150+ Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for Brother of 2023

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Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for Brother: Every year that passes, we live new experiences that enrich our existence. As we go through the various stages of life, we ​​learn things that will serve us in the future. What we learn as children will serve us when we are young and what we learn as young people will serve us when we are adults and so on because human beings never stop learning.

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Surely all of us would like to reach youth and stay in that stage forever but that is impossible. The years go by and in order to have the desire to live longer, each year we must set new goals in all aspects of our life.

Do you want to wish a happy birthday to your brother who is turning 50? Well, in this article we show you some phrases for a brother who turns 50. These words will make your brother have a happy birthday and feel happy to live this stage of his life.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for 50th Birthday

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • You do not know how much I would like to be able to reach you through this message to be able to give you all the hugs you deserve for celebrating another year. Congratulations, my great friend!
  • today I ask God to bless you more than ever and to send to your life all the good wishes that those of us who love you are sending you today. Have a Happy Birthday.
  • This is a day to never forget, since today it is celebrated that the most important person was born in the hearts of many people, including myself, of course, Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! Never stop smiling so that you not only do good to your soul, but to the people around you. Also, you have the most beautiful smile I know.
  • I hope that destiny brings the best experiences into your life and allows you to shine more than the sun. Happy Birthday, my friend.
  • Today receive many gifts, hugs, kisses, good wishes and more. You deserve all this for being a wonderful friend, a beautiful daughter, a good sister and an excellent company. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! Even if the gift I give you today was as great as the universe, it would not be enough for someone like you. I hope you celebrate this and many more years.
  • Shine like the stars, show yourself that today is your birthday and no one deserves to be happier in this world than you. Congratulations to you!
  • May your big heart be filled with all the expressions of affection that you will receive today.

Beautiful Birthday Greetings for a Brother


50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • The fact that a person like you turns 50 will not go unnoticed by us, your family who loves and values ​​you very much, happy birthday dear brother.
  • Even if you are 40, 50 or 60 years old, what you must rescue is the joy of having lived happily, surrounded by people who love you, I know that we will spend more birthdays together, but I wish you that this is one of the best.
  • I have our children’s games in my memory, I cannot believe that today you are 50 years old, time passes very quickly and I am happy that you are the same, happy day.
  • Being 50 years old does not prevent you from moving forward with strength and courage, that’s why I admire you a lot brother, have a happy birthday.
  • The energy that your aura gives off is very special, don’t waste it and continue sharing it with everyone as you have been doing for 50 years brother.
  • When I see you happy, I’m happy too, that’s why I want you to have a phenomenal birthday, it’s already 50 brothers, I always wish you the best.
  • If I did not know you, I would come to think that you are not the age you say, because your joviality and energy seem that of a child, have a happy 50th birthday brother.

List of Words for a Brother for His 50 Years

  • Today you are 50 years old and that is why I sent you this message my best wishes, happy birthday dear brother.
  • All the years that we lived together were happy, I am glad that you are celebrating another year of life, happy 50 years dear little brother.
  • I’m glad that even though you’re 50 years old your heart continues to be that of a naughty and playful child, happy birthday brother.
  • You will be 50 years old in this world and in each one of them you have made us very happy, we all love you and wish you a happy birthday.
  • This is a very happy day for everyone in the family because a great man like you turns 50, I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.
  • The years are the least, the important thing is that you feel happy to have lived them, happy birthday brother and that there are many more.
  • I remember when we were children and we played in the park, today it turns 50 and I am glad to see that you are still as good as before, happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday brother, you are already 50 years old but you still face every day with the strength and desire of a young man, I’m happy for you.
  • With that energy that you project day by day, you have shown the world that turning 50 is like turning 25 again, happy birthday brother.
  • I wish you a happy birthday brother, your happiness is mine and that is why I am happy, you are 50 years old and all of us who love you wish the best for you.
  • If I did not know you, I would think you are younger because the energy and vitality that you project is incredible, happy 50 years dear brother.

We hope that you have liked these words for a brother who turns 50 years old. Remember, age doesn’t matter much, what matters is how we feel.

Messages for a Brother Turning 50 Years

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Looking for the best happy birthday greetings to dedicate? What to do if the birthday of someone special to you is approaching and you will not have the opportunity to congratulate them in person?

The solution is to send your greetings by means of a message or through social networks, so they will not think that you forgot their birthday.

Facebook is one of the most used web pages today for remote communication, so we suggest you send your birthday friend or friend your greeting through this means.

If what you need is inspiration, you can take a look at the ones we have for you this time. We are sure that you will find the right words in this article, so go ahead and read it. You will not regret it.

  • I hope you like the gift that will come to your house from me. It may not be the prettiest or the most expensive, but rest assured, I bought it lovingly for you. I would have liked to also send you my hugs and kisses. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! You don’t know how proud I am to have someone like you in my life. I love you very much and I wish you the best for all the days that will come from now on.
  • Today is the birthday of my angel, my special person, my complement, my half, and the love of my life. Congratulations, my dear! May God bless you now and forever”.“On this day, one more year is recorded in your existence, celebrate it with great joy and start on the right foot on these new twelve months that God has wanted to give you today.
  • I hope that today you are surrounded by all the family and friends who love you so much and who always have you present in their hearts. Congratulations on your Birthday, I love you.

Congratulations to a Brother Who Turns 50

Day by day, without a doubt, teaches us and makes us bigger, prepares us for tomorrow.

As we grow, we are filled with knowledge and our experiences and mistakes will always help us.

Everything that they teach us when we are small will be part of our tools to face youth, and what we learn at that stage will serve us, at the same time, in adulthood; it’s amazing how our brain is a muscle that is always exercising and getting richer and richer.

As much as we would prefer to stay in our youth, unfortunately, that cannot be done. Time passes for everyone and what gives us the desire to move on is to have new plans, goals and dreams to fulfill.

If the birthday of one of your brothers is approaching and this year they turn 50, we recommend that you continue reading, because here are several phrases that you can use to wish them a beautiful birthday in the company of their loved ones, encouraging them to move on.

  • Through this message I hope you can rescue all my love for you on this day of your birthday, 50 years are not fulfilled every day, my brother.
  • There is very little left until you turn 50, even so, I want to tell you that your spirit remains young through your goals and desires, I am sure that you will achieve each and every one of them, happy day.
  • Living with you was one of the best stages of my life, and on this day of your birthday I want you to know that I am happy to be your brother, happy day brother.
  • It is incredible to see how, after so many years, you continue to have a happy heart, like a bandit boy, I wish you a happy birthday brother.
  • 50 years have passed since your birth, and your joy has managed to bring happiness to all, you are very dear to all of us and we hope you have a nice birthday.
  • Dear brother, in your 50s, you are still young at heart, athletic, fit, charming and cheerful, you amaze with your optimism and sober outlook on life, you surprise with your youthful soul. Save and increase everything you have.
  • My beloved brother! For half a century now, you have been making me and the whole world happy with your presence. It’s hard for me to imagine someone who would be better than you, you are the most fantastic person in the world and it is important for me that you know about it. Happy birthday to you and a great birthday.

Cute Birthday Messages for a Brother for His 50 Years

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • You are exactly today,
    Imagine half a hundred.
    I wish you modestly –
    Let life be simple!
  • Let the work argue,
    Life will not be a burden.
    Family, friends, care
    I will keep the smile!
  • May the beautiful gamut of feelings
    visit today,
    And the panorama of life will shine with
  • Congratulations on your birthday,
    Solid age – Fifty!
    We wish you new ideas
    Easy to translate into reality,
  • Strongest health,
    Material benefits of all kinds,
    And so that at any time of the year
    you will be warmed by the heart of your family!
  • 50 is the equator of life.
    Symbiosis “already – yet”.
    The path of your beautiful life has
    already been illuminated by experience.
  • I wish you half a century for the second time.
    I wish you a good life.
    So that miracle in a cheerful fate.
    More only happened.
  • Do not get sick, forget about old age,
    Keep youth in the soul.
    And even stronger, brighter to
    Admire and love.
  • They will not return to the years gone,
    And people are sad for a reason.
    They did not have time to look back,
    And behind them – fifty.
  • Your rich life experience Has
    not weakened and has not faded away,
    And today we
    sincerely congratulate you on this date.
  • Years fly by, but it doesn’t matter,
    There is no need to worry about it, It’s
    not in vain that Vakhtang sings the words:
    “My years are my wealth.”
  • We will not say loud phrases –
    you are fifty and what can you say here?
    And we want to wish so much –
    You cannot tell about it in a short verse.
    Let your friends not betray in trouble,
    Let your parents be healthy,
    Fun, cheerfulness, loyalty, kindness
    will not leave you and will not
    be forgotten, Let respect, glory and honor
    For your work will be glorious
    As a reward!
    And we are glad to
    congratulate you again in 50 years!
  • After all, 50 is not a date at all,
    When there is so much power in stock.
    We wish that the coming year will
    bring success and joy.
    We wish you many years,
    Let your health be excellent,
    There will never be grief,
    And happiness will be unlimited.
  • They told us that you are 50 today,
    but it’s hard to believe it!
    The eyes are still burning with fire,
    And the cheeks are still reddening.
  • Well, let’s say this is so,
    Do not say: this is a lot!
    After all, 50 is still a trifle!
    There are still so many hundreds of years!
  • And may you always, as now,
    And so that the years do not run,
    So that you do not lose strength,
    Everything bloomed so much, did not fade!
  • You are 50, but is that a lot?
    Let the account grow, what’s the problem?
    After all, our life is a grainy road,
    And it will never pass peacefully.
  • May you become a little older,
    More wrinkles lie in your eyes,
    But the birthday is now so wonderful,
    We congratulate you on your birthday!

Voice Greetings on the 50th Birthday

  • Your youth has become older
    Not only from age, no!
    50 is just the beginning of
    your aspirations and victories!
  • 50 is golden autumn,
    50 is the wisdom of years,
    50 is the age of pines,
    This is a deep trace of life.
  • Fifty is not much!
    Fifty is not enough!
    Excess – swollen
    needed – withered …
  • 50 is a lot and a little.
    It doesn’t matter that gray hair is visible.
    After all, this is only the beginning,
    And spring is knocking at the heart.
  • 50 – children have already grown up,
    Your pride, the joy of the family. They
    celebrate your glorious 50th birthday
    with love.
  • 50 is not old age at all,
    Let the grandchildren grow up for a long time.
    50 – sorrow and joy,
    Grateful and sincere work!
  • In the eyes full of dashing enrage,
    In the soul of desires frolic …
    You are fifty today!
    And as if “knocked” only twenty!
    Do not rush to part with childhood,
    Live, not regret the past!
    Let me say all the same to
    You at the hundredth birthday:
    Love, health and kindness!
    Good luck in your great destiny! Hurrah!
  • 50 is a special date,
    This is the age of wisdom, kindness …
    Let life be easy and rich
    And all things are going great!
  • Happy Birthday
    wishes, Joy, success, beauty,
    Happiness, beautiful moments,
    Fulfillment of plans and dreams!
  • May these bright wishes
    Become even warmer in my soul,
    And fate sends good luck
    And prepares for many bright days!
  • What a date – fifty!
    Everything this day is for you!
    And it is so nice to wish you
    Health and joy.
  • Confidence in any day,
    Support for loved ones and friends,
    Warmth, care day after day,
    And a lot of happiness – on the birthday!
  • Day has brought you today today
    An important holiday – birthday.
    With a positive attitude,
    Do not be depressed and do not hurt.
  • Fifty is quite a bit,
    After all, hundreds are far away.
    Let fate not judge strictly,
    You will find happiness easily.
  • There is a golden mean in life,
    you have reached it – you are 50!
    All that has been done is only half,
    and your main result is ahead!
  • Let there be enough time and energy for everything –
    It’s never too late to create, a dream!
    And every moment is warmed by
    Love of family and friends kindness!

Congratulations on Your Colleague’s 50th Birthday

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • We are glad to congratulate you on your birthday.
    You are fifty. You are full of wisdom.
    We have worked for decades with truth and faith
    For the good of the collective and the country.
  • And we wish you health, strength,
    Work further cheerfully and easily,
    So that luck illuminates all matters,
    And rest brings peace to the soul.
  • So that you don’t
    miss with happiness, And the house remained in a full thicket, The
    doors were flung open with fun,
    And life seemed better every day.
  • You work tirelessly.
    You turned fifty today.
    A number of your achievements and merits,
    We will list together with pleasure.
  • And together on your birthday, we wish
    your long years, prosperity and good luck so
    that from pleasant cute little things
    you become happier, richer.
  • So that your health does not let you down,
    And everything was always great at home,
    And you stayed for years in spite of
    yourself. Self-confident and energetic.
  • 50 is the time of smiles,
    And not crying and not laughing with tears.
    50 is the time of mistakes,
    for which there are no punishments.
  • 50 is the sea and rocks,
    50 is songs and thoughts,
    50 is a search for meaning,
    50 is still not enough.

Original Birthday Greetings for 50th Birthday

  • So a birthday has crept up on you,
    A respectable age, after all, half a century,
    Meet him, brother, more fun,
    Be a necessary and successful person!
  • May everything in life be as you want,
    Luck on the road will not leave,
    cherished dreams come true,
    And happiness will become your friend’s faithful!
  • Dear brother, dear blood!
    You are so similar to dad:
    The same step, the same becomes,
    The same disposition and the same look!
  • Happy golden birthday
    We hasten to congratulate you:
    Be healthy, patient,
    Be strong and be happy!
  • Happy birthday to you, brother.
    Is it 50?
    But now, as in childhood,
    Mischievous eyes are burning.
  • Keep it up and don’t give up.
    Young in body and soul,
    I am immensely proud of you,
    Beloved brother, dear.
  • There are many victories ahead,
    So believe in yourself, dare,
    Be strong, always happy,
    Never lose heart.
  • Today is a solemn day,
    Special date.
    we are celebrating an important birthday for our brother.
  • Half a century is somewhere behind,
    But it doesn’t matter,
    Your soul, as in twenty years,
    Still young.
  • You are full of strength and fire,
    As before – an optimist.
    And outwardly you did not lose –
    Handsome, tall, broad-shouldered!
  • Now you can easily
    reach any heights.
    After all, at 50, as never before,
    you feel the rush of forces.
  • My dearly beloved brother,
    You are fifty today,
    I wish you vigor and strength,
    So that you are always healthy!
  • So that he was the soul of the team
    And embodied all the prospects,
    Achieved significant heights
    And lived, of course, without worries.
  • For the family to love you,
    Fortune so as not to let you down,
    Success awaited in all projects,
    And you, brother, were happier than everyone!
  • Brother, 50 to you,
    As time rushes by imperceptibly,
    I wish you joy in fate,
    With a smile, all meet the dawns!
  • Let the family be a fortress,
    Give care daily,
    I congratulate with love,
    I wish you happiness, by all means!
  • Boy you are already big,
    My dear brother,
    After all, but fifty!
    You are celebrating a birthday, brother!
  • I wish you optimism, The happiest
    days in life,
    Prosperity, prosperity
    And the road to happiness is smooth!
  • You, brother, are beautiful at 50!
    All in motion, eyes are burning,
    Already reached, managed, accomplished,
    And full of both hope and strength!
  • All congratulations to you!
    Happy days in your destiny!
    Go ahead, create, dream,
    and conquer the heights of life!
  • Passport beeps – fifty!
    There is a reason to congratulate you.
    Always be young in your soul, brother,
    And outwardly – a fighting man!
  • Let
    no alarming calls come from health,
    Love always reigns in the family,
    And we’ll buy the rest, brother!

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • Brother, brother, congratulations,
    Here you are fifty,
    I wish you good health,
    We begin to celebrate!
  • I wish you peace,
    Joy to you, good,
    Long and happy life,
    May your dream come true!
  • Have a house by the sea,
    Be always yourself,
    Let the bad be forgotten,
    Throw the sadness away!
  • Be calm, patient,
    Take care of your nerves,
    Be rich my brother,
    Catch my congratulations!
  • Brother, little brother, glorious brother,
    You are still quite a youth,
    You are beautiful, kind, glorious,
    You are a great fellow!
  • You have become more mature today,
    Here you are fifty,
    Here is your sixth decade,
    They hurry to congratulate you!
  • I wish you happiness,
    And always be healthy,
    To always live in wealth, To
    forget all sorrows!
  • Days intertwine into weeks,
    Flow away like water,
    How quickly
    our youth of the year flew by.
  • Fifty to you, brother,
    And I can’t believe it at all,
    Be happy, even too much,
    Never know problems.
  • With optimism and a smile
    Always look on a new day,
    And let the goldfish Open the
    door to success!

Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes to Dedicate

  • Do not be embarrassed let the years,
    Be in good shape always,
    Here you are fifty,
    As if you are a youth again!
  • You are respectable, businesslike,
    I am very proud of you,
    My brother has matured,
    Celebrating the birthday!
  • Happiness, you live without troubles,
    Long and good years,
    You still have a century to live,
    Smile and joke!
  • You are 50 –
    Nice date,
    With her from the
    bottom of my heart, I congratulate my brother.
  • I wish
    you only look ahead,
    Let the
    the road leads up again.
  • To the slopes of life
    Take your time,
    Let the
    Long life awaits you ahead.
  • Let it be happy,
    full of love,
    Happiness let it be
    with you along the way.
  • Today you are only fifty,
    Be, brother, full of vigor and strength!
    Be healthy, dear, and be rich,
    So that you live luxuriously and tastefully!
  • I wish you to make all your dreams come true
    without any problems!
    Let there be more kindness in life,
    So that you never know sadness!
  • Today is my holiday,
    And the whole family is also happy.
    And there is a festive banquet in the house,
    My brother is 50 years old.
  • 50 is not a lot and not a little,
    50 to start all over again,
    50 believe me, not the result,
    Just a piece of life.
  • Get ready for new achievements
    And keep your head higher.
    Big adventures are coming,
    On your life path.
  • We have not been fighting for a long time
    And we do not share anything.
    And we are proud of you, brother!
    What’s mine is yours?
  • On your account half a century.
    So pour 50 each! Everyone will be happy to drink
    for such a person.
  • Let them fly like flies.
    Good luck to your house.
    And the wrinkles of the cobweb
    Do not weave on the face!
  • Dear relative, from now
    on, You have become an aksakal for me,
    Your name
    grows with moss, Fifty years – isn’t it enough?
    And we’re all the same, aren’t we, brother?
    Well, remember the children’s fun!
    There will be enough memories for all of us,
    And you are the same – brave, brave,
    You are also looking at, grinning,
    And, apparently, you think: “Shut up?”
    So I’ll round off on this,
    And then you won’t wait for a drink!
  • You have lived half a century,
    My dear, beloved brother.
    You are an example of honor, cheerfulness, peace,
    I am very glad to congratulate you today.
  • Let health in life not fail,
    Love also warms and preserves everything,
    Let success keep your eyes on you
    And happiness intoxicates with tenderness.
  • Brother, do you remember as a little boy
    You ran after me with your tail,
    As soon as I “square” the girl,
    You immediately whined: “I want home-oh-th!”
  • How you have matured, and how you have grown!
    ( Though his wife has heels) The
    fifty-kopeck piece knocked and – it happened! –
  • Became a real man.
    On your birthday, I wish you: light,
    health, and happiness, dear!
    We will walk until dawn,
    And so as not to whine: “I want home-oh-th!”
  • Such a date today –
    You are already fifty!
    And I, hugging my brother,
    I will think – the years are flying … To be
  • sad, please, do not,
    After all, everything is still ahead.
    You are the guy you still need,
    I tried a little on the way.
  • Take a walk, dream and fall in love,
    Let life boil again.
    But don’t get too carried away,
    you’re not twenty-five.
  • Brother, you are already half a century old, The
    date sounds regal,
    Let at the turn of the beautiful
    Fortunately, the path will be open.
  • Let the recognition be bright,
    Collect the fruits of labor,
    But do not stand still, brother,
    Conquer the peaks again.
  • A birthday crept up on us
    Imperceptibly even somehow, The
    days of missiles fly faster,
    Fifty years old brother.
  • I wish you to maintain good
    spirits, will, and strength,
    so that happiness all the days comes
    into the house more often!
  • How long have you been celebrated for five years,
    And now the years have passed,
    And “zero” to the “five” added,
    It’s not clear why and when.
  • And you are still the same, cheerful entertainer,
    Your mind is just as tenacious and fresh,
    And you know that the best brother in the world,
    Seeker of love and hope! And how did
  • you love the adventures,
    And how many of them were with you?
    I wish you inspiration in life,
    And joy, dear brother!
  • When you were fifteen, I
    congratulated you with a rhyme,
    And although I congratulated
    you, You then saw the sadness in him.
  • My good one, you have grown completely,
    Brother, you are fifty,
    You are always a boy for me,
    Although your voice has long been a bass.
  • Beloved brother, happy birthday,
    Do not be boring ever,
    Otherwise, I will not give you jam,
    Your beloved sister.
  • Today is a holiday for the whole family –
    My brother has grown up,
    He is fifty today,
    But who will give? Question.
  • I wish you this day,
    So that you can eat and drink,
    Well, and tomorrow the newsletter,
    So that you sleep better during the day!
  • Today is a noble jubilee,
    Behind – five dozen.
    Do not change a drop,
    because you have no flaws.
  • In life, the fifty-first year
    Let the dream become real,
    And fate will circle you in happiness
    Not for a moment will cease.
  • Life is easy and carefree
    You enjoy with a smile, Look
    at your enemies
    Never bother.
  • Not long ago, they played
    taggers, And he cried that he had broken his knee again,
    Now he is a very solid-looking uncle,
    Although he is still in love with a student.
  • Brother, happy birthday, my dear!
    I hug you very tightly!
    Your tongue is always hanging out of malty,
    He knows how to choose a word so well!
  • And drinking to health today,
    You will light a cigarette in silence again.
    Take care of yourself, no longer a boy,
    I wish you to be always healthy!
  • On your jubilee, at your fifty-kopeck piece,
    Let me name you – brother,
    As I sometimes called in childhood,
    When you were still a boy.
  • Accept gifts and flowers,
    And a triple kiss, party.
    It’s so good that I have you,
    dear beloved, closest!
  • Bro, beloved, dear!
    The fifty-kopeck piece hit you!
    And it seems yesterday, naked,
    You ran with cars, chasing dolls!
  • Oh, life flies, what can you do?
    You are a handsome adult man!
    I wish you happiness, live comfortably,
    Do not deny yourself self-indulgence!

Birthday Greetings to Brother for 50 Years

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • What a good age – 50!
    You can also make plans!
    There is much more to dream about.
    Dream! After all, you, brother, deserve the best.
  • And if in the past something did not come true,
    Everything will come true – do not even hesitate.
    Let your house be a full cup, brother,
    And you will meet anniversaries more than once!
  • 50 years is a serious birthday.
    And you can see the first results.
    You in life, my brother, did a lot,
    Even though the roads were difficult at times.
  • Your family is a reliable strong rear.
    You are a professional in your job.
    A good son, a wonderful family man,
    Hardworking to the point of sweat.
  • I can be proud of you, brother!
    I wish you happiness in life and health,
    May everyone be happy to
    congratulate you on your birthday with love!
  • We are very different from you,
    Both externally and characteristically.
    And we are not always
    in agreement.
  • But still, by blood, we are
    relatives, brother, with you.
    And we are connected with the birth of
    One fate.
  • I congratulate you with joy.
    On such an important birthday.
    Let this day be joyful,
    Special of the days.
  • And you will hear
    good words addressed to you,
    And the
    the gray head will get drunk at fifty.
  • May the days that
    lie ahead bring good luck,
    Without shocks and losses
    Your years go by!
  • We came to the birthday,
    set the table soon.
    Get delicacies,
    Fish and mushrooms from the forest.
    And let’s raise a
    Jubilee toast for you, loving!
  • Thank God, at fifty
    Your eyes are shining.
    You live very actively, you
    look at life positively.
    And she responds to
    you Allow you to live without trouble.
  • Be
    still you, brother, Cheerful and cheerful, like a boy,
    Well, and
    you will always have time to grow old without difficulty.
    You will shrink your relics with
    sleepless nights.
    In the meantime, be young and healthy,
    As the Ministry of Health advises!
  • Does a man need a lot?
    So that the family would be near,
    So that the boss respected,
    And supplied with a salary.
  • Well, and live under a peaceful sky,
    Be healthy, strong, strong,
    Have hobbies,
    And do not grow old longer.
  • I wish you this, I
    congratulate you on your birthday.
    50 – still flourishing,
    There is no reason for sadness.
  • Be, my brother, in order,
    Live in peace and prosperity
    And now pour
    for all of us For a wonderful birthday!
  • We did not live with you peacefully in childhood,
    I was a disgusting girl,
    But you endured tricks quietly,
    After all, I am the youngest – such are the things.
  • Now, of course, the past is forgotten,
    And we do not feel age with you,
    Although half a century is, my brother, strong.
    Be happy and healthy, my dear!
  • In the family, let there be peace, tranquility, prosperity,
    Stability at work and in the country.
    Let the salary be raised more often,
    And the authorities will have you in price.
  • Happy birthday, dear brother!
    You, of course, are very glad,
    That you are already fifty,
    And you are cheerful as a soldier!
  • You are still so beautiful!
    There is still plenty of strength,
    To live actively, “tasty”,
    And to be friends with fishing.
  • Thank God, everything is in order,
    And the family lives in abundance,
    But it will take strength,
    To continue to live beautifully,
    And buy my daughter a villa.
    In the Maldives il Bali
    Far from the Fatherland.
  • Congratulations on your birthday, We wish you to
    be healthy,
    And so that the best years are
    always ahead!
  • You are a perfect dad,
    Husband – a feast for everyone,
    You know how to cook deliciously,
    And you are not evil at all.
  • You are hot-tempered, however,
    but quite easygoing.
    In general, you have earned the right to be
    called my brother.
  • On a jubilee birthday
    Wishes are simple –
    To be healthy
    and happy at fifty, brother, you.
  • So that you do not need money, We
    respect you were a family,
    And today smile –
    Your birthday is still yours!
  • You can do everything, my beloved brother –
    Drive a car and cook deliciously.
    And the jubilee evening, at fifty,
    Organized stylishly and skillfully.
  • Today it is so sincerely – like in paradise,
    Gifts, congratulations and toasts.
    And I will say that I love you,
    And it will be sincere, serious.
  • Let times go by, and life flows.
    Calmly, smoothly, without the storms of life.
    And you always go forward on it,
    With a grand scale of plans, truly universal!
  • My brother always has concerns –
    Garage, fishing, home, family, work,
    Sneaked up in the bustle of ordinary days
    Fiftieth birthday.
  • It is not up to him, because there are a lot of cases.
    Running like fast frames in a movie,
    But still, we will give a couple of words,
    In which love lies.
  • Let good luck go with you,
    And help you move forward,
    Successfully resolved cases,
    And your head will be light.
  • Health never fails,
    Trouble bypasses you,
    And whatever happens – optimism.
    Accompanies, brother, you all your life!
    Happy birthday, brother!!!
  • I congratulate you on your birthday. Brother,
    in an instant, I wish you to achieve your goals,
    You turned fifty today,
    Feelings of sadness, you live, My brother, not knowing.
  • I wish you only to strive for the best,
    You reach easily, Brother, all the heights,
    I wish you to be proud of every new day,
    There will be no reasons for sadness in life, even if there are reasons.
    Happy birthday, brother!!!
  • With all my heart I congratulate you on your birthday,
    You turned fifty today,
    May life only be filled with happy moments,
    I wish you to be very happy, Brother.
    I easily wish you to achieve your goals,
    And to them confidently, I wish, I wish to go,
    I wish you with my joy, not to part,
    You take your joy tightly in your heart.
    Happy birthday, brother!!!
  • You turned fifty, My brother,
    I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday,
    I want you, Brother, to wish you,
    All moments in life will be joyful.
    Let it come true. My brother, your dreams,
    I wish you the happiest,
    Smile at happiness endlessly,
    And live without knowing the problems and sorrows.
  • Beloved brother, the best!
    Happy Birthday! Hold on!
    For me, you are a ray of the sun,
    So warm with you in life!
  • Remain human,
    not hiding your kindness!
    Do not be sad – half a century has passed,
    Ahead – a richer life!
  • Let another half a century with a slide.
    Life will be given, as if on velor!
    Let time not pour chlorine.
    On your, brother, hair!
  • I wish you to be lucky,
    Brave, strong and healthy!
    Believe in the best days all the time,
    And luckily – here, horseshoes!
  • Congratulations on your fiftieth birthday,
    I wish you with all my heart, Brother,
    May happy moments fill your life,
    I never wish I didn’t lose heart.
  • I wish in life to strive for the best,
    May your dreams always come true,
    On your holiday, I wish you to have fun,
    Smile endlessly, my brother, you.
  • Let love always burn in your heart, I
    wish you always feel it,
    I wish you happiness in a moment to warm up,
    You do not grieve, Beloved brother, never,
  • I wish you to achieve all your goals,
    Let everything in life be with you, My brother,
    From everything heart happy birthday congratulations,
    you achieve success in your fifty.
  • I wish to be happy endlessly,
    Partly happiness, My brother, to collect,
    From my heart, I congratulate you on your birthday,
    At fifty, My brother, do not be discouraged.
  • I wish to catch happiness with my palms,
    Never let it go for a moment,
    I wish to always remain necessary,
    Hold my love tightly by the hand.
  • Happy birthday to you,
    And I wish you, My brother, happy,
    It will be full of joy, let it
    be your life, Your life will always be, let it. Beautiful.
  • And there will be no minutes, even if. To be discouraged,
    I always wish you to smile,
    And not to look for moments of sorrow,
    At fifty, the happiest remain.
  • Happy birthday to you, Brother,
    Let your dreams always come true,
    Let happy moments fill your life,
    I wish you always to smile.
  • Today you are fifty, I congratulate you,
    Let there be no reason to be discouraged,
    I wish you joy, I wish you in your life,
    wish you forgiving friends for mistakes.
  • You turned fifty today,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Troubles by the side of you, let them bypass,
    I wish all the relatives health.
  • I wish you sincere happiness,
    May you always be lucky in everything, My brother,
    And there will be nothing in life in vain,
    All bad, let it pass you by.


Hopefully, these phrases have been to your liking and you share them with your brother on his 50th birthday, keep in mind that it is the mentality that is important, not the age.

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