Best 90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa in 2023

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Best 90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa: The ninetieth birthday is a solid birthday, which not everyone can achieve. Therefore, it is important to congratulate a loved one on this holiday and give him something pleasant. If their grandpa’s birthday is coming up, it is better to start looking for a good gift in advance.

90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

True, people usually have everything they need at this age, and the love and warmth of their loved ones are much more important for them. Therefore, if you cannot think of what to give your grandpa for 90 years, it is better to use our tips and ideas.

Top Ideas What Can You Give Your Grandpa for 90 Years

Ninety is an excellent and respectable age, which not everyone can reach.

If your grandpa is celebrating his birthday, it is important to congratulate him and give him something worthwhile warmly.

If you don’t know what to give your grandpa for 90 years, do not rush to get upset – our gift ideas will help you make the right choice.

Choosing a gift for your grandpa is not an easy task. Every grandchild or granddaughter wants to find the perfect present that the grandpa will really like. The best ideas to give your grandpa for his 90th birthday:

  • A gift basket with grandpa’s favorite fruits and sweets.
  • Massage leather chair.
  • Comfortable rocking chair.
  • Electric kettle or coffee maker.
  • Large photo album with old pictures
  • Warm sweater with socks included.
  • Digital photo frame with a collection of family photos
  • Nordic walking sticks
  • Luminaires with motion sensor
  • Heated slippers or electric sheet
  • Woolen blanket, preferably with sleeves
  • Compact vibrating massager
  • Hydromassage foot bath
  • Indoor slippers with warm felt insole
  • Floor or wall heater to keep the apartment warm.
  • An electric heated sheet is a gift that will keep your grandpa warm at night.
  • A beautiful carved icon for a religious hero of the day.
  • A collection set of teas – Indian, Kenyan, Ceylon and other varieties.
  • A trolley bag is a device for convenient transportation of groceries from the store, an inexpensive gift that can be given to a grandpa for his 90th birthday.
  • Warming belt for the back and lower back made of lambswool.
  • Large family portrait ordered from a professional artist.
  • Shaving set complete with a shaving brush or electric shaver.
  • A good thermos of small volume or a thermo mug in a classic design.
  • Damask for alcohol in the form of a weapon with a set of wine glasses or glasses.
  • Satellite dish.
  • Nice TV with modern digital images.
  • Chess, checkers or backgammon, if grandpa likes board games.
  • A modern bestseller or a classic of your grandpa’s favorite genre. Alternatively, you can donate an encyclopedia dedicated to the birthday boy’s hobby.
  • Beautiful wall clock with a large dial.
  • Push-button mobile phone with a set of standard functions.
  • Knitted hat with earflaps made of natural wool.
  • Tea cup with personalized engraving. Older people often drink tea – if your grandpa is one of them, he will remember you every time he tea.
  • Thermal underwear is made of pure cotton or wool.
  • Lightweight and compact garden tools, a chaise longue, a summer swing are gifts for a grandpa for his 90th birthday if he spends a lot of time in the country.
  • An instant water heating tap is a useful device for a summer residence with no hot water.
  • Home fountain for relaxation.
  • Exercise bike or stepper for a person who monitors their health and plays sports.
  • Modern radio receiver.
  • A beautiful walking stick made of high-quality natural material.
  • A firewood rack is a small and stylish wood stand.
  • A figurine for garden decoration.
  • A hydromassage foot bath that warms and improves blood circulation in the limbs.
  • Gold-plated glass holder complete with glass and spoon.
  • Orthopedic mattress or pillow.
  • Scandinavian walking sticks.
  • Compact vibrating massager.
  • Lamps with a motion sensor are another innovative gift; with its help, grandpa will no longer need to keep track of whether the light is off – it turns on and off automatically.
  • Humidifier, ionizer or “washing” air into the apartment.
  • Award medal, order or statuette “To the beloved grandpa” or “The best grandpa in the world.”
  • A personalized set of honey or jam for a sweet tooth grandpa.
  • A snuffbox, cigarette case, pipe or quality tobacco for a man who smokes.
  • A salt lamp is a natural lamp made of salt and heated with a light bulb. Such a lamp releases charged ions into the atmosphere, which is good for health.
  • Fluffy bath towels and bathrobe.
  • Stylish glasses case.
  • The personalized housekeeper is made of natural wood.
  • Electric fireplace – floor or table model.

Original 90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

By the age of 90, grandpa had already lived quite a lot, and it is difficult to surprise him, which means that it will be problematic to choose an original or unusual gift.

Nevertheless, it is possible – pay attention to the following gift ideas for your beloved grandpa for 90 years:

Digital Weather Station

It is an object that measures the temperature, pressure and humidity of the air and also makes a weather forecast for several days. An irreplaceable thing for people who watch the weather and their health. This device is especially useful for the elderly – having a home weather station; they will track pressure drops and take measures to improve their well-being.


A chic thing that is perfect as a gift to your grandpa for his 90th birthday. The samovar is a symbol of the hearth, comfort, friendship and hospitality – this is an unusual gift that will surely surprise and delight the hero of the day. You can choose a classic gift (wood-fired samovar) or a modern one that will run on electricity.

Electronic Photo Frame With a Collection of Family Photos

If your grandpa lives alone and is not often visited by relatives, present him with an electronic photo frame with family photos loaded into it. If the birthday person is not versed in modern technologies, adjust the frame yourself to change the pictures. With this gift, grandpa will regularly admire his family, even if they are not around.

Gift Ideas for Grandpa 90 Years

Ninety years is a considerable age, which, unfortunately, few people manage to reach. When celebrating your beloved grandpa’s birthday, it is better to think about choosing a suitable gift in advance. What to give grandpa for 90 years, how to please him?

At this age, the priorities in most people’s lives change, and such concepts as communication with family and warmth come to the fore. Therefore, the best gift that grandchildren can give a grandpa is attention and care. As for the presents that can be presented to the hero of the day, you can use one of the following ideas.

Coziness and Warmth

We choose gifts that will bring comfort and warmth, memories. In old age, people begin to especially value comfort, and the physiological characteristics of the body are such that it often requires additional sources of heat.

Thermal underwear. It can be a shirt or socks, or any underwear made using a special technology. You can give your grandpa a whole set at once for his 90th birthday. When choosing such a presentation, it is better to give preference to models made of pure cotton or wool – they are more comfortable and suitable for daily wear.

Furniture. You should not radically change the situation in your grandpa’s house – older people do not always have a positive attitude to such changes. But it is quite possible to update the mattress on his bed. For example, presenting an orthopedic model to a hero of the day is useful not only for the spine but also improves the quality of sleep. You can also pay attention to cozy and soft armchairs or rocking chairs.

Indoor slippers. Choose slippers with a soft felt insole for your grandpa. They will be warm and very comfortable, and they also do not fly off your feet, which is also important for an elderly person.

Heating device. This can be either a heater that will maintain a comfortable temperature in the room or a small personal heating pad that the grandpa will use when needed. In the first case, it is better to pay attention to modern models – silent, safe for health and as simple as possible to operate. You can choose an electric heating pad, made in any original form, for example, stylized as a felt boot.

Luminaire with motion sensor. This gift is very useful for an elderly person. Grandpa won’t have to fumble for a switch in the dark. The light will turn on itself when it enters the room and extinguishes when there is no one in the room.


As a rule, older people have enough free time, which should be spent in an interesting and exciting way. You can choose a gift for your grandpa for 90 years based on his hobby.

Board games. You can often see a group of elderly men in the courtyard who play dominoes or chess with interest. Even if the grandpa rarely goes out on the street, family members can keep him in the game – at the same time, there will be a reason to pay him a little attention.

TV. Many seniors enjoy spending time watching TV. You can present your grandpa with a new model with a large screen – a large and colorful image will be relevant since vision problems are not uncommon in old age.

DVD- player. Seniors love to watch old movies. But they are not always broadcast on TV. Therefore, a DVD-player will be an excellent gift, on which there will be many domestic films you have downloaded for your beloved grandpa.

Crosswords. Perhaps the grandpa will want to while away his leisure time, guessing the words according to the clues. In his youth, solving various crosswords was one of the entertainment options available.

A voucher to a sanatorium. For a pensioner, a trip to a medical institution is not only health improvement but also a change of scenery, communication and new acquaintances. It is better to choose a sanatorium as close to home as possible, and the period of stay there should be short since, at such a respectable age, people usually do not like to leave the house for a long time.

Useful Gifts

Camel wool belt. It has an excellent warming effect. Let grandpa not suffer from sciatica. Just be sure to find out if you are buying an original or a cheap fake.

Glasses. Order your grandpa glasses, knowing before that what glasses he wears. He will hardly buy himself good glasses, even if necessary. And you will give him new ones for his birthday.

Rocking chair. Give your grandpa something that he won’t buy himself. It’s about a rocking chair with a footrest. Grandpa will be happy with such a gift. And soon, this chair will become a favorite place to relax. This chair can be placed both at home and on the porch of a summer cottage.

Tonometer. Grandpa will be able to monitor his own blood pressure with a new electric tonometer, which you will give him. Just tell him that you only have to press one button, and the device will show numbers – this will be blood pressure.

Backlit walking stick. Does your grandpa use a cane? Then present him with a modern unique illuminated walking stick. And then, at dusk, grandpa will walk without fear – a flashlight on a cane will illuminate the road, and he will not stumble.

Phone. Present an elderly person with a mobile phone with convenient and understandable control, with a minimum of necessary functions, with large buttons and loud signals. The grandpa will really like such a gift. With him, he will feel more confident.


This is a very important part of the life of almost every elderly person. It becomes more difficult for him to get new impressions – therefore, you can help grandpa relive any happy moments again.

Commemorative album. In it, you can collect interesting photographs that reflect the bright moments of the birthday boy’s life. Pictures of grandchildren and great-grandchildren will perfectly complement the album. You can do it with the whole family: in addition to photos, paste children’s drawings, perhaps find old letters and be sure to write in wishes from family members.

Family meeting at the festive table. If a grandpa lives alone, then he may lack communication. Present him a few hours of live communication with all his relatives at the festive table. During a conversation, you will be able to learn as much about each other a lot of interesting things as you cannot learn in a lifetime.

Film. Create a movie for your grandpa, where relatives and friends who live in other cities and countries will send him greetings and congratulations. grandpa will be able to watch this gift on a disk at any time.

Souvenirs from the past. Items associated with the years of the hero’s youth evoke invariably warm feelings. This could be, for example, a gramophone or a retro-styled turntable. It should also be accompanied by a set of records (the gramophone, of course, must be in working order) or discs with your grandpa’s favorite music.

You can try to find old acquaintances of the birthday boy – classmates, fellow soldiers or just friends – through social networks and organize a touching meeting. If your age does not allow you to communicate in person, modern technologies will come to the rescue (for example, Skype).

Digital photo frame. Upload positive and vivid photos from the life of your grandpa, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren into it. This is a handy device that will show your grandpa photos dear to his heart.

Do not forget to surround your grandpa with your warmth and care, not only on holidays but also on ordinary days. And then you will not have to think for a long time what gift to give your grandpa for his 90th birthday, because you will always be aware of his worries and hobbies.

Gift Ideas for Grandpa From Grandson or Granddaughter

A grandpa’s gift can be different – original or practical; you can buy a thing for him for a hobby or home decoration. The main thing is that the present should be presented from a pure heart.

What else can you give your grandpa for his 90th birthday from the closest relatives – a grandson or granddaughter?

For a Practical Grandpa

As you know, men are characterized by practicality, and this is important to consider when choosing a gift for a grandpa for his 90th birthday. A multifunctional Swiss knife or a set of tools in a convenient suitcase useful in the household is a good gift for a grandpa from a grandson.

A Thing for Warmth

A perfect gift for 90 years from a caring granddaughter. People of the age often get cold, so that you can give your beloved grandpa a blanket made of natural wool, a sweater, a vest with a simple zipper, insulated soft slippers or a chic blanket.

A Gift for a Fisherman

If the grandpa cannot imagine his life without fishing, you can give him a convenient box for storing tackle, a folding chair, a fish smoker or cool anti-glare glasses.

A Gift to the Hunter

A person who is fond of hunting will be delighted with a high-quality flashlight, compass, an applicator for cartridges or other things for this hobby. You can also present your grandpa with a quality flashlight or a water bottle.

What to Give Grandpa for His 90th Birthday With His Own Hands

If there is not much money in your wallet, but you want to please your grandpa, you can give him a hand-made thing.

Such a present can also be made to surprise the birthday man – a self-made thing can be presented to a grandpa who already has everything.

List of best ideas:

  • A collage of photographs or a wall newspaper with congratulations from all relatives. An excellent do-it-yourself gift for a grandpa from a little grandson or granddaughter. You can make a gorgeous collage on a Whatman paper and hang it in a prominent place – every guest invited to the anniversary will be able to leave warm words and wishes there.
  • Large photo album with old photographs. People of age sometimes like to be nostalgic – they remember their youth, tell their grandchildren interesting stories from life. To interest, your grandpa, make your photo album with pictures from the past and present. This is a very sensual gift for grandpa for his 90th birthday with his own hands.
  • A film about the birthday boy: make a movie about your grandpa with video congratulations from friends and relatives who live in other cities and countries and could not come to the celebration. The grandpa will be able to watch the video file you have edited and see family faces at any time.
  • A case for glasses, embroidered with beads and beads. To make such a gift, you will need sewing supplies, quality fabric, and jewelry. If you know how to knit, you can make a cover for your grandpa using this technique.
  • Homemade photo frame decorated with seeds or coffee beans. Buy a regular plain photo frame from a store, or make a blank from thick cardboard. You can insert a photo of your grandpa in his youth or your joint picture in the photo frame.

Tips: How to Choose the Best Gift for Grandpa for 90 Years

Have you decided what to give your grandpa for his 90th birthday, but do not know how to do it correctly so that the birthday person will remember this holiday?

Use the following helpful tips and tricks:

  • Remember that personal communication and care of relatives and friends are more critical to a person at such a respectable age, not material benefits. Suppose you want to support your grandpa, help him organize an anniversary, treat him with respect and love. In that case, this will be appreciated much higher than an expensive new-fashioned thing presented on holiday.
  • Not all seniors have a negative attitude toward modern technology. If your grandpa knows about technology, you can give him such things. However, some grandpas at 90 years old still cannot learn how to use this or that device independently; in this case, be patient and help him with this.
  • grandpa, at 90 years old, is a man with an established worldview, inclinations and habits. For the birthday person to like the gift, you must choose it, taking into account all these parameters. Consider also the grandpa’s character, hobbies, and interests – all this information about a loved one will help you choose the best gift.
  • The gift should be chosen, guided by the lifestyle and activity of the person. If the grandpa prefers to live at home and does not walk a lot, give him an interior decoration or household appliances. If the grandpa is still active at the age of 90 and spends time in the country, you can present a set of tools or a lawnmower.
  • A postcard is a pretty commonplace gift, but many older people like to receive postcards like in the old days. Buy or make your grandpa a large postcard with your own hands, in which all close relatives and friends of the hero of the day will leave their wishes – the grandpa will be delighted.

What is Better Not to Give Grandpa for His 90th Birthday

Of course, the grandpa will not say directly that he did not like your gift, but it is better to avoid such situations in advance and give something really worthwhile. In order not to upset the birthday boy, give up the following birthday gift ideas:


It is not customary to give an envelope with money to a much older person than the guest. Show a little imagination and choose a real gift that will make your grandpa happy. Money should be given to friends or children if you do not know what to give to the birthday boy or birthday girl.

Gags and Practical Jokes

If your grandpa is celebrating his 90th birthday, you should not give him gifts with humor – for example, a set of firecrackers or a pillow that makes obscene sounds. Even the most harmless prank can cause a bad mood and a deterioration in the birthday person’s well-being. Only give these gifts if you’re sure your grandpa will appreciate the joke.

Modern Technology

It is difficult for an older person to understand modern technology, so you should not give your grandpa fashionable ultra-modern gadgets for his 90th birthday. They are simply useless for a person of a respectable age – most likely, he will not use your gift.

Impression Gifts

Ninety years is a respectable age, and not every person lives up to this time. And even if your grandpa is in full bloom, you should not give him presents that require active participation from the birthday boy, for example, various extreme adventures (hot air ballooning, parachute jumping).


It will be difficult for a person of age to take care of a pet – the animal needs to be fed regularly, cleaned up after it and walked if it is a dog. Not all aged people have sufficient health for this.

How to Properly Prepare for Your Grandpa’s 90th Birthday

For a holiday to go well, find out in advance how the birthday person himself relates to the idea of ​​celebrating his birthday. Many older people find it challenging to spend a lot of time in the company of even the closest and dearest, so the idea of ​​a festive party may have to be abandoned. If the grandpa is not against a full house of guests, make sure that he does not overly worry or strain.

Seniors usually like to receive postcards as they did in the old days. If you want to please grandpa, persuade other relatives to send him a postcard. He will be delighted to receive a heap of congratulations from the hands of the postman.

Before you start choosing a gift, it is advisable to talk to your grandpa, find out about his wishes. Perhaps he will not want to say what kind of present he is waiting for directly, but some hints will certainly flash in the conversation. If possible, visit grandpa, take a closer look at the house and interior. Most likely, you will notice how you can complement the decor.

What to Give Grandpa for 90 Years for Good Health

Over the years, we all become weaker and decrepit, this is a natural process, but I really want to stop it somehow. The easiest method is to take care of your health constantly. At 90, there are not many opportunities to take care of yourself and radically change something. But some things will still help keep your health under control. grandpa will probably come in handy:

  • A device for home physiotherapy sessions. Although the cost of such equipment is rather big, and the effectiveness is very doubtful, the very appearance of a complex device can improve a grandpa’s well-being because there is also a placebo effect.
  • Massage chair. It will allow the birthday person to relax, relieve pain in muscles and joints, and feel stiffness.
  • Automatic tonometer. Older people often have blood pressure problems, and such a device will always help keep it under control.
  • Hydromassage foot bath. It will warm, improve blood circulation in the extremities and give a few minutes of delicious sensations.
  • Air purifier and/or humidifier. Older people often do not have enough strength for long walks, and such a device will make the air in the apartment more useful.
  • Compact vibrating massager. He will allow the grandpa to do a pleasant and useful massage without the help of outside help.

Alternatively, you can choose a good multivitamin complex for your grandpa, suitable for the elderly. Such drugs usually cost a lot, and the birthday man must be sorry for the money for incomprehensible pills. And another great idea is to send grandpa to a sanatorium. Just choose a suitable establishment near your home so that you do not have to spend a lot of time on transport.

What to Give Your Grandpa for 90 Years to Show Your Care and Love

At such a respectable age, most people’s main value is the love of loved ones and warmth, and they also value coziness and comfort. Therefore, by donating something that guarantees a comfortable pastime, you can show how you value the birthday person. Best gifts for grandpa for comfort:

  • A woolen blanket, preferably with sleeves so that your hands are free and it is convenient to hold the TV remote control or a mug;
  • Warm blanket made of natural sheep wool unless the grandpa is allergic to it;
  • Cozy sweater with socks included to keep warm on cool evenings;
  • Knitted home suit – soft and comfortable;
  • Terry bathrobe with a towel of the same color;
  • Indoor slippers with a warm felt insole so that they don’t fall off your feet;
  • Heater – floor or wall-mounted, preferably beautiful to give the home not only comfort but also coziness;
  • Heated slippers or an electric sheet are great gifts for a grandpa, who often complains of cold and chilliness.

You can give your grandpa comfort, not only with the help of warm clothes. Modern technologies will also come in handy. An excellent idea for an older person is motion sensor lamps. With them, grandpa will not have to grope for switches in the dark in the dark. And he will never leave the light on due to forgetfulness since the lamp will go out as soon as the room becomes empty.

A good gift for an older person is a mobile phone with large buttons. They are also often called grandmothers since old people cannot cope with more complex models. And if the grandpa easily masters modern technologies, he will be delighted with his laptop or tablet.

Choosing something from electronics as a gift, be ready to teach your grandpa how to use the device. This can often be tricky, so please be patient.

How to Choose a Gift for a Grandpa for 90 Years According to His Hobby

With retirement, there is usually more consolidation time for any hobby. But not all entertainment will be within the power of a 90-year-old man. In such years, people often like to spend time in the country, fish, walk in the fresh air, or preferably even less active ways of rest. Take a closer look at what your grandpa is fond of and choose a present with this in mind:

  • The summer resident will like light and compact garden tools, a sun lounger, a summer swing;
  • The fisherman will need new tackle or a convenient box for storing and carrying them, a folding chair, a smokehouse for fish, cool anti-glare glasses;
  • If you are fond of walking in the park, you can give a fitness bracelet always to monitor your well-being and the intensity of the load and Nordic walking sticks;
  • If your grandpa loves to read, you can add a modern bestseller or something from an unfading classic to his library;
  • A music lover can be presented with a modern turntable instead of his old one and a set of discs of his favorite performers.

Many seniors enjoy playing board games. If your grandpa often goes out into the yard to play dominoes with old friends, choose a new set of tiles for him. You can also present chess, checkers or backgammon. If the birthday person prefers to rest alone, he will be entertained by a good collection of crosswords.

Memorable Gifts to Grandpa for 90 Years

At such a respectable age, when active life is already declining, memories often become a joy. Many elderly people adore looking at old photos, rearranging memorable trinkets, and re-reading letters. If you make a gift related to memories, grandpa will definitely be glad. The best ideas for such presentations:

  • A large photo album with old pictures, newspaper clippings, drawings of grandchildren and great-grandchildren and other cute, interesting things.
  • A digital photo frame with a loaded collection of family photos.
  • Large family portrait. It can be ordered from an artist or photo studio. Be sure to find a suitable frame and help grandpa hang it on the wall.
  • A film about the life of the birthday boy. To create it, use family photos and videos, memories of family and friends, their congratulations.
  • Photo frame in the form of a family tree. Be sure to insert photos of all your relatives into it.

If the grandpa was born and raised in another city or village, you could organize an excursion to his native land. Surely the birthday person will be glad to see those places again, even if they have changed a lot. If the grandpa’s health condition does not allow him to go on trips, arrange a virtual tour.

Go to your grandpa’s homeland yourself, film all the places familiar to him, interview local residents. This will surely delight and touch the birthday man.

If your grandpa often misses old friends who live far away, arrange a Skype conference for them. This will make a great birthday present.

And you can add sweets to any gift. Surely the birthday person will like a delicious cake with a nice inscription or beautiful figures made of mastic. If grandpa doesn’t like sweet, present him with a bouquet of cold cuts – fun and delicious. And be sure to tell how dear he is to you and how you appreciate him – this will surely please the older man’s heart.

What to Give Grandpa for 90 Years?

Beloved grandpa is always glad to the gifts made by his grandchildren. The attention of close people is especially valuable for him when his young years are left behind. We will tell you in the article what you can give your dear relative for 90 years.

How to Choose a Present?

A man who has lived for 90 years has his own well-established worldview, habits and inclinations. For your gift to be significant for the hero of the day, you must have the most information about your grandpa available to you.

Adults are very different; they have their own specialties, the field of activity, social circle, interests.

A gift should be selected, taking into account these indicators; it should express the fullness of your feelings for an elderly person and, most importantly, be necessary for him. A present for a man who has reached 90 years of age should be chosen, considering his physical condition.

What Kind of Gifts Are There?

In order not to be mistaken in your choice, divide gifts into categories. So you can have a clear idea of ​​the need for a present, whether you are ready to give it to your grandpa for his 90th birthday, or you shouldn’t.

Gifts can be:

  • memorable and valuable;
  • focused on the hobby of the hero of the day;
  • presents for mental and physical comfort;
  • medical supplies;
  • voucher to the sanatorium;
  • dishes and household appliances;
  • confectionery (hand-made pastries).

What to Give?

With the complete information about your grandpa’s interests, start picking up a gift for him.

  • Perhaps your relative loves antiques, paintings, books, or, for example, collects antique snuff boxes, cigarette cases and smoking pipes – donate any of these items.
  • Some older adults like to look through old photographs and remember certain life events. You can take one from the album, take it for restoration if it has lost its original appearance, and then put a new photo in a beautiful frame and give it to your grandpa.
  • A photo book with photographs from his grandpa’s very youth to his advanced years will become a pleasant memory and an original present. You can place in the book a photo of your grandpa in a circle of fellow soldiers, taken during the war. Among the photographs, there should also be a photo of the grandpa in a circle of friends, colleagues and closest relatives.
  • The photograph, which captures the memorable places for the hero of the day, can serve as a basis for painting the picture. You can order it from professional artists, and then make a beautiful frame and present it to your relative.
  • Many people read books to a ripe old age, as long as their sight allows. Give your grandpa a gift in two or more volumes. It can be a literature of a wide variety of subjects, from artistic and journalistic orientation to documentary. If he sees poorly and loves to read, then buy an e-book for grandpa and teach how to use it. You can install a font of any size in it, which is very important for an elderly person.

You can also purchase a player with a set of discs (audiobooks), perceived by the ear.

  • grandpa may have a hobby. Men are often addicted to board games such as chess, backgammon, checkers, dominoes. Present him with a new artistic chess or backgammon board. Currently, there are a lot of handmade chess and backgammon figures for sale. Usually, the game board is covered with mother-of-pearl lacquer, and some intricate oriental pattern is carved on it. If you still keep the company and sit down to play with your elderly relative, it will give him great pleasure.
  • Thermoregulation in older people is significantly impaired, so they freeze and experience discomfort. You can give your grandpa very soft slippers or warm slippers made of natural fur (sheepskin). In them, his feet will be comfortable. If you know how to knit, present your grandpa with a warm sweater and socks made with your hands as a birthday present. He will wear these things and remember you fondly.

To maintain a stable body temperature at night, the hero of the day can hide in a pleasant to the touch and warm blanket donated by his family, as well as use a heater of the latest model, which was bought on the occasion of this holiday by the grandchildren.

  • As a present for maintaining health, you can buy your grandpa a pressure measuring device, a hearing aid (if necessary), take the hero of the day to the optics and order him beautiful and high-quality glasses to improve vision. For an older man suffering from the musculoskeletal system’s diseases, a modern electric massager is suitable as a gift. Your grandpa will be able to do the massage on his own. The massager will improve blood circulation, relieve pain in the back and joints of the grandpa. The foot massage bath is perfect and will please the hero of the day.
  • You can buy a ticket to the sanatorium for your own hero of the day – there, he will enjoy preventive procedures, fresh air and communication with vacationers.
  • Make a gift in the form of glass with a playful inscription, or present your grandpa with a cup engraved with his name. People of any age drink tea very often. Drinking from a cup donated for 90 years by dear people, your grandpa will be pleased.
  • At this age, many people find it difficult to chew food. You can buy a good blender for the hero of the day.
  • If your relative lives in a private area with a garden and fruit trees, give him a juicer for his anniversary. It will help him quickly and efficiently get excellent juice from fresh fruits and vegetables beneficial to health.
  • Men, just like women, love to feast on dough products. Perhaps your grandpa has such a weakness. Bake him a birthday cake, cake or cupcake, decorate it beautifully and write some congratulatory text on it with cream. Give a sweet present to your relative and, if possible, take a memorable photo. Your grandpa, looking at the photo for a long time, will remember the taste of the cake or pie, with love baked by you, specially for the 90th anniversary.


Age takes its toll and at 90, not every man will celebrate his anniversary in a restaurant or cafe. Most likely, this event will take place at home with your family.

Congratulate your grandpa, show maximum care, remember with him the brightest moments from his life, when he wants to tell you about this or that event, listen with great interest.

Your participation will be the most valuable; the time spent with people dear to his heart will be remembered for a long time.

Life happens so that some family members live separately from the hero of the day and cannot attend the celebration in honor of the grandpa for a number of reasons. Call your grandpa, say warm words, support him morally!

When you have the opportunity to come and visit an older person, bring your grandchildren and great-grandchildren with you, get a lot of positive emotions from mutual communication, then, by all means, do it.

grandpa will be happy to see all family members living in other cities. He will highly appreciate your wish to congratulate him on this significant date. The gifts you have made and kind words expressed from the bottom of your heart will help maintain a good mood and good spirits.

Not sure which birthday present to choose for your grandpa? Check out the following video for a selection of ideas.


Choosing what to give a grandpa for his 90th birthday is not easy – at this age, the birthday person is usually provided with everything and does not need anything.

Despite this, you can find a practical and useful gift, just show a little patience and imagination.

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