Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Woman in 2023

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Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Woman: We offer you wonderful wishes of congratulations on the 60th birthday of a woman. On this page, you can easily pick up wishes that you will not be ashamed to say at the festive table.

There are congratulations on the birthday and birthday, touching and solemn, funny and funny. You do not need to rack your brains for a long time, you just have to take advantage of the proposed options! There are plenty to choose from!

60th Birthday Wishes for Woman

Congratulations on the 60th birthday of a woman should be beautiful and original to make this solemn day even more memorable and unique.

Birthday Wishes for 60 Year Woman

  • Mom turned 60 today
    The long-awaited birthday day has come,
    Everyone will certainly confirm that
    this is the main holiday for today.
  • We love all of you very much, We
    wish you health together,
    And all the past years
    You don’t need to feel sorry at all.
  • Our team has a holiday,
    Our colleague turned sixty.
    To congratulate on the birthday of the greatest
    I am also in a hurry, let everyone forgive me.
  • We wish you well and happiness,
    strong health and a life without worries.
    And I think everyone agrees with me,
    Accept our congratulations and love.
  • You are sixty today!
    And you can’t
    put it that way at a glance: Cheerful, fresh, and all the more fashionable –
    And such a birthday suddenly!
  • Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!
    Be forever good,
    Best of all in business and song,
    We breathe easier with you.
  • I want to work with you,
    Sing, laugh, have fun,
    With you I want to dream.
    And not notice the hours.
  • You bring happiness with you Whether you are walking
    or working.
    There is a spark of God in you,
  • Light, good fun is given to all.
    Happy Birthday!
    Turn off the light, carry the cake!
    Light sixty candles!
  • Happy birthday,
    At 60 special years, I
    wish a dear woman
    Never know troubles,
    For the best to happen,
    For you to be always lucky,
    Joy settled in your heart,
    Happiness did not let you down!
  • How many wonderful dates there are
    For those who are in love with life!
    It’s not autumn sixty yet,
    But the velvet season!
  • Let your hair become whiter,
    And in your soul, everything is more fun.
    Fate with its severity
    makes Us cleaner, kinder.
  • Happy 60th birthday, I congratulate you!
    From a pure heart
    I wish you health, I wish you never be sad forever,
    I wish you to catch passion and tenderness!
  • I wish for everything that there was always an answer,
    From now on you hold advice with wisdom,
    But this is no reason to grow old from now on,
    And the best time is to grow younger in soul!
  • Dear beautiful woman,
    Your birthday is planned,
    Six dozen – and is this not a song?
    You are practically no different.
    From how you were at twenty-five –
    The same eyes and the same smile,
    And congratulate you today,
    Without reading the congratulation, that’s a mistake.
  • How I like today,
    And I congratulate you on your birthday,
    Not yet an adult, a young deer,
    Also sends you congratulations.
  • Grandma, you are sixty,
    Not so many years, in fact,
    And in the dedicated to you only congratulations,
    There will be what you have long wanted.
  • Keep a gift, receive guests,
    Who crowd at the doorstep,
    And may, please, quickly
    The road in your fate will be straighter.
  • We have been friends with you for many years.
    You sit down, throw a blanket over your shoulders.
    Place you next to a glass of wine,
    A piece of sweet pie.
  • Well, now you can safely
    read my congratulations skillfully.
    I congratulate you on your birthday,
    And I wish you happiness sixty times.
  • The hand did not become more pliable,
    The hair did not become whiter,
    Although this day a
    wonderful birthday came to the hostess of the ball!
    In the next birthday,
    I will develop an important thesis: Men are retiring!
    And you are still in the ranks,
    And this inspires all of us,
    And we say with delight:
    Let everyone congratulate you today on your
    second thirty!
  • At 60, gifts are not needed –
    They are more valuable than the warmth of relatives, attention.
    For such a caring wife,
    birthday is not age, but recognition.
  • Confess, a woman, your
    husband is in love, your own children, grandchildren.
    In a woman’s amazing destiny
    Never know calmness, boredom.
  • Accept congratulations in your heart,
    give everyone your warmth and tenderness.
    Let eternal May rage in your soul,
    And fate will fill with serenity!
  • You are a ray of sunshine in this dark world!
    It’s simple and easy to be with you!
    And on this day everything seems beautiful –
    Your 60th birthday has come!
  • I congratulate – happiness and smiles.
    Let there be a lot at the table!
    Let love and fun shine brightly.
    Today will illuminate your sweet home!
  • I want to tell you on your 60th birthday,
    That you are almost the same as before,
    Well, maybe a little wiser,
    I wish you love and hope.
  • I am very grateful for the warmth,
    For the way, our children have become!
    In general, we are very lucky with you,
    And you are sweeter than anyone in the world for us!
  • You are my dear friend wife,
    you are better than any friend.
    You understand me at a glance.
    And you meet me with a gentle look.
  • Today is a special and bright day,
    and everyone is happy for you today.
    We give you all good gifts,
    you turned sixty today!
  • You have gone through a lot of life,
    You were and is for all of us dear,
    We wish you happiness to begin with
    And you always remain yourself!
  • We are in a hurry for your birthday.
    After all, sixty is such a date!
    We wish you happiness from the bottom of our hearts
    Well, and eat your salads.
    After all, you are just an ace in the kitchen,
    You can do everything in the world,
    Always bloom and spoil us
    And on future anniversaries!
  • To my dear friend
    On her 60th birthday
    I wish you great joy,
    Love and longevity,
  • The attention of loved ones and relatives,
    Health, inspiration,
    Your ideas and plans,
    Desires of fulfillment!
  • What kind of joke is this ?!
    Just imagine for a moment:
    Our mother is 60 –
    Yes, forgetting is not remembering,
  • I will never believe it…
    After all, she is so young,
    After all, she is a poet’s dream,
    Like a flower in the southern summer,
  • Like the most gentle dove …
    Let happiness
    creep on our doorstep like a cat …
    60 – quite a bit!
  • A crane flies to the south easily,
    September gilded the forests,
    And on the threshold – a birthday,
    Celebrate 60 soon!
  • We want to wish you,
    Only bright thoughts in your head,
    And simple genius,
    So that the leaf spins golden,
  • So that the lightning zigzag is funny,
    Flashed over our head,
    So that everything in the world works out So that she goes
    through life and laughs!


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