Happy 4th Birthday Quotes & Wishes For a Boy or a Girl

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Happy 4th Birthday Quotes

  • Happy Birthday to a beautiful baby, 4 years old. I wish the little sun good happiness and fun hobbies, good friends and wonderful ideas, a strong love of parents and prosperity in the family, interesting knowledge and incredible miracles.
  • Happy Birthday, dear child! You are 4 years old, magic time. I wish everything in life to be bright, fun and joyful, like in your favorite cartoons and good fairy tales. I wish that miracles fly to you from all 4 directions of the world. I wish you good friends, cool toys, delicious sweets and great joy!
  • I congratulate you, miracle, you are 4 years old today! I wish you wonderful and wonderful moments in life, bright rays of happiness and joy, grandiose holidays and fun games. May only kind people meet on your way, may the world open the doors for you to open spaces of interesting hobbies and funny impressions.
  • Happy Birthday, congratulations! We wish your baby to grow up healthy and happy! May he receive the best lessons in life, become perfect in everything. Will delight his parents with success and achievements. Grow up to be a smart and amazing person!
  • During these four days, honey, I wish you a lot of joyful emotions, success, the fulfillment of your desires and good health! Let life give you only pleasant surprises! I wish you true friends, lots of laughter, smiles, a good mood and welcome gifts!
  • Our energetic bundle of happiness, our beloved baby! We wish you that every step you take is a step towards success and great victories. We wish you to become a favorite of fortune forever so that she loves you and spoils you with gifts, just like we do. We also wish that your seething energy never runs out and was a source of movement towards new adventures. Happy 4th Birthday to you, our happiness!
  • A little sun, but great joy, congratulations on your 4th year of life! I wish you colorful drawings, the sweetest sweets, love of relatives, funny friends, daily success and great interest in new discoveries.
  • Happy 4th Birthday to a wonderful child! These are 4 years of joy, discovery, emotions and happiness! Be the best, healthy, strong and mobile. Be interested in everything and everywhere, obey your parents and smile every day!
  • I congratulate you, sun, happy Birthday! You are already 4 years old, you play cheerfully, make your whole family happy, travel through the countries of fun together with the heroes of cartoons and fairy tales. I wish you to grow up as a healthy and inquisitive child, a cheerful and happy person. Let your parents not scold for petty pranks, let your every day be sweet, bright and wonderful, like your birthday cake!
  • I congratulate you, baby, on your 4th year! I wish you bright joy in life, vivid memories of a mischievous childhood, cheerful moments and good miracles. May every day discover something new and interesting for you, may your parents love you deeply and always give you a cloudless sky of happiness.
  • I congratulate the wonderful child on the 4th year of a happy life. With all my heart, I wish you light and joy, well-being and sweets, parental love and understanding, interesting toys and exciting fun, colorful emotions and many delicious chocolates.
  • Congratulations to a beautiful child on his 4th Birthday. I wish you to be a pioneer in the land of magic and wonders, make great discoveries and pave the way for your childhood dreams, show your abilities and surprise everyone around you with your talents, enjoy life and always wake up in a good mood.
  • I sincerely congratulate the little angel! May happiness and a good mood not leave you alone, and success and perseverance help in the realization of all desires. Grow up healthy!
  • Sunny, happy Birthday to you! At four years old, you are already such a smart and talented child. Happy days to you, happy mom and dad by your side, incredible accomplishments, funny friends and wonderful gifts!
  • Happy Birthday, dear child. At 4 years old, the whole world is open to you, and I wish you to know its bright sides every day. Let mom and dad pamper, let the big sun of happiness shine for the little sun. Stay cheerful and cheerful, inquisitive and sociable, talented and wonderful child.
  • For 4 years now, you have pleased the world with your presence. You are that bright angel who helps us live and finds meaning in life. On this holiday, I would like to wish you that all your dreams always come true and that you are always smart, healthy and beautiful!
  • Wonderful baby, dear child, I wish you a happy birthday. When you are already 4, in front of you is the whole world, a world of bright colors and fabulous moments, a world of good miracles and fun undertakings. I wish you joy, to obey your parents and delight them with your victories, I wish you to meet every day with a smile and a shine of happiness in your eyes.
  • Happy 4th Birthday to a wonderful child! I wish you sunshine, a colorful and fiery world in which there will be a lot of fun, happiness, joy, games, hobbies, swings, toys, sweets, love of relatives and a lot of pleasure.
  • Happy Birthday, sunny. At 4 years old, life is full of discoveries and new hobbies. And I wish you to be an incredibly curious child. I wish you great success and achievements in all your endeavors. I wish every day to be interesting and fun. I wish you never have to be sad. Well, and if, suddenly, the mood is bad, let it be easily corrected with delicious ice cream or a chocolate bar. Let your desires come true. May there be a lot of travel, acquaintances, joys, smiles and gifts in your life.
  • Happy Birthday, our dear child, happy 4th Birthday! Make today’s Birthday the most fun adventure of the year! Let the fun continue after the holiday! We wish you good friends, great fun and an interesting pastime!
  • Happy Birthday, wonderful child. In your 4 years, I wish you sunny days and fun games, interesting hobbies and good friends, bright colors of life and mischievous undertakings, bright happiness on the way and a sweet mood.
  • I congratulate you, dear child, on your beautiful Birthday. May in these 4 years there be the most delicious cake, the most wonderful mood, the brightest holiday and the most interesting day. I wish you joy, good health, an inexhaustible stream of imagination and wonderful fun for every day.
  • Happy Birthday to you, little miracle. You are 4 today, you are the happiest and most beautiful child in the world. I wish you to meet every day with joy, and to spend it with interest and enthusiasm. Let there be many good fairy tales and miracles, let there be many goodies and sweets – as from here to heaven.
  • I congratulate you, bunny, happy Birthday. You are 4 years old – and this is the age for bright talents, curiosity, fun and miracles. I wish that all your desires, as if by a wave of a magic wand, come true, so that every day you can live a fun and healthy life!
  • Happy 4th Birthday to you! I wish you flowers on your way, many different toys, exciting activities, laughter and joy. Let the happy childhood be remembered by games with friends, laughter and praise. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations to the adorable child on his 4th Birthday. I wish you, honey, the fulfillment of desires and delicious sweets on the table, indispensable joy and fun adventures, cognitive walks and exciting ventures.
  • Happy Holidays! You have been decorating this world with your charisma and endless energy for 4 years already. May the days be excellent, interesting games, fun holidays, strong dreams and loyal friends. Congratulations!

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

  • I congratulate a beautiful child on his 4th Birthday. A little sun, great joy, I wish you peace and a good, happy life and great success, fun games and favorite toys, chocolates and a swing of joy in life.
  • Baby, happy holiday to you! Let 4 years of your life leave an unforgettable trace in your memory, which will be remembered with joyful moments all your life. I wish to reach any heights, conquer the world, live carefreely and enjoy childhood.
  • Is four years a lot or a little? But, in any case, this is a memorable and good date. May not only this Birthday and not only this year be wonderful, may the whole life that lies ahead be the best in the world. Happy Birthday to our little hero of the occasion!
  • You are already four years old. Every day your skills and abilities increase, you are already such a smart and small assistant for parents. On this magical holiday, your Birthday, I would like to wish miracles, gifts, ringing laughter, friends and a bright sun overhead!
  • Dear baby! Happy Birthday to You! Let your life be filled with fun and iridescent moments! Let every day be a holiday with gifts and cakes. Listen to mom and dad, do not upset them, and then they will be happy to buy you new toys and all sorts of forbidden “harmfulness”.
  • You are 4 years old today. This age can be celebrated once in a lifetime, let it be unforgettable and open before you the most interesting distances, the most vivid emotions. Happy holiday, baby!
  • Happy Holidays! Let 4 years be a meaningful event filled with fun, laughter and bright smiles. I wish many friends around, happy faces and loving parents who hug tightly and say pleasant and necessary words!
  • Happy 4th Birthday to a wonderful child, an adorable child. I wish you, honey, to live with sincere joy and a kind smile, with a cheerful song and vigorous dances, with good friends and parental care, with exciting games and great happiness on the path of life.
  • I congratulate you, sweet and adorable child. At your 4 years old, I want to wish you fascinating drawing, fun riding on a swing, active walks, beautiful friends, fairy tales, incredible adventures, craft workshops, parents’ attention and the most delicious sweets.
  • I congratulate you, adorable child, happy Birthday. You are 4 years old today, which means that the time has come for interesting hobbies and funny cartoons, wonderful stories and mischievous undertakings, happy smiles and joyful days. I wish you fun to ride down the hill in the winter, to collect the first flowers in the spring, to swim in the summer and enjoy the rays of the sun, and in the fall, it is fun to rustle the bright leaves.
  • Happy 4th Birthday to a lovely and adorable child. I wish you joy, fun to frolic and ride down the fast slides in winter, launch boats along spring streams and collect beautiful bouquets of the first flowers, enjoy the sun and bright summer days, rustle your feet on the autumn foliage and look forward to Santa Claus again on New Year’s Eve.
  • There is no doubt that today we will celebrate that you came into the world and that it will be a wonderful day, with great surprises, visits, and a birthday cake with your favorite ingredients, which you are going to adore. It will be an unforgettable day, my little one! Because you deserve that and much more.
  • Congratulations on these four years, princess! Life changed us completely since we heard the first beat of your heart. You are the best gift God could have given us!
  • Nostalgia invades us when this day arrives, You were so little recently! Much in you has changed! Now you are taller, your hair has grown, you have learned to speak and that fills us with pride, but many others remain the same, your eyes full of shine when you laugh, the sweetness of your hugs and the millions of I love you that you tell us during the day.
  • On a day as special as this, I can’t help but remember the day you were born, how exciting it was and how your arrival changed my way of seeing the world. Since then, unconditional love for you was born in me, and I was always attentive to provide you with the necessary protection and care.
  • I know that those feelings will last forever and that I will be with you for everything you need, I love you, my little one!
  • What happiness it gives us that you have chosen us as your parents. We hope you have a great time and that we continue to see you grow healthy. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, my little one! The youngest of the house turns 4 years old today, and all of us around her cannot contain our joy because she is so beautiful and so lovely! Today you will receive a lot of affection and love, you will have visitors and it is possible that gifts, I know you will be very happy. I love you baby!

Happy 4th Birthday Quotes For a Girl

  • Today my daughter turns 4 years old! She is beautiful age, and she is a beautiful girl, I cannot ask for more from life! With you, I am always happy, and I want you to be happy too, for this, I will always do my best. Happy Birthday, my little treasure!
  • You have more and more confidence in yourself, in fact, you can clearly see how you are shaping your character, and I can say that you are very authentic and special. I wish you never change, I love you, my girl!
  • Happy Birthday, little girl! You have already reached 4 years old, an age as beautiful as you. From the first moment I looked at you, I felt that you were a miracle of life, a gift that came into our lives to make them happier and more fulfilling. You gave meaning to everything that surrounded me, and during these 4 years, day by day, I have reaffirmed myself in that feeling.
  • Congratulations, little girl! Each year that passes is more exciting because over the years, you are more aware that it is your day and it is wonderful to see you excited, waiting for the moment to come.
  • Happy Birthday Daughter! Let’s blow out the candles together so you can make many more wishes! At only four years old, you are already a fabulous girl with a unique personality and a giant heart.
  • Years passed and you learned to walk, you seemed like a big and independent girl. You wanted to do everything by yourself! Even your way of thinking impressed us, you seemed like an old woman with such a young age.
  • Happy Birthday, little girl!
    You are still a little small
    to know it well,
    but soon you will understand
    that you are the
    most important
    and most special person
    in my life.
  • My little princess, you are four years old today, you are so big that I can’t help but feel pride! I remember you when you were little and now that I see you become a young girl, my heart fills with nostalgia.

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For a Daughter

  • Happy 4 years old, my daughter!
    you I learn, with you I have fun,
    with you, I am happy.
  • I want everyone to know
    how much I adore you and how much I love you,
    because you are the light of my days,
    the greatest blessing
    of my entire life.
  • Little by little, we have learned
    to take care of you and teach you many things,
    and your curiosity increased
    with the passing of the hours!
  • Keep it up,
    Smart and loving,
    We are proud
    to be your parents, precious daughter!
  • My daughter, happy 4 years!
    How happy to see you grow,
    see you learn and discover,
    It Is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced!
    Today you will have a special day
    and I know you will love it,
    you will be happy,
    and you will not stop smiling.
  • My little restless daughter,
    always with her beautiful energy,
    is turning 4 years old!
  • You are at the beginning of life,
    and great discoveries
    and events are yet to come,
    and I will always be by your side,
    so that everything is lighter.
  • I wish that
    all your dreams are always fulfilled,
    and that you never lose
    your cheerful and kind character.
    Happy Birthday, dear daughter!
  • You arrived 4 years ago
    and everything changed,
    my happiness grew,
    and my life brightened.
  • Thank you for existing,
    and for always making me laugh,
    I love you!
  • Daughter, we love you! Happy 4 years old! Life is much more beautiful since you arrived. You have a shine like no other! Every day you have a new way of surprising us!
  • Daughter, today is your Birthday and you are going to blow out 4 candles, and while you are doing it, you will close your eyes and make a wish. I will always be with you to see how it comes true or to help it come true. I am fully grateful to life because one day it brought you to my side, and who was going to tell me that such a small person could make such a great love feel and sprout in me. Happy Birthday!
  • Your joy is mine, daughter! It is for that reason that I want you to have a wonderful day full of lots of hugs. As gigantic as those you give us!
  • Sometimes I feel like you are growing so fast that I want to stop time. Remember that for me, you will always be my little one! Happy 4th Birthday!
  • Happy 4 years old, daughter! Time passes very quickly and you do not stop growing, every day you are getting bigger and you are more curious about everything around you. You are always asking the whys of things and interested in knowing everything, and I love it!
  • I will take advantage of this day to show you how much I love you. Happy Birthday, Daughter! Watching you grow up has become my favorite hobby.
  • Never forget how much I love you! I am grateful that you have come into my life to put a perpetual smile on my face. Congratulations because you already have four today!
  • Daughter, today you are 4 years old and it is going to be a very nice day! I have some surprises in store for you, which I know you will adore.
  • Happy Birthday to my daughter, who is 4 years old today! Starting today, we begin a new year, which will be full of enthusiasm and smiles. Because with you, everything has another color and another light, life is more hopeful and pleasant!
  • I really enjoyed when you were a baby, seeing how you took huge steps in your growth, every day was a new surprise, always changing and always learning. You already left that stage behind a little while ago, and it is still exciting to accompany you in this process.
  • Today is a special day, which you love, and it is so gratifying to see you enjoy and feel with you the emotion of your day, the gifts, the visits from family, friends, and friends, to hear you tell me how happy you are … I want you to know that I love you!
  • Today you are 4 years old, and it will be different from the rest of the celebrations because we have prepared a party and your friends will come. I hope you have a great time and that you are very happy in this year that you are beginning, I, for my part, will do everything in my power to make it so.
  • Four lovely years watching your imagination make us believe that anything is possible, teaching us to be good parents and feeling the purest love I ever felt. We love you daughter! May all your dreams come true!
  • The youngest of the family is on her Birthday, congratulations, daughter! You are already 4 years old and you are a champion. You are, without a doubt, the joy of the house, always from one place to another, jumping, singing, running, asking questions, telling stories … And although sometimes I have to get a little mad at you … you never stop cheering my days!
  • Since you were born, you became the center of my life, you required all the attention, and it is incredible how every time you begin to be more independent and want to do things by yourself. You are a true pride, I want you to always continue with your strong character and not let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve what you set out to do.
  • Your fourth Birthday is here, my little one. I have prepared a fantastic day, with many surprises and details that I know you like and that will make you smile. I just want to see you happy and that you always grow up with love, that’s why I will always give you all the love in the world. Congratulations!
  • Happy Birthday to the most special little person in my life, my daughter! Today you are starting to be 4 years old, and you are a real pride for me. With you, each day that passes is a new adventure, and I love seeing how you discover the world. By your side, I have learned a million things, I love you!
  • We have four wonderful years by your side, daughter! Who would have thought that time would pass so fast? Not long ago, you were such a tiny baby that with your face, you made everyone who saw you fall in love. You were so fragile and loving that none of us lost sight of you.
  • Daughter, 4 years ago, you came and revolutionized our lives, of course, in the best possible way. In the beginning, we had to prepare for your arrival, and when you were with us, we learn many things that we began to live with you for the first time.
  • It has been a beautiful time, I would not change it for any other, and today we are going to celebrate for you, my beautiful little one, for all that you are worth, for how happy you make us and because you grow healthy and happy. Happy Birthday! Love you
  • Telling you that I adore you would not be enough to explain what I feel, I long to see you grow up with excellent health and continue telling you stories at night until you fall asleep. Never forget how much I love you and that I will always take care of you, even when you are older!

Short Happy 4th Birthday Quotes & Wishes

  • From that moment, I knew that you would be a woman who would fulfill all her goals and that we would be the luckiest parents in the world to have you.
  • Today we celebrate one more year! This day will always be marked in our lives and in that of all of us who love you. Happy Birthday, little princess!
  • I wish you are very happy and always have that heart of gold. I adore you baby!
  • My pretty girl, Happy Birthday! Every occurrence of yours makes me laugh like never before And you are barely four years old! You have become my reason for being and for smiling, daughter!
  • Close your eyes and ask for many good things because for little angels like your God, it only has blessings.
  • We will celebrate for you, my treasure! We have prepared the best party!
  • Happy Birthday! May God always blesses you with health, which is the most important thing, and we will take care of the rest.
  • Daughter, continue to grow and be the ray of light that came to illuminate our days! Happy Birthday!
  • The joy of receiving you, daughter, invaded my heart on a day like today, and watching you grow fills me with the greatest pride I have ever felt.
  • May your party be as you always imagined and never stop being happy! Love you very much!
  • We feel so much love for you that we just want you to be very happy and have fun like never before at this birthday party. We love you!

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