Best 60th Birthday Gifts For Grandpa

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Best 60th Birthday Gifts For Grandpa: Many people have the most interesting and happy childhood memories with their grandfather. And of course, on his 60th birthday, grandfather would like to give something special, important and necessary. The problem is that by such a solid age, a person already has a lot.

60th Birthday Gifts For Grandpa

And if the grandchildren are very young, then it is difficult for them to come up with something to present to both surprise and please, and at the same time inexpensively. We have collected for you at least 30 ideas for what to give your grandfather for 60 years, among which you will probably choose something, or at least get some inspiration.

Features of Choosing a Gift

It is important to understand that the grandfather is a grown man, usually not prone to sentimentality. He should be given good and useful things, and not figurines or figurines, which is especially often done by young granddaughters.

It is clear that there may not be enough money for something large and interesting, and in this case, it is better to make a gift with your own hands or choose an inexpensive but practical thing. Check out our list of ideas.

Gifts Related to Hobbies and Interests

If a grandfather has hobbies, that’s just fine. Many men love fishing, and outdoor recreation, someone is an avid car enthusiast, and someone is a summer residents. You can find something for everyone.

  • For a motorist – a set of good tools for the car, maybe some useful little gadget, or just little things that make driving more convenient – a phone holder, a non-slip mat, a massage cover for a chair, a trunk organizer.
  • For a summer resident – either tools for work or things for rest – for example, a hammock, a light folding chair, a portable radio, a TV. Or maybe – a brazier and new skewers for a delicious grandfather’s kebab. Or a seedling of an interesting unusual plant, none of the neighbors will have this. Maybe my grandfather will get carried away with growing lemons.
  • For the fisherman – a new fishing rod, spinning rod, cage, fishing rod cover, cage, high rubber boots. Or maybe – a comfortable travel backpack, which redistributes the load well so that the back does not get tired. From inexpensive – boxes for fishing lines and hooks, baits, and wobblers.
  • For the lover of walks – a light thermos, a backpack, a roomy men’s bag, a compact new umbrella, warm mittens. A vest with many pockets will allow you to carry everything you need with you, and at the same time, do without bags or backpacks at all.
  • To the cook – gadgets for the kitchen, a meat thermometer, a cauldron, an electric grill, ceramic knives. Or maybe a coffee machine that will prepare his favorite espresso every morning. Or a beautiful new Turk. Or a grill pan. There are many options.
  • A grandfather who loves to read books or solve crosswords – a floor lamp or a comfortable desk lamp, an interesting book or an assistant book for solving crosswords. A table lamp, in any case, is a good gift, eyesight begins to shrink, and ordinary light may not be enough to read or do small work with your hands.

Think about how grandfather rests and how he spends time, and you will find the answer to the question of what to give him this. As a last resort, go to a specialized store and you will find something suitable on the spot.

Impression Gifts

When grandchildren think of a gift for their 60-year-old grandfather, they rarely think of gift certificates for impressions and emotions. Certificates for SPA (where grandfather will definitely not go) and some kind of bungee jumping (which is also unlikely) usually come to mind, but many companies organizing such entertainment offer very interesting ideas that are suitable for a 60-year-old grandfather … Moreover, perhaps he has never tried this, and it will be a vivid impression.

  • Horse riding. Maybe my grandfather rode a horse in his youth, or maybe not – in any case, it’s interesting to try.
  • Unusual excursion. For example, in Moscow, you can go to the Ostankino TV tower. Few have been there, and this is both beautiful and interesting. Or a secret bunker. Or the submarine museum. It depends on what is offered in your city or a large neighboring one.
  • 4D cinema ticket Or 5D. In general, something unusual. In general, grandfather probably has not been to the cinema for a long time, so let him enjoy modern technologies. And of course, there should be at least two tickets, so that later we can discuss all the bright moments and share emotions.
  • Fishing or ice fishing. Of course, not an option for an avid fisherman, but someone who has no fishing rods may like it. Perhaps you will give your grandfather a new hobby in his 60 – 65 years. Then it will be much more comfortable with gifts for the next holidays.
  • Shooting at a shooting range or at a range. Men love guns, and maybe your grandfather knows how to handle them well. In any case, this is an interesting entertainment and hobby.

In most cases, you should go with your grandfather to admire and photograph him as a souvenir. And for him, a day spent with his grandson or granddaughter will be an excellent memory.

Original Gifts to Grandfather for 60 Years

It seems that the grandfather has everything he needs, but nevertheless, you can present something interesting and unusual that will surprise him. Always think about how the person will use the gift, whether he will be interested, whether he will be able to master something new, or if the gift will be useless.

Men in their 60s are not old at all and are quite capable of understanding new technologies. But only if they need it and are interested.

  • Foosball or futsal. Of course, if the grandfather has someone to play with.
  • A portrait from a photo of a grandfather with grandchildren. You can try to draw it yourself, but it is better to order from a professional, and arrange it beautifully. And the decoration of the house, and an excellent memory for the whole family, and the grandfather will surely be surprised by the accuracy of the execution, after all, he will not be present when drawing.
  • The tablet. Modern grandfathers are not so afraid of technology. Moreover, if everything is shown and taught to include your favorite films, music, and programs. And by the way, it can be quite inexpensive, it is unlikely that the grandfather will play heavy games on it. But small office toys can be instructed.
  • A book about the history of the family. Even when Grandpa retires, he will have something to do, collecting memories and preserving family history for grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A great gift!
  • Photo frame with 3G. You can send photos to this directly from your smartphone, and the grandfather will immediately know the news about the life of all family members. A particularly good gift if the grandchildren live far away. And much easier to use than a smartphone or tablet.
  • Camera. Maybe Grandpa will enjoy taking pictures. Modern digital “soap dishes” are very easy to use, while light, small, and easy to carry. Let the grandfather try to shoot everything around, all the moments of life from his point of view.
  • International passport. There are many firms that make documents without the presence of a person, you just need to come and pick up a sign. Some people don’t start traveling just because they find paperwork difficult. Make it difficult instead of him, and perhaps the grandfather will begin to discover new countries for himself.

Inexpensive Gifts for Grandfathers for 60 Years

When a grandfather is 60 – his grandchildren, perhaps, are quite young, it is not a fact that they themselves are already earning. But they definitely want to congratulate grandfather. Well, we offer you a lot of ideas on what to give your grandfather for his 60th birthday if the budget is limited.

  • Warm mittens or gloves.
  • Interesting tea or coffee.
  • Leather belt.
  • Tie.
  • Purse.
  • Nice perfume.
  • Shaver, electric or high quality regular.
  • Pipe and tobacco – if grandpa smokes.

Diy Gifts From Grandson and Granddaughter

The grandfather will be especially proud of his grandchildren if they do something for him themselves, with their own hands. And such gifts often cause much more delight than just a purchased item. Think about what you could do.

  • Cake or pastries for grandfather.
  • Case for glasses or phone.
  • A photo collage of your and your grandfather’s photos, which can be printed in good quality and hung on the wall.
  • Knitted socks, mittens, scarf.
  • Hand-painted cup or nameplate.

What Not to Give

A grandfather at 60 or 65 is still quite young. This is for you he is a grandfather because of family ties, and he himself probably still feels like a full of strength man. Many men, having retired, are just starting to live actively. And some gifts “for grandfather” will definitely not suit him. Of course, look at your situation, but it’s better not to give the following things.

  • It is better to leave a warm robe and house slippers for the time when the grandfather is 80, and it is not a fact that he will wear them even then.
  • Shaving foam, shower gel and so on – at most, on February 23, and even then – this is just an unfortunate gift. Attention, you can donate a high-tech shaver (cordless, waterproof, with trimming attachments).
  • Sets and dishes. Nice glasses of whiskey, for example, with a bottle of a good drink are still acceptable, but nothing more.
  • Bed linen and towels.

If you are in doubt about a gift, it is better to consult with your parents, perhaps they will dissuade or throw an idea, help to implement it.

Top 10 Best 60th Birthday Gifts For Grandpa

  • Impression gifts.
  • Hobby items.
  • The tablet.
  • Pipe and tobacco.
  • A genus history book.
  • Knitted Socks.
  • Photo collage or portrait from a photo.
  • Functional table lamp.
  • Nice umbrella.
  • Camera.


As you can see, there are many ideas, and it is easy to come up with something unusual. A 60-year-old grandfather will be pleased to receive a gift that will show that his grandchildren thought about him, cared for him, and bought something interesting or filled his life with new vivid impressions. By the way, it is not necessary to give flowers to my grandfather.


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