Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Dad From Daughter or Son

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Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Dad From Daughter: Memorable and interesting gifts in the ready-made list, what to give the Pope for 60 years from a son or daughter. More inexpensive collections on the topic in examples and tips on how to choose a gift for dad for a round date.

60th Birthday Gifts for Dad From Daughter

When you know your father well, on the one hand, it is easier to give a gift, since you can more accurately assume that he will like it, but on the other hand, it is more complicated, since at the age of 60, dad already has a lot and it is difficult to surprise him.

It is challenging to make a choice when it comes to a birthday.

In this article, we will give examples of what you can give your dad for 60 years for any budget.

In our list, you will find the most interesting and unusual gift ideas to give your father for his 60th birthday.

100 Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Dad From Daughter

Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Dad From Daughter

  • Leather apron.
  • Chess or backgammon.
  • Gift edition of any writer.
  • A weekend trip to a sanatorium outside the city.
  • Sauna set: hat, broom, steam room oil.
  • Home smoker with heat-resistant coating.
  • Globe bar where you can store alcohol.
  • Rocking chair.
  • A novelty of the next released gadget: smartphone, tablet, smartwatch.
  • Certificate for Thai, classical or other massages.
  • Refrigerator for the car.
  • Home safe.
  • Tickets for football, basketball, and hockey.
  • Shashlik set: shashlik and skewers.
  • Collectible weapon.
  • Personalized Thermo glass.
  • Power Bank for a smartphone.
  • Portable generator.
  • Rubber boat.
  • A brand new spinning rod with tackle and reels.
  • Mobile grill or barbecue oven.
  • GPS navigator
  • Heated car seat.
  • A good vacuum cleaner for a car is a mini car wash.
  • Coffee machine.
  • Night light with IR motion sensor.
  • Mattress topper.
  • Metal multitool.
  • Salt lamp.
  • Heated cognac maker.
  • Leather photo album with original inscription.
  • A heating pad for the back, and legs.
  • Toiletry bag: clothes brush, comb, shaving accessories, etc.
  • Telescopic cane.
  • Barometer weather station.
  • Radio key finder with multiple sensors.
  • Telescope.
  • Electric or bio fireplace.
  • Nitrate tester.
  • Handmade gift knives.
  • Gift pedigree book with engraving.
  • Heated slippers.
  • Certificate for car service in any car service.
  • Desktop or pocket business cardholder.
  • Stylish men’s umbrella.
  • Leather case for glasses.
  • Gift set for shaving with razors and blades made of quality Japanese steel.
  • Foot hammock.
  • A machine for making homemade popcorn.
  • Heater.
  • New comfortable leather chair for office or work desk.
  • LCD or plasma TV.
  • A box for storing glasses and watches.
  • Electric toothbrush.
  • Vinyl record player or record set.
  • A device for burning wood.
  • Video recorder.
  • Silver chain.
  • Heated car lunch box.
  • Cooling stones for alcoholic beverages.
  • Gold ring.
  • Radar detector.
  • Warm vest made of natural wool.
  • E-book.
  • Home brewery.
  • Tourist trip.
  • A universal remote control that is suitable for several electrical appliances at once.
  • Gift set of cheeses.
  • Handmade leather belt for trousers.
  • Certificate for tailoring a suit or men’s shirt.
  • Travel bag or suitcase.
  • Box container for storing tools.
  • Gift set of honey.
  • Folding table tray for snacks in front of the TV.
  • Beautiful handmade teapot.
  • Wallet or leather cover for a passport, passport or driver’s license.
  • Gold cufflinks.
  • Massager for feet and hands.
  • Acoustic speakers for TV.
  • Upholstery on the steering wheel.
  • Annual subscription to the pool or gym.
  • A set for cleaning shoes in a beautiful chest.
  • Excursion tour in an unfamiliar country.
  • The picture of the world.
  • Shaker with glasses and several bottles of popular brands of alcohol.
  • Physical education corner with a Swedish wall.
  • Music audio system for records.
  • Bluetooth mask with headphones.
  • Subscription to periodicals.
  • Leather briefcase for papers.
  • Instant print camera.
  • Household power tools.
  • High-quality water filter.
  • 3-D lamp.
  • Bust of the hero of the day made from a photograph.
  • Folding name chair.
  • Isothermal blanket.
  • The original alarm clock.
  • Solar battery charger.
  • A set of personalized glasses and a damask.
  • Universal flashlight with solar battery and USB port.
  • Certificate for completing courses (web design, foreign language, personal growth, playing a musical instrument, etc.).
  • Personal monogram. You need to order it from the heraldic workshop. Additionally, you can also make a stamp for monogramming letters, invitations and other correspondence.

Gifts From Daughter to Father for His Sixtieth Birthday

Gifts From Daughter to Father for His Sixtieth Birthday

Daughters have the warmest and most affectionate relationships with their fathers, therefore, a gift for the 60th birthday should be with an element of care. For example:

Large terry bathrobe with personalized initials embroidery on the back (you can even make it yourself). You can still embroider a small drawing or ornament over the inscription.

Each time after bath procedures, putting on a bathrobe, the father will remember the care of his beloved daughter.

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Video with congratulations from all family members, father’s best friends and relatives. But for this, you need to find a time and personally go to each person to record video greetings, and then edit the video to insert something else into it from yourself.

The advantage of this option is that it can be viewed an unlimited number of times and each time the father will feel a sense of joy and care. This is a memory for many years.

A set of expensive tea with several jars of jam. You can even cook it yourself. This will be doubly pleasant for the father. This gift will prove to him once again the love and care of his beloved daughter.

Fur belt. Many people confirm that such a thing is very necessary for a 60-year-old man. It will not just let him freeze, but it will also contribute to the normalization of blood circulation and remove all painful sensations.

You can also cooperate with Mom in secret from Dad and discuss with her what he needs at the moment in his life. She can also help in the store with a choice, especially when it comes to things.

Gifts From Son to Father for His Sixtieth Birthday

Gifts From Son to Father for His Sixtieth Birthday

It is not easy for a son to make a birthday present for his dad at 60 years old since by this age, a person usually already has everything he needs.

1. Charcoal Grill

It is a practical product that is designed to prepare healthy and tasty food, which is very important for a person of age.

2. Toolbox

A man who likes to often do male work and create interesting things can be presented with a set of different tools as a gift. In this case, it is only important not to save money and choose high-quality devices and an elegant suitcase for them.

3. Silver Cigarette Case

Such a gift will be to the liking of any smoking man, regardless of age. Since 60 years is a round date, it is not worth saving. Choose a cigar case crafted from silver with a gold patina.

Be sure to put some expensive cigars inside. For this gift, you can additionally present a guillotine.

4. Household Appliances

There are many options here. From replacing an existing TV set to new robotic vacuum cleaners, a washer-dryer, or the installation of a smart home system.

You can automate absolutely everything – from the operation of the air conditioner and water flowers to communication sessions with family members and sending alarms when health problems arise.

Inexpensive Gifts for Father for His Sixtieth Birthday

Inexpensive Gifts for Father for His Sixtieth Birthday

If you have financial difficulties and want to buy gifts for dad for 60 years inexpensively, then, in this case, you may be interested in the following items and things:

1. Horizontal Bar

A horizontal bar is a budgetary and very useful gift option for keeping fit. It will help to strengthen the back, and as old people know, this is one of the most painful places. Even simple hovering on it will give good results.

2. Personal Journal

You can order an issue of a magazine with a photograph of your father in a special printing house, on the pages of which you will be told about his life, victories and achievements.

3. Holder for the Phone

The holder for the phone in the car and better immediately with recharging. Even a young son or daughter can afford such a gift. This device can always keep your phone visible while driving on the road. And it is also very convenient to navigate with it since the smartphone screen will always be in front of your eyes.

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4. Fitness Bracelet

This is an inexpensive gift that even an elderly person will love. In addition to counting steps, it shows messages received on the phone, and missed calls, and can also measure heart rate and even blood pressure.

A Couple of More Interesting Thoughts What to Give Dad for 60 Years

What to Give Dad for 60 Years

If your dad has a hobby that takes up a lot of his free time, here are some more gift ideas to choose from:

  • For the father of the summer resident, you can choose a set of wicker furniture with warm blankets, items for gardening, a lawnmower, a hammock, and a hanging chair.
  • For the father of the lover of fishing, you can present a set of good fishing rods with a spinning rod and high rubber boots that will save you from colds due to long-standing in cold water. This also includes a bag – a refrigerator, into which you can put the catch. You can also give him a new rubber boat.
  • For the father of a hunting enthusiast, powerful binoculars, night vision devices and a comfortable hunting suit are suitable.
  • For the father of a hard worker, a modern drill or a set of magnetic screwdrivers is useful.

If you want to make an expensive surprise for your father for his birthday, then you can order a designer apartment renovation or send both parents on a trip to a country where they have not yet been.

Diy Gifts for Dad for 60 Years

Diy Gifts for Dad for 60 Years

A gift for a dad for 60 years can be made with your own hands. In most cases, parents appreciate such things from children, not only when they do them at a young age but even as an adult.

The most pleasant moment for them in this – their child (even though he is an adult himself, and he may already have children of his own) did not regret his personal time and put his soul into a gift.

1. Bouquet of Men’s Snacks

At first glance, this is a complex composition, but in fact, it is not so difficult to make it. To do this, prepare in advance:

  • One – two sticks of sausage (better different and hard varieties: salami, cabonos).
  • Pigtail cheese.
  • Hunting sausages.
  • A bottle or two bottles of beer.
  • Skewers.
  • Pepper (Bulgarian or chili).
  • Scotch.
  • Bread (white or rye baguette).
  • Garlic heads.
  • Decorative snacks (pretzels, donuts).
  • Croutons or nuts.
  • Dried fish.
  • Dense transparent bags.
  • Sponge.

When everything is in stock, you need to start all the items that will be in the composition and put on skewers. How to do this with sausage, sausages, cheese pigtail and pepper, everything is clear, you just need to stick the wooden skewers deeper, but with bottles of beer, it is more and more difficult.

For one bottle, you need 5 – 6 skewers. They need to be tied to the bottom of the bottle with tape and rolled to the bottom so that a triangle is formed. Crackers, nuts and fish must be packed separately in unique dense bags and also tied to them with one skewer.

Finished products need to be pushed into a sponge with skewers and wrapped in cellophane or newsprint and secured with tape and a stapler.

2. Gas Discharge Clock

To do this, you will need:

  • Generator.
  • Indicators.
  • Saw.
  • Self-tapping screw.
  • Single indicators.
  • Pay.
  • Ruler.
  • Computer.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Silkscreen drawing.

Now we will tell you how to proceed step by step:

  • Saw the board in two.
  • Solder all the components as shown in the picture you selected in advance.
  • After assembling the bottom board, test the generator operation.
  • Measure voltage. It should be 180 volts.
  • Attach the indicators and solder them.
  • Unsolder the remaining sensors and solder the wires.
  • Power up the circuit and connect it to the computer.
  • Install the firmware.

At this, the homemade watch is ready.

How to Understand What Is the Best Gift for Dad for 60 Years

Here are some tips to help you make an original gift for your dad for 60 years:

Perhaps you have noticed how in everyday conversation, the father mentioned that he did not have something and that he should get this thing in the near future. Or he said that he wanted an object that he could not afford in material terms.

If you and your dad have a good relationship and you often call each other and visit each other, then any way you have heard or noticed that he is missing something. If your dad is one of the silent, then you can carefully ask him or hint to find out whether this or that thing is useful to him.

If at the age of 60, your father already has health problems, then it would be inappropriate to give him a gym membership or a certificate for a parachute jump. It is important to consider his physical capabilities.

Please note that the thing that your father needs may not cost little money, so prepare financially in advance so that later at the last moment you will not be shocked by the price tag and refuse to buy the best gift.

We are talking about the 60th birthday, so such banality as a set of towels will not come in handy. For around date, it is customary to give something more original.

When choosing what to give your father for 60 years, try to focus on your knowledge of him, and do not listen to sales consultants who just need to sell something, and advise universal things that, in theory, will suit any person.

Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Better Not to Give to the Pope for 60 Years

Any gift for DR from children will be appreciated regardless of its price tag. But this does not mean that you can give your father the first thing that comes across for 60 years. There are a number of gifts that are not relevant to present for various reasons. For example:

1. Cosmetic Set or Means for Washing and Showering

A father, having received such things, can simply regard this as a sign of disrespect or that his child took the time to find a more useful gift.

2. Socks and Underwear

These are exactly the things that a person should buy for himself and for the holidays, and even more so for a birthday, it is not customary to present them.

3. A Souvenir, Statuette, Frame, or Painting

Men are more practical than women and do not appreciate such things.

4. Animal

Giving a cat, dog or other pet is appropriate only in one case – if the person himself expresses such a desire. If he didn’t want anyone from living creatures, but they gave him a gift, imagine how hard it will be for the animal from the lack of care and attention and for the newly-made owner from the troubles created.

5. Any Clothes

Different generations have different tastes, so it is difficult to guess the style and even the color. It is better to present a certificate to a clothing or footwear store so that a person has the opportunity to choose exactly what he needs.

60th Birthday Wishes for Dad

60th Birthday Wishes for Dad

If you do not have the opportunity to personally present a gift to your dad for his 60th birthday, be sure to send it to him by mail, but since the parcel can take several days, weeks, or even a month, send him a regular SMS on the birthday date or use WhatsApp or Viber … Here are some of the best birthday greetings to your father:

  • Dear Daddy, I hasten to congratulate you on your next birthday. May in your 60 years your body will continue to remain the same strong and vigorous, and the soul will not lose eternal optimism and a state of contentment. I wish you to continue to follow your own path, constantly set new tasks and quickly comprehend them, and always think only about yourself and your family.
  • Daddy, Happy Birthday! Happy 60th birthday! Let the sun always shine brightly in your life. I want everything to continue to work out for you, and for you not to get upset because of trifling troubles. I wish you the strongest health, a surge of cheerfulness and positive energy.
  • Dear Dad, to this day, you remain a support and role model for me. You are already 60 years old, and you are still cheerful and, undoubtedly, young at heart. I wish you, first of all, iron health, since you cannot buy it with all the money in the world, and eternal joy.
  • My dear daddy. Happy 60th birthday to you! May your health be no worse than that of the hero. You are now a man in full bloom. Let life give you only good positive surprises and often give you reasons for joy!
  • Dad, I wish you a Happy Birthday and wish you to remain for me the same sage and understanding mentor and, of course, the best father in the world. May we, your family, not give you reasons for sadness but bring only happiness and joy. Happy holiday to you. Rock out in your 60s as you did in your 20s.
  • Dad, I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday! I wish that in your life, there were many more celebrated round dates in our family circle. Year-round health and prosperity for you, as well as more reasons for eyes full of tears of happiness and joy!
  • Today our head of the family has a significant and loud date – 60 years. Daddy, I want to solemnly congratulate you on your round date and wish you to be around the excellent student in everything: in household chores, in work, in all-new beginnings! Continue to live with success for many, many years!
  • Dad, Happy 60th birthday! We wish you wisdom, kindness, and generosity. So that health does not fail. So that the mood is always on top. Let the family be warm and cozy. Good luck, good luck, luck.
  • Dear father, I want to express my enormous gratitude to you for raising me, giving me a good upbringing, and teaching me to go through life without fear of facing difficulties and obstacles. On your birthday, I want to drink to your health and wish you to remain as courageous, cheerful, kind, and cheerful as you are now. Let over the years, you have not only gray hair but health and wisdom. Happy birthday, dear!
  • Dear Dad, you have always been an example and support. You are already 60, and you are cheerful and, undoubtedly, young at heart. I wish you only iron health and eternal joy.
  • Happy birthday to you, dad. Sixty years is a huge segment of life, with so many moments, situations and events that simply do not fit in my head. Your way of life has always made me proud of what my father is and I believe that nothing will change in the future. Happy holiday to you and may all your wishes come true in an instant.

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