Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

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The question of what to give a man for 70 years requires a special approach. For such a person, workdays were left behind; he managed to reach considerable heights in life. And now it’s time for him to do what he loves, to relax in body and soul, to go on a journey, if possible.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

When choosing a gift for a man for 70 years, do not forget that taking care of health for the birthday person is becoming increasingly important. And he also learned to surround himself with only trusted people and appreciate every moment of life. You will surely gather many interesting ideas in our article that will delight a loved one of such an honorable age.

TOP 40 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

  • Collection of old coins
  • Portrait in a beautiful frame
  • Telescope
  • Binoculars
  • BBQ tongs
  • Water filter
  • A set of skewers in a beautiful case
  • Shoe dryer
  • Winter fishing rod
  • BBQ thermometer fork
  • Metal detector
  • Nordic walking sticks
  • Pedometer
  • Keychain for finding keys
  • garden furniture
  • Museum or theater ticket
  • Heated lunch box
  • Tree of happiness
  • Folding shovel
  • Painting reproduction
  • Oil burner
  • Domino set
  • Amulet for the house
  • Personalized engraved beer glass
  • Bath hat
  • Warm scarf
  • Fishing box
  • Photobook
  • Jar of red caviar
  • Bath essential oils
  • Mulled wine set
  • Pravda newspaper in a frame with an article about the hero of the day and his photo
  • Set of personalized towels
  • Coasters with engraving in a beautiful box
  • Photo mug with a photo
  • Named Oscar
  • Wine bottle in a personalized box
  • Socks in a gift case
  • Exclusive author’s knife
  • Gift flask

What is Useful to Give a Man for 70 Years?

Thinking about the question of what is useful to give a man for 70 years, pay attention to household appliances, comfortable furniture for a relaxed rest, things that bring back pleasant memories from the past. The presentation should be relevant, stylish or, conversely, with a touch of luxury from the past

But the main thing is that he must meet the needs of the hero of the day. Here are some ideas for useful gifts for a 70-year-old man you might find useful:

Rocking Chair

Such comfortable furniture is bound to associate with cozy evenings. Even the famous detective Sherlock Holmes loved to relax and indulge in his ingenious reflections, swaying in such a chair. This furniture will certainly give the birthday boy minutes of pleasant rest, help to relax, escape from gloomy thoughts and tune in to a positive wave.

Heart Rate Monitor

Here is a useful gift you can give a 70-year-old men. In old age, people especially need accessories that help to plan their time correctly and not be late. And even better if you have a device at hand that can monitor the parameters of the body. A heart rate watch is just such a device! An ordinary watch with one touch of a button turns into a device that measures the pulse.

Weather Station Steering Wheel

A suitable option for a practical gift for a man for his 70th birthday. Such a weather station is best suited as a presentation for special dates. The device combines several functions at once – it decorates the interior, thanks to its unusual design, and also allows you to track the parameters of weather changes. The weather station provides a barometer, thermometer, Hoogtemeter.

Ham Maker

Here’s what useful things you can give your father for his 70th birthday if he is fond of cooking and has delighted his family with delicious dishes all his life. The ham maker will simplify the preparation of food, as well as increase the sheer amount of culinary delights. The device is suitable for cooking fish, meat and poultry dishes.

Tub With Oppression

Does your father, grandfather, husbands like to salt cucumbers or fish? Then this thing will definitely come in handy in his everyday life! A tub with oppression forms all the necessary enzymes for fermentation, and, therefore, delicious cooking of cabbage, mushrooms, fish, cucumbers.

All products are stored for a very long time, and most importantly, they are eaten with pleasure. This useful gift can be presented to dad and grandfather for his 70th birthday.

Air Ionizer

If it is important for you to give a practical health item to a man for his 70th birthday, this is exactly what you are looking for! In a confined space, the air quickly becomes “dead” – the amount of oxygen decreases, and therefore people begin to suffer from fatigue and headaches in such conditions. The ionizer successfully solves these problems by generating air ions.


this device was called the “tea machine”, but it is a symbol of true traditions and home comfort for the Russian people. Such an exclusive and useful gift can be presented to a husband for 70 years. A samovar is much more than a boiler. This is a unique reactor that softens the water, making the drinks tastier.

To give the present more exclusivity, it can be decorated with an engraving with the birthday person’s name or personal congratulations.

Moonshine Still

Stop buying alcoholic products of dubious quality! From the moment the moonshine still appears in your relative’s house, life will become much more enjoyable. This device is the best solution if you look for something useful to give a man for his 70th birthday.

The book was, is and continues to be a welcome present. Especially if the birthday person has a great love of literature and has a good home library at home, on his 70th birthday, a man can be presented with a luxurious edition in a beautiful leather binding, dedicated to one of the male themes: hunting, fishing, cars, weapons, military equipment.

If your dad, husband or grandfather always loved to make something with his own hands, you can please him with DIY tutorials.

What Original Gift to Give a Man for 70 Years

Choosing an original gift for a man for his 70th birthday is not an easy task. This requires creativity and the ability to anticipate human desires. And since we are talking about around date, it is in your best interest to awaken the best feelings in a relative with the help of a presentation. Look for the answer to the question of what original gift to give a man for 70 years in the list below:

Wall Newspaper

Despite the development of computer technology, the demand for wall newspapers does not decrease at all! With the help of such an unusual gift for a 70-year-old DR, a man can be made not only pleasantly. You will literally awaken a whole storm of positive emotions, which is very important in old age! The main thing when creating a wall newspaper is to think over the style.

Let the letters not be perfectly even, but drawn clearly and from the heart. In the center, be sure to place a photo of a man, and on the sides, fill in space with interesting phrases, facts about the birthday man. You can even write a kind of article! Such an interesting gift can be presented to a 70-year-old grandfather by his grandchildren.

Electric Fireplace

A unique embodiment of advanced technology and thoughtful design ideas. Where this device appears, comfort and tranquility reign. The electric fireplace is superior in many ways to traditional fireplaces. It does not require a chimney or any complicated connection. The heat function can be easily turned off if you just want to admire the flame.

Salt Lamp-night Light

This is what the original can give for 70 years to a man whose house lacks bright colors. This unique lamp is made from natural salt. It not only pleases the eye with a beautiful appearance but also has the function of purifying the air from bacteria. Thus, this thing will bring beauty, harmony and health to the house.

Gift Basket

If you are looking for an interesting gift for your dad for his 70th birthday from your son or daughter, pay attention to this option. The gift basket can become a repository of exotic fruits, elite varieties of coffee, tea, delicious handmade chocolate, smoked meats. What to put there is up to you. It will be better to supplement the general set with a jar of warming ointment or a pack of vitamins.

Handmade Backgammon

Does your husband, dad, grandfather or friend want to spend the evening gambling? Then you should think about purchasing a handmade backgammon box. This game is the result of centuries of tradition. This present combines uniqueness and benefits. On the occasion of the anniversary, choose backgammon made from natural wood and decorated with carvings.

Electronic Piggy Bank Safe

Please, your loved one with an interesting thing that will remind you of some goal and desire for self-realization. A unique thing will decorate the interior and become an incentive to accumulate funds for your cherished dreams.

Gift Packaging of Tea

Good tea is the key to a great mood, a feeling of comfort and home. This unusual gift can be presented for a 70th birthday to a friend who has always appreciated a healthy lifestyle and atmosphere. The very look of this presentation speaks volumes. At least such a box is not a shame to put in a prominent place.

Coffee Mill

Such a present will delight the coffee lover. A true connoisseur of coffee will be glad to get a device that can easily grind beans into powder of different fractions. After all, a real gourmet will never drink an instant drink! This is a good idea for an unusual gift for a 70-year-old man if you want to please him with something really useful.


This is an excellent way to let your brain switch and rest for a while so it can return to work with renewed vigor. Puzzles stretch your fingers, help your eyes relieve tension after prolonged reading or work. Such an interesting gift can be presented for his 70th birthday to a brother who loves complex riddles since childhood.

Electric BBQ Grill

This is an unusual gift you can present for a 70th birthday to a man who loves barbecue. Now you can prepare a fragrant treat without leaving your apartment. The power of the appliance and the rotating mechanism allows the meat to cook evenly. There is a special bowl for collecting fat at the bottom, so there will be no difficulties with washing the device.

Chaise Lounge

What you need for a pleasant stay in the country! After all, spending time in the country is not limited to caring for plants. Sometimes it’s good just to lie down enjoying the birdsong and the fresh air. And since at the age of 70, rest is in the first place, the sun lounger will definitely not stand idle.

A Voucher to a Sanatorium

This is what original can be presented from the whole family to a man in the DR of 70 years if he devoted his whole life to work, did not rest much, but his soul always strove to visit interesting places. In the sanatorium, an elderly person can enjoy tranquility and pleasant procedures.

A beautifully carved wood icon depicting Nicholas the Wonderworker will be an original and unusual gift for a relative for his 70th birthday. The images of saints have always been considered a sacred present, which is usually presented to the closest people. For a person who understands the spiritual value of such shrines, there is hardly a better idea.

What is Nice to Give a Man for 70 Years

A lovely gift for a man for his 70th birthday is a thing or accessory that the birthday boy will gladly use every day. These can be things that are consonant with his hobbies or objects that allow him to spend his free time interestingly alone or with his grandchildren. If you are stumped in search of an answer to the question of what is pleasant to give a man for 70 years, it’s time to study our list!


Comfort means a lot to sleep. A close man for 70 years can be presented with pajamas made of pleasant to the body, “breathable” materials that do not hinder freedom of movement. In such clothes, a person will be able to fully relax after a busy day.

Hot Dog Maker

If the grandchildren managed to teach the grandfather to eat this fashionable food, it’s time to give him a device that allows him to create magic right at home! It is also an excellent option for a lovely 70th birthday present for a grandfather who wants to surprise their grandchildren with a treat that is no worse than in fast-food establishments. There is a device for heating a roll and a separate section for warming up sausages in such a set.

Travel Bag

Here’s what pleasant you can give your spouse for 70 years if he is still full of energy and often goes on trips. The man will find all the accessories for personal hygiene and beauty products in the travel case. And it’s all packed in a handy pouch with multiple compartments and secure clasps.


Such a lovely, cozy gift can be presented for his 70th birthday to a father who loves to spend evenings reading or watching TV. Under the blanket, the body will be comfortable and warm. You can choose for your dad a blanket of bright colors, large or small geometric patterns, or, conversely, a plain thing.

Locker for Small Things

made in a classic style. This furniture will surely find a place in the house of a man of honorable age. It won’t take up much space. For example, you can put it in a nice one right by the door to store a pen, notebook, receipts, wallet in its drawers – everything that you may suddenly need. With such furniture, you won’t have to look for the right things for a long time.

Pedigree Book

Here’s what pleasant you can give dad for his 70th birthday from a son, daughter. A pedigree book is a symbolic present that will allow a man to lead the history of his own family and then pass it on to his grandchildren or great-grandchildren. On the occasion of the anniversary, it is better to choose products in leather decorated with embossing and gilding.

Chess for Three

A wonderful present that can brighten up your leisure time. This ancient game attracts both young and honorable people. Chess for three has a hexagon-shaped field and figures of different colors. While playing such a game, grandfather can have fun with his grandchildren.

Video Congratulations

This is what will warm the soul of an elderly man on such an important day. First, you need to think over the script (or entrust its development to specialists), then collect material (if necessary, shoot a new one). A professional video will look spectacular and perfect if a relative is celebrating a birthday in a lush hall with a bunch of guests.

But that doesn’t mean that self-filmed footage is worse. Such videos will cheer up a father or grandfather right in the morning; just send them to him by messenger or e-mail.

Solar-powered Garden Lamp

A luxurious piece in the shape of a wise owl is a perfect idea for an anniversary. According to a simple principle, the lamp works: during the day, it is charged from sunlight, this energy is accumulated in a special battery. In the evening, it radiates radiance to the entire garden. Such a nice birthday gift for a 70 years old man is suitable if he has a luxurious garden at home.

You can also give your father, grandfather, or husband a gift certificate celebrating their 70th anniversary. Such a present can make a pleasant commotion because it will open the way to comprehending new knowledge, new impressions and vivid emotions.

On this occasion, you can present the birthday boy with a certificate for a photo session in a cozy home environment, a trip to the oceanarium or a whole day in the spa.

What is an Inexpensive Gift to Give a Man for 70 Years?

It may seem to many that an inexpensive gift for 70 years is not suitable for a man. But what if you have a lot less money at your disposal than you would like? Do not leave a close relative with anything. Many interesting budget products can please the birthday boy. Here’s what inexpensive you can give a man for 70 years:


Relaxing home shoes with heating or massage will help a grandfather or an elderly father relax and fully relieve stress.


Where can we go without him on such an important holiday! On this festive morning, you can start your meal not with traditional oatmeal but with a delicious treat, decorated with several layers of cream and congratulatory inscriptions. Such a budget gift can be presented to a man for 70 years from relatives and friends.

Mushroom Encyclopedia

A retired man can afford to wake up early and get poisoned in the forest. With such an encyclopedia, he will receive complete information about all mushrooms growing in Russia’s latitudes.

Commemorative Medal

An inexpensive but nice birthday present for a man of 70 years. It can be decorated with any inscription or a whole small text. Such a medal will take a special place among other valuable accessories in the birthday boy’s collection.

Roman Candle

How can such an important day be without fireworks! This is inexpensive but tasteful can be presented to a man 70 years old by his great-grandchildren. This accessory produces amazingly beautiful shimmers, palms and other variations. A fireworks display like this would be a fitting culmination of the celebration. The main thing is to follow the safety rules.

Newspaper Rack

It will come in handy for the birthday man, for whom the greatest pleasure is to open up a new issue of his favorite edition early in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea. The pleasant smell of paint, the ability to feel the source of information with your hands – such sensations cannot be compared with reading news on the Internet. For storing periodicals, a man needs a convenient newspaper basket.

Stand for Eggs

like a man who starts the morning with a soft-boiled egg or in a bag. At first glance, this thing seems simple, but it provides a convenient meal. And thanks to the imagination of modern designers, such gifts look very cute.

This concludes our ideas for interesting, practical gifts for a man for his 70th anniversary. We hope they were useful on the eve of preparation for an important holiday in the life of a loved one.

Ideas for What to Give a Man for 70 Years

Celebrating 70 years is an important celebration. Naturally, you cannot come to the birthday person without a presentation. To understand what to give a man for 70 years, it is enough to figure out what he is fond of, to find out what he will like. Quite often, at this age, people already have everything they once dreamed of. Then a thing that will delight the eye and remind of the donor can act as a present.

Traditional Presents

In the list of the best traditional gifts that can be given to a 70-year-old man, the leading positions are held by the following:

  • works of your favorite author, collected in a collector’s edition;
  • tea set, complete with premium teas;
  • original set for playing chess;
  • sets for the bath, on which interesting inscriptions are embroidered characterizing the birthday man;
  • bio-fireplace intended for home use.

Also, this list can be diversified with such things as:

  • the congratulatory newspaper Pravda, which was published on the birthday of the birthday man seventy years ago;
  • weather forecaster or electronic weather station;
  • cartoon or portrait made from a photo;
  • retro music center;
  • warm blanket.

By giving preference to traditional gifts, the giver can be sure that they will please the hero of the day. Upon reaching this age, people most often appreciate the comfort and warmth that can be created with the help of certain objects.

Gifts and Health

When choosing gifts that are somehow related to health, you should adhere to a special gift etiquette. It is important that the presented things do not directly indicate the age of the birthday person. Also, this category of gifts is such that it is better if close relatives present them. For a 70-year-old man, it will be beneficial to present such items as:

  • salt lamp, subscription to the salt cave;
  • massage chair;
  • spine stretcher;
  • orthopedic pillow;
  • new electronic tonometer;
  • inhaler;
  • blood glucose meter.

It is better if such presents are presented by relatives, as they are expensive. Also, the hero of the day may decide that the donor has decided to indicate that he is old. To offend, it is better to choose something neutral, such as a subscription to the swimming section for the elderly or a certificate for visiting a dance hall.

Gifts and Hobbies

When choosing a birthday present for an elderly man, it is also important to build on his interests and hobbies. So, for example, an amateur gardener will love gifts such as:

  • lawn mower;
  • greenhouse-greenhouse, whose design is of a collapsible type;
  • holders for tools with which he works in the garden, made in the form of racks;
  • automatic watering;
  • wardrobe items that can be useful in the country (straw hat, raincoat, strong rubber boots).

It will be pleasant for a male car enthusiast to receive gifts such as:

  • car seat covers;
  • new tires;
  • rugs;
  • seatback organizers;
  • car radio;
  • video recorder.

Anyone who loves fishing or prefers active rest to a passive one will definitely like gifts such as:

  • echo sounder;
  • spinning;
  • inflatable boat;
  • fishing bag;
  • multifunctional shovel.

A person living in his home will definitely like the following items:

  • hammock;
  • garden furniture, its sets;
  • folding rocking chair;
  • brazier;
  • mini smokehouse;
  • inflatable pool.

Useful Souvenirs

From colleagues for a man’s anniversary, you can give the following practical and pleasant souvenirs:

  • terry robe with personalized engraving;
  • personalized damask;
  • a set of tools with a flashlight;
  • the personal album with photos;
  • retro watch;
  • clutch wallet with personalized engraving;
  • outdoor globe bar;
  • a set of personalized pens;
  • a personalized set for coffee (if there are no health contraindications for drinking the drink);
  • travel organizer;
  • multifunctional knife.

Electronic Equipment

Among the electronic equipment that can be presented to the hero of the day on his birthday, the leading positions are occupied by such items as:

  • mini washer;
  • brushcutter;
  • compact DVD player;
  • smartphone;
  • the tablet;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • a kit that allows you to install satellite or digital television;
  • heated slippers;
  • compact battery-powered massager.

An elderly person who can easily learn how to operate electronic household appliances will definitely like such kitchen utensils as a multicooker or double boiler, a bread maker. Those who go out on picnics quite often will love the meat pickling machine.

Universal Surprises

In the top of universal presents for a man of the anniversary, leading places are taken by such items as:

  • warm blanket;
  • Winter Jacket;
  • do-it-yourself sweater;
  • gloves;
  • set – scarf and hat.

Such gifts will be appropriate for presenting to a colleague, uncle. This list can be supplemented with unusual presents. These are:

  • discs with your favorite films or programs recorded on them;
  • chess table;
  • warm vest;
  • tracksuit.

What to Give to Dad?

Thinking about what to give dad for 70 years, many fall into a stupor because you need to present something new to a person who has everything. A father from his son and daughter will be pleased to receive gifts such as:

  • An aquarium with fish, cleaning accessories and a year’s supply of food. As you know, such a structure not only has a calming effect on the nervous system but also perfectly humidifies the air in the room;
  • Gold plated cufflinks. They are perfect for a man who, even at an old age, prefers the classic style of clothing or still holds a high leadership position;
  • a photo album showing the entire life of a parent from his birth to the present;
  • paid voucher to a sanatorium or a tour of Europe;
  • home textiles, which will contribute to creating a cozy atmosphere in the parent’s home;
  • Travel bag. Such a thing will definitely come in handy for a man who often goes on business trips or just travels a lot worldwide.

Even if the children have a financial crisis and cannot choose an expensive gift, it is important to find the time and come to dad for the anniversary. On this significant day, an elderly man will be delighted with the opportunity to once again see his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, in general, spend it with his family.

What to Give to Grandfather?

The grandfather can be given a bouquet from his grandchildren, complementing it with a personalized medal or a custom-made cup, where the inscription “To the best grandfather” is engraved. He will also be pleased to receive a pedigree book, where his ancestors’ names and surnames are indicated. Great options for congratulating your grandfather will be such items as:

  • home planetarium with aromatherapy function;
  • reflective umbrella;
  • electric Tula samovar;
  • photo mug;
  • personalized glass;
  • a personal set of honey;
  • wall photo clock, which depicts portraits of all people close to a man;
  • family photo calendar.

How to Congratulate a Friend on Birthday?

Friends that remain with a person at seventy years, as if they went with his fire, water and copper pipes. For this reason, they can afford to give both personal and universal gifts. The following items will be an excellent option for gifting a hero of the day:

  • watch with engraving;
  • universal TV remote control;
  • home plant;
  • do-it-yourself socks with an interesting pattern;
  • aquafarm;
  • florarium;
  • a housekeeper made of natural materials;
  • back heating pad;
  • backgammon;
  • thermos in hammer enamel and others.

For many years of friendship, the man definitely managed to get all kinds of presents; however, living in the age of information technology, everyone can pick up something pleasant for an old friend.

What Do Wives Usually Give?

The husband will be pleased to receive the following gifts from his wife:

  • vinyl records, with songs recorded on them, under which they met and spent time together in their youth;
  • vintage cognac with a couple of glasses;
  • handmade cane;
  • home slippers, ugg boots, as well as “felt boots” made of sheepskin, intended for home wear;
  • do-it-yourself warm clothes;
  • a video made from joint photographs, flipping through, is accompanied by a couple’s love story.

What to Give to Father-in-law?

It is customary to present to the father-in-law from the daughter-in-law something unusual, but at the same time pleasant and useful. Thus, the son’s wife can once again show her respect to the man who raised her betrothed. These include:

  • “Health house”, which includes a set of jars with five different types of honey;
  • foot massager;
  • hammock for legs;
  • table bio fireplace;
  • tea bouquet;
  • hanging bed;
  • portable charger.

In general, a woman usually gives gifts to her father-in-law together with her husband. For this reason, it is better to give him the right to choose a presentation to his loved one. Well, nice words and a beautiful bouquet of “masculine” flowers will be an excellent addition to the main gift item.

What Shouldn’t Be Handed Over?

It is a well-known fact that older people are very sensitive to the observance of etiquette rules, including the etiquette of giving. For this reason, it is better not to give them presents such as:

  • money in an envelope;
  • cosmetics, personal hygiene items;
  • alcohol, cigars.

70th Birthday Gift for Man | Solid and Tasteful!

On this anniversary, dad, husband, grandfather would like to congratulate very sincerely and give him something really worthwhile. What exactly does a man need at 70, how to please him?

It is difficult to choose good gifts for elderly people because they have especially refined tastes, excellent life experience and their needs are not the same as those of young people. But we will find a way to congratulate the hero of the day on this noble date beautifully and with dignity!

Before you start choosing a gift, it is important to sit down and make a small list of everything that interests the hero of the day in the life. You probably know his tastes and hobbies, what he likes to do, what interests him. Write it down on paper and see what things can enrich his life and make it enjoyable.

If the birthday person is your close relative, you can give this man something practical and functional. Give only what is really useful and will not be left to gather dust unnecessarily. And if you want to pick up a souvenir, it must necessarily be a birthday, and full of meaning.

To Dear Husband From Wife

The spouses always congratulate each other in a uniquely warm and sincere way. And if your husband is already 70 years old, and you have lived together for a long time, then you probably managed to donate anything to him for many years. But for this anniversary, a man can find a good, valuable gift. Keep it personal and give it with all the love and gratitude you can.

  • On your 70th birthday, you can present a watch to your dear spouse. This is a great reason to give expensive, valuable gifts that will express all the love over the years. And a watch is a great way to show how much you love and appreciate your spouse! Be sure to order the inscription on the watch from the engraver, and this gift will be unique and will be kept for many years.
  • It will be charming and joyful for a man if you sew him a robe yourself. If this is not possible, buy a beautiful and high-quality robe made of warm, pleasant material. You can order embroidery and embroider beautiful words or the name of the hero of the day on the dressing gown. A gift like this will show him how much you care for him!
  • For 70 years, you can give your beloved husband cufflinks. Let them be golden or more modest, the main thing – reliable, beautiful and sophisticated. This gift will show the hero of the day that he will always be the most elegant and courageous for you.
  • Do you want to give a man comfort and warmth? Tie him a cozy, beautiful blanket. It will warm you on a cool evening, give you comfort and incomparable coziness, and make a person a little happier. If you knit or sew yourself, then your spouse will be doubly pleased – he will see how important it is to you and how you are trying for him.

To Beloved Dad

Children should surround their elderly parents with care and attention. And on holidays to show how they love and appreciate them. So a 70th birthday present for dad is a particularly responsible choice. You can give him something useful or make a mental surprise with a hint of family values. He will be pleased.

  • If you are looking for a worthy 70th birthday present for your dad, buy a large TV for him. He will be happy to watch his favorite channels or movies in excellent quality, and the equipment will serve for many years. And if you already have a good TV at his house, then you can present a player or a good selection of your favorite films and TV shows.
  • A cozy, comfortable armchair is a great present for dad for his 70 years. He will not only really like the hero of the day, but will also take a worthy place in his house. How pleasant it will be for your dad to sit in a cozy and comfortable armchair with your favorite book or movie! Present comfort and pleasure.
  • A souvenir for dad for 70 years can also be prepared. For example, a large family tree. At 70, a man appreciates family traditions and his family more than ever, and this souvenir will delight him very much. The tree can be on paper or canvas, in the form of a figurine or panel. You can order it or make it yourself using family photos.
  • An original present for my father for an anniversary is an aquarium, or even better, an aquafarm. This is both an aquarium and a miniature living garden. There is almost no need to look after him, and instead of a hassle, he brings pleasure. Watching the fish in the aquarium is also useful; it gives you calmness and a good mood. What is not an ideal present?

To Grandfather From Loving Grandchildren

Of course, the birthday man does not expect his beloved grandchildren to give him something dear. But it is extremely important for him to receive love, warmth and attention from them! Present a souvenir, but the most sincere, the most valuable and pleasant one.

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Present your grandfather a book! Good, timeless classics, poetry or prose. Or a useful book related to grandfather’s hobbies. This can be a book for fishermen or gardeners, and much more. He will be very happy to receive such a present from his grandchildren!
  • A lovely birthday present for an elderly person is a houseplant. Find an unusual, beautiful indoor tree that will be unpretentious so that your grandfather does not have to spend energy on caring for it. This plant will decorate the house and add coziness, and will delight the grandfather!
  • Your grandfather will surely be delighted with beautiful chess. This souvenir will give him many pleasant minutes while playing the intellectual game that the elderly love so much! And it’s just joyful to decorate the house with beautiful chess, especially old ones.
  • Souvenirs are impractical, but these trinkets become very valuable when they are given by loved ones and keep the memory. Present the hero of the day with a congratulatory medal, statuette or diploma. Something beautiful, with a personalized inscription to look festive and solemn. He will tremblingly keep his reward!

Older people appreciate gifts made with love and respect. Even a trifle will be pleasant to receive from loved ones, and a beautiful, original or useful thing – especially. Choose carefully and give from the bottom of your heart, please your loved ones!

Gifts for Men in Their 70s

Finding a gift for an older man may seem complicated, as men in their 70s have usually acquired the household items they need. If they have a hobby, older men have most of the equipment they require for that, too. 70-year-old men often downsize to a smaller living space and can give things away instead of looking for new additions. Give an older man gift that he will use or consume frequently, or find services or events that he can enjoy.


If the recipient of your gift usually does their own clothing shopping, chances are they may need something practical that they may not have been able to buy. This can be a new shirt, casual pants or jeans, or even sleepwear. If you know the person well, ask them or check their closet to see gaps. Clothes that don’t need to be ironed, wrinkle-free and machine washable will always be appreciated.


All people like special foods, but sometimes older people don’t treat themselves to the foods they like best. If there’s a particular food she loves, create a gift basket centered around that. Salmon, chocolate, and cakes are all ideas that can fill a food basket.

Buy him a membership, like a wine club that sends a special bottle of wine to his door every month, or a food club of the month. Many older adults have dietary concerns, so research this possibility in advance.

Weekend or Night Outings

If the 70-year-old man is someone you know well, he may appreciate a gift of time with you or other relatives. Invite him to your cabin or summer house for his birthday one weekend. Get tickets to a show and invite him to dinner, or simply treat him to lunch at your home.

Birthdays are great inspirational times to do something you would normally forget or neglect to splurge at other times of the year. If you can’t make it, get her tickets for two to a performance she likes, a show, or a gift card from her favorite restaurant.


This concludes our ideas for interesting, practical gifts for a man for his 70th anniversary. We hope they were useful on the eve of preparation for an important holiday in the life of a loved one.

Also, on the list of unwanted gifts, pets are at the top. It should be assumed that a man leading an active lifestyle will be delighted with a kitten or puppy; however, they will have to be looked after.

Before giving such a gift, it is important to consult with the birthday man’s wife or himself. When choosing a present for a 70-year-old man, first of all, you should try to make him feel good, and then choose a useful thing.

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