Best 50th Birthday Wishes for Woman

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Birthdays in a person’s life are particular dates that evoke completely different emotions. For some, 50 years is a kind of result of life milestones, the implementation of successful projects.

Others think with horror that half of their life has passed, and ahead is the upbringing of grandchildren and old age, which is always picked up imperceptibly. But, in any case, years are not a reason to put an end to it and give up. They are the wealth of a person.

Best 50th Birthday Wishes for Woman

50th Birthday Wishes for Woman

  • You are fifty today!
    But who will believe this figure? Your eyes are
    burning with the ardor of youth
    – they will not change
  • No years of rapid flight,
    No bitterness of life’s mistakes.
    Love lives in your soul,
    Giving a reason for smiles.
  • May your friends are faithful
    And every moment is filled with happiness,
    the whole family will be
    healthy, Protected by God from bad weather!
  • Today I congratulate you on your birthday My
    beloved mother
    You are more important to me than everyone in life
    I appreciate you and love you very much
  • I bring it with joy and happiness. This
    congratulation is for you.
    Let all sorrows and bad weather disappear. Let the
    angel keep you.
  • I wish you health,
    Long years and delicate beauty.
    After all, 50 is still not much.
    Take my ray of warmth as a gift.
  • A celebration so paints a woman,
    Accept compliments,
    After all, fate has promised you
    Only bright moments.
  • Your wonderful jubilee
    Let the star rain color it,
    At 50, let it be sure
    There will be everything that you are waiting for!
  • What a rich date,
    we congratulate you on her!
    We wish you health and happiness
    On such a golden birthday!
  • You’re fifty is a joy!
    We wish you love and kindness,
    To fully enjoy life,
    To be the happiest!
  • Beautiful woman’s beautiful birthday
    Fill the heart with sweet admiration.
    Dear, do not regret the years gone by,
    Let every day be a joyful surprise.
  • A respectable age, but the soul sings,
    Your young look caresses our faces.
    Old age will definitely not find us at home,
    After all, we strive to enjoy life.
  • Let fifty smiles at the table.
    And fifty purple roses in a bouquet,
    Let fifty melodies about the past
    Sound for the best woman in the world!
  • From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on this beautiful birthday date and wish everything in life to be only five: health, luck, beauty, prosperity, luck. But for adversity, anxiety and despondency, I leave only zeros and let them disappear from your life forever. Therefore, breathe deeply and have a full blast. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear, with pleasure and from the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate you on the wonderful date of your birthday! We wish you to stay healthy, attractive, happy, passionate about life, surrounded by loving family and friends for many years to come. Always be cheerful, successful and charming!
  • Happy birthday! I wish you to perceive this round date as a new page, opening up new opportunities, new horizons and new sensations. Interesting ideas, activity, vigor, health and straight roads for another fifty years to come. Congratulations!
  • I wish you on this wonderful birthday to remain the same blooming and cheerful woman! Let all your cherished wishes come true! Let the smile on your lips shine as often as possible, and the light of happiness always sparkles in your eyes!
  • Dear, we congratulate you on a glorious, wonderful date! You approached this beautiful figure as a happy wife, caring mother, loyal friend and excellent specialist. We wish you to meet the sun every day with a smile, to achieve new achievements, to receive recognition from others. Always be the same unique and inimitable!
  • Happy birthday! May everything is wonderful and joyful on this day, there will be strength, enthusiasm and vigor! I wish you good health, health, implementation of all plans for the future! At fifty, you can remember a lot, and at the same time, much is still ahead!
  • I congratulate a wonderful, kind, sweet, beautiful and magnificent woman on her 50th birthday! With all my heart, I wish you wonderful moments of life, moments of happiness and bright luck, good hopes of the soul and mercy of the heart, prosperity, good health and a friendly family.
  • Happy 50th birthday to the gorgeous woman! We wish that peace of mind was always in harmony with the surrounding world. So that attention, support and love are surrounded from all sides. Be beautiful, healthy, resourceful and active. Rejoice, have fun, and be sure to pamper yourself!
  • Congratulations on your 50th birthday! May your birthday fulfill your main dreams, may the well-deserved happiness always remain by your side and love will not leave this house! I wish you peace, goodness, wonderful minutes next to dear people, heartfelt friends, warm beauty and calm days!
  • Dear hero of the day! Let only a passport remind you of 50 years of age. And the heart and soul sincerely rejoice and dream, as in youth. Let your face shine with a smile and your body breathe perfect health and enthusiasm. In general, happy fiftieth birthday!
  • I want to sincerely congratulate you on your holiday! Wherever you are, you always bring joy, great care, warmth and comfort. Never be upset about anything. Let your eyes shine with happiness, and your soul will retain its youth. Stay as beautiful and kind.
  • Today I want to congratulate you not only on a happy birthday but also a happy birthday. I wish you to live as long and remain the same loving, intelligent and beautiful lady. May every year be filled with happiness, health and wisdom. I know for sure that the future will bring only positive emotions, joy and good luck.
  • Congratulations to the gorgeous and unsurpassed woman on her birthday! Fifty years is the dawn of new opportunities and a lot of pleasure! We wish you amazing impressions, a lot of travel, tranquility, harmony, blooming beauty and excellent health! Let all, even the tiniest, dreams come true! Live in pleasure!
  • Congratulations on the birthday! Today is 50 years since you decorate our planet. May the next half-century be joyful and easy. I wish loved ones to please with good news, happiness and prosperity reigned at home. May it always be light and clear in your soul.
  • Congratulations on your birthday! We wish you good health so that your loved ones are always near you. You are able to warm and illuminate the many lives around you. May everything in your life is harmonious and the sea of ​​happiness and admiration.
  • I congratulate you on this wonderful birthday date! May your every day be filled with happiness and joy, warmth and smiles. Never be upset and enjoy every day. I wish you the fulfillment of all your desires, everything will certainly come true.
  • Congratulations on your birthday! Today is your golden date, so we wish you jewelry of life – golden health for many years, golden relationships and understanding in the family, golden achievements in your career. Let love be as bright as gold, and no gold coins are transferred in your wallet!
  • Today you are 50, and this is evidence that you have worldly wisdom and precious experience. But surely you are no more than 20 in your soul. This can be seen in your sparkling eyes and perky smile. Continue to enjoy every day, may your friends and relatives always give you compliments, their care and love!

Short Birthday Wishes for 50th Woman

  • The date of the jubilee is golden,
    Like the sun on the opened path
    And you are young with us all the time,
    May happiness lie ahead!
  • There are no miracles in the world,
    And youth cannot be returned back.
    And the years, like ice floes, melt,
    But is it worth sighing for them?
  • Over the years, a woman is wiser,
    And there is another beauty in her,
    And a proud step, and the stateliness of
    Charm is full.
  • To keep it longer,
    I wish you to live happily,
    Do not worry, do not be sad,
    And most importantly – be healthy!
  • You turned fifty today,
    And this is only half of life!
    And you won’t bring anything back,
    Then go to new heights!
  • Today you are only fifty,
    But this is not a reason for sadness,
    Today toasts are shouting to you from all sides,
    Today you have become even more beautiful!
  • And let the roses bloom for you again,
    Let the sun illuminate the horizons, Let the
    dawns beckon, let the sunsets call
    And let life only offer you happiness!
  • Live sweetly also for many years,
    Love, remain you beloved,
    Then only warm light will warm
    you on your long road!
  • Light, kindness, fun,
    Happy birthday!
    Put out the light, bring the cake, Light
    fifty candles.
  • Fifty years. A long time.
    Fifty more ahead.
    With you, I’m glad to go through it.
    I love you. And this is my vow.
  • Happy 50th birthday, dear, you!
    I wish today, loving,
    That it remained so in the future
    And did not dare to grow old in my soul!
  • Who Said Fifty Is
    A Mature Age?
    Today, together for you,
    We are pushing toasts!
  • Energetic, mischievous
    And extremely slim.
    Believe me, everything about you.
    We speak honestly.
  • Stay always.
    You are so beautiful.
    Let the years pass by …
    Be always happy!
  • Happy birthday! We wish you good health, warmth and comfort so that happiness sparkles in your eyes so that your family will always love and delight you. To make your life bright and eventful.
  • A woman is 20 years old – she is young, 30 – she is young and beautiful, 40 – she is young, beautiful and smart, 50 – she is young, beautiful, smart, brave and inventive. We wish you bold inventions in all spheres of life!
  • I congratulate you on your fiftieth birthday and wish you to always feel kindness from others, support from colleagues and care from loved ones. The birthday is just the beginning. Happy Holidays!

Beautiful Birthday Greetings for 50th Woman

  • You are fifty and you are beautiful,
    Your worthy image is great.
    We wish you that the joy of happiness
    Never left
    your long journey, your smile
    And your lovely eyes.
    I wish you health and longevity,
    And may spring reign in your soul!
  • Half a century of trouble is over,
    Now you can live for yourself!
    Let there be a place in life for love,
    Success and the opportunity to dream!
    And may all new dreams come
    true faster and always
    The path is adorned with feelings and flowers,
    So that you live in happiness as never before!
  • Time flies quickly,
    But no matter how many years have passed,
    Years for you today are
    still surprisingly few.
    Stay like that always:
    Beautiful, feminine, sweet.
    So that in ten years again,
    We were able, as before, to say:
    By sight, you are only 25,
    Or maybe a little and a half!
  • Let sadness not meet you,
    Pleases your family, relatives, children,
    Peace and beauty live in your soul –
    Be happy up to a hundred years old!↑
    Anniversary, round Birthday
    Let it bring good changes,
    In all matters – good luck to you, luck!
    Happiness and success every day!
  • Who in the world is
    sweeter than all, All blush and whiter?
    birthday – no doubt,
    Here is our answer!
    Always be the most beautiful,
    Sweet and slightly dangerous,
    Drive everyone around crazy –
    And do not count your years!
  • Do not be afraid of bumps, bypass the ditches,
    After all, you have managed to achieve
    a lot, there will be a lot of
    obstacles on the way, But you confidently walk towards your goal!
  • Then the stars will fall at your feet,
    Then the wind will only obey you,
    And the sun will smile only at you,
    And happiness will sparkle in your eyes!
  • We will not wish you much,
    Your merits cannot be counted …
    So stay, for God’s sake,
    Always the way you are!
  • And age is not a problem,
    Let’s live through all the anniversaries!
    After all, the main thing in life is always,
    So that the soul does not grow old.
  • Today, on this long-awaited day,
    I can’t believe that you are already “half a hundred”!
    Over the years,
    you have become only younger and fresher. And a smile on our lips!
  • Half a century of rehearsals is over,
    Now it’s time to start life,
    Let there be a place for love,
    Success and the opportunity to dream in it!
  • And may all your new dreams come
    true faster, and always
    life is decorated with delicate flowers …
    We wish you happiness to live up to a hundred years old!
  • Mother dear, you gathered us
    at the rich table on this birthday.
    Fifty – not a lot, even “just right”,
    Look: you brought up glorious children!
  • We are grateful to heaven for you, mother,
    Grandchildren also love their grandmother.
    Be strong, healthy (let me kiss you!),
    And live, as before, with dad, as in paradise!
  • Let joy alone settle in the soul,
    Filling the days to come with happiness.
    Though the times of the past cannot be returned already,
    Know: they did not rush in uselessly!
  • A woman on a beautiful birthday –
    Five decades – is always sweet,
    Like a linden tree in the middle of the fields,
    That bloomed magnificently in July!
  • Let the horizon be bright,
    And at the zenith of the sun – for many years!
    In tart aromas from DuPont,
    Be beautiful and do not know troubles!
  • To be stylish, sublime, such,
    From which – the head is spinning!
    So that there are fans around in a crowd,
    And from them – words of praise!
  • Spring has come and with it,
    your new birthday.
    Long live this jubilee!
    He is the best without a doubt.
  • And, you are beautiful, as always,
    Powerless, here are your years.
    Good luck, joy – to you.
    And do not deny anything – yourself.
  • I wish you
    Love and inspiration on your way.
    Love your friends, forgive your enemies.
    Once again, – Happy Birthday !!!
  • Sweetheart, dear,
    My friend, dear.
    I want to wish you,
    So that you do not go to the doctor.
  • Better – a beauty salon,
    Together with me, you and me.
    Let luck always be with you!
    Beloved husband, dacha by the sea.
  • A huge number of friends,
    Of the many guests.
    And in the next half a hundred years
    Know neither sorrow nor misfortune.
  • Let them talk at this meeting.
    About the birthday and years.
    I wish this evening,
    Fair winds in the sails.
  • Let them bring luck,
    In business, work and family,
    Heavenly blessing,
    Great happiness on Earth.
  • Health, tenderness and affection,
    Live as in a good, old fairy tale.
    Here, congratulations from me.
    May your Angel keep you!
  • You are fifty today!
    But who will believe this figure? Your eyes are
    burning with the ardor of youth
    – they will not change
  • No years of rapid flight,
    No bitterness of life’s mistakes.
    Love lives in your soul,
    Giving a reason for smiles.
  • May your friends are faithful
    And every moment is filled with happiness,
    the whole family will be
    healthy, Protected by God from bad weather!
  • There are women who look like you,
    Lovely, kind, in a word, good.
    Yes, it is, but the most precious thing to me is the
    beautiful light of your holy soul.
  • Oh, how she is, your soul is beautiful!
    You, like a star, are always in my destiny,
    I want to say thank you for everything,
    And give you a bow to the ground!
  • Beautiful woman’s beautiful birthday
    Fill the heart with sweet admiration.
    Dear, do not regret the years gone by,
    Let every day be a joyful surprise.
  • A respectable age, but the soul sings,
    Your young look caresses our faces.
    Old age will definitely not find us at home,
    After all, we strive to enjoy life.
  • Let fifty smiles at the table.
    And fifty purple roses in a bouquet,
    Let fifty melodies about the past
    Sound for the best woman in the world!
  • On the fiftieth bright day of your birthday.
    Take a rest, put all business aside.
    I will overcome your adversity,
    Only b, mom, you lived longer.
  • Words are not enough – not enough strength,
    To convey all love to you,
    To express how beautiful you are,
    My dear, kind mother!
  • On this most significant day,
    accept my gratitude,
    Mom, mom, beloved mom,
    I love you with all my heart!
  • My dear friend!
    Fifty is not a birthday,
    But just a reason for a spouse To
    give you a necklace.
  • A reason to get together by
    choosing the best toast.
    You are beautiful as a bride,
    I am your long-awaited guest.
  • Remain, as before,
    Sweetheart, do not grow old in soul.
    May the hopes are fulfilled
    And the success will come great!
  • Over the course of many years,
    we have all worked beside you.
    And we
    saw the price of all your victories with our eyes.
  • Your painstaking, honest work
    We value everything, no doubt.
    Therefore, now we are here,
    We came fervently to congratulate you:
  • We wish you to be fresh, beautiful,
    As many, many years ago.
    Successful, mischievous, happy …
    At least now you are fifty!
  • You have become much prettier.
    Despite that, you are fifty.
    There is also a lot of happiness ahead:
    Children have grown, God willing, grandchildren!
  • Do not consider that years are lost,
    After all, that wealth is in years,
    And that time is our priceless experience,
    Kikabidze Vakhtang sang for a long time!
  • On your birthday, you are so beautiful!
    The look is cheerful and playful –
    Teeth sparkle with pearls,
    And the smile is mischievous!
  • How, already fifty dollars today?
    From this number, we will subtract
    Afflictions and adversities,
    And only years will remain
  • Joy, victories and happiness!
    Let it continue without adversity,
    Without barriers and without barriers,
    your career is moving!
  • Fiftieth Women’s Jubilee –
    It’s like a glass of good wine.
    He is full of taste for roles in life
    And he is half-drunk, not to the bottom.
  • It’s only two by twenty-five!
    And the sweet aftertaste with the bitterness of loss
    Mixed with your beauty and wisdom, Opening the
    door to femininity in your soul.
  • Your birthday is rightfully golden –
    And a golden heart is here in your chest!
    Let half of life behind the back –
    But after all, half of life is ahead!
  • The road of your life is the ocean:
    You have overcome
    fifty waves in it, And fifty ports are already familiar to you,
    you have not seen much yet!
  • Let the calm always accompany the path,
    Let the warm wind fill the sail,
    Let it be time to just relax
    And enjoy the starry moonlight!
  • After all, fifty is a simple milestone,
    And not the final stop on the cruise,
    Let the sun be bright and the wind fresh,
    And you navigate your yacht just as well!
  • How good you are today:
    Eyes, figure and soul, are eye-
    Friends are happy to congratulate you!
  • Fifty is a round date,
    You live in the world for half a century! Your kindness,
    pure gold,
    You generously distribute to People!
  • I want to wish you happiness
    And love, so that your eyes burn!
    Bypassed so that the life of bad weather,
    Only a tear sparkled from laughter!
  • Cozy home, colleagues recognition,
    Only fifty years old.
    Having learned the charm of spring,
    Accept a bouquet from autumn.
  • You are a blossoming rose,
    Years bring a gift of charm,
    Gait, grace and posture,
    There is still a fire in my soul.
  • You on a wonderful birthday.
    Let me congratulate us in love,
    We do not regret complements.
    They are for you today.
  • You are fifty today –
    Just, not whole,
    Eyes like lights burn
    An armful of roses, seeing white ones.
  • Wonderful age do not grieve,
    Stay beautiful, good.
    Gifts, guests and flowers
    We are glad to give today.
  • You are our everything, already half a century,
    And there is no more beautiful person.
    You are a ray of light in our house.
    There is no more beautiful in the whole world.
  • At fifty. For the jubilee
    Summon a lot of guests.
    Show everyone: how to have
    fun until you drop!
  • Guests in a friendly crowd
    All will come running to your feast.
    Happiness, joy, luck
    Wish, no doubt.
  • We will not repeat ourselves.
    Our mandate is not to relax.
    To take care of beauty,
    Yes, it drove everyone crazy!
  • What does a woman dream about?
    The woman herself does not know.
    What can I wish our
    Incomparable hero of the day?
  • So that everyone loved her,
    Yes, they walked along the line.
    For her husband to idolize, he
    carried Coffee to her bed.
  • So that the men looked after.
    They were not shy, not shy.
    And they gave compliments.
    And gorgeous bouquets!
  • Today everyone wants you to
    stay young.
    Healthy, joyful, happy …
    Merry, close and dear.
  • Add, only I can,
    That is my heart the shore
    All the years lived together.
    I would also add two hundred years to them.
  • And let it be fifty today.
    Let the toasts sound in your honor.
    I repeat, over and over again.
    Be there! You are my Love!
  • All labor collective
    We want to congratulate you on your
    fiftieth birthday.
    We love and cherish you.
  • May there be a lot of happiness in life,
    And prosperity will not forget To
    visit your house always,
    Do not be discouraged ever.
  • We wish you to
    blossom even more luxuriously on the way.
    From gentlemen and ladies,
    Accept these roses to you!
  • To a luxurious woman on a beautiful birthday
    I wish you a lot of sincere happiness,
    May there be a smile on your lips often,
    And loved ones love more and moreover the years!
  • Fiftieth this Birthday
    May it bring good changes,
    Great success for you every day,
    In all matters of luck and luck!
  • Do not count your years,
    Do not look for reasons for old age,
    Always say that you are young,
    Even if there are already wrinkles.
  • Everything will pass both youth and life.
    But why grow old early?
    Manage to live
    up to a hundred years, Men like up to a hundred years!
  • Congratulations on your birthday,
    today you are 50.
    And I wish you soon,
    So that your eyes shine again,
    Youth does not pass,
    And she lives in her soul,
    Let her smile never leave her lips, And she is
    lucky in all matters!

Happy Birthday Messages for 50th Woman

  • They say that at forty-five –
    Baba berry again.
    But I will say, at fifty –
    A woman is certainly a treasure!
    Knows how to build a husband,
    Cook a delicious dinner,
    Give children sensible advice, The
    house is in her hands – like new.
    So let’s say, not melting –
    Let everything be with you,
    In the order of business, home and family,
    And life runs, your happy!
  • Fifty is only half of a
    Bright life, beautiful and full,
    When the right man is nearby,
    When you breathe easily and freely.
    I want to wish you health,
    So that life is – a full cup,
    Live every moment with love,
    Becoming only more beautiful over the years!
  • 50th birthday of the woman
    Who Said Fifty Is
    A Mature Age?
    The one who did not see you,
    All toasts for you today!
    You are energetic, mischievous.
    Slender, extremely smart.
    The best in the world is for you
    We speak honestly!
    Stay forever
    Bright and beautiful.
    Let the years pass by,
    You always be happy!
  • For you – all congratulations and poems!
    Always stay young in your soul,
    Let the years fly by, do not be angry with them,
    And drive all sad thoughts away!
    In total, I have passed half the way,
    After all, if you think about it – two of 25!
    And life is still, in general, all ahead,
    And you can start a lot from the beginning!
  • 50 is the time of the dawn of
    Women’s real beauty.
    Time of happiness, smiles and light
    And a simple but beautiful dream.
    50 is the start
    time, the start time for a woman’s soul,
    Which does not notice
    How relatives need her hands.
    We congratulate you on your birthday,
    you are with us – the very kindness!
    We wish you success, luck.
    And from loved ones – support, warmth!
  • Half a century has been lived today.
    You will still live half a century!
    When you celebrate your 50th birthday, there is
    no need to cry and grieve.
    At 50, you are young, solid,
    and there is wisdom behind you.
    Ah, these sweet years – You
    can’t count all the delights!
    May your desires come true
    And your innermost dreams,
    For this you need health –
    that’s what we wish: we!
  • Look forward, look back!
    Life goes on and on, you are already 50.
    So you managed to walk many roads,
    There were many worries, And not everything was settled.
    So there were goodbyes And the bitterness of parting.
    So there were joy, But there were also torments.
    But even though time passes, And even though the years fly by,
    Look ahead – you are only 50!
    This means – many roads have not been covered,
    This means – not close. Another period of rest,
    This means – quite a few Friends are ahead.
    And the heart is still young in the chest.
    So go ahead And not a step back,
    Because while you are only 50.
  • So the jubilee burst out –
    Together, sadness and joy.
    Do not regret about the past,
    50 is not old age.
    Let from now on and always,
    Sadness not crucified,
    There will be new years,
    Joy rich!
    And good work is not a burden,
    And the news is gratifying,
    And friends will not fail,
    And the soul is in place.
  • Half a century, fifty, fifty dollars.
    There is no more honorable and round date.
    Congratulations, birthday boy,
    Nose above, and look more fun!
    Let the birthday delight with gifts,
    And the phone rings do not stop.
    You are fifty, there is no finer date.
    All the Earth congratulates you today!
  • They say that at forty-five –
    Baba berry again.
    But I will say, at fifty –
    Baba is a real treasure!
    She knows how to build a husband,
    Cook a delicious dinner,
    Give children sensible advice, The
    house is like new in her hands.
    Let your family take care of you,
    And all friends respect.
  • Congratulations on the birthday! Golden 50 years is a reason for pride, joy, a grand celebration, new heights, good wishes, pleasant words. Let life be in full swing, the mind remains inquisitive, energy overwhelms, loved ones take care and care, calmness envelops, beauty pacifies, grace delights, the day gives smiles and good news, and the year of fiftieth will be rich in surprises, emotions and love. With such a special and important date!
  • Please accept my congratulations on your 50th birthday! Let your life be filled with new colors every day, the fire in your eyes never goes out, your health does not fail, your loved ones do not forget. Bright smiles, pleasant moments, good spirits, good events, great luck, and most importantly – live with all your heart, setting an example for everyone.
  • I wish on this day to feel all the love, tenderness, sincerity and care that your close and dear people will surround you with. I wish you to plunge into bouquets of your favorite flowers, congratulations and gifts. Feel like a real queen, a touching, gentle and beautiful woman who deserves only the best in the world. I wish you only happy moments, joyful smiles and kind hearts. Happy fiftieth birthday!
  • Congratulations to the happy birthday girl on her birthday! Do not be sad on this day and do not count the years lived. Fifty years is the age of stability, and much is yet to come. Children have grown up, a career has been successfully built, you have a quiet, comfortable home. Everything that has not come true will definitely come true, believe. Let your wonderful eyes sparkle with joy and charm, and your sincere smile will always be radiant. Always be the same sensitive and faithful friend, loving wife, mother and just a stunning woman!
  • Today I sincerely want to congratulate the most charming and sweet woman in the world! Happy Birthday to You! This is a very special day. You are celebrating your 50th birthday. And today you look even more beautiful than you did when you were 20. May you have a lot of joy in your life. I wish you to remain the same timeless, radiate energy and charm. I sincerely want to wish females happiness and be loved. Happy Birthday!
  • I congratulate you on your birthday! The second 25th birthday brings a new beginning, and we wish you that this beginning will be a symbol of a wonderful future for you! Continue to reinvent yourself, cherish yourself and take care of yourself. May your loved ones support you in this, how you support them! Let health and attractiveness remain your eternal companions, and your wallet grows heavy day by day! Happy birthday!
  • Fifty is only half. You are still so beautiful and strong. She has not yet achieved everything in her life, but she is already very wise. You know how goals are achieved, you can still achieve a lot. You know how to enjoy life and you know how to give joy. I want to wish you only health and strength so that you can continue to be able to go on with the same fun in life. So that everything happens for you, so that your eyes water with laughter. And the main thing is that you smile, it is always easier to live with a smile.
  • Happy Birthday! People wish each other the same thing because of the demand for some things that have no price. So, I wish you good health so that in the next fifty years, I still skied on skis and did “sheepskin coats” on skates. Peace and tranquility in the family, so that your family and friends are ready to rush in at difficult times and always serve as a reason for smile and joy. And in general, let sadness, melancholy pass you by. Only the rain outside the window and the final of “Titanic” give a reason to whimper, and tears are the result of well, very funny and funny stories from life. So prepare the nervous system for a shock and go towards the new, unknown. Towards happiness, love and health. Happy Birthday!
  • Mind, inspiration, beauty has been decorating the birthday girl for half a century! Happy birthday! I wish you to multiply all your dignity, laugh in the face of adversity, fight for your happiness, look at life philosophically, be able to forgive, understand and smile, look at the present and future with your head held high, build the empire of your dreams, light the lights in the eyes of others and be disarmingly beautiful.
  • Do not be surprised, but I am not going to wish you to be the same as at twenty or thirty years old. Don’t dream. You will never be like this. You will be better. Because in the sparkle of your eyes, there will be wisdom, in your article, there will be confidence, in your words, there will be unconditional love, in your beauty, there will be depth.
  • I congratulate you on your birthday, on this significant date, but do not be afraid of the number 50, this is only the second twenty-fifth birthday, which means you are as charming as you were 25 years ago! I want to wish you always to be the same irresistible and attractive woman, to find spiritual happiness and peace, to enjoy everything beautiful that you meet every day around you and let your radiant smile never leave you!
  • Congratulations on your birthday! We wish you that your eyes always shine in the same way with happiness, and your heart will be filled with love. Your fiftieth birthday is just a new step, even if the numbers do not matter, because in your soul, you are always 18. You have immeasurable happiness, luck, health and success in all matters.
  • A woman is akin to wine, she just as sweetly intoxicates and just gets better with age. Our dear hero of the day, you have already reached perfection, but there are no limits to perfection – we wish you to be at the height of your ideal, to love madly, but not to lose your mind, to be warmed by the warmth of dear hearts, and let happiness and health become signs of quality on your life emblem.
  • Congratulations on a significant day! Today is not just your birthday, but your birthday. I wish that the years will continue to decorate you, adding femininity and wisdom. So that men continue to go crazy with one of your smiles, and the whole world lies at your feet. May every day make you happy, and your loved ones will always be there!
  • We congratulate you on this glorious birthday! May your most desired dreams come true sooner, and all negativity will dissolve like fog on a warm and clear day. Maintain good spirits, and there will always be a strength to overcome all obstacles! Fifty years is a mind multiplied by wisdom and experience but at the same time vigor and youthful enthusiasm! Be fun, shine with humor and optimism, and so that everything is always good for you!
  • It is not customary for a woman to specify her age, but an exception can be made for such amazing birthday date. At 50, you can enjoy life the same way as at 25: have fun, fall in love, travel, meet interesting people and give them your beauty and charm. I wish you not to think about the years that have passed and remain as beautiful, young and cheerful for the next 50 years. Well, then, so be it, you can go into the category of old women. Happy Birthday!
  • Our dear, on your 50th birthday, I would like to wish you peace and love. Let there be no gloomy days and reasons for sadness in your life. Let every day fill you with strength so that you can accomplish everything that you have in mind. We wish you to be surrounded by the love of loved ones, the kindness of friends and good luck in life.
  • Happy birthday, wonderful and unique woman! Today you are 50 years old, and you look like you are 16. I wish you to always remain the same sweet, wonderful, charming, groovy, cheerful, kind, feminine, beautiful and sincere. May the rays of joy and love always shine in your life, may each dawn come to you with vigor and inspiration, may every day bring good luck and bright happiness.
  • May all the stars fall at your feet today and luck and happiness will not leave you for a moment! I wish you eternal spring in your soul, the flowering of love and tenderness, sincere smiles and inner light. 50 is just the beginning of an interesting and exciting life filled with new encounters and adventures. Fifty? It’s only twice 25. All the best to you!
  • On her birthday, I would like to wish a wonderful lady all the most beautiful and interesting that is in the world around us! Fifty years is such a great age when most of the milestones have already been passed, some dreams have come true, but at the same time, new dreams and goals have appeared. I wish you health, love, peace and harmony – and then life will always play with bright colors, and every day will be happier than the previous one. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you to remain a wonderful friend, loving wife, mother and just a stunning woman! May there be no gloomy days and reasons for sadness in life, may every day fill with strength, energy, activity so that everything conceived will come true! May the love of loved ones always support, the kindness of others and life only pleases!

Lovely 50th Birthday Wishes for Woman

  • Congratulations on your birthday,
    Fifty – and you are young,
    Doesn’t know the age of your soul,
    She is forever young.
    And on my birthday I want to wish you
    a lot of happiness,
    And love, and mood,
    And never know worries!
  • A celebration so paints a woman,
    Accept compliments,
    After all, fate has promised you
    Only bright moments.
  • Your wonderful jubilee
    Let the star rain color it,
    At 50, let it be sure
    There will be everything that you are waiting for!
  • On the long-awaited birthday,
    pour yourself some wine!
    Celebrate and have fun,
    Satisfy any whim!
  • Be explosive and mischievous,
    As dashing in our youth!
    Let the guys lie in the mountains
    at your feet. After all, you over the years
  • You only flourish and grow smarter,
    Like cognac, you are good!
    I will always repeat,
    That year is not a problem!
  • Such an excellent stage of life,
    A certain age – your fifty!
    My dear! I wish you
    Stronger and younger souls every year!
  • To be the same gorgeous woman,
    beloved, happy and also to love!
    May the birthday year fulfill your dreams
    And you will be successful and joyful!
  • Congratulations dear!
    At fifty, I wish you.
    New feelings and bright days!
    Do not be sad, do not be painful!
  • So that the dough rises quickly.
    You will be an enviable bride
    even at a hundred years old!
    Bright, light, like the light of the sun!
  • Always be positive.
    Do not drive on the highway on the Niva,
    Only “Ford” or “Hyundai”
    Bring you to your garage!
  • To you, my beloved,
    Today is fifty.
    Let the years be only happy,
    Merry fly.
  • May desires
    hopes and dreams come true.
    Success in your endeavors
    You will always achieve.
  • 50 to you today is an birthday!
    There is no more beautiful woman, dear, You are the
    best in this world,
    Never let the wind touch!
  • Let the soul be filled with warmth,
    Let life be illuminated with good!
    I will never get tired of loving, I will
    get everything in the world for you!
  • Today is a holiday – an birthday,
    Half a century behind us,
    But you are more beautiful, you are brighter
    than anyone else.
  • Your age only suits you,
    And the wisdom of clear eyes.
    Today is a fairy tale in reality,
    We congratulate you!
  • 50 is a lot and a little,
    This is a paved path in life.
    There weren’t always roses on the road,
    But you can’t turn anywhere from it.
  • It was difficult, but you didn’t give up.
    It hurt – you didn’t whine.
    And you always remained yourself,
    And sometimes dreams come true.
  • We wish you to be that way
    Many years, many joyful days,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Be healthy, do not grow old in soul!
  • Today – fifty will be fulfilled,
    So let everything always be lucky!
    Let the beauty be remembered forever,
    The second youth will come.
  • I wish you happiness and luck,
    Incredible good,
    Love, health, inspiration,
    Spring warmth in your soul!
  • We hope you will not mind:
    In your unique “zero five.”
    Do not be discouraged! Quite the opposite –
    It’s time for you to start a new life!
    And we will not regret good words:
    So that our toast becomes known to everyone,
    congratulating you on your birthday today,
    We wish you at least zero seven!

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