Best 85th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

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Best 85th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma: The 85th birthday is a serious and important birthday not only for the birthday girl but also for numerous relatives. A grandmother who has reached such a solid date is worthy of respect and double care. Making a birthday gift is both difficult and simple.

The difficulty lies in the fact that grandmothers usually tell grandchildren – nothing is needed. And it is easy to pick up a surprise because now there is an opportunity to find a lot of original and memorable things that will surely delight the hero of the day. What to give a grandmother for 85 years?

Top-30 Gifts From Granddaughter

85th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

Usually, there is a close connection between women of different generations. It is good if it only grows stronger over the years, turning into a sincere friendship between a grandmother and a granddaughter. As a child, girls love to spend time with their grandmothers: they learn to cook, grow flowers, embroider, and walk in the park. It’s great when adult girls continue to communicate closely: in this case, it will be much easier to choose the right gift for your 85th birthday.

Options that a granddaughter can give to her beloved grandmother for her birthday:

  • warm shawl;
  • painted scarf;
  • flowering houseplant;
  • a precious brooch;
  • floor vase with engraving;
  • electric belt massager;
  • woolen blanket;
  • lambswool vest;
  • heated slippers or warm home boots;
  • massage foot bath;
  • kitchen textiles;
  • a bath towel with an embroidered granny’s name;
  • porcelain service;
  • the book of the birthday girl’s favorite author;
  • a set of elite figured chocolate;
  • home fountain;
  • an engraved tin box containing an assortment of elite tea;
  • a set of silicone baking dishes;
  • beautiful kitchen apron with oven mitts;
  • long warm robe;
  • home suit;
  • elegant dress for special occasions;
  • a book for writing memoirs;
  • jewelry box;
  • Photo album;
  • perfume with a classic scent;
  • a basket of delicacies;
  • handmade aromatic soap;
  • handbag;
  • bedding set.

Top-30 Gifts From Grandson

As you know, grandmothers love their grandchildren even more than their own children. Perhaps not everyone will agree with this statement, but the fact that grannies have a special affection for them is an indisputable fact.

The woman, who is 85 years old, has grown up grandchildren, has become independent, has got their own families. Adult men can express love and care for granny in the improvement of their everyday life because it is difficult for elderly housewives to do household chores on their own.

What can you give a grandmother for a birthday from a grandson:

  • rocking chair;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • garden swing with a set of soft pillows;
  • electric fireplace;
  • slow cooker;
  • a double boiler;
  • electric meat grinder;
  • juicer;
  • a new washing machine;
  • microwave oven;
  • light modern iron;
  • heater;
  • electric kettle;
  • wide-screen TV for comfortable viewing of your favorite films and programs;
  • shatterproof thermos with commemorative engraving;
  • an original piece of jewelry: vintage earrings, beads, pendant;
  • orthopedic mattress;
  • bathroom handrails with installation;
  • mobile phone with large buttons and SOS function for emergencies;
  • family photo alarm clock;
  • a set of quality pots or pans;
  • indoor mini-garden;
  • humidifier;
  • salt lamp;
  • glasses in a leather personalized case;
  • home weather station;
  • heart rate monitor;
  • electric samovar;
  • retro turntable with records;
  • massage chair.

A useful surprise for an elderly grandmother will be a housekeeper, whose services will be paid for by a caring grandson. Now the birthday girl will have a clean and comfortable apartment, and she will not have to spend a lot of effort to put things in order.

If a person has reached a respectable age, close relatives can present gifts for his birthday for health and well-being: an electronic blood pressure monitor, an electric heating pad, a gift certificate to a pharmacy, a blood sugar meter.

What to Present From the Whole Family?

For many, it is customary to present a common gift from all relatives for the birthday. There are several reasons for this:

  1. If there is a desire to please the birthday girl with an expensive surprise, it is advisable to get together and make a common gift to the grandmother.
  2. Everyone wants to take part in preparing for the holiday, even the smallest great-grandchildren and great-granddaughters. Children’s crafts and drawings will delight the hero of the occasion, so you can collect all the gifts in one spacious holiday box and give them with words of gratitude to your beloved granny.
  3. An elderly woman will be pleased when the family gets together and congratulates the hero of the day. It is much more important for the grandmother that family members are nearby on such an important day for her.

Nice and useful gift ideas from the whole family:

  • A video film with wishes from relatives and friends. Record and edit interviews in advance, pick up granny’s favorite music. You can add a demonstration of photos of grandmothers from different years, as well as performances of the youngest family members. Such a touching surprise will be remembered for a long time by the hero of the day and will cause her tears of joy.
  • Photobook with family pictures. Older people are more sentimental and look at numerous photographs with trepidation.
  • Custom-designed cake. Modern confectioners work miracles and bake unique sweet masterpieces. Hit granny with an exclusive cake, and choose the theme of decoration in accordance with the hobbies and hobbies of the birthday girl. If your grandmother worked as a school teacher before retirement, order the confection in the form of an open book or class magazine. Choose from a sumptuous cake design decorated with edible gold decor and the number 85.
  • Garden gazebo. Granny, who spends a lot of time in a country house, gives a cozy, wooden gazebo, where she can admire the sunsets and drink aromatic tea with her neighbors.
  • Jewelry set in platinum with diamonds. A woman at any age will be delighted with luxurious jewelry, but jewelry costs a lot. If you want to surprise the hero of the day with an expensive gift, you can present it by putting together with all your close relatives.
  • Comfortable bed in a classic style. Usually, older people use old furniture, believing that they no longer need new ones. A chic, spacious bed with an orthopedic mattress will be a good gift for a granny. Now you don’t have to worry about your grandmother’s sleep – she will always get enough sleep on such furniture.
  • Dishwasher. Surely, over the years, it becomes more and more difficult for Granny to do housework, so family members can take care of making it easier for her to do housework. One of the useful household items is the dishwasher, which will make all the dishes crystal clean in a few minutes.

What else can you give from the whole family:

  • wrought iron firebox;
  • carved icon;
  • aquarium with fish;
  • silver caviar;
  • air conditioning;
  • robot wiper;
  • amber jewelry;
  • street garland;
  • solar-powered garden lamp;
  • satellite dish;
  • portrait of the birthday girl.
  • a bronze statuette made from a photograph of the birthday girl;

Is It Better to Choose an Unusual or Useful Present?

For an 85-year-old grandmother, positive emotions, fond memories, and heartfelt family meetings come to the fore. Elderly people value, first of all, not comfort, convenience and luxury, but communication with family and friends. We offer several ideas for a fantastic gift for an 85-year-old grandmother:

  • Flip flop style portrait. A family photo is applied with an invisible layer on the canvas. At the festival, granny is given brushes, paints, with which she needs to paint over the canvas. When the protective film is removed, the birthday girl will be presented with a unique and unusual portrait, which she will certainly take pride of place in the birthday girl’s house.
  • Family photo session. You can invite a professional photographer for a home shoot to capture your grandmother and relatives in a familiar environment.
  • A gramophone with records. The birthday girl will be able to plunge into memories from childhood when her parents started the gramophone and played their favorite music.
  • Icon of the author’s work. For believers, the best gift will be an icon, which you can always turn to with care and gratitude, ask for protection, support, help. If you do not know which icon to present to granny, contact the ministers of the church: they will help with choosing a spiritual gift for an Orthodox person.
  • Album with drawings of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. If you have your own artistic creations, as well as drawings of your own, already grown-up children, collect them together in a unique album. Add the art of great-grandchildren, which they will gladly draw for their beloved great-grandmother, and you can also order a beautiful cover or leather binding. Such a gift, which contains pictures of different generations, will be of particular value for the hero of the day.

When choosing a gift, it is worth considering that 85 years is a respectable age, which, unfortunately, makes itself felt. It is more and more difficult for Granny to go out for long walks, to lead an active lifestyle, to look after the house. That is why things will be helpful for her that will facilitate her daily life.

Gift Ideas for Granny:

  • Kitchen accessories and utensils. Practical products are needed by every housewife: a set of new pans or pots, jars of spices, organizers for dishes, a vegetable cutter, cutting boards, stands.
  • Appliances. Surely the granny uses outdated models of the refrigerator or washing machine. Birthday is a great reason to replace old household appliances and please grandma with a new electric stove, TV, microwave oven.
  • Comfortable furniture. A sofa, new armchairs, a bed, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe – any piece of furniture will be a useful and pleasant gift for an elderly grandmother.
  • A set for creativity. Older people have enough time to spend it on their favorite hobby. Give the birthday girl a set that matches her hobby – it can be materials for knitting, embroidery, wool felting.

What to Do for a Granny With Your Own Hands?

It is not necessary to buy a gift for the hero of the day in the store because things made by yourself are of particular value. There are many ways to surprise a granny on her 85th birthday:

  • handmade aromatic soap;
  • candlestick with a set of candles;
  • hand-painted vase;
  • clay dishes;
  • knitted warm scarf or stole;
  • a set of carved wood cutting boards;
  • crocheted openwork tablecloth;
  • interior pillows;
  • coasters for hot dishes;
  • family photo in a beautiful design;
  • scrapbooking photo album;
  • A soft bedside rug made of scraps of fabric.
  • a surprise tea box with congratulatory notes attached to each tea bag;
  • homemade cakes: cake, gingerbread set, cupcakes with a congratulatory inscription;

The gift can be supplemented with a homemade postcard made in any technique: scrapbooking, quilting, applique, drawing. Young children will also be happy to take part in making a pleasant surprise for the birthday girl.


When preparing for the holiday, take into account all the nuances and little things: pick up a useful, memorable gift, prepare a solemn speech, help your grandmother set the table or order a banquet hall in a restaurant. The hero of the day should feel love and care from her relatives because this is much more important than the most expensive things.

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