Best 50th Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

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For a 50th birthday gift for girlfriend, it is worth preparing very thoroughly. Especially if your friendship has lasted long enough! If you have not yet figured out what to give your girlfriend for 50 years, try to make a present that will not only be useful and pleasant but also emphasize your attitude towards the birthday girl.

50th Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

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Friends – especially those who have gone through many life trials, joys, and sorrows together, always know how to please each other! However, you may find some of our ideas useful as well.

A Useful Gift for a Woman for 50 Years From Her Best Friend

Beauty is wonderful, but no one canceled useful gifts! Moreover, if the present will give a lot of pleasure to the birthday girl.

So, we bring to your attention the TOP-10 useful gifts for a friend’s birthday:

  • Umbrella. A beautiful walking stick or a handy folding umbrella will never be redundant.
  • Dishes. A lover of cooking will appreciate good dishes such as a baking dish or a pastry syringe with attachments. Also, a tea or coffee set, a beautiful candy bowl (preferably with sweets!) It will be a good gift for a friend’s birthday.
  • Textile. An excellent set of bed linen, good quality bath towels, and a blanket – are gifts that will bring comfort to your beloved friends every day.
  • Coffee maker. A coffee lover will appreciate such a present!
  • Manicure set. You can choose a small set in a beautiful case that will easily fit into your friend’s purse and will help you cope with small (but so annoying!) Problems.
  • Hydromassage bath. Add natural aromatic oils to your friend’s 50th birthday gift, and get ready for your friend’s enthusiastic stories after using this fantastic device that gives you real relaxation at the end of a hectic day!
  • Salt lamp or air ionizer. Improving the microclimate of the birthday girl’s room is an obvious health and beauty benefit!
  • Jewelry box. You can choose a finished product or purchase a blank and arrange it individually using the now fashionable decoupage technique.
  • Clock. Wall – any size and shape or a wristwatch everyone needs! Do you believe in omens? “Sell” a gift to your friend for a pretty penny J!
  • Hobby items. For a passionate person, there is no gift more useful than hobby items. Brushes or paints for an artist, a set of spices or a gourmet mill, beads, threads or ribbons for a needlewoman – in general, you better know what your friend will be most happy about.

Classic Options for Gifts for a Girlfriend’s Birthday

The most common gifts that are usually given to girlfriends are those that emphasize female beauty. Why? Because being attractive is important for every woman!

We offer you a list of the most favorite ladies’ gifts that are appropriate for birthday:

  • Perfume. A few drops of your favorite scent can cheer you up for the whole day! And if you have the means, give your friend a personal scent! You probably know your friend’s perfume preferences and will be able to describe her character to the master! Such perfumes are ideal because no one will have them, the formula is absolutely individual.
  • Decorations. Taking into account the preferences of the birthday girl, you can give different types of jewelry for the birthday – from classic jewelry made of gold or silver to handmade jewelry.
  • Makeup kit. You can present to your friend for 50 years a full box of decorative cosmetics, a basket of skin or hair care products. If you are not sure enough about your friend’s preferences, you can present her with a gift certificate for the purchase of cosmetics!
  • SPA day. A whole day in the spa is a heavenly delight! Especially if your girlfriend doesn’t often have to indulge herself with such a luxurious pastime.
  • Accessories. Sunglasses, a scarf, or an adorable stole will refresh your look and will always come in handy.
  • Leather products. Wallet, key holder, business card holder, cosmetic bag, handbag – choose a gift according to your budget!

Original Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend That Will Definitely Not Go Unnoticed

Choosing gifts for a 50-year-old friend, try to surprise her with something unusual:

  • Does your friend love to sing exclusively in the shower or in the kitchen? Present a certificate for a few vocal lessons and studio recordings.
  • Not sure about your own attractiveness? The photo session presented by you will dispel all doubts and raise the woman’s self-esteem.
  • Has the friend completely forgotten about herself in the care of the household? Present a weekend voucher! A few days without hassle would do her good.
  • Not going to celebrate 50 years? Arrange the holiday on your own, agreeing with friends and family “in secret” and amuse the hero of the occasion in full!

Your girlfriend deserves all the best and unusual on her holiday, therefore, turn on your imagination to the maximum and impress, delight, and please your loved one!

What Can Be Presented to a Friend for 50 Years if There Is Very Little Money for a Gift

If you are temporarily limited in funds – this is not a reason to leave your best friend without a gift! Moreover, there are a lot of options for wonderful ideas for congratulations that do not require large investments! Here are some of them:

  • A birthday cake or pie made with your own hands.
  • Bouquet of sweets. Beauty is important for a bouquet, so it is not necessary to choose expensive sweets. And the design can be “spied” on the Internet.
  • Handmade postcard. You can make an amazing card using lace, ribbons, and the finest sincere wishes!
  • A beautiful flower in a pot or planter.
  • Knitted products. A scarf, shawl, or hat with mittens will certainly delight your friend!
  • Photo in a beautiful frame.
  • Book.
  • Glasses case. You can easily sew it yourself, having designed it the way you and the birthday girl like.
  • Theater or cinema tickets. The cost of such a gift is not high, but if a friend loves such a pastime, you will give the most precious thing – positive emotions and aesthetic pleasure!

Even the most inexpensive gifts for a friend, chosen and made from the heart, are more than valuable. After all, the main thing is the attention of a loved one!

What Else Can You Give Your Friend if You Have Been Together Since Childhood?

It is very easy to choose a gift for your beloved girlfriend for her birthday. However, the 50th birthday is a serious date, so it would be good to add something special to an ordinary present, for example:

  • A poem of your own composition will perfectly express friendly feelings! It may not be ideal from a philological point of view, but a friend will undoubtedly appreciate your creation. Write it on a beautiful postcard, arrange it in the form of an old scroll, or draw it on the back of a joint photo that is dear to both of you!
  • Video film. For advanced PC users, creating an interesting video is easy! If you yourself do not have the skills to create a video, involve children, grandchildren, or colleagues in the process. Your task is to collect the maximum number of photos and come up with a text about the birthday girl and your long-term friendship!
  • Friendly cartoon. If the birthday girl is not an overly serious female, please her with a funny cartoon! For example, ask an artist to portray both of you at the age of 10, 50, and 100.

Gifts for 50 Years to a Friend From a Friend

Gifts to a woman from a man-friend are distinguished by their restraint. Agree, it is embarrassing to accept linen or cosmetics as a gift from a man-friend. And only a loving man can give such things, and not just a friend. Therefore, male friends usually give the following:

  • Gastronomic gifts: champagne, wine, candy, chocolate
  • Souvenirs and interior items.
  • Household appliances. Especially if they know what a friend wants: a hairdryer, an iron with powerful steam, or a slow cooker.

And most importantly: it is absolutely necessary to congratulate your friend with a bouquet of flowers! A wonderful bouquet with sincere wishes is the perfect gift at all times.

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