Best 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys

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Best 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys: When the celebration of a loved one is approaching, the question of a gift comes to the fore. I want the present to be both necessary, memorable, and unusual at the same time. Particularly exciting round dates, for which they begin to prepare much in advance.

20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys

Gifts for the stronger sex are a whole quest, and to choose what the birthday man will like, you need to take into account his tastes, preferences and interests. To help you make your choice, here is a list of ideas for what to give a guy for his 20th birthday.

81 Ideas What to Give a Guy for 20 Years

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There are many options for choosing a relevant gift, the main thing to remember is a few rules:

  • if you are not sure about the choice, check with the birthday boy in advance about what he wants;
  • keep in mind that at this age young people love everything newfangled and original;
  • if you cannot buy an expensive gift, focus on the emotional color;
  • do not leave the purchase to the last moment, the sooner you decide on a gift, the more time you will have to prepare;
  • packaging plays an important role – take care of this in advance.

Arm yourself with patience and choose from the proposed list what you like and delight the hero of the occasion:

  1. A purse is a classic option that is always appropriate.
  2. A cover for documents will always come in handy – complement it with a unique photo print or the initials of the hero of the day.
  3. The key holder will help not to lose the right thing.
  4. A thermal mug is a great gift for those who do not like to boil a kettle.
  5. The trimmer will help you to have a neat and well-groomed appearance and get rid of unwanted hairs as needed.
  6. A hair clipper is always useful, especially with a set of different attachments for experimenting with hair.
  7. The mini tool kit is a great gift for a man.
  8. The watch box will help to collect accessories in one place.
  9. A tie is useful for going to college and for interviews.
  10. Gaming mouse and keyboard – gamers will appreciate it.
  11. Stylish leather belt with automatic buckle for those who follow the fashion.
  12. A gadget stand is a necessary accessory for those who like to spend time on a smartphone.
  13. A set of glasses for cognac or whiskey is a relevant and always-needed gift.
  14. Handmade chess will be a good entertainment and brain trainer.
  15. A man’s umbrella is always needed. Choose an unusual shape – an umbrella-upside-down, illuminated, changing shape or with a brass knuckles handle.
  16. Touch gloves will help you stay in touch even in sub-zero temperatures.
  17. An automatic corkscrew is a must-have in the kitchen.
  18. A lunch box with a food heating function will replace snacks in fast foods.
  19. Flash memory in the form of a beautiful keychain or pendant, because there is never too much memory.
  20. Sweatshirt – especially with a cool print or photo print.
  21. A set of snoods and a hat is an option for mods.
  22. The keychain with the tracking function will find everything that is left in the wrong place.
  23. Solar battery for smartphone charging
  24. A certificate for a fashion store – if you are not sure about the taste and size, let the birthday boy choose for himself.
  25. A graphics tablet will appeal to creative individuals.
  26. A leather-bound business notebook or diary is always up-to-date.
  27. Expensive pouring pen or nib pen – for future achievements.
  28. Laptop bag to carry it comfortably and safely.
  29. The laser-engraved phone case is a unique custom-made accessory.
  30. Bath set – a bathrobe and a towel with the initials of the birthday boy will never be superfluous.
  31. An external battery will allow you not to depend on sockets and always be in touch.
  32. Smartwatches are a necessary addition to the gadget.
  33. Collection alcohol – no one will refuse such a gift.
  34. Electronic hookah – lovers of “raise” the home version will delight.
  35. iqos in a set with sticks of different flavors is a modern approach to smoking and a stylish accessory.
  36. A multitool is a compact folding option that includes many necessary tools: from a knife to a screwdriver.
  37. A soccer or basketball ball will appeal to active and athletic guys.
  38. Perfume – if you don’t know the taste of a birthday person, choose classic fresh fragrances, don’t experiment with niche perfumes, and avoid heavy, oriental and gourmand scents.
  39. Robot vacuum cleaner – cleanliness and order in the apartment without any extra effort.
  40. Gyroscooter – you can’t imagine a more modern gift.
  41. A photo frame with uploaded pictures from childhood is a touching gift.
  42. Universal charging will extend the life of the smartphone and help in an emergency.
  43. A selection of books will please a lover of reading, the main thing is to guess the genre.
  44. An external drive for your phone or laptop will help you keep all the information you need in one place.
  45. Home mini-trainer to always be in shape
  46. Trendy bracelets made of jade, leather or steel are a modern men’s accessory that can be supplemented with a commemorative engraving, made to order in an individual design, pick up talisman stones, protective symbols, or amulets.
  47. The tracker-search engine will find everything, from keys to a forgotten phone.
  48. The smart night light automatically adjusts the brightness and adapts to the lighting in the room.
  49. Heated insoles are a practical gift idea.
  50. Home slippers with USB heating are a modern novelty among home shoes.
  51. JBL-column for the music lover.
  52. The impulse lighter will become a stylish and necessary gift. The range of designs is huge, and the price is quite affordable.
  53. Self-heating mug to keep your tea or coffee at the right temperature.
  54. The Pillow massager is a modern device that will help you relax and fall asleep.
  55. A warm plaid sweatshirt looks youthful and warms perfectly.
  56. Funny Kigurumi – funny pajamas and trendy clothes for home and sleep.
  57. A 3D bedding set in a beautiful package and a spectacular print of a night city, a starry sky, an ocean, or a race track is a purely masculine gift.
  58. A case for documents is a stylish and adult present.
  59. A city backpack is a good and necessary accessory for a student.
  60. A laptop is a serious and expensive gift that will be welcomed.
  61. Barbecue set with skewers and a folding grill for lovers of outdoor recreation with a large friendly company.
  62. Puzzles are gaining more and more popularity. And if you turn on your imagination, you can order puzzles with a photo of a birthday boy or his favorite photo with friends – this way it will be even more interesting to collect a picture.
  63. Quadcopter – adult men are delighted with it, let alone 20-year-olds.
  64. The car-shifter on the control – believe me, the birthday boy will rejoice like a child.
  65. Virtual steering wheel for racing fans.
  66. A set of lenses for your smartphone to make great memorable photos.
  67. Training courses will help you decide on your plans for the future, and expand your knowledge and circle of acquaintances.
  68. A ticket to a concert of your favorite band or a movie premiere is a welcome and memorable present.
  69. Gloves and a punching bag in the men’s bedroom are both training equipment and decor.
  70. Coffee machine – for connoisseurs of coffee drinks.
  71. A sports bag is always useful, especially with a transformer belt and hidden wheels.
  72. A hammock will be a great excuse to relax in the evening.
  73. The cocoon chair looks unusual, but very impressive, specially matched to match or in contrast with the birthday room.
  74. A poker set for boring evenings with a big company.
  75. A disco ball with various functions and remote control is a gift for a party-goer.
  76. A projector on the wall will allow you to arrange a movie show with cola, chips, popcorn and friends without leaving your home.
  77. A device for preparing hot dogs, so as not to run for fast food, but to cook at home.
  78. A wall-mounted picture heater is a practical gift and an additional room decoration.
  79. A bedside mat massager will help recharge your energy in the morning.
  80. An electric toothbrush is a good gift option.
  81. Thermal underwear will appeal to athletes.

List of Original 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys

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Choosing a gift, you always want to surprise and please the birthday man with something non-standard, unique and unusual. And do not forget that the original presentation, unusual packaging and accompanying congratulations play an important role and will leave a lot of positive emotions.

  1. A gift certificate to a tattoo parlor will especially appeal to those who have long dreamed of it but did not dare.
  2. Adjustable tinted glasses are the perfect gift for a motorist.
  3. The Swim with Dolphin Pass is an unusual interpretation of diving.
  4. “Men’s bouquet” of dried fish, sausages and beer is fresh and creative, the filling can be chosen according to the taste of the birthday man, as well as the design.
  5. Nominal Hollywood star in a glass frame – 20 years old: why not perpetuate the name of the hero of the day?

What to Give a Guy for 20 Years From His Girlfriend

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A trembling and exciting day – the name day of the second half. Romantic girls approach the choice of a gift with all responsibility and love. To emphasize the strength of your feelings, choose a gift with an emotional color, not intended for prying eyes, but with a hidden meaning that only the two of you can understand.

  1. A handmade photo album with joint photos and touching captions to remind you where your love began.
  2. A set of paired T-shirts with a photo looks stylish and clearly expresses mutual feelings.
  3. Stylish bracelet with a metal plate and an engraving with a declaration of love – so that love protects and keeps around the clock.
  4. A romantic dinner on the roof is a surprise gift that will seal your heart and be remembered for a long time.
  5. A paid session for a couple of tattoos is a serious step marked “forever together.”

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Gift Ideas for a Guy for 20 Years From Parents

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The first serious anniversary of a beloved son is an important date for loving mom and dad. Therefore, they usually choose status gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime and will be important for the future.

  1. Expensive brand watches will become a status present that emphasizes the beginning of serious, adult life. Laser engrave your congratulations and the date on the back for more effect.
  2. A bank deposit is a right gift with a long-term perspective that will never be superfluous.
  3. A tour package to the city of dreams will especially appeal to those who like to travel and explore the world.
  4. A car is a significant gift that every guy dreams of since childhood.
  5. Own housing is undoubtedly a very expensive gift, but you can’t think of a better one for a young guy.

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Gift for Grandson for 20 Years From Grandparents

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How exciting it is to go to a birthday party for an adult grandson, and even for an anniversary. Of course, I want to put my whole soul into a gift and emphasize the importance of the moment and family ties. Usually, the older generation is poorly versed in modern devices, gadgets and trends – but they know what family, care and attention are.

  1. A family heirloom – can be a premium watch, gold items (cross, seal, amulet), icons or works of art that are passed down from generation to generation.
  2. “The Book of the Kind” made to order is a unique thing that contains valuable information about ancestors, roots, archival photos and documents.
  3. A camera is a gift that is always appropriate.
  4. Money is an alternative, just remember to give it in a congratulatory envelope, and not pass it from hand to hand.
  5. Silver or gold cufflinks are a valuable accessory, especially those with engravings and precious stones. Choose a concise, masculine option.

What to Give a Guy From Friends for 20 Years

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A birthday at the age of 20 is a great occasion to gather friends and not a single birthday person will refuse the opportunity to celebrate the holiday in a fun way.

Close friends usually know what the hero of the day is fond of and focus on fun, but necessary gifts. And here it’s not about the price, but about how to brightly present a present, please and charge with mood.

  1. A t-shirt with an individual luminous pattern-photo printing will leave pleasant memories for a long time.
  2. A mug with a photo that appears and a funny wish – be creative and surprise the birthday boy.
  3. Unusual custom-made cupcakes with funny inscriptions are great as an addition to the main gift.
  4. A set of 30 pairs of socks packed in a gift case is a practical and always necessary gift for a guy.
  5. An individually assembled set with a beautiful box of deli meats, nuts and a roll of elite alcohol – the hero of the day will be delighted.

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Gift Ideas for a Guy for 20 Years for His Hobby

Young people who have chosen their passion for life, and are professionally involved in sports, will be happy to receive a gift for further development and improvement. Long before the birthday, often start talking with the future hero of the day about his hobby, find out the details, and be interested in the details.

If you listen carefully and ask the right questions, it will not be difficult to understand what kind of gift would be perfect.

Hiking, Climbing and Travel

  1. automatic tent
  2. Hiking backpack
  3. Thermos
  4. Trekking shoes or boots
  5. smart flashlight

Fishing Accessories

  1. Folding brazier or barbecue
  2. Camouflage suit
  3. Set of nozzles and floats
  4. cool spinning
  5. Glasses with polarized lenses

Party Lover Gifts

  1. Luminous USB strap
  2. Stylish neck scarf
  3. Cowboy Bolo Tie
  4. Whiskey chilling stones
  5. Invitation card to the private club for the most fashionable party

Musical Presents

  1. Wireless headphones
  2. Music controller
  3. A musical instrument, if the birthday person does it professionally
  4. Home recording studio
  5. Microphone with the voice processing function


  1. Drone
  2. Virtual reality glasses
  3. Action camera
  4. Set “Smart home”
  5. Camera with instant print capability

Gifts for the Interior of the Boyfriend’s Room

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  1. Original wall lamp according to the photo
  2. Bio fireplace
  3. Frameless chair
  4. Thematic picture-triptych
  5. “Smart” wall clock

Accessories in the Guy’s Car

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  1. Smart slippers with auto parking function.
  2. Heated seat cover with a massager.
  3. DVR.
  4. A set of necessary tools “Ambulance” in a beautiful case.
  5. Compact washing vacuum cleaner

Grooming Gifts

  1. barbershop certificate
  2. Set of cosmetics for beard care
  3. Electric razor
  4. Manicure set
  5. Clipper

Gifts for an Extreme Guy

  1. Extreme driving courses
  2. Skydiving
  3. Swimming with crocodiles
  4. An attraction not for the faint of heart bungee jumping
  5. Quest room

Guy Athlete

  1. Annual gym membership
  2. Heated running jacket
  3. Fitness watch
  4. Sports Equipment
  5. Gyroscopic simulator

Top 20 Inexpensive Gifts for a Guy for 20 Years

When you want to give something special to a birthday person, but finances are limited, pay attention to budget gifts. Sometimes they are more important and necessary than large-scale presentations.

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And also, if you know about the holiday much in advance, do not forget to watch promotions and sales in online stores and shopping centers – this way you can buy a great gift at an affordable price.

  1. Care products – pre-shave and after-shave kits, shower gels
  2. Keyring
  3. Bag for tablet or laptop
  4. Gaming mouse pad
  5. Wall calendar with birthday photos and wishes
  6. Set of beer glasses
  7. Robe
  8. Merino wool blanket
  9. Car mat
  10. New PC game
  11. Piggy bank
  12. selfie stick
  13. Antistress toy
  14. Slippers
  15. Motivational poster
  16. cool apron
  17. Baseball cap
  18. Board game
  19. Shoe care kit
  20. Ashtray

Impressions as a Gift to a Guy on His 20th Birthday

At the age of 20, they still do not always understand “adult gifts”, make plans for the future and work for the future. 20 years is the time to live here and now, make your discoveries, open new horizons and conquer the world.

The value of gifts will be forgotten over time – emotions will remain in memory forever. Give the guy an unforgettable experience and, believe me, there will be no limit to his happiness.

  1. A hot air balloon ride will forever be remembered and will become an important event and a reminder of the holiday.
  2. Fireworks with the name of the birthday boy in the sky at the end is an unforgettable show that all those invited will remember.
  3. Banners with congratulations hung around the city, will not only please, but also cause a pleasant shock.
  4. A song recorded for the hero of the occasion, accompanied by a video clip or photo slides, is a bright congratulation that will be reviewed more than once.
  5. A theme party organized by friends, with contests and surprises, is a great option for a collective gift.

Cute DIY Gifts

Homemade presents are always so sincere that they will cause a sincere smile and the kindest feelings even in an avid party-goer guy. You will have to try, spend time and effort on such a gift – but the birthday person will immediately understand how sincerely they tried to please him and invested a part of themselves in a festive present.

  1. A hand-knitted sweater or scarf will always remind you of how much love and care has been invested in it.
  2. Do-it-yourself painting by numbers will decorate the room of the birthday boy and will become a sign of your attention and special attitude.
  3. Painted glasses are a unique opportunity to transfer wishes, feelings and emotions to the hero of the day on glass.
  4. A cake with a beautiful inscription is always a relevant and tasty present. An individual design will help to embody whole works of art on a confectionery product, the main thing is to choose the right theme.
  5. A bouquet of socks is a male version of a flower bouquet. Looks original and always needed.

An important tip: if you decide to prepare a gift with your own hands, make sure you can do it yourself. If you have never held knitting needles in your hands – you don’t need to knit a sweater or a scarf, you don’t know how to bake – don’t grab a cake, draw – set aside the blend of glasses. Do what you can, because the present must be of high quality and have a beautiful appearance.

What Can Not Be Given to a Guy for 20 Years?

Even though the 20th anniversary is the start of adulthood and every gift is appropriate, there is a list of things that you should refrain from buying:

  1. Kitchenware. If a guy lives by himself, then he hardly cooks in a wok every evening, and fries pancakes in the morning, and if he lives with his parents, then this is already a gift not to him, but his mother. If you donate something for the kitchen – limit yourself to a set of glasses, mugs, and in extreme cases – a toaster or a coffee machine.
  2. Pet. Such a gift must be agreed upon in advance. An unexpected present in the form of a cat or dog is not always a reason for joy. After all, everything else is care, care and responsibility – at the age of 20, not every guy is ready for such a step.
  3. Underwear is a necessary gift, but only very close people are allowed to give it.
  4. Bad gifts. When choosing a present, focus not on your preferences, but on the birthday person. If you love football, and he likes fishing, giving a soccer ball would not be a good idea.
  5. Stuffed Toys. If this is a cool and funny character from the birthday boy’s favorite cartoon, let him be just an addition to the main gift. But leave the full-length teddy bear for a girly holiday.
  6. Flowers. Unless in the form of an ornamental plant in a pot – an indoor chili pepper, a lemon tree or an exotic cactus will organically take root in the men’s bedroom, but it is better to give a composition of roses, lilies, orchids to the birthday boy’s mother.

When you receive an invitation to the 20th anniversary, start preparing for it in advance. Rushing often leads to the purchase of unnecessary things, so do not put off choosing a present for later.

If you decide to please the guy of the hero of the day with a hand-made gift or ordered an individual gift set, photo printing, or engraving – make sure that there is enough time left.

20 years is the age of fun and carelessness when you still don’t want to cross the adult line. Pay attention to “light” positive gifts that will please a 20-year-old guy for a long time.

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