Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

The half-century birthday of your beloved wife is not just another birthday but a grandiose event that requires serious preparation. You need to know in advance how the birthday girl wants to spend this day and try to contribute to the preparation. An equally important task is choosing the perfect presentation.

Our 96 gift ideas for a wife for 50 years will help to determine. And success will depend on how well you know your spouse’s wishes and how much you want to please her. It is important to ask the future birthday girl in advance and often start talking about her interests.

List of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

  1. Commemorative piece of jewelry. It should be really special, so regular earrings of the same type will not work. You need to choose something really chic and expensive, for example, a diamond necklace or touching and memorable, for example, a pendant or bracelet with a personalized engraving.
  2. Breakfast table in bed. Surely your beloved wife will love it when you pamper her with a sumptuous snack on her birthday morning.
  3. A romantic trip will be a great gift for your wife, not only for your 50th birthday but for any other occasion.
  4. Subscription to the pool or gym. If your wife loves sports or just wants to start training, this will be a great gift.
  5. Body massager with infrared heating.
  6. Comfortable orthopedic pillow for excellent sleep, wellness and a fresh look.
  7. Natural stone beads, which should bring good luck to the birthday girl according to the horoscope.
  8. Luxurious fur product. You can choose a beautiful warm fur coat, vest stole or cape. Choose what will be more necessary and convenient for the birthday girl.
  9. Silverware in a beautiful case.
  10. Certificate from a beauty salon. If your beloved spouse rarely indulges herself with high-quality salon care, your gift will definitely be a pleasant surprise.
  11. An exotic and beautiful houseplant. This is a great gift for his wife for 50 years or an unusual alternative to the standard bouquet, but only if the birthday girl loves to take care of home flowers.
  12. Garden swing. If you have a summer cottage or garden near your home, your gift will definitely come in handy. And the presented swing will become a favorite vacation spot for the birthday girl.
  13. Decorative fountain for home or garden.
  14. Book. This is a classic gift and it certainly won’t be a disappointment if you choose the right piece from your favorite birthday girl author. You can order a personalized book or look for a chic gift edition.
  15. Certificate from the wife’s favorite store. Such a simple and practical gift to my wife for 50 years will definitely not be superfluous. This is not at all romantic, but the birthday girl herself will be able to decide what she needs more and will not be upset when she receives something unnecessary.
  16. Luxurious perfume. Surely you know the tastes of your loved one well, so you can make the right choice. If the wife uses only one specific perfume, you can choose body care products with the same scent.
  17. Extreme driving lesson. It will help you test yourself and get a sea of ​​adrenaline, as well as useful knowledge and skills. Such a lesson will come in handy for both an insecure driver in order to feel stronger and more courageous and an experienced auto lady in order to test herself once again and make sure of her skills.
  18. Bed linen is made of silk, satin or other beautiful and high-quality fabric. You can also look for a set with an original pattern or apply a print to order.
  19. Picnic basket. If the spouse likes to relax in nature with drinks and snacks, she will like this gift. You can fill the basket with everything you need once and, if there are no other plans, immediately go for a walk.
  20. Plaid with sleeves for a cozy and comfortable stay.
  21. Hand-painted silk scarf or shawl.
  22. Bright painted electric samovar. With him, family tea parties and friendly gatherings will become even more pleasant and beautiful.
  23. Salt lamp. This is an unusual lighting device made from natural materials that will decorate the house and ionize the air in it.
  24. Portrait of the birthday girl, taken from the photo. You can portray the birthday girl alone or in the circle of the dearest people.
  25. Plaid-transformer, which can also serve as a comfortable pillow.
  26. A lightbox with a collage of pictures of the hero of the day, with your family.
  27. Unusual slippers. Such a simple gift may seem like an inappropriate gift for a wife for 50 years, but if these are beautiful slippers heated by USB or a special filler, the birthday girl will definitely like it.
  28. Certificate for individual tailoring of shoes. Over the years, we all become more finicky in choosing shoes, and it becomes more difficult to find a truly comfortable pair. Your present will solve this problem and pamper your spouse.
  29. Thermal picnic bag.
  30. Fitness bracelet. This is a great birthday present for an active wife who loves sports. Any woman who looks after her health will also like it.
  31. Home weather station with an outdoor sensor, which will allow you to monitor weather changes and at the same time monitor indoor air parameters.
  32. A vintage mechanical coffee grinder is a great present for a lover of coffee and rare items.
  33. Robot vacuum cleaner. Surely it is not easy for a wife to cope with cleaning, especially if she has few assistants, so such a gadget will be a very useful acquisition.
  34. Electric heater simulating a real fireplace with fire.
  35. Large flower vase decorated with laser engraving.
  36. A set of candlesticks in the same style.
  37. Electronic piggy bank in the form of a safe or a box, chewing or collecting money.
  38. Purifier, humidifier or air ionizer.
  39. A luxurious pedigree book in leather binding.
  40. A set of several jars with different types of natural honey. You can also choose honey with different additives and even edible gold.
  41. Wicker furniture set.
  42. A beautiful handbag from a famous brand. It is important to choose a model that fits perfectly into the birthday girl’s wardrobe. But a loving spouse will surely be able to make the right decision.
  43. A painted box for storing jewelry, accessories or other little things.
  44. Digital photo frame. Purchase a memory card for her in advance, and upload photos that your wife will definitely like.
  45. An original stand for jewelry.
  46. An unusual umbrella, for example, decorated with a unique print. You can also choose an umbrella with a luminous handle that folds up in the opposite direction or with a large transparent canopy.
  47. A suitcase on wheels is the best present for a traveler.
  48. A cozy bathrobe for a bath or at home. It should be decorated with personalized embroidery.
  49. Bio fireplace. It will help create an atmosphere of comfort and romance in the house and completely transform the interior.
  50. Interior doll made with a portrait likeness.
  51. A device for hair care or hair styling.
  52. Chocolate figurine.
  53. Nordic walking sticks. For an active woman who loves walks in the fresh air, such a gift will come in handy and make walks more beneficial to health.
  54. A set of collectible tea or coffee. Surely you know perfectly well which drink the favorite birthday girl prefers, so there will be no problems with the choice. It is very important to arrange everything beautifully, put it in an elegant basket, add sweets and hand it over with sincere and sincere wishes.
  55. A comfortable computer chair is a great gift for a woman who spends a lot of time on the PC.
  56. A beautiful lamp in the shape of a flower or, for example, a vintage kerosene lamp.
  57. Nice music box.
  58. Stylish eyeglass stand or case.
  59. BBQ set.
  60. Beautiful wristwatch. They should be decorated with a unique personalized engraving to make your present truly unique and memorable.
  61. The steamer is a great gift for a woman who loves healthy meals.
  62. A set for creating a painting (painting by numbers) on canvas. Marked canvas is sold complete with special paints and brushes. With such a gift, your wife will be able to create a painting with her own hands that will not differ from the work of a professional artist.
  63. A compact sewing machine for minor repairs of things is a great gift for a 50-year-old wife, a needlewoman.
  64. Set for soap making. If a spouse loves to create something with her own hands, she will be glad to have this opportunity to try something new and make an interesting soap with her favorite scent.
  65. A cookbook with tons of recipes and clean pages for notes and notes.
  66. Blackboard magnetic board for writing with chalk. Such a cute and inexpensive gift will hang on the refrigerator or other suitable surface and remind of the holiday and your love.
  67. An invitation to a master class related to the birthday girl’s hobby, her interests. Surely you know what you would like to learn from your beloved wife, so you can find a suitable present.
  68. Aquafarm. This is an aquarium with plants growing on the top floor. Greens purify the water, so the fish living on the bottom will be clean and comfortable. This system is very easy to care for, and it also allows you to grow fresh greens all year round.
  69. Photo session. This is interesting entertainment and an opportunity to get high-quality photos as a keepsake. And if you choose a family photo session, then not only the birthday girl but also her loved ones will have fun.
  70. Exit tea ceremony. If a spouse says that she is tired of all the home gatherings and standard banquets in a restaurant, surprise her with something new.
  71. A photo album in the style of scrapbooking or made in the form of an old book with a leather binding.
  72. Bouquet of sweets. Sweets are always appropriate for the holidays, and in such an unusual elegant design, they will bring a time of joy and pleasure.
  73. Handmade stamp, gilded and decorated with cubic zirconia.
  74. A set of glasses with personalized engravings. They must be chosen taking into account what kind of drink the spouse prefers. Even if she drinks a glass of champagne once a year on New Year’s, it will be more pleasant to do it from a stylish personalized glass.
  75. Apparatus for making egg rolls.
  76. Luxurious caviar dish in the shape of a sturgeon with a shell spoon.
  77. Ballpoint or fountain pen decorated with personalized engraving. You can also apply the birthday girl’s monogram to the case in which your present will be given.
  78. Small silver icon.
  79. Jewelry flash drive in the form of a keychain or pendant on a chain.
  80. Floriana. This is a small garden in a glass vessel. All plants are selected so that they perfectly complement each other and do not interfere with development but, on the contrary, contribute to better growth. It is very simple to care for such a garden, but it looks interesting and unusual.
  81. Digital pen. This is a great gift for a lover of modern technology. Such a pen allows you to immediately digitize everything written with it.
  82. Cozy plaid in patchwork technique.
  83. Home SPA set.
  84. Eco alarm clock. It helps you wake up without causing stress. The device gradually increases the level of lighting in the room, simulating dawn, and also plays back recordings of sounds of nature. Therefore, the motivation is easy and pleasant. And also such a gadget can show the time, temperature and humidity level in the room in order to provide itself with ideal parameters for sleeping.
  85. A home phyto barrel is an ideal present for a steam lover. It is only important to prepare a place for its installation in advance.
  86. Power bank for a phone of an unusual shape. A very interesting idea – a drop battery with a hand warmer function in winter.
  87. Status leather business cardholder.
  88. Hygge set. These boxes with everything you need to create a cozy mood have already appeared in many gift shops. Cute little things will be a great gift for your wife for 50 years and will help her to relax and have a wonderful rest without leaving her own home.
  89. Marinator for quick marinating of any food
  90. Orthopedic bridge for relieving the compression load from the spine. With age, back problems appear in literally everyone, fatigue and pain in the lumbar zone are more often manifested. Your present will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms and improve the condition of the spine, so your wife will definitely like it and it will be a good birthday present.
  91. A quality manicure set in a beautiful leather case.
  92. Decanter for wine. If the birthday girl appreciates good drinks and knows how to drink them correctly, then she will be delighted with your presentation.
  93. Aroma lamp with a selection of your favorite oils to create a special atmosphere in your home.
  94. Capsule coffee machine.
  95. Cool photo pillow. It can have an image of the birthday girl herself or any other picture that is guaranteed to evoke pleasant emotions.
  96. Hot air balloon flight. Golden Jubilee – it’s time to try something unusual, unforgettable. If the spouse is not afraid of heights, the opportunity to fly with the birds will be a great birthday present for her.


Do not forget that any gift to your wife for 50 years needs beautiful packaging and proper presentation. Try to choose words for congratulations that are guaranteed to cheer up your beloved. It is also important not to forget about flowers, sweets, postcards and other little things.

You can even organize a small surprise, such as singing a serenade for the birthday girl. After all, romance and light extravagance are appropriate at any age and for any reason.

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