Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women of 2023

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The Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women: It is quite difficult to choose a worthy gift for a woman who is turning 40 years old. It should be not only enjoyable but also interesting. At the same time, do not forget about the interests and taste of the birthday girl.

It is no longer easy to please women of this age, so we have compiled for you small tips with the most popular and unusual gifts for women, taking into account your degree of relationship or acquaintance.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

We will show you how you can inexpensively and tastefully please the birthday girl.

Gifts for 40th Year Wife

Men often face the difficulty of choosing a gift for their beloved wife. The situation is becoming more and more complicated every year because, over the years of marriage, a lot of all kinds of things were probably donated.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 40th Women

And by the age of 40, a lady has already accumulated a whole mountain of various presents, and the fountain of your ideas is gradually drying up.

But still, there are several options that are considered universal and suitable for most women:

1. Decorative Cosmetics and Care Products

Having settled on such a present, it is recommended to choose the brands that your half uses. But if she is inclined to experiment and try new things, then you can present her with a subscription to secret beauty boxes. Such a subscription varies in terms of validity and can be either a couple of months or a year. It all depends solely on your financial capabilities.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is a standard gift for women of all ages. You can choose the classic version (ring, earrings, bracelet) or come up with a more original piece of jewelry. For example, a pendant with your joint photo inside. Even the simplest piece of jewelry can be turned into a unique one by engraving your wife’s name or any other inscription on it. Let your significant other feel loved even after years of marriage.

3. Fur Products

Fur coat, short fur coat, vest, hat, etc. When choosing, be sure to consider the birthday girl’s clothing style.

4. Spacious Jewelry Box

This little thing is necessary for every woman because you need to put your jewelry somewhere. To make the gift look more valuable and meaningful, it is recommended to choose a box made of natural wood or trimmed with leather, velvet and other expensive materials.

5. Digital Camera

A digital camera or camcorder will keep the memory of your most precious moments for a long time.

6. A Massage Cover for a Car Seat

A modern navigator, a new radio tape recorder or a car coffee maker – for an auto lady.

7. Functional Household Appliances

But it is not recommended to buy such products on your own, as it is very likely that you will choose something completely different from what your spouse wanted. Better to organize a joint shopping trip, giving her the choice.

8. Home Plant

A cute home fountain or exotic home plant for the beauty and comfort of your home.

9. Stylish Accessories

Stylish Accessories like leather belt or gloves, hat, scarf, stole, etc.

10. Gift Edition of Your Favorite Book

Gift edition of your favorite book suitable for those who like to read.

Romantic Surprises 40th Women

Even at 40-45 years old, the female sex adores pleasant moments with a touch of romance. Please your wife with an unusual intangible surprise that will leave warmth and joy in her heart:

A Romantic Trip

The route and duration of the rest depend solely on your financial capabilities. It can be a weekend in Paris, a short vacation in warm countries or vice versa in the mountains. The main meaning of such a gift is the opportunity to spend time together, away from all the problems.

Horseback Riding

Give your wife a real birthday fairy tale. After all, even at this age, many ladies still want to believe in miracles. You can organize a joint horse ride or rent a carriage and ride with your spouse around the city at night. But be sure to take into account the time of year, taking a warm blanket if the DR falls in autumn or winter.

Picnic in Nature

It is recommended to arrange such an event only in the warm season.

Candlelit Dinner

A romantic candlelit dinner is a classic among all the surprises for the second half. You can book a table at the best restaurant in your city or come up with something more original (dinner on the rooftop, on the coast of a river or sea, in a blooming garden, etc.).

Any of these surprises can be completed with a beautiful fireworks display in honor of the birthday girl. Fireworks from real butterflies will be more unusual.

Birthday Gifts for 40th Year Mother

Gifts for 40th Year Mother

Most often, women 40-45 years old already have quite adult and financially independent children. If your mother has a birthday, and you do not know what to choose, then we offer you the following options:

  • Household appliances – coffee grinder, coffee machine, blender, microwave oven, robotic vacuum cleaner, multifunctional steamer, etc.
  • Equipment for the care of the appearance at home.
  • Elite perfumery. When choosing, always consider the taste of the birthday girl and the brands she likes.
  • Flower vases or outdoor pots – for the flower and gardening lover.
  • Home textiles are a must in every home.
  • High-quality bed linen: plain, 3D-printed, photo-printed in the form of an image of your mother or the whole family.
  • Home pet. But such a gift should be chosen only if you are absolutely sure of the mother’s desire to have a pet. You should also take into account her workload and the availability of free time to care for a new “friend”.
  • Furniture – if the mother has long had a desire to change the environment.
  • Porcelain coffee or tea set, sets of other dishes.
  • Electric fireplace for warming in the cold season.
  • An aromatic lamp with a set of essential oils – excellently helps in the fight against insomnia, stress and depression.

A present for a mother can be inexpensive or even handmade. Present her with your own knitted or woven thing, a cake you baked or a little thing made (box, coffee table, etc.). And the purchased gift can be made personalized and unique by engraving or embroidery on it, depending on the type of material from which the thing is made.

Recently, handmade cosmetics and soaps have become popular. They are outwardly beautiful and are made from natural ingredients. Similar products can be ordered from the master. Choose at once a full basket of all kinds of jars and bubbles with natural cosmetics.

Children who understand modern gadgets can create a beautiful video greeting or photo collage for their mother. A more unusual present will be a book dedicated to the birthday girl. It will capture the best moments of her life, complemented by photographs. A flip-flop album with her image will delight mom every day. As a background, you can choose single photos of the birthday girl or your whole family.

Gift for a 40th Year Sister or Girlfriend

If your beloved sister or best friend turns 40 years old, then on the DR, you can give her the following:

  • stylish wristwatch;
  • accessories – gloves, belt, etc .;
  • smartwatches that measure human biorhythms;
  • certificate for visiting a professional photographer;
  • an umbrella that matches the color scheme of the birthday girl’s wardrobe;
  • collection of original culinary recipes with step-by-step instructions and illustrations;
  • a set for tea procedures, including service and a set of various types of tea;
  • a certificate for a beauty salon, massage course or spa treatment.

Both sister and friend are close people, so you should know her taste and interests. If the birthday girl adheres to a healthy lifestyle, then as a present for her birthday, you can choose an annual subscription to yoga, fitness or in gym. For a lady trying to eat right, you can choose a double boiler or multicooker.

The needlewoman will surely be delighted with a special kit for embroidery or sewing. They are “suitcases” containing all the necessary supplies and accessories for needlework. Also recently, diamond paintings have become very popular.

The Gift to a 40th Year Colleague

When choosing a gift for an employee who turns 40-45 years old, there should be no difficulty. The simplest and most accessible presents will be the items she needs for work:

  • stationery;
  • diary, notebook or notebook;
  • laptop bag;
  • table lamp;
  • keyboard, computer mouse or rug;
  • flash drive;
  • a tea set;
  • a beautiful figurine or picture on the table;
  • digital photo frame.

Present for a Rich Woman

The greatest difficulty is finding a suitable gift for a wealthy birthday girl who has everything. It would seem, what else can you surprise a woman who does not need anything? Are there any gifts that she does not yet have? The answer to both of these questions is yes. Of course, even the richest lady can be pleased with a pleasant gift. First of all, we are talking about ideas that give positive emotions, memories or new knowledge:

  • Training courses. Today there are many activities in which you can learn something new. For example, teaching floral art, a foreign language, choreography or unusual pastry delights. When choosing a direction of study, you should take into account the interests of the birthday girl. Even the most successful and financially secure people like to learn something new, replenishing their knowledge base.
  • A wealthy woman on 40 years old can be presented with a personalized medal with engraving. To make the present more valuable and meaningful, you should choose the right words for engraving. For a lady with a good sense of humor, a cheerful inscription is suitable, and for a serious woman – words that awaken pride.
  • Portrait on wood or canvas. Another option is a modular picture. If a lady has high self-esteem and loves everyone’s attention, then choose her own portrait. It can be a simple picture from a photo or a canvas on which she will appear in the form of her beloved heroine. You can also order a painting with her family or just a beautiful image of nature, animals, historical sights, etc.
  • Certificates in a spa or beauty salon. But you have to be careful with this gift since wealthy women usually already have their own permanent masters. Before buying a certificate, try to find out the name of the salon that she regularly visits.
  • Tickets to the theater or a performance by your favorite musician. If the birthday girl is an ardent lover of the theater, then you can please her with a subscription for the full theater season.
  • Sea cruise tickets

Even rich ladies will not refuse a “sweet” gift. But don’t give her banal sweets like a box of chocolates from a nearby store. Better to please her with a chocolate, marshmallow or fruit bouquet. You can also choose real handmade chocolate made to order.

Original but Inexpensive Gifts

Original but Inexpensive Gifts

It is possible to please a 40-45-year-old birthday girl even in the absence of a large material income. There are many interesting presents worth up to 1000 rubles that will be pleasant to many women:

  • Book.
  • Lamp.
  • Heated mug.
  • Photo souvenir.
  • Small desktop fan.
  • Tickets for the show.
  • A set of hygiene, cosmetic or bath products.
  • Headphones or an inexpensive headset.
  • Collection of favorite compositions.
  • Inexpensive kitchen utensils – cutlery for slicing vegetables and fruits, saucers, baking tins, etc.
  • Subscription to masterclasses, training or lectures in areas that may interest the lady (sales, coaching or public speaking – for career advancement; professional photography or drawing, dancing or vocals – for creative individuals; makeup artist or cooking school – for yourself “Beloved”).

Deprecated Presentation Options

One of the most popular gifts for women of all ages is cosmetics and beauty products. But when choosing them, you should be careful, since there are certain subtleties of choice, especially for women over 40 years old.

It is not recommended to give age-related funds since the birthday girl may regard such a gift as an indication that she is far from young. Even if she uses such means, let her acquire them herself. On such a solemn day, every woman wants to be happy and beautiful, and such gifts indicate her shortcomings.

Also, you should not give a woman underwear and other intimate gifts unless the birthday girl is your other half. Plus, you’re probably going to be wrong with the size because it’s unlikely a woman shares with you such personal things as the size of her underwear.

Top-43 Best Gifts in One List

The most popular gifts that are most often given for birthday to women 40-45 years old:

  • Decorative cosmetics, care cosmetics or perfume.
  • Jewelry or high-quality costume jewelry.
  • Stylish wristwatch.
  • Fur.
  • Scarf or stole.
  • Fashionable wallet, clutch or handbag made of genuine leather.
  • Umbrella.
  • Casket.
  • A selection of different types of tea or coffee, complemented by sweets.
  • Elite alcohol in a gift box.
  • A portrait of a birthday girl or a painting on wood, canvas, leather.
  • High-quality bed linen set.
  • Home Appliances.
  • Original vase.
  • Photo souvenirs.
  • Massage device at home.
  • Equipment for home face and body care, as well as manicure and pedicure.
  • Footbath.
  • Blanket with sleeves.
  • Personalized bathrobe.
  • Portable bio fireplace.
  • Training apparatus.
  • Laptop, netbook, tablet.
  • Modern smartphone.
  • Computer leather chair.
  • Computer accessories (flash drive, headphones, keyboard, mouse, rug).
  • Leather folder for documents.
  • Diary or organizer with a beautiful cover.
  • Brand pen (can be engraved).
  • Gift edition of your favorite book.
  • Table or wall clock.
  • A modern coffee machine for home or work.
  • A photo album or photo frame (simple or electronic).
  • An exotic plant for the home or office.
  • Certificates for cosmetology and anti-aging procedures, as well as for a massage course.
  • Subscription to a fitness club, yoga class or gym.
  • Subscription to various training courses and masterclasses.
  • Certificate for the purchase of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.
  • Studio photography.
  • Diamond painting or needlework kits.
  • Theater or concert tickets.
  • A portable refrigerator, barbecue or grill set for the outdoor enthusiast.
  • Car accessories.

Useful Tips

Don’t just choose a gift for DR for a woman 40 years old. Everyone understands that a present should be valuable and useful. But most ladies of this age already have everything they need, which greatly complicates the choice. Here are a few tips to help you find the gift you really need:

  • Think about your choice in advance. Start thinking about your presentation options a few weeks in advance. If you are not so familiar with the birthday girl to know her tastes and hobbies, then you just have time to find out.
  • To make the gift more practical, choose not one item but a set at once. Such a gift will be more functional and significant than a single one. It can be a set of inexpensive but necessary items. For example, deciding to present a lady with a beautiful tablecloth on the table, supplement it with suitable napkins, and the coffee service with a set of elite varieties of “invigorating” coffee drink.
  • Do not give a woman comic gifts and small souvenirs. At this age, she will no longer appreciate such things.
  • Pay special attention to the packaging, as the fairer sex will notice not only the content of the gift but also how it was presented. Choose a pretty paper, bag or box.
  • Any present should be complemented with a beautiful bouquet. It can be either a floral or a fruit arrangement, depending on the birthday girl’s preferences.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Woman

  • You, beauty, are 40 now!
    So let there be a heap of gifts,
    Many long-awaited Guests,
    Sea of ​​the most glorious surprises!
  • Forty-one to this pretty lady!
    So people will hardly say about you.
    After all, you look exactly 30,
    Thalia, eyes – you can’t help falling in love!
  • You are 42 today!
    So let good luck embrace,
    And dizzy
    From super happiness, not otherwise!


Buying a birthday present for an independent adult woman is a responsible and sometimes tedious task. It is necessary not only to buy a gift for a “tick” but also to show respect for the birthday girl and her interests.

When choosing a present, you need to take into account its taste and the level of your relationship. For example, for a relative, sister, friend or beloved woman, you can give a more expensive item than just a work colleague.

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