Best 55th Birthday Gifts for Dad

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Best 55th Birthday Gifts for Dad: An important holiday is approaching in your family – the birthday of your dad, and you, of course, right now are thinking about how to present such a wonderful gift to him and what to give dad for 55th, so that the birthday person is sincerely happy with such significant attention from family children.

55th Birthday Gifts for Dad

In this article, we will tell you about how many wonderful options and gift ideas for dads 55th years old exist, which you may have known about for a long time, and some, quite likely, you didn’t even suspect. Together we will study the best options for you and choose just what suits your hero of the occasion the most.

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It is worth noting that the choice of a gift largely depends on who buys it. For example, if this is a present that the son is preparing, then most likely it will be a little easier for him to decide on a cool congratulation because in many ways he shares the interests and hobbies of his father. But the daughter can always prepare just the same excellent gift for dad for 55 years with her own hands.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for the Best Dad in the World

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for the Best Dad in the World

In this section, before proceeding directly to the selection of all kinds of gifts, the benefits of which we will tell you in the most detailed way, we would like to give some great tips. These are fairly simple recommendations, but they will help you decide on the best present and choose from all the possible options exactly what will be the best idea for congratulating your father and buying a gift for your dad for 55 years.

  • If it is difficult for you to decide on the so-called individualized present, that is, a congratulation that the hero of the occasion will definitely like and remember, and even become a memorable souvenir for him, you can always use engraving services. In this case, you should not be limited to just nominal or dated inscriptions; for engraving, you can always come up with something interesting and cool.
  • Perhaps the most versatile gift would be nothing more than a gift certificate. What is the main point of this presentation? You simply give the birthday man a unique opportunity to independently choose a gift exclusively to his taste, according to his desire and in accordance with his style. Presents of this nature can be very useful, but the most important thing is that they come from a wide variety of categories. For example, if you don’t know what to give a dad for 55 years from a daughter or son, choose a gift certificate to a store that sells everything you need for his hobby, which you probably already know a lot about. An excellent and appropriate choice would be gift certificates to fashion boutiques with various stylish items: clothes or accessories, such as ties, cufflinks, etc.
  • A great idea for a good gift for dad at 55 years old would be a party arranged in his honor. Such a present has several wonderful and undeniable advantages at once, let’s take a closer look at them so that you can see them for yourself. So, let’s start with the fact that such a present is always a pleasant and very touching surprise. Secondly, if you take the preparation of the future holiday upon yourself, then in such a miraculous way you can deprive the future hero of the occasion of all the extra hassle associated with preparing for the upcoming holiday event. Believe me, the birthday man will certainly appreciate such efforts and will be extremely grateful to you for the care and attention shown.
  • Despite the fact that it is money that is rightfully considered one of the most versatile and practical presents, this is not the best solution just for children. Because it is far from always pleasant and convenient for parents to accept money from their children. It will be better if for this amount you choose and buy some soulful, albeit very inexpensive thing. It will be much more appropriate and pleasant for the future birthday man.

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When choosing what to give your father at 55 years old for his birthday, do not lose sight of the moment of his cool packaging. Gift wrapping is not in vain so-called, which means that it should look really elegant and bright. You can wrap a present with professionals or do it yourself using colorful paper, themed bags or boxes.

List of 35 Very Good 55th Birthday Gifts for Dads From Children

In addition to the fact that in this material we will consider in sufficient detail a lot of interesting ideas that will come in handy for organizing an unforgettable holiday in honor of the birthday of your beloved dad, we would also like to bring to your attention the so-called universal list of the best presents that you can safely choose for your gift.

55th Birthday Gifts for Dads From Children

These are the things that the hero of the occasion will definitely like. They differ in their price – so there is a suitable option for any budget, and they are also win-win options for both son and daughter. For 55 years old, you can give dad:

  1. Various modern gadgets.
  2. A small trip for dad to another city, country or resort.
  3. Things that the birthday person collects.
  4. Subscription to the swimming pool or modern gym.
  5. Gym towel with name print.
  6. Spacious and stylish sports bag.
  7. Elegant men’s bag or business briefcase.
  8. Birthday cake for the holiday table.
  9. A festive evening spent by the family at dad’s favorite restaurant.
  10. Interesting belt made of genuine leather and two interchangeable buckles.
  11. A set of socks “Annual supply” in a cool chest.
  12. Lovely photo souvenirs with pictures from the family archive.
  13. T-shirt for the house with the inscription: “The best dad in the world.”
  14. The new spinner is for the fishing enthusiast.
  15. Wicker basket for family picnics.
  16. Stationery business set.
  17. Fountain pen in an exclusive gift box.
  18. Notebook in a leather cover with personalized embossing.
  19. Certificate for extreme driving lessons.
  20. A festive evening is organized in a Russian bath or a Finnish sauna.
  21. Set with all accessories for visiting the bath.
  22. A bar of chocolate with a portrait of the hero of the occasion.
  23. Postcard with cute touching congratulations from children.
  24. Favorite collector’s edition book.
  25. Replacement covers for car seats.
  26. Leather floor mats for the car.
  27. A coffee maker that can work in a car.
  28. Elegant shirt from the birthday boy’s favorite brand
  29. Fashionable demi-season coat.
  30. Cool watch on the wrist with a leather strap.
  31. A set of the most essential men’s accessories in a gift box.
  32. A small set that is used for quick cleaning of shoes.
  33. Clip for banknotes with gilding and individual engraving.
  34. Jewelry clip for a tie.
  35. Suit pocket handkerchief.

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Delicious and at the Same Time Original Ideas for Dad’s Birthday

If it’s hard for you to decide what you can give dad for 55 years, especially if you are quite constrained in your budget, then it seems to us that all kinds of delicacies will be just an excellent choice for you, with which you can perfectly please father on his holiday.

Delicious and at the Same Time Original Ideas for Dad's Birthday

As such presentations, we suggest that you immediately abandon too banal things, and consider something really interesting and cool, for example:

  • A jar of honey in a gift variation. Such honey can have the most varied taste: acacia, buckwheat, herbal, etc. But its main highlight lies not in this at all, but in the fact that such a delicacy, as a rule, in congratulatory or some limited gift collections, is accompanied by a lot of various flavoring additives in the assortment for your taste, as well as the taste of the future birthday boy. For example, it will be possible to give dad for 55 years of goodness, like a combination of honey with all kinds of nuts. And particles of natural gold – this will become a real art of a delicious present and, of course, will impress the hero of the occasion. Just imagine how cool and presentable it will look!
  • Favorite fruit basket. What is the advantage and, probably, the main advantage of such a congratulation? And by the way, it’s not the only one. For example, you can already buy such a present in one of the modern supermarkets in the city, if you are in a hurry. But you can also make it yourself by lovingly selecting each fruit, finding something exotic and delicious, and wrapping it beautifully with colorful paper. Secondly, this kind of present will always look very impressive in the light of its large size and, of course, a large red festive bow, which we are reminding you of right now so that you don’t forget about this elegant decor, like just right for your gift. Thirdly, despite all its seeming pretentiousness and showiness, a fruit basket is, first of all, a useful gift.

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  • A bottle of good whiskey or cognac. What to give dad for 55 years from his son? A bottle of whiskey or your favorite cognac! But what can make such a gift truly memorable and interesting? And imagine if on this Birthday of a birthday boy you present him with a drink of his age as a gift! Well, isn’t it cool? Indeed, it turns out not only a cool and tasty present but also a very symbolic congratulation with meaning. Separately, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that bottles of alcohol with long exposure in various specialized stores are offered, as a rule, already in a gift version, which looks very presentable and suitable for the occasion, so you do not have to worry about packing the chosen present.
  • Wooden keg of beer ordered directly from the Czech Republic or Germany, that is, countries famous for such treats all over the world. Additionally, you can order a personalized congratulatory emblem or a plate for such a keg. Let’s say right away that such an incredibly tasty, and even interestingly presented present cannot leave indifferent any man, even the most spoiled one.
  • A set of the name “coffee gourmet”, which can be presented to dad for 55 years in a gift box. As you probably already guessed from the name, we will talk about a present that will be appreciated, first of all, by a true connoisseur of coffee. This fragrant and invigorating drink can be an excellent gift, and we will now tell you how to do it. Just prepare a set of ingredients for making delicious coffee in a gift congratulatory package.

With a variety of goodies, the situation is such that they can be an excellent addition to your congratulations or the main gift, in this case, it all depends on what exactly you decided to order and present.

If this is a small box of chocolates, then it is better to complement it with some larger gift, and if it is, for example, a large chocolate portrait, then this is a very wonderful present in itself.

Diy Gifts for Dad: How Children Can Please Their Father for His Birthday

Having a very small budget, children should not be upset, because the father, of course, does not expect any unprecedented presents and breathtaking surprises from them on this holiday.

Diy Gifts for Dad

First of all, the attention of relatives is important to him, the care and love shown by them, which is why just budget gifts for dad for 55th, made by himself, will become the most valuable and important for him:

  • Video congratulations, which can be prepared jointly by all children using special computer programs. As a rule, such very touching and sentimental gifts are simply not able to leave any father indifferent. A variety of congratulatory inserts, children’s drawings and beautiful pictures are used, as well as photos from the family archive, short videos and favorite musical melodies. All this allows you to create a real masterpiece.
  • Family photo collage, on which you will depict all the happiest moments from your family life. Use photos from joint holidays and travels, add your comments and funny captions to each picture and decorate everything beautifully with pictures, stickers and color drawings.
  • Wooden box-organizer. An inexpensive gift for a dad 55 years old from his son with his own hands is a wooden box in the form of a convenient organizer in which you can store a lot of useful improvised things.
  • Gingerbread delicious holiday cookies that your beloved daughter can bake for his father’s birthday by choosing the most delicious and, of course, dad’s favorite recipe. It will be interesting to decorate gingerbread cookies with the help of confectionery paints and other decors so that such a treat can be served directly to the birthday man’s table.
  • A festive dinner in the form of a surprise, prepared by you and dad together. Pre-invite people whom your father would like to see on his holiday to the planned event, prepare delicious treats, think over the decor of the room interestingly so that it meets the theme of the upcoming celebration, and now you can be calm because the father will be very happy with such a surprise. This will be a great solution to the question of what to give dad for his 55 birthday.

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Useful and Necessary Gifts That Will Come in Handy for a Birthday Man of 55 Years

Of course, your daddy, like the vast majority of men, is a practical person, he loves to surround himself with necessary and useful things that will come in handy for him at work, at home, etc. That is why we betray to study such options in detail because they can become great a gift to my father for 55 years.

  • Car organizer that fits in the trunk and helps to optimize the space used as much as possible.
  • A set of tools in a cool chest that will be easy to take with you on a trip. Inside it will be all the necessary tools of the first necessity. This a very useful gift idea for a 55-year-old dad.
  • A box for storing watches or other men’s accessories, such as cufflinks. Also, all the convenient thing to use is a special box designed for ties, in which they do not wrinkle and do not lose their beautiful appearance.
  • New TV, for which the father will be sincerely grateful to you because after a working day it is so nice to relax in your favorite armchair while watching interesting and exciting television programs.
  • Bio fireplace. At first glance, just a beautiful thing that will bring a feeling of special comfort to the house. But it is important to note that such a fireplace is multifunctional since it is additionally equipped with a space heating function, which will be very useful on cold winter days or cool autumn evenings.

So that such a present does not look ordinary and non-holiday – come up with some interesting ideas for its packaging. But you should not overdo it too much when deciding what to give your father for 55 years and how to present it.

It will be enough to pack the present in a beautiful gift box or place it in a themed package. It’s not worth coming up with some complicated ideas, because your dad has long gone out of adolescence when it’s interesting to play games.

To the Real Dude: Gifts to a Father From a Son or Daughter

Gifts to a Father From a Son or Daughter

We are not exactly sure what your father’s taste is, but we know for sure that he is a real handsome man who will like a variety of fashionable things as a present.

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Choose such models so that they fit perfectly into the wardrobe of the birthday man, and therefore think over your future purchase in great detail. And remember, what you might really like at 25 may not always suit a man at such a respectable age as 55 years old.

  • Personalized cufflinks with engraving, which you additionally order from a professional, turn such a stylish men’s accessory into a truly unique thing that exists only in a single copy. Although traditional, really amazing and very presentable gift option for dads of 55 years.
  • Stylish scarf. The model of such a product depends, first of all, on the weather outside the window. If the hero of the occasion has a birthday in winter, then choose warm knitted models. If you celebrate a holiday in spring or autumn, then fashionable scarves will go just for this time. Best of all, they have discreet colors and become a universal element of images in any style.
  • Warm long robe made of Turkish terry cloth. The highlight of this robe is that it is sewn according to individual parameters for a man and decorated with hand embroidery according to your sketch. It can be anything. Personalized bathrobes are the most popular, but a bathrobe with the inscription “The best dad in the world” will also look beautiful and very cute. You can depict the sign of the zodiac, etc. Choose what will appeal most to the future owner of such a thing – the birthday man.
  • Tailor-made suit. Of course, it will not be possible to make a surprise out of such a present, unless it is a gift certificate for such a service, but the main thing is that your present will be a really good gift for dad for 55 years. A high-quality tailored suit is exactly what will turn your dad from a simple handsome man into a real daddy. After all, as you know, a suit should sit perfectly on a man.
  • toilet water. There is nothing special to invent here, the choice of perfume is exactly the case when it is best to remain a conservative, not an innovator. Buy exactly the fragrance that your father has been using for a long time, and he will definitely be delighted with such a present from his children, and this thing is always necessary.

How to Understand What is Better to Give Dad for His 55th Birthday

Before choosing what gift to give to your father, you should definitely consider a few of the tips below.

  • Sometimes the hero of the day himself hints at the right thing. Perhaps it will be just money in an envelope or a mere trifle that is inexpensive. You need to listen to the wishes of the father and just fulfill the request. In this case, you don’t need to invent something, because dad made it clear what he really needs.
  • According to the proposed advertising on sites, you can see what a person has recently viewed. If the family uses one computer, then it will be quite easy to choose a gift for dad for his 55th birthday. One has only to carefully review the history in the browser or pay attention to advertising banners on the Internet. Perhaps dad visited sites on things that interested him.
  • Surprising your father proceeds from his desires, not yours. If a man never cooks, he will not like a food processor as a gift.
  • Men love practical gifts that can be applied in life. Therefore, souvenirs can only complement the surprise, and not be a key “figure”.
  • If the father is a workaholic and literally “lives” at work, he will undoubtedly like presents related to the main activity.
  • What can you give your father for 55 years, if dad refuses to give him anything at all? It’s worth going for the trick. Knowing his preferences and hobbies, it’s easy to give the right thing. Athlete – suit, dumbbells, punching bag. Gardener – new types of plants, inventory, raincoats, boots. For the artist – easel, oil paints, brushes. In this case, it is worth proceeding from the issue of practicality.

Examples of Bad Gifts That Are Better Not to Give to the Pope on Dr

A gift for a father for 55 years should be chosen, taking into account the recommendations below. Here are the most unsuccessful presents, which are better to refuse.

  • Alcohol. If dad is not a connoisseur of alcoholic products, then you should not hope that he will appreciate such a gesture. At best, the bottle will gather dust on the shelf.
  • Despite the fact that men are simple and picky people, a shower gel and shampoo surprise is unlikely to please them.
  • Underwear and socks are standard gifts that is not able to surprise. These things should be bought as needed, and not given on a holiday.
  • A sweater or shirt should not be bought as a surprise, especially if the style does not match the man’s casual clothes. Such a gift, most likely, will hang in the closet and will never be released.
  • You should not give your father a technique that you do not understand. Otherwise, it, like unsuitable clothing, will not be used for its intended purpose.
  • Don’t buy your father gift cards. Men do not like being tied to specific stores. They care about the quality of the item, not where it was bought. And such a gift deprives the father of a choice.
  • Do not make public congratulations for dad: on YouTube, forums, and social networks. Men don’t like “demonstration performances”.

Birthday Wishes for Dad by SMS

  • Dear Dad! Happy birthday, our beloved. We wish you health, happiness and many, many subsequent birthdays that we will spend together. With love, your children.
  • On this festive day, be happy like a child, and share with us the joy of happy moments of life. All the best to you, and may your dreams come true regardless of the date. To the best dad in the world from his loving family.
  • Beloved father! We want to congratulate you on such an important date – 55 years. Over the years, you have been able to build a strong loving family, and we are grateful to you simply for being you! Long life, our guiding star!
  • The best father in the world! Happy Anniversary, dear daddy. Always be the kindest, smartest and strongest. With best wishes, your children.
  • Thank you for the happiest childhood ever! Happy Anniversary, our beloved daddy.
  • Let the years be only good, and the kindness of your heart only grows stronger like a good brand of wine. Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for being there! Happy birthday, our dear father.
  • The most important holiday is yours! After all, you gave us life, brought us up and gave us love and care. Let this date be our common. Thanks for everything, daddy!
  • This day is the day of the most courageous, strongest and most beautiful person. Dad, you are the best! With love, your children.
  • Daddy, happy birthday! We are very happy to congratulate you on this holiday. We wish you good luck, health and eternal joy.


Finally, I would like to note that no matter which of the presentation options you choose for your beloved daddy, remember that your attention and care are most important to him.

Dedicate this day to the hero of the occasion, take your time and spend as much time with your father as possible, this will be the most beautiful, most original gift for dad for 55 years and the most desired present for your father.

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