Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Mom

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Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Mom: Finding the perfect birthday present often comes with complexities, misallocation of your own budget, and headaches. After all, I want to impress a person, give him an atmosphere of celebration, demonstrate all my love and gratitude.

60th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Especially, this concerns the upcoming birthday of the most important person in life – beloved mother. Therefore, the problem often arises of what spectacular and memorable gift to give to mom for her birthday.

The originality and uniqueness of the gift are different for everyone. Someone wants to buy a set of high-quality pots, but for someone, this gift will seem useless and even inappropriate.

Therefore, start from the desires of your mother: ask her about the things that are lacking in the household, what she dreams of and what she prefers, even in colors. Women are pleased when they are interested in her, especially on the eve of her birthday.

The gift should be unique, not repeat past surprises and remind that you will always love her. Not everything is capable of performing such complex functions, so we recommend that you refer to the following auxiliary recommendations:

  • an excellent gift is always a practical thing that is regularly needed and easy to use;
  • Not always budget goods are able to meet expectations. Try to pick up really high-quality items without racing for a certain price category;
  • If there is no money, you can always make something with your own hands and present it as a present. For a mother, the attention of her child is important so that she will accept such a surprise with pleasure;
  • beautiful, harmonious packaging, as well as warm, gentle words of gratitude and love, are important for a winning gift;
  • Try to prepare thoroughly and in advance for the selection of a gift. Excessive emotionality, nervousness and impulsivity always lead to the wrong choice and purchase of a presentation;
  • Ask leading questions about the gift. Mom will never tell about her true desires about a gift because for her, the most important gift in life is you;
  • Any gift can be supplemented with a luxurious bouquet of mother’s favorite flowers, which can add color to a surprise.

Top 40 Best Ideas: What to Give Mom for Her 60th Birthday


When choosing the right gift, it is necessary to take into account the mother’s age, her status, occupation and hobbies, character and attitude towards certain things. These factors will help you choose and present a really valuable surprise. You can also check out the following selection of winning mom birthday presents.

  • A colorful set for family tea parties.
  • Automatic robot vacuum cleaner.
  • New smartphone.
  • Collectible chess.
  • Musical card.
  • Gift set of elite varieties of cheese.
  • Collector’s edition of the book of the mother’s favorite author.
  • Multicooker with remote control function via smartphone.
  • Cooking class tickets
  • Organization of a family birthday celebration.
  • Celebratory fireworks.
  • Aquarium.
  • Bed with orthopedic mattress.
  • Bag made of quality materials.
  • A set of decorative wall plates.
  • Wrist Watch.
  • Money Tree.
  • Cake with a creative design.
  • Pop art portrait from a professional artist.
  • Bedding set made of expensive fabrics: silk, bamboo, natural cotton.
  • Photo frame with slide show function.
  • Laptop with a webcam for video calling and chatting.
  • Multifunctional massage chair.
  • New TV.
  • A basket of favorite flowers.
  • A voucher to a resort or medical sanatorium.
  • Smartwatch with connection to a smartphone.
  • Warm blanket with sleeves.
  • Subscription for a relaxing massage session.
  • Multi-baker.
  • Massage foot bath.
  • Automatic air freshener.
  • Theater tickets.
  • Collage with portraits of all family members.
  • Compact radio for bath, shower with water-repellent protection.
  • Electric samovar.
  • A set of varieties of natural Chinese tea.
  • Scales with the function of measuring various health indicators.
  • Eau de Toilette.
  • Jewelry set-three: pendant, ring and earrings.

Expensive Gift Options for Mom From Son

Every mother wants to receive a gift from her son, regardless of whether it is expensive or made with her own hands. Pay attention to the options presented:

  • a new fur coat – if mom has dreamed about it for a long time or wanted to update her wardrobe;
  • travel abroad;
  • a certificate for visiting the spa salon;
  • a portrait of a mother made of fresh flowers;
  • horse ride;
  • a trip to a picnic to celebrate a birthday;
  • natural silk pajamas;
  • bath with massage function;
  • services of builders for the implementation of the desired repairs in the apartment;
  • hose for automatic watering of the lawn;
  • a set of wicker furniture for gatherings on the balcony or in the country;
  • a set of orthopedic sleep pillows;
  • a certificate for visiting a hairdressing salon to the leading master of the city;
  • genuine leather clutch;
  • new washing machine with remote control function via smartphone;
  • wireless headphones;
  • video camera;
  • New furniture for the kitchen.

Unusual Birthday Gifts for Mom From Daughter

In childhood, daughters delight their mothers with handmade gifts: various crafts, appliqués, easy-to-cook dishes, etc. Gifts also change with age, therefore, the choice falls on more useful, expensive or simple things. Ideas for gifts to mom from daughter:

  • stylish brooch;
  • multi-hair styler;
  • mechanical manicure set;
  • Thermo mug with heating function;
  • flower arrangement with dessert;
  • camera with instant photo printing;
  • oil burner;
  • automatic air ionizer;
  • a set of quality pots (opt for German brands);
  • a phone stand in the shape of a crystal shoe;
  • tablet computer with a webcam;
  • soft, warm home suit for keeping warm on cold winter evenings;
  • a set for making handmade chocolates;
  • stylish floor lamp;
  • shoe dryer;
  • compact waffle iron;
  • a certificate to a beauty salon;
  • personalized cup and saucer made of quality material;
  • hand-embroidered scarf;
  • A set of essential oils for baths.

Home Appliances and Gadgets – a List of Practical Devices for Mom

Modern technologies facilitate everyday household chores, which is important for a mother who is always busy with housekeeping. By purchasing any of the listed ideas, you will give her important moments of relaxation, time for pursuing personal hobbies and self-care.

  • Coffee machine for two persons.
  • Electric meat grinder.
  • A food processor with extensive functionality.
  • Juicer.
  • Miniature steamer.
  • Machine for removing pellets from clothes.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Electric Toothbrush.
  • Alarm clock with reminder function.
  • Search station (“Alice” from Yandex).
  • Electric kettle with the ability to set the required temperature.
  • Touchscreen hob.
  • Electric creamer.
  • Mechanical shredder.
  • Electric broom with steam function.
  • Multifunctional mixer.
  • Deep fryer.
  • Double boiler.
  • Steam generator.
  • Electric grill.

Top 60th Birthday Gifts for Mom

60 years for a woman is a transitional line between maturity and old age. There is no need to give gifts that emphasize the age of the birthday girl, such a present can upset and inspire bad thoughts. Women of this age category can fully devote themselves to their favorite hobby, rest, travel. Focus on this, and pick up something from the presented list of presents:

  • personalized Thermo mug;
  • a beautiful porcelain figurine;
  • electric comb;
  • umbrella cane;
  • Chinese kindergarten;
  • “Honey gold” for massage;
  • multifunctional beauty case;
  • selfie stick;
  • hand-painted glass vase;
  • good hairdryer;
  • a large heart of natural roses;
  • transforming tea-table;
  • magnets in the style of Instagram;
  • illuminated makeup mirror;
  • Chocolate card.
  • a set of elite varieties of coffee, a coffee grinder and a Turk;
  • stylish wall key holder;
  • sconces with adjustable lighting degree;
  • electric curlers;
  • wrist radio;
  • a set of natural, organic cosmetics;
  • silver cutlery set;
  • quality curtains;
  • bio fireplace-relaxant;
  • hand massager;
  • jewelry storage box;
  • a large book of culinary recipes;
  • a magnetic board for the refrigerator and a set of crayons;
  • personalized diary;
  • Gloves made of genuine leather.
  • a set of perfume in miniature;
  • slippers with a massage effect;
  • electronic wall calendar;
  • weather station;
  • a set of quality kitchen utensils;
  • ottoman for feet;
  • refrigerator for wine;
  • natural stone beads;
  • backlit bedside table;
  • ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizer;
  • decorative table fountain;
  • gold chain with an original pendant;
  • bread maker;
  • hair clip decorated with stones;
  • hazel;
  • folding umbrella;
  • indoor tree;
  • a set of serving dishes;
  • Wallet made of genuine leather.
  • warm, downy shawl;
  • beautiful wall clock;
  • electric dryer for linen;
  • modern pressure cooker;
  • neck pillow;
  • vibro-massager for warm-up joints;
  • e-book with a simple interface;
  • floor lamp;
  • organizer for tablets;
  • high-quality water filter;
  • a set of clay pots for cooking;
  • music Box;
  • handmade earrings;
  • electronic heating pad;
  • vertical cordless vacuum cleaner;
  • large diagonal TV;
  • cozy home suit;
  • tonometer bracelet;
  • high-quality glasses of the Italian brand with a case;
  • Stand for the book.
  • a set of jams of unusual tastes, for example, from exotic fruits, berries and vegetables;

Women become more sensitive and emotional with age. It is important for them to feel the need for their own presence and care for their own children. On her birthday, it is the turn of daughters and sons to pamper their mother with precious moments of attention and warmth.

Themed Birthday Gifts by Hobbies and Hobbies

Every mom loves to do something different: sculpt, paint, sew and create something new. Pay attention to her hobbies. This can help you find a really useful and necessary birthday present.

1. Housewife Mom and Culinary Genius

A beloved mother is a person who will always support, create a cozy atmosphere at home and feed you with delicious, homemade food. You can give the world housewife the following:

  • cabinet for storing spices;
  • a set of quality knives;
  • cutting boards with the function of weighing products;
  • recipe notebook;
  • a set of pans;
  • a set of jars, containers for food products;
  • a set of confectionery nozzles and bags for depositing creams;
  • nitrate meter;
  • containers for vegetable oil with a dispenser;
  • backlit electronic pepper shaker and salt shaker;
  • baking dish;
  • patterned rolling pin;
  • a Michelin Star statuette for top chefs;
  • mechanical can opener;
  • electric peeler;
  • magnetic stand for spoons, knives;
  • new hob;
  • the chef’s signature culinary knife;
  • kitchen scales in an unusual style;
  • handmade napkins on the table;
  • electric mop with steam function;
  • Electric brush for removing dust from the surface.

2. Sports Mom Gift Ideas

A sports fan may not always have in her arsenal everything necessary for effective training. Take a moment and give a gift from the list below:

  • orthopedic mat for sports;
  • stylish sports bag;
  • a new pair of sneakers;
  • a subscription to the nearest good gym;
  • personalized dumbbells;
  • wrist smartphone holder;
  • headphones for athletes;
  • personalized bottle for water;
  • fixing belt for the lower back;
  • souvenir boxing gloves;
  • bag-belt;
  • cover for sports shoes;
  • sports bag organizer;
  • “Cold” towel;
  • sports leggings with a massage effect;
  • fitness tracker;
  • A set of elastic bands for sports.

3. For a Mom Who Dreams of Getting Slimmer

In this case, try to pick up a present that will not in any way hint about the woman’s weight (if there really is one). A few ideas:

  • the stock of dietary finished products for a month;
  • Treadmill;
  • exercise bike
  • high-speed jump rope with a jump counter;
  • a set of useful sweets;
  • various dried fruits – a useful source of sugar and vitamins for those who follow proper nutrition;
  • gift course from a famous nutritionist;
  • care cosmetics for the body and skin during the period of weight loss;
  • thermal sports underwear for effective fitness;
  • anti-cellulite, fat-burning body massager;
  • calorie counter hoop;
  • thermal shorts for weight loss;
  • fitness subscription;
  • accessories that visually correct the figure, for example, a wide belt made of genuine leather;
  • Notebook diary for a losing weight lady.

4. Gifts for a Mom Who Loves Animals

For moms who love pets, you can give the following:

  • portable bag for cats, dogs;
  • collar with a camera;
  • pet house;
  • a set of combs for combing wool;
  • a trip to the petting zoo;
  • decorative cage for poultry;
  • piggy bank in the shape of a favorite animal;
  • soft pillow “Cat”;
  • a scratching post for your beloved cat;
  • cute suit for walking your pet;
  • new pet: puppy, kitten;
  • backlit mechanical leash;
  • Set of bowls for a pet.

5. An Active Mom

Opt for durable, useful items that will always come in handy in your search for adventure and enjoyable outdoor activities. List of ideas:

  • water-repellent silicone shoe covers;
  • stylish shopping bag;
  • power bank;
  • pedometer;
  • stylish raincoat;
  • alarm clock with reminder function;
  • compact flashlight;
  • sleeping bag;
  • bike;
  • segway for quick walks;
  • new skis, skates, rollers;
  • protective helmet;
  • climbing training course;
  • compact trampoline;
  • cooler bag;
  • folding brazier;
  • miniature camping chair;
  • a beautiful pot for cooking food over a fire;
  • Orthopedic insoles.

6. For a Mom of a Traveler

These mothers love to conquer countries one by one. Their conversations consist entirely of impressions and sensations since traveling and moving worldwide is the true love of all life. What can be gifted:

  • electronic binoculars;
  • wall map of the world in the form of illumination;
  • portable sun lounger;
  • water-repellent smartphone case;
  • underwater video camera;
  • stylish suitcase;
  • excursion to a country with a rich history;
  • professional camera;
  • compass;
  • foreign language course;
  • a trip to the islands;
  • pocket guide;
  • decorative globe;
  • road beautician;
  • a guide to world cuisine;
  • roomy hiking backpack;
  • a set of dishes for hiking, picnics and travel;
  • cap with holder for an action camera;
  • Quality sunglasses.

7. Gifts for a Mother Who Loves to Host

Many mothers appreciate the moments when close and dear people gather at a large festive table. Such home gatherings need comfort, beauty and entertainment. Options for thematic presentations:

  • stones for cooling alcoholic beverages;
  • a set of glasses;
  • Bluetooth speaker;
  • decorative bucket for champagne;
  • electric corkscrew;
  • gift set of cutlery;
  • festive textiles for the kitchen;
  • unusual doormat;
  • cocktail shaker;
  • chair cushions;
  • wall projector for watching movies;
  • coasters for hot dishes;
  • a set of milk jugs of a unique design;
  • serving tureen with a set of plates;
  • A set of glasses of unusual shape and design.

8. For an Introverted Mom

Decorate your mom’s togetherness with the following gifts:

  • heated mug;
  • humidifier;
  • lamp-projector of space, starry sky;
  • knitted home ugg socks;
  • home rest kit;
  • fluffy blanket;
  • reading chair;
  • plaid poncho;
  • miniature TV;
  • portable DVD player;
  • painting by numbers;
  • Set of scented candles.

9. Dreamer Mom

Dreamers always surround themselves with things that give inspiration and new fruits for thought. Successful presentation options:

  • electronic telescope;
  • predictor ball;
  • talisman for all desires to be fulfilled;
  • statuette “Magic Wand”;
  • decorative crystal glassware, like from a fairy tale;
  • long-lasting bouquet;
  • “Eternal Rose” in glass;
  • notebook for manuscripts;
  • personalized feather pen;
  • a deck of old playing cards;
  • a love story in a beautiful cover and design;
  • a portrait from a photo in the imperial style;
  • a bouquet of rainbow roses;
  • decorative wizard hat;
  • Horseshoe with precious stones (for good luck).

10. Mom-auto Lady

Every car lady loves to take care of the car and transform the interior decoration. We suggest choosing a gift for a cat lover from the following options:

  • orthopedic cover for a car seat;
  • video recorder;
  • smartphone holder;
  • lamp in the car;
  • a vacuum cleaner for the salon;
  • car service certificate;
  • a set of air fresheners for the car;
  • road beautician;
  • thermos with heating function via a USB connection;
  • mirror lighting;
  • organizer for the glove compartment;
  • fur seat cover;
  • relaxing pillow for the neck;
  • a stylish case for first aid kit;
  • heated food container;
  • navigator;
  • fragrance based on essential oils for the car interior;
  • soft steering wheel cover;
  • car wiper blade;
  • Fabric boxes for the trunk.

11. Mom the Needlewoman

Pay attention to the materials that your mom uses in her work, as needlewomen always need them in short supply. The same applies to working tools: they can break, get lost, become outdated for mastered new techniques, etc. Most successful ideas:

  • boxes for storing various accessories;
  • miniature sewing machine;
  • dummy;
  • a set of knitting needles that glow in the dark;
  • a book with patterns for knitting;
  • a set of hooks in a stylish case;
  • automatic, electronic hoops;
  • set for embroidery with rhinestones;
  • paints for painting on clothes;
  • everything you need for decoupage;
  • a bag for handicrafts on the road;
  • expensive yarn;
  • portable basket for accessories;
  • Souvenir scissors.

12. Ideas for Gifts for a Summer Resident Mother, a Lover of Planting Home Plants

For many years of work, any gardener and gardener has accumulated many different tools for a conventional garden. For example, a standard shovel might come in handy on the farm but be an inappropriate birthday or anniversary gift. It is worth using your imagination to the maximum. Popular gifts for a gardening mom;

  • gloves “with claws” for comfortable weeding of beds;
  • multifunctional watering can;
  • a set of garden accessories;
  • summer cottage lamp powered by solar batteries;
  • hammock or lounger for relaxation;
  • stylish fence for flower beds;
  • a set of ceramic pots;
  • large decorative vase for garden plants;
  • automatic sprayer;
  • lawn mower;
  • a spray bottle with heated water for irrigation to the optimum temperature;
  • folding stool for convenient processing of the beds;
  • garden vacuum cleaner;
  • organic waste shredder;
  • a seedling of an exotic plant;
  • decorative violet in a tin can;
  • seedling boxes;
  • Installation of a greenhouse or greenhouse.

13. Birthday Gifts for Mom for Rest and Relaxation

Every day, mom creates comfort in the house, solves the problems of household members, gives support and care. Give her things for precious minutes of effective relaxation:

  • vibro-massager for neck and back;
  • gel anthill;
  • hand-gum – “chewing gum” for hands;
  • anti-stress brick;
  • lava lamp;
  • balls of Newton;
  • hourglass;
  • iridescent, wall rain;
  • anti-stress water timer;
  • vortex piggy bank;
  • electric plasma ball;
  • pillow with facial massage;
  • eye Massager;
  • table punching bag;
  • Mechanical, calming pendulum.

List of Emotional Birthday Gifts for Mom

The celebration of the celebration remains in the memory for a long time, thanks to the experienced impressions and gifts of emotions. For any mother on her birthday or anniversary, the most important thing is the attention of her family and friends: her husband, beloved children and relatives. We have made a selection of the best and unforgettable present-impressions for mom:

  • Hot air balloon flight.
  • Family dinner at a restaurant.
  • Hike to the spa.
  • Video congratulations.
  • Travel to the salt cave.
  • Paraffin therapy course.
  • Gift subscription for dance training.
  • Yoga session in the air.
  • Chinese tea ceremony.
  • Wine tasting followed by the presentation of the variety you like.
  • Paragliding.
  • Family photo session.
  • Filming in a film about a family.
  • Speedboat ride.
  • Rest on a yacht.
  • Helicopter flight through the hot spots of the city.
  • Rest in the country for mom.
  • Trip to the ski resort.
  • Ordering a portrait to a professional artist with posing.
  • Quest game for finding a prepared surprise.

Budget Gifts for Mom for Birthday

Children always want to surprise their mom with a unique, luxurious birthday present. But each of us can face financial difficulties and lack of money to buy an expensive presentation. You can offer to combine money with brothers or sisters and buy a valuable present. In other cases, do not be upset because there are many options for inexpensive, budget surprises that can please the birthday girl. Successful options:

  • personalized mug;
  • a large glass for storing various little things;
  • flash drive;
  • backlit keyboard;
  • table lamp;
  • the planner in a beautiful binding;
  • keyring;
  • high-quality nightgown;
  • home socks;
  • Frame;
  • organizer for office supplies;
  • phone case;
  • memory card for a smartphone, camera, camcorder;
  • massage socks for foot relaxation;
  • a set of cookie cutters;
  • a set of bath bombs;
  • colored shower head;
  • stylish lunch box;
  • cardholder;
  • a set of towels;
  • sachet with herbs;
  • Leather housekeeper.

What to Give a Mother in the Absence of Money?

There are times when there is absolutely no money to buy a gift. Not only small children or adolescents can face this, but also adults. There is no need to get upset and refuse to invite your beloved mother to celebrate your birthday. Connect your imagination, sleight of hand and implement the following ideas:

  • Bake a cake, pie, gingerbread or cookies for mom. Any woman is pleased to receive a delicious handmade gift. Decorate with jam, icing – whatever tastes good in your fridge. Support the present with touching congratulations and good mood;
  • prepare a poster with congratulations from all family members;
  • Arrange a day of rest for mom – take all the responsibilities of organizing a home holiday on yourself: prepare meals, arrange the table, do the cleaning, etc.
  • for the mother of the needlewoman, make a beautiful needle bed or a box for storing various little things;
  • a touching video greeting for mom does not require expensive equipment, a large budget for filming;
  • write a poem or song for mom;
  • Coupons or coupons for doing housework – a gift for people with a sense of humor. Free your mom from some household chores.

Diy Birthday Gifts for 60th Mom

Mom is always proud of the talents of her child, so she will be very pleased to receive such a present. Best ideas:

  • if you have a talent for drawing, then hand her a portrait or composition;
  • a beautiful bauble, a beaded bracelet – an option for daughters-needlewomen, who always have in stock beautiful material for work;
  • a homemade postcard is a great option;
  • if you are proficient in sewing or knitting, you can give your mother a knitted hat, scarf and mittens or sew a festive dress;
  • create a gift arrangement of your favorite flowers and sweets for your mom;
  • hand over a bouquet of fruits;
  • make homemade candy;
  • touching photo collage with memorable pictures;
  • the decorative wreath on the door made of paper roses;
  • Topiary.

Gifts That Are Not Recommended to Give Mom on Her Birthday

In pursuit of a unique gift for the hero of the occasion, some do not think about the appropriateness and compliance of the gift with the taste, wishes, character and age of the birthday girl. What you shouldn’t give your mom for her birthday:

  • underwear is a beautiful, appropriate gift for a beloved woman, best friend with a sense of humor, but not for mom;
  • soft toys from adult children look trite and unoriginal;
  • Clothes and shoes, chosen at random, are not a good idea. If you are fired up with the idea of ​​giving your mom some wardrobe item, then ask directly about her size and preference, go with her to the store or hand her a gift certificate for a purchase;
  • Decorative cosmetics can also be poorly selected. If you are going to give such a present to an elderly mother, focus on face and body care products with a natural, organic composition;
  • intimate hygiene products – purely personal accessories;
  • A postcard with ready-made text and a box of chocolates is a nice present, but not in the case of the birthday of your beloved mother. Connect your imagination, even if you do not have a large amount of money to purchase an expensive gift;
  • Cigarettes and smoking accessories are in most cases, an inorganic gift for a woman. Better make your choice in favor of healthy products and a healthy lifestyle.


The best gift for a mom is attention and care from her children, especially on their birthday. Regardless of the budget, novelty and creativity, the presentation you have selected, mom will still be glad to any surprise from you. The most important thing is that the object handed over symbolizes all your love and affection for the main person in your life.

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