55 Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom in 2023

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You are looking for the best 50th birthday gifts for mom? We have 55 cool ideas for you. The list of gifts includes original, for beauty and health, for comfort and home, certificates, tickets and subscriptions, memorable and personalized, accessories and for wardrobe, as well as made by hand.

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

The golden birthday of the dearest person, the mother, is a reason to think carefully about the gift. It is not easy to choose it, as it seems that mom has everything she needs for a long time. But in fact, it is not at all difficult to please mommy, you just need to remind her once again of your love and gratitude.

At the same time, the gift can be anything – useful, beautiful, cheap, luxurious, the main thing is to please the birthday girl.

Memorable and Personalized Gifts for 50th Mom

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Such presents can be placed on a shelf or hung on the wall, and in the most conspicuous place! They will remind you of the past celebration and the attention of your beloved children.

1. Figurine With Engraving

For the best, wisest, most artistic mother in the world! As a gift, you need something like an Oscar, Nicky or a crystal owl. Awarded to a congratulatory speech with a raised glass!

2. Vase With Engraving

In such a present, the main thing is laser engraving with the date of the birthday, the name and wishes for the birthday girl. It is customary to give a vase together with a bouquet of flowers – this is a sign.

3. Pravda Newspaper With a Note on the Wall

Mom is 50, which means she still remembers the Soviet Union and such a newspaper. To appear on her front page with a laudatory article and a photo is the height of honor! So let her appear at mom’s house in a frame.

4. Portrait on Canvas

It can be ordered from Mom’s photo in any style she likes. But the most interesting portrait is in the historical image, where the mother, for example, is the queen in a chic dress with all the regalia.

5. Personalized Clock on the Wall

The dial and bezel themselves can also be in different styles – a simple classic or a non-standard shape, or even an anti-clock – with random numbers. But the most important thing is the name or photo of mom in the center of the dial!

Certificates, Tickets, Subscriptions

This dozen is all about the experience, health and beauty. These are not material gifts (although they are not cheap), but those that will leave pleasant memories in your memory for a long time.

1. Photo Session

There are two options: the first is to invite a professional photographer to celebrate the 50th birthday, and the second is that the mother can visit the studio herself (alone or with her family) for a quality photoshoot.

2. Inviting Artists or Shows to a Celebration

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

If the holiday is planned to be celebrated in the banquet hall of a restaurant or cafe, then it is difficult to imagine fun without entertainment. Consider your mom’s taste and invite an artist of her favorite genre.

3. Light Extreme Certificate

And at 50, mom can still be that superwoman! Still, it is better to save her nerves and buy a certificate for something not very extreme – for flying in a hot air balloon, for example, or in a wind tunnel.

4. Master Class Certificate

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

It’s never too late to learn something new! Even at 50, you can find a new hobby or even a profession. Get your mom’s certificate for handicraft, cooking, vocal or dance lessons.

5. Tickets for the Event

Pay attention to the posters and take into account your mother’s wishes – it is important that everything coincides! If her favorite artist or theater comes to your city on tour, then maybe this is the best gift in terms of tickets?

6. Spa Certificate

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Mom also needs to relax and in a pleasant environment with wellness procedures. In the spa, she will get in shape thanks to massages, steam rooms, and body wraps.

7. Fitness or Pool Subscription

Another gift for health and, importantly, it will also allow you to find communication. Mom can be enrolled in a group or let her choose a sport to her liking by simply buying her a subscription for at least a month.

8. Certificate for the Landscape Design of a Suburban Area

If mom is tired of messing around with the beds in the country, then maybe she can turn it into a piece of paradise? Please give her a certificate for her 50th birthday, and let her command the designer, the architect, and the workers herself.

9. Room Renovation Certificate

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Well, if the dream of a summer residence is still only in the plans, then maybe remaking a room, a kitchen, a hallway or a bathroom for mom? Well, or at least refresh the premises with cosmetic repairs.

10. Tour-trip to the Sea

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Perhaps this will be the best gift for new experiences and a pleasant stay! And if mom was also born in winter, then surely her most cherished dream is to fly to a place where it is hot and comfortable.

Accessories and Gifts for the Wardrobe

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Mom’s 50th birthday needs stunning wardrobe gifts. But for the right choice, you must know exactly her taste and style.

1. Fur Coat

If there is an opportunity to buy a gorgeous natural fur coat for mom, she will be delighted! And it doesn’t even matter if the gift is out of season, or maybe it’s even better – the discounts are good.

2. Gold Decoration

Another contribution to Mom’s box, but their main purpose is to serve as accessories for Mom’s weekend outfit. Earrings, brooch, ring, chain or bracelet – some of these will do.

3. Leather Gloves

Demi-season thin or with fur edge for winter. In color, some should match mom’s purse or boots. If it is not possible to buy from natural, then from eco-leather will also work.

4. Evening Dress Handbag

It can be a clutch bag with a loop-carrying loop (although this is more of a business style) or a small bag on a chain instead of a strap. She is suitable, for example, in order to go with her to a restaurant or theater.

5. Silk Home Clothing Set

It is made of silk satin – very cozy and elegant. Elasticated trousers, shirt with a wide belt and collar. In such a suit, you can not only walk at home but also take it with you on trips.

Original 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

If the mom already has everything she needs, then she just needs to surprise her with her gift. But these are not useless trinkets, they all have practical applications – in everyday life or for receiving guests.

1. Flowers in Glass

Due to the special composition and treatment with glycerin, paraffin and varnish, such flowers can retain their appearance for up to 5 years. Buy a rose in a flask or a composition with butterflies – mom will love it!

2. The Original Umbrella

The classics are not needed, and surely my mother already has a regular one. Buy as a gift an umbrella with a transparent dome, for example, or an unusual shape – in the form of a heart, a cone or a double rhombus.

3. An Unusual Box for Needlework

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Pay attention to such a miniature antique chest of drawers. It has drawers with hearts and even a tiny sewing machine for decoration.

4. Gift Set With Tea and Sweets

A set that is tastefully selected – both literally and figuratively. An assortment of honey, jams, tea and many different delicacies – sweets, bars and chocolates.

5. Voice Picture

For a child, the dearest voice is the mother’s, and for mothers, her beloved child, regardless of his age. Order a picture from your congratulation phrase in the Internet studio.

6. Table Fountain With Lighting

If mom is fond of learning Feng Shui, then she will appreciate such a gift. The murmur of water has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and the fountain is able to attract wealth and abundance into the house.

7. Set of 6 Glasses With Cup Holders in a Gift Box

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

There are two options for such a gift – with silver-plated glass holders or in gilding. This set looks great on the table.

8. Picnic Set

Summer is the time for a barbecue, and it is important not to forget anything before going out into the countryside. The bag (or suitcase) holds a complete set for serving a table for several people and cutting tools.

9. Scratch Map of the World

A gift for a traveling mom. This is a kind of plan to conquer the world – a layer of foil on a country can be erased only after visiting this state. Now there is motivation to travel the whole world!

10. Set of Handmade Sweets

The inscription made of sweets can be made at your discretion. But the taste of these sweets will really please, the more it is diverse – pay attention to the sprinkling!

Gifts for Beauty and Health

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

At 50, the woman is still quite young. And yet, she will need special self-care products, as well as some medical devices and devices. Here are a dozen good ideas – they might give you an idea.

1. Cosmetic Set for Personal Care

It is better to give such a gift to a daughter – only women can share small secrets on this topic with each other. Anti-aging creams, masks, serums, oils, etc.

2. Decorative Cosmetics

As a gift, it is best to choose a multifunctional set of cosmetics in a box case. It has it all – loads of shades of eyeshadow and blush, lip gloss, mascara, pencil and eyeliner. And then there is a mirror.

3. Steam Sauna for the Face

This device is a preliminary step before carrying out cosmetic procedures at home. It perfectly cleanses the skin of the face, steaming the pores, moisturizes and normalizes blood circulation.

4. Posture Corrector

Due to their age and difficult working conditions, many women have back problems. If your mother is one of them, then such a corrector reduces the load on the spine, evens out posture and relieves pain.

5. Inhaler

Mom does not need to visit the doctor once again if she has a slight cold – the inhaler will help cure the respiratory system in several procedures. In addition, it is useful for the prevention of viral diseases.

6. Electric Massager

It will help relieve muscle pain and fatigue. Well, if, in addition, the doctor prescribed a daily massage, then such a device is generally an irreplaceable thing. It should be with removable attachments for various procedures.

7. Tonometer

This is just a necessary thing for people over 40, especially if there are signs of an ailment. For home use, it is best to take a semi-automatic blood pressure monitor with an electronic display.

8. Magnetic Bracelet

But if the mother still suffers from hypertension, then a magnetic pressure bracelet is what she needs! Make sure to present her with a stylish piece, such as a braided piece, so that she can wear it with any outfit.

9. Orthopedic Slippers

An excellent gift for a mother who complains of constant tiredness in her legs and back pain. These shoes massage the feet, improve blood circulation and maintain posture.

10. Salt Lamp

Another useful device for the respiratory tract is because such a lamp is an excellent alternative to an ionizer. It shines with a muted orange light, purifying the air and enriching it with useful minerals.

Gifts for Comfort and Home Appliances

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Pay attention – what is missing in the interior of my mother’s dwelling. Or maybe she needs some kind of technique to facilitate work and save time? Here are a dozen ideas on this topic.

1. Painting With Swarovski Crystals

Choose one for mom that will harmoniously fit into the interior of her room or kitchen in color, size and content. And crystals give the picture an unusual shine with tints.

2. Chair and Sofa Covers

If mom is used to her furniture and does not want to change it, then these covers will update the interior. They will also protect upholstered furniture from dirt – they are easily removed during cleaning and just as easily washed.

3. Rack

If mom is a book lover, needlewoman, florist or collector, she needs furniture with many open shelves. Everything is in sight and everything is pleasing to the eye, especially if there is a backlight.

4. Set of Dishes

These can be various sets – from tea rooms to dining rooms or cutlery in a gift case. And also crunch – salad bowls or glasses. Or utensils for cooking – pots, saucepans, and pans.

5. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is every woman’s dream – no need to carry a heavy apparatus with you, continually adjusting the length of the cord and changing attachments. And in general, you don’t need to do anything – the robot will walk around the corners and clean the floors of dust and dirt, and it will also roll the cat.

6. Sewing Machine

A gift for a mother-needlewoman who loves to sew. In principle, this is a good investment – the whole family will be trimmed, and you can correct the clothes.

7. Steam Iron or Steamer

You can’t do without iron at all, so give a new one instead of the old one – modern and convenient. And the steamer is useful for the vertical ironing of suits on a hanger or curtains.

8. Electric Dryer

An excellent device for a large family or apartment with high humidity. Clothes on a hanger are placed inside the cylinder and the desired operating mode is selected. Just a few minutes and everything will be dry.

9. Convection Oven, Double Boiler or Multicooker

Even if mom cooks great in the traditional way, she still needs modern helpers. In such devices, food will not burn and retain many useful properties.

10. Juicer

And this is an excellent choice for a summer resident mother who makes blanks in the fall. Natural juices are just a storehouse of vitamins, and she will make them herself thanks to this gift.

DIY Gifts for 50th Birthday

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

The gifts listed below are not easy and simple to make, but you need to try for a grand birthday. And to help you, there will be 5 masterclasses with detailed instructions.

1. Panel for the Kitchen

A very unusual painting that requires painstaking work. Each cell is filled with grain or legumes – millet, buckwheat, rice, beans. And one spice compartment. We must try to keep everything neatly laid out.

2. Body Painting With a Vase

Such a picture is more suitable for a living room or bedroom. The work is very delicate and graceful – the overall silvery background is created by foil, the vase and border are made of pearl thread, and lavender is made of beads.

3. Do-it-yourself Rocking Bed Made of Plywood

The work is serious, and it will be a good gift from your son if he has golden hands and all the necessary equipment. Such a chic bed with a visor can be placed for outdoor recreation.

4. Necklace-scarf

The product is complex, but even for a novice needlewoman. The result is a gorgeous gift – a triangular mesh necklace made of beads and beads.

5. Isolon Lamp

And such a gift can be made by both a son and a daughter. A woman teaches the video tutorial, but work with electrical materials is required. And for roses, you need isolon – this is the same polyethylene foam, but its structure consists of closed cells.


We figured out the ideas, but we want to remind you about flowers – this is a mandatory attribute to mom’s main gift for 50 years. Roses are an unmistakable option, but maybe she prefers some others? Be more attentive to her wishes!

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