns out funny combinations like an aggressive squirrel and a pensive hedgehog. The task of the player is to portray his character as realistically as possible.

Contest “Elusive Button”

An adult divides the children into 2 teams, each should have the same number of players. Teams sit at the table opposite each other. The participants of both teams, sitting first, put a button on their index fingers. After the signal, the child tries to pass the button to the neighbor using only the index finger. The next participant takes it on his index finger and passes it on. And so on the chain. The team in which the last player gets the button first wins.

Competition “Each lock – a key”

For the game, you need to prepare 2 bunches of keys and 2 locks. Children are divided into 2 groups. Each receives a lock and a bunch of keys. After the leader’s command, the participants try to pick up the key to the keyhole. Whoever picks the lock the fastest wins.

Balloon Blow Contest

The participant is blindfolded. In front of him is a table on which lies a balloon. An adult turns the child with his back to the table and asks him to step forward 4 times. Next, the player scrolls around him 2-3 times. The host takes him by the hand and leads him back to the table. The goal of the task is to blow on the ball until it falls. The child will be disoriented, and he is unlikely to be able to do this right away. The audience will be able to laugh a lot.

Lost Tail Contest

An animal is drawn on sheet A4, but it does not have a tail. A blindfolded child tries to draw it. Whose drawing turned out to be more accurate, he won.

Competition “Speed ​​dressing”

Players are divided into teams, and each of them stands in a circle. In the center of the circle is a basket or box of clothes. The host gives a start, and the children begin to put on things from the box. The task is to change clothes faster than rivals.

Competition “What does the world sound like?”

Before playing the game, download on the Internet the sounds that we often hear around – the chirping of birds, the falling raindrops, the howling of wolves, and the sound of train wheels. Let the children listen to each sound. If someone guessed what it sounds like, then he raises his hand and gives an answer. The winner is the one with the most correct answers.

Competition “Chain”

Children are divided into 2-3 teams. Each of them receives a pack of paper clips. The goal of the game is to make a chain out of paper clips. The time to complete the task is limited. As soon as it expires, the host measures the length of the chains and awards the victory to the one who has it more.

Competition “We tie a scarf”

Scarves are hung on the backs of chairs. The girl sits on a chair, the boy stands next to him. As soon as the host gives the command, the boys begin to tie scarves on the heads of the girls. The winner is the one who did it faster than the other participants.

Contest “Guess the Fruit”

Stock up on rope, fruit, thread, scissors, and blindfolds. Hang the rope horizontally, securing it on both sides. Tie fruit to it with strings. Participants are called in turn, they are blindfolded and untwisted. Children are required to approach the rope, cut the thread with the fruit and say what they are holding in their hands.

Competition “Language without bones”

The winner will be the one who speaks a few tongue twisters more clearly:

  • Sasha sewed a hat to Sashka, Sasha knocked a bump off with a hat;
  • Grass in the yard, firewood on the grass. Do not cut wood on the grass of the yard;
  • Beavers go to bora cheeses. Beavers are kind, beavers are cheerful.

Game “Hot Potato”

Prepare a rubber ball for the competition. Participants stand in a circle, trying to stay away from neighbors. While the music is playing, the children quickly pass the ball to each other in a clockwise direction. The music is abruptly turned off. Whoever has the ball left loses. The game continues until the moment when all but one of them exits the game.

Competition “Reeling fishing rods”

To play, you will need pencils and string. Tie a pencil to its ends, and make a knot in the center. Call 2 players. They need to get to the knot as quickly as possible by winding their part of the cord around the pencil. Whoever did it first, won.

If you are organizing a holiday for a nine-year-old child, be sure to use the games from this collection. The birthday boy and his guests will experience a flurry of positive emotions from participation.


Fun and fun competition for all ages. All participants are given a lollipop. The task of the players is to dissolve it faster than others. The main thing is not to bite the candy. Whoever does it first, wins. You need to choose smaller sweets, not very large, so as not to keep the guys busy for a long time.


A good competition for skill, where you need to take an active part. The task is that the host releases a large number of balloons in the room. Children must catch and hold them. Whoever manages to collect the most balls, keeping them with him, wins.

Guess the body part

In advance, you need to prepare cards on which various letters are written. The idea is that, at the command of the host, the players must attach a card to the part of the body that begins with the specified letter. If someone fails, the player is out.

Driver and car

To play the game, you need to break into pairs of a boy and a girl. Each pair is given a piece of paper, pencils and scissors. For a set time, with the help of their imagination, the guys in a pair must draw a car and a driver. As a rule, a guy draws a car, and a girl draws a driver. The pair with the most original set wins.

Wolf hunting

Initially, 1 person is chosen to be the wolf. At the signal of the leader, the wolf must catch the rest of the small swan geese, which will hide behind the back of the wolf. To catch the wolf means to touch the shoulder of the participant. A certain amount of time is allocated for the whole process. Further, during the rounds, the wolves can change.

Mushroom pickers

The game can be played even at home. In advance, the parent or facilitator should cut out a lot of mushrooms from paper, which should be scattered on the floor in the absence of participants. Once all the players are indoors, they must focus and pick up all the mushrooms they find. Whoever shows the best speed and collects the most wins.


To play, you need to divide the room into 2 parts with a screen or canvas with a hole. On the one hand, the team becomes, and on the other, the driver. The player’s task is to guess whose hand appears in the hole. Drivers can be changed during the competition.

Air pointer

This competition can be offered to children of any age. The main thing is that they know how to handle tape and balloons. Players are divided into teams. The task of each of these is to make a pointer out of balloons as long as possible by connecting the elements together with adhesive tape. A very exciting and fun game for any event.

Wolves and goats

Cool and funny game for elementary school. Of all those present, one wolf is chosen, and the rest are goats. Circles are drawn on the floor with tape or chalk – these are houses for kids. From time to time they will visit each other. At this time, the wolf can catch them. If you succeeded, then the game starts from the beginning, but there are already two wolves.

Bagels on fingers

This competition is easy to arrange during the feast. It will take several dozen medium-sized bagels. The task of the guys is to put as many flour products on their fingers as possible. Whoever manages to put on 5 fingers more bagels on five fingers in half a minute wins.

Well-aimed blow

The competition is perfect for a girl’s celebration, despite the fact that it is about target shooting. In advance, you need to prepare a banner or sheet with markings in the form of a target, as well as darts or small balls. The task of each team is to score more hits on the bull’s eye.

Tightrope walkers

A short and funny competition for any age category, which will be one of the best in the collection of entertainment for any children’s party. It is suitable for home use. The task of the players is to walk along the edge of the carpet for as long as possible with arms outstretched to the side, without lowering them or stumbling.

Blind self-portrait

Creative competition for the development of dexterity and imagination. In advance, you need to prepare a large drawing paper with two slots for your hands. The task of the guys is to stick their hands into the holes, take a pencil and draw their self-portraits on paper. Whoever gets the most complete and realistic version wins.


For this game adventure, you need props: a lock and a bunch of keys. There should be more than 10 of them. The task of the guys on the team is to find the right key to the lock as quickly as possible.

Treasure of the Pirates

The game is suitable for teams with more than 2 people. In advance, you need to prepare coins from improvised materials. The host scatters them around the premises. During the game, participants will have to pick up as many coins as possible. The competition will not be easy because the teenagers will be blindfolded.

My prize

The competition requires adult attention as children will be using scissors. You need to tie small original gifts to the thread, you can candy or small apples, for example. The main thread is pulled between two points. The child is blindfolded. He needs to offer to cut off his prize, directing him to a thread with gifts. The main thing is to remember that the child has an unsafe office tool in his hands.

Young designer

A great and creative competition for a girl’s party. You will need to prepare in advance a lot of scarves, shawls, ribbons, hats, paper pieces, tape and other things that can be used to create an image for a given theme. Girls will create and feel like a designer, creating a modern, unforgettable look for a fashion show. In the end, you can invite the models to walk along a fictitious podium for guests.

Drunk alphabet

An intellectual competition for those who can easily repeat the alphabet at speed. A difficult task due to the fact that you need to say the alphabet in reverse order. Everyone can participate in turn, the host will mark the time. The winner is the one who can do it the fastest. He was awarded a gift: you can give any prize, for example, a kilogram of marmalade.

Break firewood

Cool board game. Participants need to distribute a box of matches. The competition is that in 1 minute the players must break as many matches as possible. The important point is that each was completely broken.

What in the world exactly …

A simple game that resembles a quiz. It is perfect for a group of friends who can be divided into teams. You need to figure out exactly seven things in the world, for example. So, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 notes or 7 wonders of the world. You can think of any number in the question. The main thing is that the game can be planned in any room and for any company.

Tuzik and heating pad

A mini-game that can easily amuse children. Participants are given a sheet of paper. Once the facilitator says “start”, the players have 2 minutes to tear the sheet into more pieces without using their hands.

Step by step

A competition where you have to move and show ingenuity. It is necessary to divide the children into 2-3 teams with the same number of people. Everyone lines up one after the other. The task of the team is to make the longest line of steps. Everyone takes a step, in turn, one after the other. As an option – even sit on the twine, if possible. The team with the longest step line wins.

Old age is joy

Teenage team competition, which is popular with children. Each team receives a senior kit: a scarf, glasses, a bathrobe, a cane, etc. You need to surprise guests in 5 minutes and make an old man out of one accomplice. After that, the old men will have to perform a song or dance. The most stylish and active pensioner wins.

Vampire bite

For an outdoor game, you need a small special prop – chewing or regular vampire jaws. The driving player will be a vampire who must catch a crowd of guys. If you managed to bite the escaping, he is out of the game. The remaining three players win.

Fill the bucket

A bucket is useful for the game, more precisely four. A kind of relay race is better suited for the street and good weather. All players are divided into 2 teams. A bucket filled with water is placed on the start line for each team, and an empty bucket is placed on the finish line. The competition is about which team will transfer more water to the finish line in 3 minutes with their palms. You can make the process easier and give the participants the usual small bowls. This will make it easier to carry water for transfusion into the second bucket.

Ordinal gift

The guys are divided into 2 teams. Each participant receives a serial number. After that, the leader moves away from the teams at an equal distance of several meters. He will take out some kind of surprise gift from the package, for example, a banana. At the same time, the host will say “This is a banana for third parties.” Players with card number 3 must run and be the first to collect the prize. Whichever team gets the most prizes wins.

Animal world

A funny game where the host makes an animal for the children, saying 2-3 words. For example, neck-spots are a giraffe. The first child to raise their hand answers.

Looking for color

For the game you need a leader who will guess the colors. At his command, the participants need to find the right shade in the clothes of other guests and put their palms on it. Anyone who can’t find it is out of the game.

My hero

The host describes in one sentence a certain hero of a cartoon or fairy tale. Children must guess who it is and remember its name. The first person to raise their hand and answer correctly wins a prize.


A cool bright competition where children will show their imagination. All participants are given 1 one-color balloon. It will be an empty uninhabited planet. The player’s task is to decorate the planet with a new fabulous country with its inhabitants.

Rating of Competitions for 9 Years Old Girl

Shall we play?

It takes a lot of toys to play with. All participants, except for the birthday boy, are blindfolded. And the hero of the occasion brings a toy to the players in turn. The essence of the fun is that the kids should feel and understand what kind of toy is in their hands: a wolf, a pirate, a doll, a gun, etc.


Players are divided into teams. The first pinch the ball between the knees. At the leader’s command, he should start jumping to the mark where the players need to check in, turn around and return to the team to pass the baton to the next member. Whose team completes faster – that one wins.

Greeting card

We offer in an entertaining format to congratulate the birthday girl on the holiday. Each participant receives colored pencils and a sheet of paper. The task is to draw a postcard that will be original and give it to the hero of the occasion.


A great game option for girls. Every nurse should be able to provide first aid. Therefore, the players are divided into boy-girl pairs, where the participant will have to bandage a fictitious fracture. The most accurate nurse wins.


Great competition for young ladies. They will be housewives who need to collect all the “garbage” from the floor with their eyes closed. These can be cubes, paper balls, pens, etc. The winner is chosen based on the number of items collected.

Thirst for Victory

Quick and easy contest. It can be played in any condition and with any number of players. The task is that you need to drink a glass of juice or water faster than others. So it will be possible to understand which warrior strives for victory the most.


For this game, you need to print images (pictures) of the skeletons of different animals. Children are divided into groups with the same number of participants. Each has a sheet with many images of skeletons, and by signaling “start” the players must guess which skeleton belongs to whom. Whoever gives the fastest and most correct answers wins.

I am a cartoon character

Each player in turn must demonstrate their favorite character from a movie or cartoon in an interesting way. In this, they will be helped by facial expressions, emotions and ingenuity. The rest will guess. Heroes can be loved, both modern and old Soviet ones.


A creative contest where you have to correctly answer questions about the resulting color. Each team or player is given a piece of paper that says, for example, “red + blue”, “yellow + green”, etc. Players also receive a palette of paints and brushes. They must quickly conduct the experiment according to the description on the card and name the correct answers.


You need to prepare forfeits in advance, on which various household appliances will be written. For example, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. The task of the children is to show how this device works. This can help with gestures and facial expressions. The game will perfectly entertain not only eight-year-old and nine-year-old children but also adults.

The Best Birthday Contests for Children 9 Years Old

Airplane battle

Interesting competitive thematic competition. Each participant must make an airplane out of a piece of paper. A line is drawn in advance, and a few meters from it it is necessary to hang an empty ring or put a bucket, for example. Players must launch the airplane from the start line so that it hits the target. The game goes on until someone in the process of participation hits the target.

Let’s break through the defense

Dexterous entertainment for strength and ingenuity. Players are divided into 2 teams. The teams line up and join hands. It is important to stand close to each other. Opposite lines become backs. In front of each team draw a line that indicates the threshold. The task of the team is to push the opponent behind this line.

Marksman sniper

Sports battle for agility and accuracy. Each participant receives an empty bucket and paper or tennis balls. The goal of the game is to get as many balls into the bucket as possible in the least number of moves.

I am a magnet

A competition that will be able to help in one’s skills of agility and endurance. Each participant receives several cards on which body parts are written. The task is to attach these cards to the parts of the body in accordance with what is written, and also to keep them in place at the same time as the others. Whoever manages to keep the most cards, in this case, wins.


A simple sporting event suitable for both junior and senior participants. It is necessary to throw as many balls into the ring as possible in 1 minute. It is best to hold such a competition on a street sports ground or in a gym.

Pop the balloon

A mobile skill contest where each participant receives an inflated balloon. The task of the player is to burst it as quickly as possible. Whoever does it last is out of the round. Further, new rounds are held until it reaches the 2 remaining players who will compete for 1st place.


It takes a lot of courage for boys to perform in front of an audience. Everyone receives a card with a text that will need to be told from a chair to the whole class or another audience. The one who is brighter and more emotionally able to play a mini-scene will be able to win.

Collect boxes

The task of the children is to quickly collect the boxes of matches scattered in front of each participant. Whoever gets it right first wins.

Color acquaintance

A great quiet competition, which is suitable for starting an event until everyone starts having fun. The host calls the color, and those guys who have it in their clothes should stand up and take turns telling what their name is and who the child is for the birthday man.

Eat and don’t eat

The competition is always at the top when a competitive program for primary school students is being prepared. The leader walks with the ball and suddenly throws it to one of the players, naming the product or object. If it can be eaten (loaf, for example), then the player must catch the ball, and if not (toadstool mushroom), then discard it.

Mobile Contests


A banal game that is always welcome at the celebration. You need to turn on energetic music, choose a driver and start the game. Make sure everyone has comfortable shoes.

Fun exercise

This competition is a great occasion to warm up and do light sports training. The host will show funny movements to the music, and the participants must repeat. Whoever gets lost is out of the game.

Bottle jars

A kind of bowling alley that you can arrange at home. In advance, you need to prepare empty plastic bottles and a tennis ball. The task of the players is to knock down all the bottles. To have fun, fill one bottle with water, so it won’t fall, and the guys will have to rack their brains over the riddle.

Obstacle course

This competition will be more suitable for outdoor activities (dacha, terrace, park, etc.). You need to prepare an obstacle course in advance: small elevations, a tied thread under which you need to pass, a basin of water, etc. The task of the participants is to cope and come to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Race in bags

An old well-known competition in which it is easy to develop endurance and athletic skill. The guys should be divided into teams and, as part of the relay race, get to the finish line, while putting a bag on their lower body. With such a competition, it will definitely not be boring to celebrate!

Creative Contests for 9 Years

Sing and sing

A great humorous competition where you need to show creativity. Each participant receives a sheet with a set of words. The player’s task is to come up with a song only from these letters and sing it to the guests.

Friendly caricature

Having your own personal portrait is the dream of any birthday person. Therefore, we invite all guests to draw a small portrait of the hero of the occasion. Participants carefully examine their muse for 5 minutes, and after 5 minutes they must draw a funny drawing.


Table competition, which is not so difficult to hold. Starting with the first person from the birthday person, the guests stand up and tell 1 sentence in turn. Together they should make a complete fairy tale. The main thing is that the story should be about the birthday boy.

Video postcard

For 10 minutes, the birthday boy is distracted, for example, they are asked to help set the table. The task of the guests (small and adults) is to record an exclusive video with congratulations. You can choose a beautiful format with poems, or you can choose something not very serious and funny. The main thing is the happy eyes of the recipient who will see this congratulation.


To organize a competition, you need a large Whatman paper and finger paints. The idea is that each guest should leave the imprint of his hand on the birthday boy and write a comment. Special knowledge and skills are not needed here, but it will always be nice to look at the original congratulations from the guys after the holiday.

Intellectual Contests


The most common option is a quiz. Riddles can be not only serious but also playful. Children can play in teams or individually. The main advantage of such a competition is that all new knowledge and facts will definitely be remembered by scholars.


It is necessary to choose 1 participant who will be the wand. He is given some objects in his hands, for example, a ruler or a pencil case. He stands in the center of the circle. At the leader’s command, the wand should close its eyes and spin around its axis. After that, the presenter asks a question to the player whom the wand points to. If he knows the answer, the game continues, if not, then the participant replaces the stick.


The format is similar to a quiz, but different rounds are collected here and the game must be a team game. The format of such a competition is suitable both for the street and for the home environment with the family.

Catch the bomb!

The game is also suitable for a table celebration. Two cards are folded into one paper ball, which is indicated by 2 numbers. The first one is a thematic question. Under the second – the task. The leader throws the ball to any player who must receive it. After that, the participant reads 1 piece of paper with a question. If he can answer, then he transfers the task to another player. If they can’t answer, they do the task.

Love birthday boy

A memory game where you need to know and love the hero of the occasion well. Each participant receives a blank sheet and a pen. The host will ask 10-15 questions about the birthday person, and the participants write answers. One correct answer counts as 1 point. Whoever scores the most points wins.

Cartoon quizzes

The fairytale life of the cartoon world always attracts children. Therefore, organizing an interesting quiz for a daughter or son based on the best films is a great idea that will cause children delight. We have prepared 20 questions that will definitely not let young participants get bored.

  1. Who appeared from the lamp that Aladdin was rubbing? (Gin)
  2. What color was the skin of the mistress of Tom from “Tom and Jerry”? (brown)
  3. Who knocked most often on the window of the house in Prostokvashino? (Postman Pechkin)
  4. Name a character with a vegetable head who definitely can’t be sweet. (Cipollino)
  5. Who is the lord of the swamp and is friends with the donkey? (Shrek)
  6. Who was the wife of the donkey from Shrek? (The Dragon)
  7. What was the name of the girl who snuck into the house of the bears? (Masha)
  8. What is the name of the cartoon in 2022 where the main character dies and re-evaluates all occasions? (Soul)
  9. In which cartoon did little yellow heroes do evil on earth? (Despicable Me)
  10. What is the name of the cartoon where the baby hid from his parents that he was an adult bully? (Boss Baby)
  11. What was the name of the beauty who fell in love with the monster? (Belle)
  12. Who was the Snow Maiden in the cartoon “Well, you wait!”? (Wolf)
  13. What is the name of the cartoon where two animals are united by one body? (Dog and Cat)
  14. Who did Helga love? (Arnold)
  15. Who was the special squad in the cartoon Madagascar? (Penguins)
  16. What was the name of the boy who said “Nothing, and sooooo good!”? (Vovka)
  17. Where were the famous Bremen Town Musicians from? (Bremen)
  18. What little horse saved the kingdom and could move faster than the speed of light? (The Little Humpbacked Horse)
  19. How many heroes were there who defended Rus’? (Three)
  20. What was the name of the horse from the cartoon about the three heroes? (Julius)

Fanta for Children 9 Years Old

One of the forfeit stages is a lottery with a choice of tasks. Schoolchildren and preschoolers love this format of entertainment, which can be not only for school. This game is easy to organize at home. The main thing is to choose the right forfeits and take into account all the details. Believe me, the children will look forward to the start of the competition. In order not to think for a long time, we have prepared a list of 15 forfeits for children.

  1. In a quiet voice, almost in a whisper, sing a song so that at least one player can guess it.
  2. Solve a math puzzle in 1 minute. If time is too short, each new minute is purchased for 10 squats.
  3. Organize a raffle for your guests.
  4. Without stopping, wish the birthday man all the best for 1 minute.
  5. Mark with a felt-tip pen on the cheek any word that the player on the right will say.
  6. Do not speak until someone calls your name. The wait can be 10 minutes or an hour.
  7. Invite a member of the opposite sex to dance.
  8. Perform the summer rite of passage as you fend off hundreds of mosquitoes.
  9. List what you want to do with the birthday person before his anniversary (i.e. next birthday).
  10. Your hands are taped behind your back to a chair. You need to get out as quickly as possible. There are no resources, you can not ask for help.
  11. How old you will be next year – so many compliments you have to say to the birthday man.
  12. List 10 states of nature.
  13. Find the best place to celebrate your birthday.
  14. List the items you will need if you are going camping.
  15. Give 5 differences, how to name days to differ from birthdays.

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