100 Best 55th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

A beloved mother is the dearest person, so children, even quite adults, usually begin to prepare for her birthday in advance and choose good gifts. Sometimes it is not easy because you want to present something special and necessary, and the fantasy starts to fail at the most crucial moment.

Our 100 best 55th birthday gift ideas for mom will help in the difficult task of finding. Among the most different options, differing in both theme and cost, you will surely find something that is guaranteed to please your dear mom.

List of 100 Best 55th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

55th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

  1. An elegant brooch with an unusual shape that reflects the interests of the mother. For example, a woman who is fond of growing roses in her backyard will like the decoration in the form of this particular flower.
  2. Umbrella with patterns that appear after getting wet in the rain. You can also choose a convenient model that folds inward.
  3. A set of growing pencils with the cool name “Salad Set”. When they are written off, the leftovers can simply be stuck into the ground and lettuce leaves and other greens for the kitchen will grow from them.
  4. A food-warming lunchbox is a great gift for a working mom who takes her meals from home with her.
  5. Thermo mug with painted constellations or other beautiful print. You can also choose a unique drawing or inscription as you wish.
  6. Gloves that interact with touch screens. If the birthday is in winter, such a present will be very useful.
  7. Organizer for stationery with USB aquarium and clock. This is a very interesting device that miraculously combines functionality and beauty. It is connected to a computer and is a small and cute aquarium for keeping marine life with lighting, on the side of it, there are a clock and an organizer for various office supplies. There is also a lamp for illuminating the keyboard. The water circulates in the aquarium, oxygenating and at the same time moisturizing and freshening the air in the workplace.
  8. Certificate from the SPA. Any woman, and a man too, will like such a gift, so you can give it to everyone, without exception.
  9. A set of natural cosmetics for bath and shower, preferably handmade and prepared according to the tastes of the birthday girl.
  10. High-quality wallet made of genuine leather or other material that suits the tastes of the birthday girl.
  11. Exotic fruit basket. If mom has everything she needs and can’t choose a useful birthday present for her, such an interesting option will help out. Fruit can be enjoyed or treated to guests, and the basket will probably be used later.
  12. A selection of handmade chocolates made with your favorite mother’s nuts, dried fruits and other ingredients.
  13. Night light projector of the starry sky. At its absolutely low cost, such a present is able to completely transform the recipient’s room, moving it into interstellar space.
  14. “Smart” scales are a great gift for 55 years for a mother who looks after her figure and health.
  15. A digital photo frame to keep your precious photos close at hand. You can upload several photos into it immediately after the purchase, which the recipient will definitely like.
  16. Rare elite tea or coffee, depending on what kind of drink mom prefers. It can be packed in a beautiful basket or made like a bouquet.
  17. Certificate from a beauty salon. If a mother rarely indulges herself with salon procedures, she will definitely like such a gift and will bring a lot of new impressions.
  18. Tourist trip. You probably know your mother’s wishes, you can evaluate your financial capabilities. These two factors will help you choose the perfect trip.
  19. A home fountain or waterfall to decorate the interior, humidify the air and put nerves in order.
  20. The salt lamp is an unusual interior decoration and at the same time, a device for ionizing air, making it more beneficial to health.
  21. A chic family photo album, leather-bound or made by a master using the scrapbooking technique.
  22. A high-quality webcam is a great gift for a 55-year-old mother who actively uses video communication to communicate with children.
  23. A beautiful, comfortable, cozy and warm robe, decorated with a unique embroidery in the form of the owner’s name or a monogram.
  24. Nordic walking sticks. If mom is already interested in this rapidly gaining popularity sport, be sure to give her sticks. Walking with them will definitely have a positive effect on her health and cheer up.
  25. Fur stole. Such a beautiful and warm gift will surely please a lover of furs.
  26. A handicraft basket, box or organizer, depending on what mom likes to do and what tools and materials she uses more often.
  27. Mother’s portrait on canvas. If manual work is not important for you, you can make it using photo printing, and preliminary processing in a suitable photo editor will give the picture one hundred percent resemblance to the creation of an eminent master.
  28. A rocking chair will come in handy for mom to organize a cozy corner for relaxation.
  29. A coffee machine is the best birthday present for a real coffee lover.
  30. The pedigree book is a solid, solid present and one hundred percent corresponding to the seriousness of the anniversary.
  31. Shopping with your daughter/son. Parents do not need expensive gifts from children at all, communication and time spent together are much more important. Therefore, instead of puzzling over the question of what to give your mom for 55 years, you can go in search of the perfect present together and have a good time.
  32. Annual subscription to the birthday girl’s favorite magazine.
  33. A set of mugs with family photos is a useful and very sincere gift for mom for 55 years.
  34. Sofa photo pillows with images that will definitely delight mommy and will cheer up every day.
  35. Plaid with sleeves. If mom doesn’t have this fashionable plaid yet, it should be presented immediately.
  36. An invitation to a master class related to the birthday girl’s hobby, her interests.
  37. Futuristic glowing alarm clock with message board.
  38. A set of spices on a cute stand for those who like to cook exotic dishes.
  39. Flowers in a vacuum vase. They will not lose their freshness for several years, they will decorate my mother’s house and remind her of the anniversary.
  40. A set of glasses for wine, martini or champagne, decorated with personalized engravings.
  41. Video greetings from family members, friends, colleagues, etc. To interview everyone who wants to congratulate mom and then edit a small film from the material received, you will have to work hard, but your gift will definitely be original and very sincere.
  42. Music box with a touching melody that evokes nostalgia and warm feelings.
  43. A useful device for hair care, such as a hairdryer or iron.
  44. A copy of the newspaper issued on the mother’s birthday, supplemented by an article about the birthday girl.
  45. A beautiful wristwatch, which is an advantageous addition to the birthday girl’s wardrobe.
  46. A festive picnic in honor of mom. If she doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday and organize a party, you can do it for her. Only a noisy holiday is unlikely to please a woman who does not want stormy celebrations. Therefore, the best way out is to have a nice picnic with dear people.
  47. Tickets for a theatrical premiere or other cultural events that suits the birthday girl’s tastes.
  48. Cake. An ordinary cake from a nearby grocery store is unlikely to surprise mom, so you should order something special from the pastry chef. You can choose an original recipe, which the birthday girl has definitely not tried, or order an unusual design for one of her favorite cakes that she has known since childhood.
  49. A rare houseplant. If mom loves to grow flowers in the house, she will be happy to get a new pet.
  50. A set of plant pots in the same style, for example, hand-painted ceramic pots, is another great present for a lover of indoor flowers.
  51. Convenient cosmetic bag with many compartments.
  52. Mini chest of drawers made of natural wood or high-quality, safe plastic, designed for storing various little things.
  53. Bouquet of sweets. It should consist of the birthday girl’s favorite sweets so that it is pleasant not only to admire the gift but also to feast on.
  54. Electric food dryer. With her, mom will be able to cook not only dried fruits but also marshmallows and even fish and meat dishes.
  55. Painting on canvas for painting by numbers. If mom likes to draw, your gift will captivate her for a long time. And, having finished the work, she will receive a real picture, as if created by a professional artist.
  56. The florarium is a home garden in a glass vessel. It is easy to care for it, and it is very interesting to watch the growth and development of a small ecosystem.
  57. A set of towels in the same style, decorated with original embroidery.
  58. Bread maker. It is very easy to cook fragrant bread and other pastries in it, and you can also experiment with recipes.
  59. Dishwasher. This is a great gift for a 55-year-old mom if she still does the dishes with her hands.
  60. A blender with lots of attachments. It replaces several kitchen appliances, such as a meat grinder or a shaker.
  61. Hydromassage foot bath .
  62. A set for covering nails with gel at home. It will come in handy for a woman who does not want to spend money on a manicure in the salon.
  63. Drawing up a personal horoscope by a professional astrologer is an excellent present for an esoteric lover.
  64. High-quality bed linen decorated with delicate embroidery or bright 3D prints.
  65. Robot vacuum cleaner to forget about annoying dust control in your home forever.
  66. A phone case with a keyboard, power bank or other useful extras.
  67. Glass or crystal vase, decorated with laser engraving. This technique will allow you to apply almost any image to the selected surface, including the portrait of the recipient.
  68. Fitness bracelet. It will be a great gift for a 55-year-old mom who takes care of her health.
  69. Several jars of natural honey in the form of a gift set.
  70. A medal, cup or friend, the Best Mom in the World award is a nice and touching birthday present.
  71. Jewelry flash drive that can be worn as a piece of jewelry or as a keychain.
  72. Wall clock with small photo frames instead of numbers.
  73. Bag. She should be beautiful, high quality and match the birthday girl’s style.
  74. A gym membership is a great present for a mom who loves sports or just wants to work on her shape.
  75. A water bottle with a built-in filter is a very handy thing for those who keep an eye on their water balance.
  76. A nitrate tester is a useful gadget for those who want to eat only healthy food.
  77. Phyto barrel for home.
  78. An electric fireplace that simulates real flames and warms everything around.
  79. A bright beach rug with a cool pattern like a donut or a magazine cover.
  80. Attending a tea ceremony.
  81. Family portrait on canvas.
  82. Home exercise machine.
  83. Originally designed display cabinet.
  84. Quality wireless headphones.
  85. A set of convenient baking dishes – detachable or silicone.
  86. Boardgame of VIP quality.
  87. Yoga mat.
  88. Humidifier or air purifier .
  89. Painting from natural amber.
  90. Small TV for the kitchen.
  91. An e-book with pre-loaded favorite works.
  92. Home exercise machine for a lady who monitors her health and shape.
  93. Nice warm scarf. You can choose knitted or felted wool or made in other ways.
  94. Self-watering flower pots are a great gift for a lover of indoor plants.
  95. A steamer is a great present for a lady who is trying to eat right.
  96. Tablecloth with embroidery and beautiful napkins included.
  97. Home weather station for observing nature and weather changes.
  98. Video intercom equipped with a camera and motion sensors.


Mothers adore their children, regardless of the age of both. Therefore, be sure to sign a memory card, tell us about your feelings, hand over your present from the bottom of your heart. This will surely delight mommy and make her birthday even more enjoyable.

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