200+ Most Beautiful Birthday Wishes of 2023

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Is the birthday of a friend or family close? Are you looking for beautiful birthday wishes on a special occasion? You’re lucky! Because in this portal, you will find all kinds of original birthday wishes to surprise your loved ones pleasantly.

Since we still do not know precisely what type of beautiful birthday wishes you are looking for or for whom, above, you can choose between different types of wishes for friends and family.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes

Anyway, below you will know a list of original beautiful birthday wishes that our specialized writing team prepared only for this website.

They are different wishes that will serve to congratulate anyone you need.

We will start this article with a series of beautiful birthday wishes written primarily for this website.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes to All

Beautiful Birthday Wishes to All

Did you find a few congratulations on previous birthdays? Don’t worry because we have so many more!

Next, you will discover other original beautiful birthday wishes so that this birthday person is very, very happy.

  • I wish you a life full of joy and blessings. Remember that you are a beautiful person both inside and out. HAPPY DAY OF YOUR BIRTHDAY!
  • I ask the universe that all your wishes come true because you deserve it. You are a wonderful person, and I wish you to continue serving for many more years. So, I dedicate these beautiful happy birthday words to you to spend a beautiful birthday.
  • With this birthday greeting that comes from my heart, I hope to get to yours and that this will lead you to maximum happiness. I wish that peace reigns in your life for another year. TQM!
  • It is obvious that some words cannot replace a big hug, but they can serve to wish you a great day and that all your wishes come true. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • You are one year older! Hee, but you don’t have to worry, as you are getting much better every day. I wish you a happy birthday day.
  • I wish you a life full of blessings and joy within your heart; you are worth a lot. HAPPY DAY OF YOUR BIRTHDAY!
  • Happy birthday! How many are you going already? 60? 70? Don’t tell me, 80? I only know that you are already on the streak of those who end in “enta” and for that reason, you must smile, you are lucky, you have reached a great age to start thinking for and for yourself, dare to dream, it is free, and you never know until where you can fly.
  • Congratulations! You have already unlocked a new level in life. Which one? The one where you begin to say you are 20 and the rest is pure experience.
  • Congratulations! A year older, a year closer to the desired freedom, I mean, retirement. Take this birthday as an opportunity to dream, smile, and be happy. It is never too late to set the goals we want to achieve.
  • I am your best friend, and that is why I am sincere, on this birthday you have grown older than on the previous one. Look how many gray hairs! Instead of a gift, I will start helping you with the pension Happy Birthday Grandpa!
  • Congratulations, my friend. What is it to say your age with pride? You are not a wine, stop celebrating your birthday and start to commemorate your birth, it sounds more ostentatious and worthy of you.
  • I always wish you the best in this world and especially today on this important day as your birthday, I wish you the best of luck in life.
  • Happy Birthday! Today I have little gifts for you, a bag full of hugs, a box full of many kisses, a sack of health, a truck of blessings, and a container of love, all with a bow of pure gold the love I feel for you.
  • I am very lucky to have you in my life, and to be able to celebrate this date by your side; not everyone can be with the people they love the most when it is their birthday. You are the best, brave, full of love, affection, and a lot of motivation to keep going, I admire you, and I wish you the best in this year that opens before you.
  • I wish that on your birthday you always keep in mind how much we love you and share happiness with you, you are a wonderful person who deserves all the best Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations on completing another successful return to the sun, full of happiness, prosperity, and success. Now I hope that this year that you start is even better, twice as good, that you never stop smiling, and that every step you take is happiness.
  • May God bless you and your whole family, and may He grant you many more years of happiness and love. HAPPY DAY OF YOUR BIRTHDAY!
  • The day you were born time stopped, and that is that an extraordinary person had come into the world, a little person who would always make us smile and light up the world with its occurrences, today we celebrate one more year of your life, and that is why we will do it for All high, life has to celebrate, and it is that its virtues and opportunities are unique and precious. Take advantage of them, and have a happy birthday!
  • Today is the most important day of the year. It’s for one more year! As gifts, I take all my good wishes, a million kisses, and thousands of hugs just for you, I love you very much, have a great time, and do not forget to blow out all the candles on the cake.
  • Happy birthday, and may you spend a new year of life full of happiness and prosperity, do not worry about one more year, one more one less, it does not matter, what matters is how much you can enjoy and live in the days you have for in front Congratulations on this new year of life!
  • Happy birthday, may God fill you with blessings on this special day, my life always smiles on you and help you continue on the path to happiness.
  • You don’t know how happy I am to be with you on a day like this to make you smile and remind you that you are a wonderful being. I hope you enjoy every moment and that you never forget how much I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • Today, I want to ask heaven to drop a shower of joys and good wishes on you, because it is your birthday, and you deserve only the best. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations, I wish you the best and that in difficulties you never lose hope in yourself, you can achieve many things in this new year to come, and rest assured that you will achieve your goals.
  • Congratulations that this day is full of great joy; you celebrate another year, quite a feat today, smile, put aside the melancholy and celebrate in style this wonderful date.
  • Today, I am very happy that you celebrate one more year of life, one more year of experiences and opportunities to take advantage of, that you are very happy and that all the best come to you in the days that are to come.
  • On this birthday I ask heaven that your smile never fades, that your love and kindness do not disappear, and that a ton of happiness accompanies your steps in the year that is about to begin.
  • I wish you a lot of health and happiness and that you can achieve the success and prosperity you long for and that your life is long to enjoy all the experiences that this world offers.
  • It is time to celebrate, leave the bed aside, get up and take advantage of every second of this day, today you celebrate your life, and such a special event deserves the best celebration, I love you very much, and I wish you only the best.
  • Congratulations, that this day is unforgettable and beautiful, full of illusions and the company of those you adore, I wish you much happiness and great health for the days to come.
  • Today is a special day, my favorite person in the world is turning years, yes, I know you do not like to celebrate it. Still, every year you turn, you are more beautiful, full of absolute happiness, and in love with life, your attitude towards life is the one that will help you open many doors, but still, I ask you all the best in this world.
  • Happy Birthday. Being young is a privilege, being a heritage beautiful, being your best virtue, charming.
  • I want to congratulate you on this simple birthday greeting, but it takes all my appreciation. I wish you a wonderful day, and a year full of dreams. Happy birthday and have a great time.
  • Today is a very special day for YOU, live it intensely next to your loved ones. I wish you much LOVE and HAPPINESS on your BIRTHDAY.
  • A friend as special as you deserves some special words on this, your birthday. Your presence comforts me, and your words always help me, that’s why I want life to give you so much of the joy that you transmit to us every day and forget once and for all the sorrows and pains that sometimes cloud your gaze. Have a very Happy Day!
  • Congratulations, may the blessing of God be with you every day, trust Him who will carry you forward in health and victory. Happy Birthday.
  • Many people turn years old today but your birthday is special because you are too. Happy Birthday!
  • The heart of someone you LOVE will always be young. I wish you a year full of love and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • It was fortunate to be able to celebrate your birthday together. That means we have endured each other for another year. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations, today is a day that even a holiday should be because it is your birthday, a beautiful day when you came to this world to give your trust, love, happiness, and good humor to everyone. Happy Birthday.
  • There is no gift that can overcome my eternal debt to you, even if you lived a thousand years. Happy Birthday.
  • Turning years is so cute; you can organize a birthday party to entertain everyone. Congratulations!
  • With each birthday you are born again only with more experience and wisdom. I wish you a great birthday and many more years of life.
  • I am writing just to wish you a Happy Birthday and to remind you that if you ever need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, don’t forget that you can count on me… ALWAYS.
  • I promise to make this day as special as you are to me, thanks for everything you did and do for me. I wish you the best of birthdays.
  • I want to thank you for having managed to make all my days happy and very beautiful memories. I hope I can give you back everything you do for me today. Happy Birthday.
  • Remember that your family loves you, that’s why we have organized a birthday celebration with all your loved ones. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Came the day! Today is an exceptional day for you. You know, to live it together with all your family and friends and I wish you the best in this life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Today when you celebrate your birthday, your best birthday gift is the blessings of the Virgin Mary and spend her surrounded by the affection of your whole family. A big hug for your day.
  • Meeting you was a great blessing, and I thank God that you have crossed my path. I hope you have a spectacular day because you deserve it. Happy birthday, I adore you!
  • You are a unique and unrepeatable person, and your presence on this planet is a joy for everyone. I hope you have a beautiful birthday surrounded by all the people who love you, who are many. I love you so much, happy birthday.
  • I am very happy to celebrate this special day with you. You are the best person I have ever met, and I wish you always been very, very happy. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life!
  • Even though you know I’m not very good with words, and I take this special opportunity to remind you how much I love you and how important you are to me. I wish you have a beautiful day and that all your wishes are fulfilled. I love you so much!
  • One more birthday is itself a gift. It is a new opportunity to fulfill your dreams and enjoy the affection of the people who love you. Happy Birthday!
  • Today is a very special day today you celebrate one more year and with it come new opportunities to fulfill your wishes and to enjoy new experiences. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • We take advantage of this special date to express the great affection and admiration we feel toward you with all our hearts.
  • Finding a friend like you is very difficult, especially in these times; so now that I have found you I do not intend to lose you: P. I hope you have a nice day, and a beautiful birthday and that you soon discover that words like grief, sadness, and pain, you should erase from your life.
  • Today we celebrate that you are a BIGGER year, but don’t worry because you are BETTER every day. Have a very happy birthday.
  • A day like today is special simply because on a day similar to today you were born. You came to this world to make us happy and that is why today we cannot let your birthday pass. Congratulations.
  • I know that words cannot replace a HUG, but they serve to send you my best WISHES for your BIRTHDAY.
  • A birthday is a million moments, and each comes with the promise that you will achieve your dreams and achieve what you long for in life. May all your dreams and wishes come true! Happy Birthday!
  • On your birthday I want to remember your unique moments, moments full of joy and above all celebrate one more year of life. Remember that life is beautiful and that it doesn’t matter how many you meet, what really interests you is the love and enthusiasm you place on this special date. I love you very much, and I wish you to continue fulfilling many, many more okay? Happy Birthday.
  • You are a great blessing to all the people whose lives you have touched with your magic. When I think of you, I discover that I have done something right in my past to have the opportunity to be part of your life. Happy birthday from your number one fan!
  • On your birthday, I want to thank you for being so amazing and for giving me your unconditional love through the years. You are a wonderful being, and my greatest wish is your happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • There is no person as kind, humble, and loving as you, and that is why I am lucky to be by your side. I hope that this will be the case for many years and that I can celebrate thousands of anniversaries with you. Happy Birthday!
  • How quickly time passes, because only yesterday you were a little baby, and today I already see you as a man. I am very happy to see you grow and be by your side to accompany you and give you all my love. Congratulations, treasure!
  • On a day like today, several years ago, you came into my life to cheer her up and teach me, motherly love. Since then, you have been my reason for living, and nothing makes me happier than being able to be by your side and celebrate your birthday with you. Congratulations son!
  • Happy Birthday! But I think it’s not worth wishing you health and happiness, since everyone has long wished for this, and it will be! I wish you that you have exactly what you need. What you and only you want! After all, only you know what you need for the most important thing – happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • Let the soul bloom every day; let the heart nourish love and joy. I wish you a happy birthday! I wish you reliable and robust health, a countless and eternal wealth of the inner world, great and unchanging luck on the way, harmony, and the most sincere love. And may every moment, every day, every year, bring only happiness!
  • Happy Birthday! May cherished dreams and secret desires come true. Let the sun warm its rays, and happiness never leaves your life path. Let your family always be there, and prosperity and prosperity will settle forever in your cozy home.
  • I was thinking of you, and I decided to send you this short happy birthday class: Congratulations on your day, may God’s blessing be his greatest gift of the many that he has in store for you.
  • We should not deny being a year older; turning years means that you have passed a whole year full of dangers, diseases, and problems. You have survived life’s difficulties as a hero, and you are preparing for a new year of challenges. You are a champion.
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Beautiful Birthday Wishes

  • I want you a happy birthday and wish you good, love, health, peace, excel in all endeavors, and money. I wish you a bright life so that the new day is not similar to the previous one, happiness in the family, success in work, comfort, and warmth in the house.
  • I wish you happiness, health, smiles, inspiration, loyalty, delight, a bright life, patience, steep climbs, prosperity, warmth, fire, dreams and its fulfillment, energy, love, intoxication from happiness, kindness, hope, luck, success, and all the best!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you are striving, completing all the work you have begun, the achievement of your goal, good health, a cheerful spirit, luck in life, strength, and, most importantly, never giving up to achieve your goals!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish your eyes to shine with happiness; there was always a smile on your face; only good people surrounded you. And also, I wish you good luck, creative success, family well-being, and loyal friends. Love and be loved.
  • Happy birthday and wish that all endeavors accompany inspiration and success. Let all roads lead to the top, and health, optimism, self-confidence, and the support of loved ones will become constant companions in life. Well-being and warmth to your home!
  • Let happiness fill your heart, and every moment brings a sea of ​​joy, good luck, and hundreds of pleasant surprises! Let desires and dreams become a fabulous reality! Smile as often as possible, bathe in love and enjoy life!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you fun, a taste for life, pleasant things, bright moments, fulfillment of desires, success in business and undertakings, and good luck in everything. Let the mood on this day be serene and sunny, like a warm spring day! And problems and troubles will forever leave the path of life And in honor of the bright holiday, let the most secret desire come true. Happiness, love, and understanding with loved ones.
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you a positive mood and more joyful days. I wish you to meet every morning with a smile, and faith in the best. May your dream have wings! Completion of your plans!
  • Happy Birthday! Joy in the heart and fire in the eyes, from the dear people of attention, may many sincere wishes for many years be heard today! Health, happiness, inspiration, good deeds, and people in your close environment, well-being, luck, wealth and prosperity, love, warmth, sun in your soul, and let everything be all right!
  • Happy Birthday! I would like to wish you more inspiration and energy this year. Let everything, whatever you do, has a successful ending. More health, because with him you can do everything!
  • Happy Birthday! The main thing is to be yourself. No matter how old you are, whatever obstacles you might get in your way, remain yourself. I want to wish for spiritual strength, patience, health, and of course, sincere love. Know that if it is difficult for you to go, you will climb to the desired success. Just don’t stop rising!
  • Happy Birthday! I would like to wish that I am happy now and will do the very best health. If surprises – then only pleasant ones, if acquaintances – then the most cordial, if news – then the most long-awaited. I wish you the highest income and the most enjoyable expenses. Ski winters for you, hot ocean years, warm, blooming springs, and bright autumn in a warm country And in general, happiness all year round for millions of years to come!
  • Accept today, our most sincere, kind, sincere, and heartfelt wishes of health, happiness, mutual love, prosperity, and good luck. May this beautiful day become an occasion for the joy of your loved ones and relatives. Live brightly; let every day of your destiny be filled with positive emotions, adventures, and laughter. Dare and seek, believe, and dream. May everything be fulfilled!
  • I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on your name day! Let all your plans come true! Let there be more reasons for smiles and joy. May there be real friends in life. May love to be pure and necessarily mutual. Let health not fail, but happiness will be endless! And most importantly, I wish you great patience in life, all sorts of earthly blessings, and only the very best and most beautiful!
  • Happy Birthday! In addition to good health and well-being in the house, I wish you to always be in harmony with yourself. May your plans always come true, and life will be filled only with bright and sunny days. Stock up on glasses, and popcorn and enjoy life.
  • We congratulate you on the beautiful, significant date of your destiny! We wish you to successfully go through life, and always have support and support from the person of people who love you. May your health be strong, and your mood is excellent; we want all your plans to be easily realized. Good luck. Luck, love, and many, many happiness!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you ineradicable optimism, inner confidence, personal independence, continued success, career growth, a strong spirit, material well-being, and a cheerful mood. May luck, joy, and love to accompany your life!
  • Happy Birthday! I sincerely want to wish that this year of life will be remembered for something special, unique, and possibly positively unpredictable! So that the memories of this year will warm the soul many, many years later! And so that there is enough health and opportunities for everything!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you dazzling spiritual beauty, unfading love, sincere and understanding people, family well-being, great prosperity, and everyday success. Clear skies, a life of joy, reliable friends, and great happiness!
  • Happy Birthday! With all my heart I wish you all the best: happiness, joy, fun, and unearthly pleasure. May all dreams come true, and everything blooms where you are. I wish you achieve your goals and secret aspirations, in general, a happy and fabulous life!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish your life to be pleasant and enriched with all sorts of wonderful events and wonderful achievements. May the health and reliable shoulder of a devoted friend always be strong. Let joy constantly accompany you, and love warms you even on a gloomy day. Happiness to you – enormous!
  • Happy Birthday! Much has already been achieved, but even more, lies ahead. Grandiose plans, victories, accomplishments – let everything come true as planned. And let your life be accompanied by love and friendly support. And so that the source of your powers and fantasies never runs dry.
  • Happy Birthday! We wish you to be always accompanied by success, luck, and luck on your life path so that you always have enough strength, health, and patience to conquer all obstacles. Let the chosen route lead you to love, happiness, and understanding, no adversity happens along the way, and the sun always shines over your head!
  • On my birthday I wish you all your wishes come true! I wish you to be a magnet for attracting health, good luck, career growth, kind people on the way, loyal and devoted friends, love in all its manifestations, prosperity and prosperity, exciting travels, and vivid impressions!
  • Every day that passes, I feel more and more proud to know you and have someone as honest as you are living proof that this world can be a better place. On this birthday I can only wish you the best, that success and life always smile at you because you deserve that and much more Congratulations!
  • At last, the day came that all of us who love you were waiting, the day that you went to the world to illuminate it with your smile and your occurrences, that you are very happy on this day, that all your wishes come true and enjoy a nice gathering of friends and family.
  • Life is full of good and bad moments, sometimes bad moments can make us forget the good ones, but your birthday should always be unforgettable, enjoy your moments with your family and friends, receive all the good wishes and gifts because you deserve them and don’t erase that wonderful smile from your face Happy birthday!
  • Today you meet a new return to the sun and that’s why you are a champion, never doubt it, you are a wonderful and great person who achieves everything that is proposed and for that reason, I am sure that you will do much better in this year that begins, that you will achieve everything you set your mind. Have a beautiful birthday; I love you very much.
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Wonderful Happy Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Wonderful Happy Birthday Wishes for a Friend

If you want beautiful birthday wishes for a friend or birthday wishes for a friend, I recommend you read the following wishes, they have all been selected by our team of editors, and you will surely love the recipient of the wishes.

  • I love being able to share these great moments with a friend as special as you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • I consider myself one of your best friends, that’s why I send you this little birthday greeting and thus receive my love and wishes towards you. CONGRATS FRIEND!
  • When we were a little younger, we did not have such a close relationship, now that we are like fingernails and on this special day for you I want to wish you the best and that all your wishes come true. I love you, and I wish you a happy birthday.
  • The passing of the years is like a gift of time, which gives us thousands of memories. Instead of counting birthdays, let’s count God’s blessings. Have a lot of fun, cut the cake and enjoy it with your friends. May you have many happy birthdays in the future!
  • Happy Birthday! May this year come with a lot of good news for you. You have been a great friend to me, and I have a small wish: that we remain, friends until the world ends.
  • Life is made up of moments shared between friends. Although you are far away, I just want to tell you that I love you very much and that on your return we will celebrate your birthday as it should be. Happy birthday, I always remember you.
  • 365 days waiting for my best friend to turn her birthday again to celebrate together on this beautiful day. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • You have always been a good friend, and you have advised me whenever I needed it. For that, I will be eternally grateful to you. I wish you a special and unique happy birthday. You deserve the best in this world.
  • I wish you a happy birthday; I hope you spend it surrounded by your friends and your most loved relatives. May happiness be a trend in your life this year, and may love to accompany you on the road. This is my prayer for you, friend. Be the happiest man in the world today, and always. Happy Birthday!
  • I don’t think I’ve ever met a more beautiful person than you in my life. You have been a sincere friend, and you always shake my hand when I needed it, you have been my partner in good times and bad, and I hope that we will maintain our friendship forever. Have a wonderful day!
  • In you, I have found all the good things that are in a friendship and that is why today I sent you this greeting with all my love, receive it and keep it in your heart, have a wonderful day.
  • For my friend, companion, and brother, for you many congratulations and happy birthday. I wish you well and hope to celebrate your birthday again in a year.
  • The best friend who stays by our side in difficult times, the one to whom you will not be able to hide anything, not even your tears, who will try to cheer us up when we are depressed or lend us his shoulders when we need to cry. You, my friend, are all that and more to me. A very Happy Birthday to you!
  • I hope I can be by your side for another year and continue being such friends. Blessings on this special and beautiful day. Congratulations friend!
  • I feel very lucky to be able to have a friendship like ours. You are a person who gives off joy, and I hope that on a day like today which is your birthday you will enjoy yourself like no one else, and you will abound with joy and illusion. Happy Birthday!
  • You were born to shine in everything you set your mind to. Happy birthday, friend.
  • I love to share these moments with a great friend like you. You deserve all the beauty that is happening to you because you are a great and excellent woman.
  • Happy birthday friend, I send you a lot of hugs and kisses although I know that you hate them and that is that the love and joy that I feel for you today cannot be expressed in any other way, that you have a good time, I wish you the best of the best on this day.

Wonderful Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

To send beautiful birthday wishes to anyone in a funny way, we recommend you read these wonderful wishes, the recipient of these wishes will laugh a lot when you read them, and it will record more quickly.

  • Another year of birthdays and another size of Kijiji shorts HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
  • Have a beautiful birthday, but don’t drink so much alcohol that afterward you don’t even remember who you are, like the year before. Hahaha. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!
  • Today on this particular day, I wish you to be the happiest person in the world and keep smiling. Take advantage that you still have teeth. Happy Birthday.
  • As a birthday present, I was thinking of a world trip. Could you take care while I’m out walking my dog? Congratulations!
  • Happy Birthday! It had occurred to me to buy you an expensive gift, but I thought that a person as mature and intelligent as you are not going to give importance to material things
  • The day has come to celebrate that you are one year older, and your underwear size has increased! Congratulations!
  • My best friend! Queen of hearts! I wish all your wishes to come true. Especially the ones with the shape of tall, athletic, blond boys! Congratulations!
  • I have hesitated to buy you a good birthday gift or make a donation for those most in need. I needed clothes, so I decided to renovate my wardrobe! Congratulations!
  • You’re getting a little rusty, and you need physical exercise. Follow my advice! Open the card. Already? Now you close it. Wait five minutes; you can sit down and stretch for the next exercise. Now, repeat the exercise! Happy Birthday.

For Siblings

Beautiful Birthday Wishes

To those people who have accompanied you throughout (or almost all of) your life, you will want to communicate what you feel in a special way. Whether they are smaller or bigger than you, or if you have always got along well or at some point, they have quarreled, they will always be an essential part of your life.

Express your affection to your brothers or sisters with these wishes dedicated especially to them.

  • When he still couldn’t speak, he wanted a little brother to play with. When you were born, you stole all my attention. But then you grew up and became my best friend. I am very happy to have you, and I wish you many more birthdays so that we can continue sharing many more things.
  • No matter how many times we fight, we always reconcile. Because you are my brother and I love you very much. I wish you the best on this day, happy birthday!
  • If I could choose a brother again, I would choose you again. You are the perfect brother! And as such, you deserve the best! Congratulations on this new year that you are starting!
  • There is nothing that compares to the joy of having a sister like you. You are wonderful, from head to toe! I wish you a life surrounded by wonders like you, happy birthday!
  • No matter how old you grow, you will always be my dear little brother! I adore you with all my heart, and I wish you a happy and beautiful birthday!
  • All these years, you have always taken care of me, and you have given me a lot of affection. Today, in your day, I wish you still have people by your side who love you and take care of you as much as you have done with me. Happy Birthday!
  • Brothers like you, there are few. I am grateful to have had you by my side from a young age. In your day, I wish you a life full of happiness where all your wishes are fulfilled. Happy Birthday!

For a Loved One

For a Loved One

  • No matter how many times I say I love you, every time I say it, the words come to you wrapped in all my love. Today I also want to tell you these words full of love, and happiness. and dreams, happy birthday!
  • My love, I am very happy to have met you and to be part of your life. I wish that we spend this and many more birthdays together, full of love and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • There are no words to describe the immense happiness that I feel since I am with you. Thank you for sharing every moment of your life with me. Thank you for being, for being, and for loving me as much as I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • When I thought that I was not going to find anyone who understood my madness, you appeared in my life. You are my sun, my light, my guide. You are the one I choose to walk my path with. My love, I want to wish you on your day that you have a life full of joy and that your tears are nothing other than happiness. Happy Birthday, love!
  • On your birthday, my beloved I want to wish you that all the days of your life are like today: a party full of love and happiness, surrounded by the people who love you. Happy Birthday!
  • On this special day for you, I could have written you a beautiful birthday greeting, but right now, I am a little reluctant and will leave you wanting to read something truly exciting. On the other hand, I promise to spend an unforgettable night with me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!
  • I wish that you feel especially loved and pampered on this wonderful day, and that is that a person as wonderful as you only deserve the affection of all. I love you so much, have a happy birthday.

For Someone Special

For Someone Special

  • Congratulations on your day, and have a great time because such a special person deserves a phenomenal birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • If I could make a wish, it would be to be with you on this special day, because nothing would make me happier than to be by your side on your birthday, and give you a big hug that reminds you of how much I love you. From a distance, I send you my best wishes and ask heaven to spend a happy birthday.
  • Today is your birthday, and that is why you can ask for anything you want, you will see that life will grant it to you because it knows that you are a special being. Happy Birthday!
  • Every day is to celebrate you, but today is a more than special occasion to celebrate your wonderful presence. Happy Birthday, dear! You are a miracle of life.
  • Today, everything around seems to be more beautiful, because God knows it is the birthday of a special person and has decided to give him a sensational day. Happy Birthday!
  • That special being has won my heart and steals thousands of smiles every day, Happy Birthday!
  • On this birthday I want to send you my most sincere and special congratulations, you have managed to overcome one more year, you have demonstrated your talent and your courage, and you still have dreams and goals to fulfill, I admire you, and I love you very much, have a great time, everyone May your dreams come true.
  • Today I come to deliver the best gift to the most special person on this planet, what is it? I cannot tell you, but I can tell you what it is not, it cannot be a single kiss because it would not be enough, nor a hug, you deserve thousands, they are not objects, they could never demonstrate how much I love you, okay, I will tell you, my gift to you is my heart and my best wishes for this year that begins in your life Happy birthday!
  • I think I need another soul to be able to love you as I love you, my feelings overflow on this special day and I can only wish you a very happy birthday and fill you with thousands of good wishes, I adore you, and that you fulfill many more years to continue sharing them with you. Side.
  • I wish a very happy birthday to a very special person, that the light of God always illuminates your path, that all his blessings be for you, listen to him, and guide you along the path of good and prosperity in your life.
  • On this beautiful day, I stop by to congratulate you on celebrating another year. You deserve the best for being so wonderful and special. That year he begins to enjoy unforgettable moments and is full of happiness.
  • Happy birthday to the most special person that life could leave in my way; you are someone very special to me. I could not imagine my life without you by my side or without your ideas, occurrences, and affection. I hope that life will keep us together for many more years to see you achieve all your dreams.
  • You are a wonderful and very special person, I send you my most sincere congratulations, and I ask God to cover you with his cloak to protect you and fill you with many blessings that take you on the path of truth, peace, love, and prosperity.
  • You are the most wonderful person I have had the happiness to find in my life, you are very special, with a giant heart and a lot of love to offer, and never change, that this birthday will give you many beautiful surprises and a great celebration for your life.
  • Congratulations, you are a very special person, that fate gives you at least a part of everything you want, especially what makes you happy, to the satisfaction of those who love you. A kiss and a hug.
  • I hope that life gives you back even a little of everything you give. You are a special person, and I want you to have a beautiful day. I wish you a very happy birthday and that all your dreams come true.
It May Interest You  Happy Birthday Ana

Now that you have these beautiful birthday wishes for someone special, you can send a beautiful card to that person you love so much and wish them the best.

Nice Birthday Wishes

This option is really interesting if you can’t find the ideal one for you or the one that explains exactly what your feelings are towards the person you want to send it to. In addition, they will be the best accessories to the gift you give her. In this regard, an excellent option is to write the wishes you have chosen on a card by hand and stick it on the paper that wraps the gift so that you know before opening it, everything you feel for him or her.

In short, forget the greeting cards that you can find in any stationery or shopping center and jump to put a more original and sentimental touch to your gifts with these beautiful birthday wishes. You can be sure that they will enchant your loved ones, and you will achieve a memory in them that, due to their beauty, will remain absolutely unalterable throughout life.

  • I hope you are happy on your birthday
    on a day like today, you came to this world a
    few years have passed, but your essence remains the same
    the passage of time does not erase the smile on your face
    I hope it continues like this for many more years.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations for today
    in which you came to the world
    that all your wishes come true
    that life dresses you in luck
    and the light of your soul never goes out
    for many more years than pass by your side.
  • I hope you are very happy on such a special day,
    not every year is a birthday
    so I hope you have a great time
    that you know that I remember you
    and that I wish you the best on this day.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on your birthday,
    I hope you are very happy on this day
    and that the rest of your days are also,
    you deserve to be very happy
    and that all your wishes come true.
    A big hug!
  • Congratulations on your birthday
    I hope you receive many congratulations and gifts
    that you are in the company of everyone who loves you
    and above all that you are very happy on such an important day.
    Many kisses and happy birthday!
  • The years do not go through you,
    you are as young as ever
    and even younger inside.
    A big hug and a thousand kisses for your birthday!
  • Congratulations on your birthday
    and have many more.
    A huge kiss!
  • In celebration of your day,
    do not miss a burning candle
    to take care of you and protect you
    in this new year of life.
  • Take a moment
    to say goodbye to the year of living.
    Close your eyes and make a wish
    that on the anniversary of your birth
    will be granted.
    Let’s celebrate!
  • It is a day of celebration,
    parting, farewell, and welcome at the same time,
    you have come around the sun
    and you are already resuming your radiant journey.
    Congratulations, and shine!
  • May happiness flood this day
    and crown the start of a new spring,
    toast a beautiful life for you!
  • Looking at the burning candles
    reflected in your joyous gaze
    is a caress to my heart.
    My best wishes to you!
  • May the universe give you back
    all the light and love that you offer
    to those of us who have the pleasure
    of sharing day-to-day with you.
    Happy Birthday!

Short Happy Birthday Wishes

Short Happy Birthday Wishes

  • I wish your BIRTHDAY day to be as BEAUTIFUL as YOU are.
  • Happy birthday and may live smile at you as you do with it.
  • I only ask God our Lord to bless you and grant you all the wishes of this life.
  • Birthdays come and go, but unforgettable people like you remain in the heart forever.
  • Happy Birthday! The best of your life is yet to come and the best of the party too.
  • I only wish that your birthday is only 50% of how beautiful you are. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • I wish your birthday party is the best of the year, with your family to enjoy their love. Congratulations!
  • This short birthday phrase is absolutely beautiful: May the most valuable gifts of this day be love and happiness. Happy Birthday.
  • Have fun on this birthday, because on this day you are young and the next, no. Do not be distressed by the passage of time and celebrate it as it deserves.
  • Today the entire universe is celebrating, and the most valuable person I could have met is celebrating its birthday. May God fill you with great health and vitality to eat the world.
  • I want to send you my congratulations and wish you that your dreams never leave you because you must fulfill them and achieve full happiness in this life.
  • One more year that culminates in your life and a new one begins, ready for you to eat the world and show what you are made of.
  • I hope that the joys flood this special day, that the sun wakes you up with a happy birthday kiss, and the moon embraces you before sleeping.
  • May God fill you with blessings on this wonderful day, make it sweet and special for you and allow the gathering of family and colleagues to celebrate your birthday.
  • Today is your birthday! I hope to celebrate together all those who come and that you fulfill many more.
  • Today is a day made just for you so that you can enjoy it, and you can smile at life as much as today.

Best Birthday Words

  • A TODAY well LIVED makes each YESTERDAY a happy memory and every MORNING a new hope. I wish you a LIFE full of HAPPINESS. My most sincere congratulations on your BIRTHDAY!
  • I know that you will always achieve what you set out to do, that you will go very far, and when you stumble, I will be there to comfort you. Have a beautiful day and a happy birthday, my friend.
  • My best wishes for a happy birthday to a friend as beautiful as you. I will always feel great appreciation because I consider you as if you were a member of my family. I thank God that we continually get along so well and are together to support and support and shake hands when necessary.
  • The heart that loves will always be young. I wish you a year full of love and happiness. Happy Birthday.
  • I wish that your BIRTHDAY leaves you: with a big SMILE on your face, a lot of JOY in your HEART, and BLESSINGS in your life.
  • There is a special day of the year when we remember how great it is to share with you. Happy Birthday.
  • My life wouldn’t be half as beautiful if I didn’t have a friend like you in it. Happy Birthday, Compa!
  • I wish you the sweetest of days, and I want you to know that you are in the memory of your family and that you are very special to us. Happy Birthday!
  • You have always shown me your support in all my initiatives. Now time for me to show you how much you matter to me. I’m going to make sure you have a great birthday party. Happy Birthday, friend!
  • Today is a very special day for YOU… I MISS you so much, and I would love to be by your SIDE if only to help you blow out the candles. Happy Birthday, love!
  • I hope that today is just the beginning of a fantastic year for you. Happy Birthday.
  • In our years, you should already know that life sucks… but when we have good friends we discover that we can bear it and survive it. Tell me like one of them! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! There is nothing better than spending this day surrounded by friends and family. You are both my friend and my sister, and I am sure that together we will celebrate many more birthdays.
  • As long as life allows us to celebrate and have fun like when we were kids, age will only be a number. Congratulations!
  • We have for you a special shipment of LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS. I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • It is a beautiful day, new dawn, and one more year of life. It is your birthday reason to celebrate, with much joy, and peace in your soul.
  • Happy birthday to you, may you be immensely happy, and may it be many more years to enjoy your beautiful friendship, a hug.

Final Word

You can conclude with a great wish for good luck and success for the new year, or with a word of affection and appreciation. It is important that your congratulations stand out from the beginning to the end.

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