90 Best Toys for Babies in 2023

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Best Toys for Babies: Don’t know what children’s toys to choose for a birthday or other occasion? A large list of the 90 best gift ideas for toddlers aged 0 to 3 will help you get there. We have selected children’s toys that will be relevant, both for babies up to a year old and for three-year-olds.

Best Toys for Babies

For example, an interactive toy or musical instrument will be interesting for both babies and older kids. If you like some gift ideas, click on the name or picture to go to the store.

90 Best Toys for Babies from 0 to 3 Years

For General Development

1. Mobiles and pendants. A newborn needs to learn to focus his vision on objects. That is why various toys are hung over the beds – mobiles.

2. Busyboard. Helps kids learn everyday skills: unfasten locks, lace-up shoes, turn on the light.

3. Pyramids. Remain relevant for children from birth to 3 years.

4. Cubes. There are soft, wooden, puzzle cubes, interactive cubes and sorters.

5. Knockers, hammers. The hammer can be in the form of a hammer, which makes sounds when struck. Or go in a set with wooden “nails” that are driven into a special board by the baby.

6. Sorter. This toy teaches the child to sort objects by shape and color.

7. Floor puzzle mat. All the details of the puzzle are soft and large, they are assembled into a bright picture.

8. Pool with balls. In summer, you can pour water into it and use it as a regular pool.

9. Lacing. Educational toy in the form of a board with laces. So the child will train his fingers and learn to tie his shoes.

For Sports Skills

10. Walkers.  At one year old, the child begins to learn to walk independently. And it will turn out more confidently with the help of an interesting toy, which will also serve as additional support for the yearling.

11. Tolokar. This is a big car that you can ride on. It is very popular among kids and will be one of the most favorite toys for a long time.

12. Jumper. A large rubber ball or animal figurine that a child can ride. Often jumpers are made in the form of rubber horses.

13. Swing.  A simple swing is a great exercise machine. They develop the vestibular apparatus, help with the coordination of movements.

14. Scooter. For children under 3 years old, it is better to choose three-wheeled models. For children under 2 years old, there are scooters with a removable seat.

15. Bicycle with a handle for parents. Convenient replacement stroller for a grown baby.

16. Bicycle. Up to 2 years, it is better to give three-wheeled models. If the child rides confidently, at 3 years old you can buy a two-wheeled bicycle with additional props.

17. Balance bike. Looks like a two-wheeler but without pedals.

18. Electric car. Expensive, but very interesting toy. There are electric cars that are controlled by children by pressing the pedals, others are controlled by parents from the remote control. There are models with combined control (pedals + remote control).

19. Sports complex. At 3 years old, you can buy a sports corner for exercise. Complete it with mats to avoid bruising when falling.

20. Sledge. The perfect solution for walking in the winter. Buy with wind and snow protection.

21. Rocking chair. It’s not just a toy that you can swing on. This is a kind of coordination trainer.

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22. Play tent or house. It will be in demand for a long time because all children like to have their secret corner.

23. Plastic house. More stable and durable model of a toy house.

24. Fishing game. Helps develop dexterity. After all, catching a fish with bait is not so easy!

25. Hill. Such a gift will appeal to all children without exception.

For Creativity

26. Magnetic theater. This is a set of magnetic figurines from different fairy tales. Use the fridge to stick magnets and tell your daughter a magical story. The text of the fairy tales is also included in the set.

27. Coloring pages. A favorite activity for kids. Choose coloring pages with thick outlines. So it will be easier for the child to learn to color.

28. Play-Doh kits. This is special plasticine that does not stain hands and objects.

29. Kinetic sand. Another modern material for modeling. You can arrange a home sandbox.

30. Musical toys. Drum, xylophone, the synthesizer will appeal to any kid, the main thing is to withstand the nerves of their parents!

31. Finger paints. Such drawing develops the child’s motor skills and creativity.

32. Finger coloring. These are educational books in which you need to draw with finger paints.

33. Coloring rug. This is a small rug (approximately 50×30 cm) made of non-slip material. It has already drawn pictures that need to be painted. For this, pencils, felt-tip pens or plasticine are suitable.

34. Miracle suitcase. This is a set of the magnetic board, markers and colored magnets. On the board, you can create a lot of bright pictures, while developing the imagination and motor skills of the child.

35. An easel for drawing. It is often made double-sided. On one – you can draw with chalk, the reverse side is designed for magnets (for example, a magnetic alphabet or numbers).

36. Soap bubbles. It’s not just a jar of soapy water. There are entire mechanical bubble blowers! You don’t have to blow, just press the button. And the bubbles themselves can be bought not ordinary, but not bursting or “bouncy”.

37. Synthesizer. The young composer will love it. The toy teaches the principles of how musical instruments work.

38. Microphone. A kind of children’s karaoke. The microphone emits melodies that you can sing along to.

39. Modeling dough. Natural composition: water, salt and flour. Dough figures can be baked in the oven and, when they harden, painted.

Girls Toys

40. Interactive toy. Helps in the education of the child. Such toys usually know how to make sounds of different animals, sing songs, help to learn words and numbers.

41. LOL doll. is a Mega popular toy. Miniature doll in a surprise ball.

42. Toys from the MY LITTLE PONY series. are soft and interactive toys, as well as large sets with many elements.

43. Radio controlled car. Both boys and girls will like it (as well as their parents 🙂

44. Wheelchair. Classic children’s fun, proven by generations. It can be a toy on a stick to roll in front of you or a car to roll on a string.

45. Dolls. An ageless hit for girls of all ages. Look at the catalog of dolls and choose the right one for your child.

46. ​​Interactive Baby Born dolls. These toys act like babies. Drink from a bottle and go potty.

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47. Children’s kitchen and dishes for dolls. A little girl, repeating after her mother, will be happy to play in her kitchen!

48. Bobblehead. Modern dolls have many accessories. These are clothes, handbags, combs, hair clips.

49. Carriage for a doll. First of all, such a toy will be perceived by a little girl as a wheelchair. You can carry all your toy friends in it.

50. Game set “Beauty salon”.This is a dressing table with a large mirror and chest of drawers. Some mirrors are interactive: they say poems and flashlights.

51. Game set “Shop”. You can learn not only counting but also social skills.

52. Doctor’s set. Playing in the “hospital” with toys, children are easier to visit the pediatrician.

53. Cat Basa. Popular soft toy. It is pleasant not only to play with it during the day but also to use it as a sleep toy. Each Basik is wearing a different outfit that can be removed.

54. Hello Kitty toys. Delicate kittens, baby dolls and stylish accessories for little fashionistas.

Toys for Boys

55. Toys from the Paw Patrol series. Rescue puppies are favorite heroes not only for boys but also for girls. You can buy individual figures and large sets for games.

56. Flexible track.  The track for cars needs to be assembled from several dozen parts, and it can be in the shape that the boy wants.

57. Hot Wheels cars. These are racing cars and tracks for boys of all ages. The brand is known for its quality. Collectible sports cars, pickups, vans and motorcycles are fully realistic models.

58. Robots. Transformers was created based on a cartoon of the same name. Each figure transforms into a car that can make sounds and blink.

59. Transformer Bumblebee. The popular transformer not only turns into a car but also knows how to sing and even dance.

60. Transformers and cars Robocar Poli. Cute and useful transforming cars: ambulance, fire and police cars.

61. Railroad. Favorite game of boys and girls. There are large sets that will captivate even adults.

62. Special equipment. A fire and police car or an ambulance will surely arouse the boy’s interest. Especially if the toy has headlights on or a rescue ladder extends.

63. Parking or garage. Usually, in the set, there are small cars that need to be lowered from the upper tier of the parking lot down a steep hill.

For Mental Development

64. Books-toys. They “talk” at the push of a button. This toy is popular with kids and teaches them to read books.

65. Classic children’s books. A bedtime story is one of the most enjoyable events of the day.

66. Frames – liners. Type of children’s puzzle, helps the child learn the names of animals and objects

67. Soft constructor. Made from a soft polymer like baby teethers. Such designers can even gnaw.

68. LEGO DUPLO. The series was created specifically for young children. Sets consist of large parts that are easily connected.

69. MEGA BLOKS. The designer was invented especially for kids. The set contains large blocks that are convenient for a small child to take. 

70. Puzzle for kids. The educational game will help the kid to develop motor skills of hands and logical thinking.

71. Mosaic for kids. Like the designer, the mosaic develops the mental abilities of the child. Under the guidance of adults, this game will turn into a favorite pastime.

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Additional Gifts (Attachment to Toys)

72. Night light. In the evening, he will fill the room with stars or magical creatures.

73. Table and chair. Such furniture teach the child to properly organize the educational and creative space. 

74. Diapers. Before buying, check the weight of the child and choose the appropriate size.

75. Children’s photo album. There are very beautiful handmade scrapbooking albums.

76. A set for a cast of the palm and heel. After many years, such a cast can cause tears of tenderness in parents.

77. Carpet in the children’s room. Most often these are rugs with the image of cartoon characters. There is a city series with streets and houses. You can take a small car and arrange a game on the carpet: drive through the winding streets of a fabulous city.

78. Things for safety. Plugs for sockets, corner covers, door latches and locks for lockers.

79. Sandbox. If you have your own house or cottage, a sandbox in the yard is simply a necessary element. Children can play with sand for hours.

80. Bath toys. A must for bathing babies and older children.

81. Children’s pool. You can’t do without it in the summer in the country. For kids, there are models with an awning from the sun.

82. Video baby monitor. A very useful thing to track your child’s sleep. The video camera can be installed permanently in the baby’s room, and the display near your bed.

83. Baby monitor. A simpler analog than a baby monitor. This device is convenient to use not only at home but also, for example, in the car. You will hear when the child wakes up if he fell asleep in the car seat and you feel sorry for waking him up

84. Stroller. The price range and functionality of strollers are very large. Before buying, first, decide for yourself which stroller you need.

85. Sled carriage. A convenient option for winter walks. Instead of wheels, this model has skis for easy movement in the snow. Often included are regular wheels.

86. Stroller for twins. Separate wheelchair. The structure may look like “glued” two strollers or have the look of a “train” when the seats are next to each other.

87. Car seats. There are chairs for newborns from 0 to 12 months and children from 1 to 4 years. There are chairs that, if necessary, turn into a regular stroller. Very convenient for carrying the smallest children.

88. Children’s dishes. In the catalog, you will find drinking bowls, bottles, silicone spoons for the first foods and other important kitchen utensils for the little ones.

89. High chair. Great for toddlers who have just learned to sit. These chairs are usually used for 1-2 years until the child learns to sit on a simple chair on his own.

90. Children’s textiles. It is very pleasant to choose bedding sets, a canopy or a soft side in a baby’s crib. Washing is required before first use.

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