Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

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Choosing what to give 70th birthday gift ideas for dad, you have to go through a lot of options. At this age, a person is interested in spiritual gifts, pleasant memories and things that reflect care.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

A man in such years has learned to get by with the most necessary, and beautiful useless souvenirs that are not at all what he would like to receive. Although, of course, there are exceptions. Our huge list of ideas will help you choose a gift for dad on his 70th birthday.

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Top 35 Ideas What Is Better to Give Dad for 70 Years

  1. Electronic book
  2. Training courses
  3. Wristwatch with engraving
  4. Telescope
  5. Electric shaver in a gift box
  6. Carpet with long pile
  7. Bath set
  8. Barbecue set
  9. beautiful night light
  10. A set of honey with different flavors
  11. Nominal men’s purse-clutch
  12. Gift coasters
  13. Wicker chair
  14. Electric barbecue
  15. Big birthday cake
  16. BBQ Grill
  17. Pickling apparatus
  18. Foot massage robot
  19. Utensils for honey
  20. Camping purse
  21. Bas-relief wall clock
  22. Whiskey chilling stones
  23. Orthopedic chair
  24. car audio system
  25. T-shirt with a photo of the birthday boy
  26. Photo panel
  27. Personalized box of chocolates
  28. Video greeting
  29. A set of Swiss knives for all occasions
  30. Watch box
  31. Cigar set or smoking pipe
  32. Thermos
  33. Water filter
  34. Personal wine box
  35. Tablet

What a Nice Gift for Dad for 70 Years

Thinking about the question of what a nice gift to give dad for 70 years, remember what he is fond of, which causes a sincere smile on his face. First of all, preference should be given to spiritual gifts with the spirit of nostalgia.

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It is also nice if the presented thing is somehow connected with family and traditions. Here are some ideas for nice gifts for dad for 70 years that will come in handy for you:

  • A family coat of arms. A family man who is characterized by a sense of pride in his loved ones will like it. The family coat of arms will decorate the room and be a subject of interest for guests.
  • Pedigree book. It can record the history of your own family. This is a nice gift for the birthday of 70 years for a father who is not alien to periodically take up a pen.
  • Personalized glass with an engraved name. People are always pleased to receive personalized items. Your father is no exception!
  • Turntable in retro style. On it, he will be able to listen to the old hits of his youth, plunging into pleasant nostalgia.
  • Photo album. Fill its pages with pictures of all relatives, especially pay attention to photos of yourself and your grandchildren. Dad will certainly be delighted with such a pleasant receptacle of touching memories.
  • DVD of films from the past. Such a gift can be presented to dad for 70 years if he is an avid movie fan.
  • Clock in the form of a vinyl record with the Beatles. This group symbolizes an entire era that just intersects with your father’s best years. Why not please him with such a practical and at the same time musical surprise?
  • Multiframe “Family tree”. This option will help you out if you don’t know what to give dad for his 70th birthday! In this frame, you can put pictures of all members of the family – from the smallest to older people.
  • Board game. Surely on gloomy evenings, a father will enjoy spending time playing chess with his wife or friend. Carved wooden models are suitable as a gift. Such things look like an example of art. They will especially please a person who is not indifferent to the noble style.
  • Favorite writer’s book. Book lovers will love it for sure.

For 70 years, dad can give a metal detector. An active person, for whom the age in the passport is not an obstacle to a fulfilling life, will especially be delighted with such a present.

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A metal detector will make your leisure time more interesting. During such a walk, the father will certainly find old coins, and perhaps something bigger!

What Is a Practical, Useful Gift for a Father for 70 Years?

It is not at all easy to answer the question: what is a practical, useful gift for a father for 70 years? In this aspect, the interests and hobbies of a person play a very important role.

  • A collector would like an item to add to his collection. It can be anything: edged weapons, stamps, postcards, souvenir figurines, old coins.
  • Active gardener and gardener: a set of plant seeds, a lawn mower, gardening equipment, a mini-garden on the windowsill, a brush cutter, and a garden chopper.
  • Book lover: a floor lamp, a gift set of books, an armchair with a massage cape and adjustable armrests.
  • For a fisherman: an inflatable boat, hiking set for several people, a cooking pot, a flask.
  • For a person who keeps fit: a set of dumbbells, a hand trainer, a fitness bracelet.
  • Active tourist: illuminated compass, mobile phone charger, tourist kit consisting of a shovel, a small saw, and an ax.
  • For a car enthusiast: a trunk organizer, a set of rugs, seat covers, a DVR, a navigator, a personalized thermo mug.
  • For a homebody: a rattan chair, a warm blanket, a set of sofa cushions, an aroma lamp, a salt lamp.
  • For a creative person: a collection of records with your favorite music, a self-instruction book for crafts from improvised materials, a set of paints, a sketchbook, a ticket to a concert, cinema, theater or philharmonic.

For dad’s 70th birthday, you can give him a Nordic walking set. Such sports activity is very useful for an elderly person. Being engaged in Nordic walking, the father will keep the muscles in good shape without undue stress on the heart.

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Many things are useful to a person, regardless of his hobbies. Here are some more practical 70th birthday gift ideas for dad:

  • barometer;
  • container for brewing herbs and spices;
  • book holder;
  • housekeeper;
  • coin box;
  • binoculars;
  • camping kit for a fisherman or hunter;
  • bucket for cooling drinks;
  • a set of screwdrivers for housework;
  • chameleon cup;
  • warm name sweater;
  • shaving set;
  • photo holder;
  • pedometer.

What Is an Unusual, Original Gift for Dad for 70 Years?

To surprise the birthday boy, you will have to think carefully about the question: what unusual, original can be given to dad for 70 years?

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The birthday date is a great opportunity to move away from the standards, to give free rein to fantasy (within reason), and to please a person with what he least expects to receive.

  • Ticket to the sanatorium. Able to become a truly unusual gift for his father on his 70th birthday. The daughter or son should choose the best place for the dad with pleasant conditions and professional doctors. At this honorable age, rest in the forest, by the sea or in the mountains is beneficial. The only thing is that you should not choose too remote places so that the trip does not tire the person.
  • Orthopedic mattress. It will provide a normal, healthy sleep to the father, it will prevent back pain. Sometimes people underestimate the importance of a quality mattress, but often it is he who solves many problems.
  • Rocking chair. Such a piece of furniture is certainly associated with comfort. The chair has the option of adjusting the back and seat, so it is easy to adjust it to the person.
  • Framed personal newspaper. A birthday person can be presented with a newspaper that was published on his birthday exactly 70 years ago. It should certainly be placed in a frame – so it will look like an exclusive gift. Its only difference from an ordinary newspaper is a photo of the birthday boy and a congratulatory text instead of the lines of an article.
  • T-shirt “Made in the USSR”. Who at that age does not feel some nostalgia? But the father’s youth and youth were spent in another country. Such a T-shirt, chosen as an original gift for his father on his 70th birthday, will certainly please him.
  • Diploma “To the 70th birthday of the hero of the day ” Express your respect and admiration. Such a diploma can be supplemented with a sweet present – a box of chocolates or cookies.
  • Sock case. Such accessories are never superfluous for a man, no matter how old he is.
  • Song on the radio. She will make a loved one experience sincere moments of tenderness. After all, it is a great joy to hear a song from the radio speakers, which is addressed to him personally!
  • Jars with tasting honey. A pleasant surprise for the sweet tooth! Dad can be presented for 70 years with jars of linden, sunflower, and herb honey, packed in a bright festive box.
  • Amber watch. Here’s something original you can give for the 70th birthday of dad, who is delighted with unusual things! Known as the sunstone, amber has long been considered a symbol of optimism, creative inspiration and strength.
  • Indoor fountain. It will fill the living space with life and maintain the right microclimate. The sound of water relaxes, and pacifies, adjusting to a positive perception of the world. And it’s just beautiful too.

In the list of ideas that you can give your dad an unusual gift for his 70th birthday, it is also worth adding a festive basket. You can fill it with a variety of goodies, from exotic fruits to homemade cookies.

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The father will certainly be delighted with such a surprise because everything is revealed in it at once – both your care, fantasy, and the desire to please the birthday man.

A samovar is a suitable gift for a person who treats traditional Russian attributes with trepidation. Such an accessory will become the central subject of a festive feast. It has nothing to do with a slow cooker, where it is enough to fill in the necessary ingredients.

Making tea with a samovar requires discipline, patience and knowledge of physics from a person. And this, of course, will appeal to the representative of the older generation!

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Cozy, Sincere Gifts for the Father for 70 Years

You can also choose things that show you care. You can make them yourself. Or buy a suitable item in the store. The result will certainly meet your expectations. Here are some cozy, sincere gifts for your father for 70 years:

  • Warm knitted socks. You can knit them with your own hands or choose ready-made products with a beautiful ornament in the store.
  • Bathrobe with embroidery. Such a thing will not hang in vain in the closet.
  • Handmade soap. Such a product consists of natural ingredients that saturate the skin with useful components, carefully caring for it.
  • Heated slippers. Elderly people often have cold feet. These shoes will add more comfort.
  • Name mug. Dad will certainly be pleased to drink tea or coffee from a vessel that bears his name.
  • A lamp that responds to clap. It is very practical and convenient in everyday life because with such a device you do not need to look for a switch in the dark.
  • Portrait from photo. The main thing is to choose an image that suits the hero of the day. With the help of design possibilities, you can achieve the effect of old portraits, which depicted representatives of noble dynasties. Or create a modern version that will allow the father to look at himself in a new way!
  • Calendar for the whole year with family photos. Every day a father will be able to admire the happy faces of his children and grandchildren.

Gastronomic presentations do not lose their relevance. They best express sincerity and love. If you can’t think of a suitable idea, prepare a selection of cheeses, sweets or sausages for the birthday boy.

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What to Give Dad for 70 Years From His Daughter?

Consider the question of what to give dad for 70 years from his daughter. From an early age, fathers pamper their little girls with sweets and exclusive items. It is not surprising that the daughter is trying to pick up a special present for her dad. Here’s what’s right for you:

  • Modular picture. It is enough to choose a beautiful landscape or a view of a place that is dear to the father. Such a picture will enliven the space of the room and bring back pleasant memories.
  • Bouquet of delicacies. Your dad must have given you flowers. It’s time to make a return gift. You can give your father a bouquet of sweets or smoked meats.
  • Photo lamp. It performs several tasks at once: it illuminates the room, adds zest to the interior, and also evokes pleasant thoughts. For more impact, be sure to choose your favorite dad shot.
  • Subscription to the spa. A great gift for dad for 70 years from his daughter. A pensioner needs to periodically fully relax with his body, not only with his soul.
  • Florarium. It would seem, why does a man need flowers? But the florarium is not just a bouquet. This is a miniature garden or forest under glass. He will not require special care, but he will delight a man every day.
  • Cane umbrella. It will not stand idle, it will become a reminder of your beloved daughter.
  • Massage cape on a car seat. It will come in handy for a man who feels confident driving at that age. The massage cape will make every trip comfortable.
  • Set of medicinal ingredients. An elderly person needs vitamins and various herbs to maintain health. The set of medicinal herbs must include honey, herbal teas, and balm.

A daughter can please her father with a useful device – a nitrate tester. Excess nitrates in foods have a very bad effect on the body. With such a tester, a man will be able to control how useful or harmful the food he eats is.

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The advantages of the device – are compactness and ease of management. It is enough to select the desired fruit and stick the probe into the pulp.

What to Give Dad for 70 Years From His Son?

If daughters choose cute things with a touch of romance, then sons are more likely to find a solid male gift for their father. These can be objects that intersect with a person’s hobbies or practical accessories for daily use. Here’s what you can give dad for 70 years from his son:

  • A bottle of good expensive cognac. Yes, the seventieth birthday is an honorable age, but it is not yet a reason to give up alcohol. Such a gift should be presented to the father if he collects quality drinks.
  • Home brewery. The opportunity to fulfill a man’s dream is to provide him with everything for the independent preparation of an intoxicating drink. Such an idea is suitable for a person prone to experimentation and who wants to keep everything under personal control.
  • Globe bar. He can perfectly match the interior. It can be filled with nothing. But it is best to present this gift to a man who collects expensive drinks.
  • Tool for housework. You can choose something new from hand tools or electrical equipment. Such things are relevant for a person who is constantly busy putting things in order in the house.
  • Barometer. It can become both a stylish addition to the interior and a useful assistant for a fisherman or hunter. Usually, such items are made in a very attractive design, so they perfectly decorate the premises.
  • Satellite TV set. A suitable gift for dad from his son on his 70th birthday, if he loves to watch TV. Such a set will provide several hundred interesting channels.

For your beloved daddy, you can order dinner at a restaurant. But you should ask how he views it. Some people like to celebrate anniversaries on a grand scale, others – more modestly, in the circle of close relatives.

If funds and the season allow, you can rent a cottage in the middle of nature and celebrate your 70th birthday there.

What Is an Inexpensive Gift for Dad for His 70th Birthday?

When there is not much money at your disposal, you have to seriously think about the question: what is an inexpensive gift to give dad for 70 years?

This category of gifts includes nominal, individual, rare and funny things. The following list of inexpensive 70th birthday gifts for dad will make things easier for you:

  • Keychain for finding things. We all know how difficult it can be to find lost keys. With such a device, a man will quickly solve the problem.
  • Cup or commemorative medal. Nice present for an older man. Surely the father deserved some kind of reward for his life.
  • Engraved whiskey glasses. They will never stand idle. Relevant for a person who often receives guests.
  • Camel hair belt. Such a thing will surround a person with care and warmth.
  • Leg hammock. Helps the body to relax after prolonged sitting at the table.
  • Wall newspaper for birthday. You can make it yourself: buy a large piece of paper, decorate it with photographs, postcards, old letters – everything that is dear to the hero of the day.
  • Beautiful picture. It can be a small reproduction of a favorite artist or a contemporary photograph.
  • A collection of tea in a beautiful package. Such a thing will not require large expenses, but it will bring a lot of joy.
  • Anatomically shaped pillow. It will provide comfort during sleep, which is very important for an elderly person.
  • Safe in the form of a book. In it, the father will be able to save his savings and old letters.
  • Star map on the wall. Such a budget gift for 70 years can be presented to dad, who is characterized by a dreamy nature, and an interest in constellations and planets.

Gifts for such a birthday should be cozy, sincere, and presented from the bottom of the heart. If a person leads a healthy lifestyle, make his leisure time interesting and eventful. If a man is a homebody by nature, surround him with objects and appliances that will simplify life.

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A comprehensively developed father will need a modern tablet, smartphone, or headset for communicating on Skype. Those who live in the past will like things with a touch of light nostalgia, and literature about past eras.

It is important to listen to the wishes of the hero of the day. After all, you certainly had a chance to hear about his cherished dreams and hobbies. Taking into account all the facts, you can choose a useful thing.

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