55 Best Birthday Gift for 4 Year Girl in 2023

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Are you looking best birthday gift for a 4-year girl? We have prepared a list of 55 cool ideas for this occasion. They are divided into sections: favorite games and toys, gifts for creative, mental and physical development, for a little fashionista, for a children’s room, as well as handmade ones.

Best Birthday Gift for 4 Year Girl

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Favorite Games and Toys

What do children love the most? Well, of course, toys! Only they must correspond to the age of the child. The first ten gift ideas for a girl for 4 years are dedicated to this.

1. Growth Playset

They are designed for role-playing games with girlfriends – a hospital, a beauty salon, and a supermarket. All accessories in them are matched to the child’s height. And then there are kits for cleaning, laundry, or kitchen.

2. Doll

The fashion for toys changes every year. But if a girl does not particularly follow trends due to her age, she can be presented with any cute doll with simple functions – with movable arms, legs and a turning head.

3. Doll Stroller

With such a gift, the girl will be happy to go out for a walk to ride her puppet “cub”. The main thing in the stroller is lightness and ease of assembly, so it is best to buy a folding “cane”.

4. Dollhouse

Sometimes such structures occupy a good part of the children’s room, but girls like them so much. It is better to buy a fashionable room box, in which you can decorate the interior at your discretion.

5. Furniture for Dolls

Well, if it is not possible to place a house or room-room-box, then a place for a doll can be arranged on a table or shelf. The main thing is to have furniture – a dressing table, bed, wardrobe.

6. Backpack for a Baby Doll

It looks like an ordinary backpack on the shoulders, but instead of an additional pocket, pants with suspenders are sewn in so that you can seat the doll there. Or another option – “Kangaroo” to wear a baby doll in front.

7. Figures of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

The Fixies, Smeshariki, the Night Patrol team and many others. Every year your favorite characters are “updated”, so choose a set of the most trendy figures.

8. Toy-repeater

The hit of these is the hamster, although there are other options. An excellent interactive toy for a child with a communication deficit – it repeats everything the girl said and in a squeaky amusing voice.

9. Children’s Summer Cottage Set

For many, summer is the time of the summer cottage, where children are taken. The child will also be interested in “digging” in the garden if he has a rake with a shovel or a toy lawnmower.

10. Doll Mannequin

On such a doll, you can learn how to do your hair and apply make-up. It is fixed on a flat surface, better by the mirror, as in a real beauty salon.

Gifts for Creative and Mental Development

They are not just for play but for the development of thinking and artistic taste. But their main plus is that such gifts will be of interest to the girl herself, which will attract her to learn.

1. Musical Instrument

Girls like something melodic – a xylophone or a piano. Now there are many interactive toys with different buttons, levers and regulators, and this is the kind of tool you need.

2. Microphone Karaoke

A gift for a future starlet who dreams of becoming a singer. A lot of children’s songs are recorded into the microphone – let the girl rehearse, looking at herself in the mirror.

3. Plasticine or Modeling Mass

There are many different sculpting materials on sale that do not stain clothes and furniture. This is a “fluffy” plush plasticine or elastic mass with bright colors.

4. Children’s Easel

For a girl of 4 years old, a double-sided floor-mounted easel is suitable. It is convenient to attach large sheets of paper and magnetic figures to it, as well as draw with chalk or markers.

5. Drawing Set

If a girl has shown her talent as an artist since childhood, then maybe buy a large set of stationery in a suitcase for her ?! It contains paints, crayons, markers, pencils, a sharpener and an eraser.

6. Puppet Show

Finger theater is very convenient – it usually has more characters. But on the other hand, the dolls look more elegant. Let the girl come up with scenarios herself during the game.

7. Cubes or Poster for Learning to Read

Cubes are cheaper – you can build houses from them. And an interactive letter poster is placed on the wall and has buttons to read the letters.

8. A Set for Needlework

For a baby 4 years old, you can take a set for painting with rhinestones, aqua mosaic, for assembling beads and bracelets, or a picture of sequins. But they are suitable only for a diligent and patient child.

9. Puzzles

They perfectly develop fine motor skills of hands and logic. Buy a puzzle for the girl with a simple picture – for example, where her favorite fairy-tale characters are present. For this age, a puzzle of 50-100 pieces is enough.

10. Table Game

For a single game, for example, a mosaic or an easy quest is suitable, and for a joint game, a children’s domino or bingo. Most of them are cognitive or develop creative or logical thinking.

Gifts for Physical Development

Gifts for an active fidget girl. Thanks to them, the birthday girl can choose her favorite sport or just have fun with friends.

1. Sports Section

It can be a whole complex – with ladders, ropes, swings and slides. Or you can buy a Swedish wall with a height limiter and hanging shells – rings and a rope.

2. Bicycle or Scooter

A three-wheeled bike will no longer fit, you need a two-wheeled one with a pair of small wheels in the back, such as “STELS Jet 16”, the scooter is needed just three-wheeled and with a wide platform.

3. Skis or Skates

The baby needs plastic mini-skis. But if a girl wants to seriously engage in figure skating, then present skates with size adjustment.

4. Sleds or “Cheesecake”

The gift depends on which slides are in the neighborhood. It is better to go sledding from soft and snowy ones and from ice ones – on a cheesecake. The main thing is that they are gentle and safe.

5. Tent or Marquee

Gift for children’s gatherings. A folding tent (or tent) can be taken to nature or the beach, set up in a summer cottage or even in a room. For the girl, it will serve as a second home in which she can even sleep.

6. Inflatable Pool

A simple round one is inexpensive. But there are also large play centers with slides, arcs and other interesting devices.

7. Trampoline

For a child of 4 years old, an inflatable PVC trampoline with high sides is perfect. For a girl, choose something from the world of princesses – a bright color and in the form of a fairy-tale castle.

8. Beach Inflatable Toys

For safety, you need a vest, circle or armband. But if a girl just wants to splash in a shallow pool, then, for example, a raft in the shape of a turtle or a large whale with handles on its back will do.

9. Swing or Bungee

For a romantic birthday girl, a rope swing with a comfortable back and a front bar is suitable. But for a little fidget – a bungee, though it needs to be fixed low.

10. Gifts for Outdoor Games

Ring toss, badminton, small towns, bowling, bags for the “Merry Starts”, as well as a jump rope, hoop, gymnastic ball or even a butterfly net – all these gifts are suitable for outdoor games.

Gifts for the Little Fashionista

Does the birthday girl like to spin in front of the mirror trying on mom’s jewelry and outfits? Then she needs her own stylish things, and here are their TOP ten.

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1. Wrist Watch

This is not only a decoration for hands, but also a necessary thing – with the help of a real watch, a girl will learn to tell the time. Well, electronic or mechanical they do not matter.

2. Jewelry Accessories

Miniature beads, bracelets, rings – you can buy such children’s jewelry as a set. It also includes hair jewelry – headbands, hairpins, hairpins, elastic bands and even tiaras for the princess!

3. Children’s Cosmetics

Buy it only in specialized children’s stores so that there is no “chemistry” in cosmetics. It can be a care product – creams and oils, or decorative – for make-up for the holidays.

4. Face Painting

And such a gift is even better than decorative cosmetics, because they can decorate the “faces” of all the little guests at the holiday, and they will look like Enchantimals dolls.

5. Children’s Perfume

Light eau de toilette or perfume with spring or fruity aromas. A special line, “Malizia Bon Bons” has been developed for girls with a pleasant smell and colorful packaging.

6. Handbag

For such a baby, the handbag should be small, but roomy enough to fit miniature toys and some kind of jewelry.

7. Suitcase on Wheels

It is quite small. But with him, you can walk around the airport or railway station like adults, holding the handle. And there are also suitcases on four wheels, you can even ride them.

8. Pajamas “Kigurumi”

She is so sweet and soft and warm! But most importantly, in such pajamas with a hood, you can turn into some kind of cute little animal – a squirrel, a cat or a fabulous unicorn!

9. Elegant Dress

How elegant dresses should look according to a girl’s performance? Of course, very lush, with lots of lace, bows and ruffles! And also be sure to pink, peach or white!

10. Smart Shoes

And for the dress, you need shoes, and preferably the same color, and also with a small heel. They can be lacquered on top, but always with genuine leather lining inside.

Gifts for the Nursery

A girl from childhood should be surrounded by everything beautiful! What can you find on store shelves for her room? Here are a dozen answers to this question!

1. Children’s Mini-sofa

Small – only two children fit on it, but nevertheless it can be laid out! And yet, mini sofas belong to the category of play furniture that is not intended for sleeping.

2. Large Decorative Pillows in the Form of Sweets

These are soft muffins, cakes, and muffins topped with cream or whipped cream with colored shavings. Or ice cream pillows in a waffle cone.

3. Soft Blanket on the Bed

It is best to buy a fluffy bedspread made of cashmere, wool or plush, they are so pleasant to the touch! Well, or as an option – from fleece or flannel. These blankets can be used to make the bed.

4. Photo Wallpaper

The landscape visually expands the area of ​​the room, and the fairy-tale characters will make it more fun. But such a gift must first be coordinated with the parents because gluing photo wallpaper is almost a cosmetic repair!

5. Photo Curtains

Another interesting idea for updating the interior. The print on these curtains is very bright and colorful, and most importantly – it will not fade even after many washes! Well, the drawing can be chosen to the taste of the birthday girl.

6. Basket for Toys

It is very difficult to persuade a child to put toys in place, but it all depends on what kind of place it is. If you give a girl a folding basket in the form of an animal, then throwing dolls and cubes into it will be very fun!

7. Rack for Toys

And for a neat baby, a plastic rack with containers is suitable. Each toy is in its place: in one box – board games, in another – dolls, in the third – dishes.

8. A Canopy for a Bed “Like a Princess”

Firstly, it brings beauty to the girl’s room, princesses really sleep under such a canopy. And secondly, it is practical – it protects against dust and insects.

9. Night Light

Night light with adjustable brightness is suitable for a children’s room, especially if the girl is afraid to fall asleep in the dark. It can be a wall sconce in the form of a moon or a starry sky projector.

10. Picture

It should reflect the child’s inner world: for a cute girl – flowers, a princess in a pink dress or a beautiful landscape, and for a “tomboy” in a skirt, you can do something in avant-garde or ethnic style with animals.

DIY Best Birthday Gift for 4 Year Girl

Well, in the final section of our list, we have collected five homemade gift ideas. Each description is accompanied by a master class with detailed instructions.

1. Soft Rabbit Made of Felted Wool

Even a novice needlewoman can make such an earned. For dry felting, you will need needles No. 36 and 38, silver and sheep wool, pastel crayons, ready-made eyes, fishing line, glue and scissors.

2. Headband With Roses

A very chic hair accessory, just for a party dress. The headband looks like a wreath of bright roses, which are made from a satin ribbon in the kanzashi style.

3. Children’s Mirror Decor

Even a child can do it, but with the help of an adult (by the way, a little girl is conducting a master class in the video). For decor, you need acrylic paints and gold glitter.

4. Carrying Cot for a Doll

It is exactly the same as that of a real child, only lighter and smaller. For manufacturing, you will need cardboard, masking and plain tape, soft cotton wool, fabric, hot glue and scissors.

5. Bunk Cake From the Kinder

To make such a luxurious cake, you need cardboard, satin ribbons and corrugated paper. And from the sweets – lots of chocolate bars wrapped sweets and a Rafaello box.

Final Thought

And complement the gift with a variety of balloons filled with helium! And it will be a real surprise for her 4-year-old birthday girl!

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