90 Best 45th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

The 45th birthday is not considered a serious birthday, but if it is mom’s birthday, you should thoroughly prepare for it. Children do not always have money for gorgeous gifts, especially if they are still in school or university.

Therefore, you can ask your dad for them or choose a present on behalf of the whole family. You can also make a pleasant surprise with your own hands. Our 90 gift ideas for a 45-year-old mom will help you make the right decision. If you treat the search for a present with soul and imagination, you will certainly please your beloved mom.

List of Best 45th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

45th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

  1. Flower in a pot. A bouquet is one of the main attributes of a birthday, but beautiful flowers cost a lot and fade quickly. You can grow a beautiful flower yourself by buying only a pot and seeds or a sprout. And you can also grow a gift for mom, for example, a delicate violet, from a small leaf begged from friends,
  2. Elegant apron. If mom loves to cook and is happy to tinker in the kitchen, a beautiful apron will be a great present for her.
  3. Dishwasher. If you can afford such an expensive gift, it will definitely please your mother because it will significantly ease her kitchen chores.
  4. A mixer is a useful and inexpensive kitchen gadget for everyone.
  5. Photo frame. A cute frame with a soulful family photo is a great gift for a loved one. You can make a beautiful frame with your own hands. It will be within the power of elementary school students.
  6. Blender. It will come in handy not only for preparing meals for the whole family but also for preparing healthy smoothies for yourself.
  7. Steamer. If mom monitors her health and tries to eat only wholesome food, your present will definitely please her.
  8. Coffee machine. The coffee-girl mom will be delighted with such a surprise.
  9. The original mug. You can buy a ready-made mug with your mom’s name or with a cool pattern that appears after pouring a hot drink. And mom will definitely like a cup with her photo or a photograph of the whole family.
  10. Pocket mirror. For the birthday girl, it will probably come in handy and will remind of her beloved child. If you choose a mirror made of metal, you can decorate its lid with a personalized engraving.
  11. Wine glass with engraved name or congratulations.
  12. A set of beautiful jars for bulk products – sugar, cereals, etc.
  13. A decorative basket for home decoration or for storing various little things – a very cute present for mom for 45 years.
  14. Tablecloth with embroidery or smart print. It is better to choose a tablecloth complete with napkins. Surely the mother does not have a tablecloth, but this one will definitely not be superfluous and will even become a favorite.
  15. A warm and cozy blanket for the most comfortable stay. You can choose a traditional plaid or a product with sleeves to keep your hands free.
  16. Scarf – warm wool or fleece or fine silk.
  17. An unusual sofa cushion, for example, in the form of a toy kitten or even a luminous one.
  18. Casket. You can choose a compact jewelry box or a slightly larger box for needlework. The chest of drawers looks very cool.
  19. A vase for flowers with a personalized engraving is a beautiful and practical gift for mom for 45 years. Just do not forget to periodically fill it with flowers.
  20. 3D-lamp in the form of teddy bears, the Eiffel Tower, a flower, etc. The choice of such lighting devices is simply huge, so you will definitely have the opportunity to choose a present that is perfect for your mother and fits well into the interior of her house.
  21. Photo album. All mothers collect family photos, so your present will please your mother, especially if you take some beautiful photos and put them into an album.
  22. Mother’s portrait on canvas. This is not a fabulously expensive 45-year gift at all because it can be printed in a good photo studio. Such a picture looks like the work of an artist and will definitely not disappoint the birthday girl.
  23. Jewelry. It is better to choose a beautiful pendant made of gold or silver, decorated with touching engraving.
  24. Hand-made soap. You can cook it yourself or buy it from a master. You should try to choose her favorite ingredients and flavors so that the birthday girl will definitely like the present.
  25. The certificate from the SPA salon is a wonderful gift for mom for 45 years because it will help her to relax and take a break from every day worries.
  26. Beautiful gloves – leather or textile, designed to work with touch screens.
  27. Cool house slippers in the shape of animals or decorated with embroidery.
  28. Electronic book. If mom loves to read, such a gift would be a great choice.
  29. Coloring book for adults. This is a cool anti-stress gift because coloring intricate patterns helps to distract from everyday worries and put your nerves in order.
  30. Cosmetic bag. This is a practical present that will be useful to any woman. And if you decorate it with your own hand-made embroidery, it will also turn out cute and touching.
  31. Warm socks. Especially such a gift will be relevant if mom’s birthday is in the cold season. You can knit socks with your own hands or look for something unusual in stores.
  32. Quilt sewn with your hands in the patchwork technique.
  33. Hand-made jewelry made of beads, polymer clay, wood or other materials. If you are friends with needlework, you can do it yourself. It will turn out to be a very touching and cute present.
  34. Collage of photos. This is another DIY gift. It is better to print it in a good photo studio on industrial equipment and frame it in a beautiful frame.
  35. Verse or song for mom. Creative children can please their mothers with such unusual and very touching gifts.
  36. Travel  – such a gift can be either chic and very expensive or quite budgetary if you choose a short weekend trip.
  37. A quality kitchen knife.
  38. Gym or fitness club membership. If mom has long dreamed of going in for sports, but she doesn’t have enough time or can’t make up her mind, then your gift will be an excellent solution.
  39. Photoshoot. Try to choose the right topic. You can present a stylish photo session that will help your mother feel like a real queen or a family photo session to take all together.
  40. Attending a master class related to the interests and hobbies of the birthday girl. Mom will be happy to learn something new and find like-minded people and new friends.
  41. Beautiful teapot. You can choose something refined, with a delicate pattern or cool, for example, in the form of a bright berry or a funny house.
  42. A set of beautiful towels folded in the form of sushi or desserts.
  43. Home or bathrobe decorated with embroidery on the back or on the pockets.
  44. A phone case with an unusual design, for example, decorated with a photo of the recipient or an ornament made of rhinestones.
  45. Book of a favorite author. It will be cooler if you present a unique personalized edition, but just a beautiful hardcover book will delight the birthday girl.
  46. A set of different spices. You can choose your mother’s favorite spices or something rare, exotic.
  47. Tickets for a concert, opera or theater, whichever the birthday girl likes best.
  48. Hot air balloon flight. It is advisable to go on a flight with the whole family to get a lot of impressions and to feel the closeness and support of the dearest people. True, if mom is afraid of heights, it is better not to give her such “joy” because, most likely, she will simply refuse your gift for 45 years.
  49. Outdoor picnic. If every or almost every year, before her birthday, mom has to hang out in the kitchen for a long time to treat the family with something tasty, try to break the templates this time. Instead of waiting for a treat from the birthday girl, invite her to a picnic, where everything will already be organized by you. All children, father, as well as other relatives and friends, can be involved in the preparation of such a gift.
  50. An exquisitely decorated candle made by hand or bought from a hand-made store.
  51. A set of multi-colored cutting boards for different products will definitely appeal to a woman who loves cooking and perfect order.
  52. Cake or original cake. You can bake it yourself or order it from a pastry chef. An obligatory element of such a gift is an original decor, for example, a photo of the birthday girl on an edible paper.
  53. A puzzle made from a family photo is an original and soulful present.
  54. Bouquet of sweets. If you love and know how to create with your own hands, you can make such a present yourself. In other cases, it is better to entrust this matter to the master.
  55. Multicooker. She will help mom to cope with kitchen chores more easily and prepare tasty and healthy meals without any problems.
  56. Drying for fruits and vegetables. If mom likes to make preparations for the winter, such a gift will definitely come in handy for her.
  57. Flomber . This is a special gas burner for making delicious desserts. If mom is really fond of cooking, she will be happy with such a present, which has long become indispensable in the kitchens of the most luxurious restaurants.
  58. A massager for the face or body is a practical and pleasant gift for a mother for 45 years.
  59. Paraffin bath for hands and/or feet, so that mom can have fun with pleasant procedures.
  60. Photo of mom, engraved in the glass. You can choose a photo of one birthday girl or together with children.
  61. A computer mouse with unusual decor, for example, a pattern or even rhinestones.
  62. Bag holder decorated with bright rhinestones.
  63. An ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizer is a really useful gift for a 45-year-old mom, as it will help to avoid many dental problems.
  64. Waterproof shower radio. This is a great gift for a music lover who loves to listen to music in any situation, including in the bathroom. And you can also take it to the dacha, on walks and to the beach, without fear that the gadget will get wet in the rain or accidentally fall into the water.
  65. Vase with engraving. The simplest glass vase will become a real masterpiece if you write congratulations and kind words to mommy on it. Just make sure that there are fresh flowers in it as often as possible.
  66. Keychain with bluetooth tracker. It will help you easily find lost keys, even if they just lie at the bottom of your purse. It can also be attached to any item that is often lost.
  67. Beautiful hand-made postcard. It can be presented by both small children and adults. And if the mother already has grandchildren, their participation in the creation of a masterpiece postcard is simply a must.
  68. Illuminated mirror – table or wall. It will not only help her to apply her makeup perfectly, but it will also brighten her room.
  69. Cool bedding . You can choose something sophisticated and discreet or custom-made a set with cool photos.
  70. A set of hand-made bath and shower products. Today you will not surprise anyone with ordinary cosmetics, but the original products created specifically for the birthday girl, taking into account her tastes, will definitely please mommy.
  71. A set of makeup brushes and/or sponges.
  72. Laptop bag.
  73. Digital photo frame. If you upload your mother’s favorite photos to it, it will become a very pleasant and touching gift.
  74. Fitness bracelet. It will appeal to an active woman who plays sports or just a lady who looks after her health.
  75. A pen with a personalized engraving is a universal gift for a mother for 45 years because it will be useful to almost everyone.
  76. Electronic kitchen scales.
  77. Gift set of cheeses. If mom loves this product, such a present will be an unmistakable option.
  78. Frameless armchair. If mom loves such unusual furniture, she will be sincerely delighted with the present.
  79. An unusual power bank, for example, in the form of a soft toy.
  80. Unusual umbrella. Your gift should be practical, so choose a high-quality umbrella, a great idea – a product that folds inward. Mom may also like an umbrella with light or with a pattern that appears after it gets wet.
  81. Massage honey with gold is just a luxurious gift for mom for 45 years.
  82. Portable smartphone printer. It will allow you to immediately print good photos.
  83. Chocolate flowers.
  84. Festive fireworks in honor of mom’s birthday. If the birthday girl has everything she needs, and you just don’t know what to give her, you can choose such an unusual and very colorful present.
  85. Laptop bag.
  86. Auto-heel is a practical and inexpensive gift for a 45-year-old mother who is a motorist.
  87. Wall clock with photo frames in place of numbers.
  88. Hairdryer, tongs or other hair care device.
  89. High-quality manicure set in a beautiful case.
  90. Device for drying gel polish.
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Do not forget that the sincere love and gratitude of children is dear to the mother of all gifts and values. Try to remind once again how dear it is to you and how much you appreciate it. This will surely delight mommy and make her 45th birthday even more enjoyable.

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