Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

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The question of what to present 50th birthday gift ideas for men is complicated. According to psychologists, this age for every man is another turning point in life, which is not easily tolerated by the representatives of the stronger sex. Many of them have a desire to analyze life guidelines and change something or try something completely new.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

At this age, the birthday man has already fully taken place as a whole person. He has his own preferences, as well as a certain status. So what can you give a man for 50 years to guess his desires, bring him joy? Our ideas will definitely help you, so read on and be inspired!

There are a couple of important points you need to pay attention to when choosing a surprise:

  1. A man will definitely like memorabilia with nameplates and engravings;
  2. It is worth choosing presents that are relevant even after a few years;
  3. The main focus remains on the tastes and preferences of the hero of the occasion, it is better to find out about them in advance
Advice: The permanent guarantee of an excellent gift is individuality! Therefore, abandon the idea of ​​certificates or just money in an envelope, this offends with its impersonality and indifference to the hero of the occasion.

List of the Best Gifts for a Man for Fifty Years

There are time-tested gift ideas for a man for 50 years old, if you do not want to get into a mess and are afraid to experiment, these options will always help you out! Choose:

  • a man’s favorite branded perfume (if you are aware of his tastes and preferences);
  • modern razor model, it is always relevant;
  • a new mobile phone that allows you to use all the advantages of modern digital technologies;
  • a present from the series “hobbies and interests”;
  • a classic model of a good wristwatch ;
  • all kinds of accessories for the car, if the birthday person is the car owner;
  • replenishment of men’s wardrobe in the form of accessories, scarves and even stylish shirts.

Classic Present Ideas

Classics are always fashionable, good, and relevant. Classic gift options for a man for 50 years old are:

  • The elite alcoholic drink belongs to the traditional truly masculine presentations. Cognac, tequila, rum, wine of the same year as the birthday of the birthday person: choose what seems most suitable for the hero of the occasion.
  • Perfume. Such gifts are given by people who are in close relationships with a man: relatives or good friends.
  • Wristwatch. What could be more classic for a man? Choose elegant models.
  • Branded shaving accessories. It is clear that such a gift is presented by close people. Presents from loved ones include a home massager, a massage chair or an orthopedic pillow, a mattress, a cozy blanket, a wonderful dressing gown and other items of clothing.
  • Branded set of tools in a beautiful case.
  • New gadget. By the age of 50, the hero of the occasion has already acquired the necessary electronic devices. But maybe the smartphone or tablet is outdated. So why not present something modern? There will be a wonderful gift for a man of 50 years old.
  • Decorations. It is worth emphasizing that not all representatives of the stronger sex are inclined to wear them. But if worn, buy an original ring, chain, bracelet.
  • Plasma TV, if not already in the house. Perhaps relatives will have to chip in for such a present, but the birthday boy’s delight is guaranteed.
  • Men’s accessories are win-win gifts. For example, a stylish umbrella, a beautiful scarf, a trouser belt.

At a respectable but still active age, a man will like classic gifts, which are inherent in something eternal and unshakable. By presenting such a thing, you will demonstrate a respectful, kind attitude towards the birthday person.

A Universal Gift Option for Everyone

The category of presents always comes to the rescue, which will have to be “at the right place and at the time” always and for everyone. These are universal gifts for a man for 50 years. So, we choose:

  • Various accessories according to hobbies. Is the man keen on fishing? So please him with a set of hooks, tackle and other necessary little things. And put it all in a handy organizer box. For a hunter, pick up a quality knife for a collector – replenishment of his collection, etc.;
  • Favorite board game. Are the birthday boy addicted to such games? Chess, poker, dominoes – all this is a pleasant surprise, especially when presented as a gift;
  • Compact external battery for mobile. Having this device at hand means always being in touch;
  • Special handy set for cleaning shoes. Pack it creatively and present it to the birthday boy so that he always looks perfect;
  • Natural leather folder for documents. Does a man often carry many different documents for work? Then your gift will definitely come in handy for him;
  • stylish men’s umbrella – the accessory is relevant in the arsenal of every man;
  • High-quality perfumery – it will be appreciated by a man of any age. Really good eau de toilette will never be superfluous;
  • a high-quality lighter and a good set of cigars will delight the avid smoker;
  • the compact and convenient home brewery is the best present for all fans of this foamy drink;
  • a set of tools in a special case – not a single representative of the stronger sex can do without it;
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Interesting: And how to find out about the innermost male desires? Try to read between the lines! That is, listen to the interlocutor, men often give out the necessary information in a conversation. You just have to take advantage of this or ask his friends, family!

Interesting Gifts for a Man for 50 Years

Do you think that the moment has come when it’s time for the hero of the occasion to experience something new and get a lot of vivid emotions? You are thinking absolutely right. For such wonderful presents, all ages are suitable! But what could it be? We are ready to surprise you with the most extraordinary options.

  • A certificate for emotions as a gift. Now you may think that everyone already knows about these certificates, but you must admit that it is they that allow you to become a participant in something completely unimaginable and previously untested. The hero of the occasion has access to entertainment for every taste: from extreme (skydiving, etc.) to more relaxed ones, such as dancing lessons or useful skills in pottery. Buy a combined certificate for a man’s birthday and you can not worry at all that you have not guessed right with the entertainment, because the hero of the occasion will be able to independently choose from several proposed options what he liked the most.
  • Home brewery. A birthday present for a gourmet man, a true connoisseur of this foamy drink. Now he can enjoy its taste whenever he wants. Moreover, these will no longer be trivial recipes, but only exclusive, homemade ones. Friends of the hero of the occasion, for example, watching a football match together or just having friendly get-togethers, will probably not mind such a drink.
  • A ticket to a game of your favorite sports team or an artist’s performance. After all, your hero of the occasion, for sure, is an active person and he loves to attend such events. Give him this unique opportunity. If the birthday boy is a loyal fan, then you can even purchase an annual pass for all the games of his team so that he can witness their every victory.

Surprises for Body and Soul

When deciding what to choose for a future birthday boy at this age, it should be borne in mind that your present can be not only useful but also simply pleasant, sweet. Memorize the options for pleasant gifts for the birthday 50 years old:

  • A special set for visiting a steam room or sauna. Does a man love to steam the bones from time to time? Then no problem – present the all-inclusive set: a bath sheet, a good broom, a set of oils for the sauna, a special mug for drinks, etc .;
  • Massager. For an energetic and active representative of the stronger sex, get a massager for relaxation and stress relief. Or select a unit with a heating function. It is good for the body and pleasant for the soul;
  • Subscription to the best gym. Opt for an annual membership that helps you keep fit;
  • Certificate for a special test drive of the car. Well, what real man doesn’t like cars? So this surprise will definitely please you, especially if you choose the opportunity to ride a racing car.

What to Give a Man for 50 Years

Choosing a gift for a 50-year-old man, in fact, is not such a difficult task. And all because the representatives of the strong half of humanity are open at this age to everything new – they are interested in mastering modern technology and gaining life experience, and at the same time, they will be happy with a practical gift that will make life and daily routine more comfortable.

  • Set for Nordic walking. A set for Nordic walking will help keep your body in good shape and your morale in vigor. It can be used anywhere – outdoors, at the stadium, on the beach, in the forest – wherever the birthday boy wants to exercise.
  • Men’s bathrobe. Not only women love to wrap themselves in a cozy terry robe after bathing procedures! Male models look no less stylish and delight with a variety of styles and colors.
  • Hammock. An ideal gift for a man who has a country house or summer cottage. Hanging up the hammock, you can indulge in your favorite activities right in the fresh air – reading, doing crosswords or listening to music, etc.
  • Electric blanket. An actual gift for a man of age is an electrically heated blanket. By pressing just one button, the blanket heats up to a comfortable temperature and pleases its owner with pleasant warmth on cold evenings. The special electrical fiber with which the blanket is stitched is absolutely fireproof.
  • Bio fireplace. An original birthday gift will be a bio fireplace, which with stunning realism will convey all the comfort and warmth of a living, crackling fire. Some models may be equipped with appropriate music that simulates the sounds of a real fire.

The overall impression of the gift depends on the effective presentation! Just do not overdo it with the design – a restrained range of shades and a minimum of decorative ornaments will be most appropriate.

And How to Surprise a True Motorist?

It is much easier to buy something for an enthusiastic person. Anything directly related to hobbies will do here. If a man has an “iron horse,” choose interesting accessories for a 50-year-old car:

  • Convenient thermo mug for hot drinks. She works from a cigarette lighter and is always useful for a man on the road;
  • Natural leather cover for a car steering wheel. This stylish accessory is best chosen to match the color of the car’s finish. It will give the interior a touch of originality;
  • Compact holder for mobile. Such a convenient thing will help the phone to be always at hand, and the driver – to comfortably and safely answer calls;
  • Set of auto tools. A perfect present for a motorist, including a variety of keys, screwdrivers, etc.
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Attention: Please note that it is incorrect to remind a man of his age and present something from the category of diplomas or certificates “Thank you for the years of fruitful work,” etc. They can offend the feelings of the birthday person.

A Hobby Gift Is Always a Joy

Presentations made taking into account the hobbies of the recipient always give unspeakable joy. Therefore, with such a gift to a man for 50 years old, you will not go wrong.

  • An instance for the collection. If the birthday boy collects stamps or coins, find a rare specimen. And for a collector, for example, a wristwatch, buy a suitable box. If a man collects old records of his favorite performers, buy for him one that will be his joy.
  • Auto accessories. You can give a cup that works from a cigarette lighter, a leather steering wheel cover, a DVR, seat covers, a car refrigerator. Truly, the list of presents for a motorist is endless, but try to take a closer look at what you need to buy for the interior or trunk of a car.
  • Things for a summer residence. You can also make a long list from gardening tools to a hammock, from rare seeds to comfortable sun loungers, from garden lamps to a comfortable wheelbarrow for transporting crops, from a mini-smokehouse to a barbecue and more.
  • Chess design work. It can be backgammon, checkers, and a set for poker.
  • Sports hobbies can be supported by appropriate presentations. You can present the hero of the occasion with a home trainer, a punching bag and gloves, wristbands, kettlebells, dumbbells, a waterproof clock for the pool, a gym membership.
  • Everything for interesting cooking. Yes, there are men who love to cook. In this case, you should think about an excellent set of knives, a brutal men’s apron, an interesting cutting board, and maybe about various options for kitchen appliances.
  • Items for fishing, hunting, tourism. With such hobbies, a tent and a lamp for it, a sleeping bag, an external battery for a gadget, special dishes, a convenient flashlight, and thermal underwear will come in handy.

To hit the bulls-eye with a present for a hobby, you need to know perfectly the favorite activities of the person to whom you are going to give the gift. Then you will definitely buy what is in the sphere of interests of the hero of the occasion.

A Neutral Surprise Is a Good Option

Do you know little about the tastes and interests of the hero of the occasion? Then neutral surprises for a 50-year-old man are the ideal choice:

  • Comfortable, elegant planning is a cool surprise idea for a business person. But this kind of thing should be of high quality and preferably leather-bound;
  • Beautiful picture. Most popular in a series of neutral surprises. It can be done in oils, watercolors, etc .;
  • Quality stationery set. This surprise will always come in handy for a businessman. And the best material for him is natural wood and stone;
  • Convenient wall model of the weather station. Stylish item as a present;

What Can You Give to an Unfamiliar Person?

Are you invited to the celebration, but you really don’t know the birthday boy? Well, even in this case, we will help you decide on the gift. In such a situation, it is best to give preference to the classic and always appropriate options:

  • A well-known literary work for men in a gift edition, which will be an excellent addition to the personal library of the hero of the occasion.
  • Stylish diary for recording important information. A thing that is necessary for any person and at any age, so such a present can be presented to absolutely any man.
  • A bottle of an elite alcoholic drink. An excellent present for a gourmet who will appreciate your choice.

As you can see, the choice of presents for your birthday person is very large. We have listed only the most appropriate ones that can be presented to a man for 50 years without worrying whether he will like them because these are the best options from the best.

Inexpensive Present With a Modest Budget

Your task is to find a good and at the same time inexpensive present for a 50-year-old man? The number of possible options is narrowing, but you shouldn’t be upset. You can always do something with your own hands or choose a ready-made present “not for all the money.” For the celebration you can present:

  • Stylish tie clip. It is especially relevant when the birthday person likes to wear costumes. You can make a personalized engraving on such a gift;
  • Unusual key-flash drive. And not very expensive, and at the same time interesting and useful! The original design of the presentation will appeal to a man;
  • Unusual photo cup. A variety of prints can be applied to the mug: inscriptions, pictures, etc .;
  • Special handy keychain for finding keys. It is always relevant and responds to the whistle, the keys will no longer be lost;
  • Special electronic piggy bank. Does the birthday boy want to save up for something? Then this surprise will be just right;
  • Portrait of the birthday boy from words. It can be made to order. To begin with, describe the main character traits of the hero of the occasion and with these records, as well as with a photo of your man, go to the photo studio. The result will definitely impress him!
On a note: Even an inexpensive surprise can be turned into something interesting, if you wish, by packing it with dignity. So fantasize! For example, wrap a gift in several beautiful boxes of different sizes at once. So the hero of the occasion will take a long time to disassemble all these packages with interest in search of a present.

What Is a Great Gift for a Man for 50 Years Old?

50 years, as we already said, is just a wonderful age, so your gift should be the same: reasonably practical and useful, interesting and not boring, memorable and not trivial. Here we will share the best gift options, as well as great gift ideas for men who have everything or who don’t need anything else to be happy.

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Note: When choosing a present for the hero of the occasion, in this case, it is best to focus on pleasant emotions. For example, present him with something related to his hobby or hobby that he likes to indulge in his free time. Gifts for the home are also not bad because at this age men more than ever begin to appreciate home comfort and warmth. Win-win options are presentations-impressions that leave indelible emotions in the memory for many years.

Chic Surprises for Dear Men

At fifty years of age, these kinds of surprises are especially appreciated. In adulthood, it should not be appropriate to give things from the category of “anyhow.” Choose a status surprise for the birthday person at 50:

  • Really exclusive cufflinks made of various precious metals. Inlaid with stones is acceptable, with which the cufflinks will become more presentable;
  • Men’s jewelry. Imagine that such products are adored not only by fair sex but also by brutal men! You can present an original bracelet or an exclusive ring;
  • Status pen of the Parker brand. Why not please a man with such a super-present, if funds permit?
  • Modern digital pen. This thing has an electronic memory and therefore remembers everything that it writes;
  • An exciting journey. Every man from time to time, dreams of a good rest. There is plenty to choose from: an extreme hike in the mountains, a joint trip with friends to a fashionable resort, a weekend in a good country club with SPA programs.
Tip: For true connoisseurs of all kinds of adventures, a certificate is best suited, in which a whole range of all kinds of experiences is presented to choose from. From them, a man will choose what suits him perfectly.

Choosing a future surprise for a birthday man at the age of 50 is not a very easy task because so much has already been donated … Going for a gift, remember literally all the smallest details. Maybe not so long ago, the birthday boy let slip what exactly he wants to buy for himself or what he has long dreamed of. Remembering this, you can guess exactly what is really worth buying for a man. So you will not only please the hero of the occasion but also demonstrate that you are attentive to his words and desires.

Don’t forget that 50 years old is a special age group. The man is by no means old, but from time to time, he thinks about the past years. He celebrates every birthday with a special mood. So approach your choice of surprise in advance and with care. Charge the birthday person with positive life and excellent mood!

List of Inexpensive Birthday Gifts for a Man

Quite often, on the eve of his holiday, the birthday person asks not to present him with expensive gifts, in many families, this is generally a tradition because on a birthday the main thing is not the price of the present, but the attention shown to the hero of the occasion. So what can you buy an inexpensive birthday present for a man so that he looks decent at the same time? There are always options:

  • Convenient wallet for storing cards, business cards and money.
  • A portable hammock, so that on a good day like this you can have a great rest in nature.
  • A keyring with a search function is a very useful and practical thing.
  • A massage chair cover that helps to relax your muscles after a long day and have a good rest while watching your favorite TV show or reading a book.
  • Original book holders. By this age, the hero of the occasion has probably already accumulated a solid library of his own books, help him arrange them beautifully with the help of convenient holders.

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