Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

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Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom: Every child wants to give his mother a special gift that can surprise and delight, but for a woman, the present itself rarely matters because she is pleased with any display of attention from her beloved child.

Often, doing something with your own hands can bring more satisfaction than an expensive gadget or money sent by mail.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

List of 25 Best Gifts for Mom for 40 Years

A birthday gift for a mother, regardless of age, should be the best because this is a close person whom you want to delight and inspire.

25 gifts that will delight every mom:

  • Modern smartphone.
  • Jewelry: bracelet, ring, medallion.
  • Fur product: fur coat, hat.
  • A certificate for a cosmetics store.
  • Spa certificate.
  • Traveling for her alone / with a child/husband/grandchild to another country or sanatorium.
  • Rocking chair.
  • The tablet.
  • Gold wristwatch.
  • A large birthday cake with an original design.
  • Unusual bouquet of flowers (51 or 101 roses).
  • Rubbed on canvas.
  • Leather wallet.
  • Notebook.
  • Plasma TV.
  • Nice bag.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Mom’s favorite perfume.
  • Collage of family photos.
  • Concert/theater tickets.
  • Home theater.
  • Interesting lamp (table, floor).
  • Handmade box.
  • A set of pillows.
  • Coffee machine.

As a result, a birthday girl can please a lot: household items, emotions, mementos and even sweets.

Mom is a native person who tries for children and is always worried about their well-being and prosperity. If there is no opportunity to present something expensive and valuable, then there is no need to take out a loan or borrow money, this can upset a woman because she knows the financial situation of her children. You need to choose a present according to your means, it is advisable to give preference to items that are in the area of ​​needs or desires.

What to Give a Classic Mom for Her 40th Birthday From Children

When ideas do not come to mind at all, and while reading the tips, the very necessary present still does not pop up, we recommend that you think about what to give your mother a classic for her 40th birthday. After all, it is this category that can rightfully be considered universal since there is no need to think about who works or what lifestyle a woman leads.

  • Jewelry box so that it has a place to store precious things.
  • Stylish gloves, choose classic or elongated, depending on mom’s taste.
  • A cosmetic bag can be purchased as a mini-version so that it fits in a purse, as well as a more capacious model for storing all items.
  • A beautiful vase for fruit is useful in every home, you can choose, depending on the budget, an option made of plastic or glass.
  • Photo frame collage, be sure to choose the most beautiful pictures of the birthday girl and family frames to insert them into the big picture.
  • Wallet, you can choose a bright color to lure money. But remember, when buying such a present, you must definitely invest a coin, since it is not recommended to give it empty.
  • Housekeeper “Family” is a necessary thing so that when entering the house, you can hang the keys in one place, and they are not lost.

And also, you can familiarize yourself with an additional list of classic gifts for 40 years for mom from your beloved children:

  • night light;
  • a teapot and a few cups;
  • coffee service;
  • clutch;
  • plasma lamp;
  • three-level stand for sweet treats.

In addition to your mom’s birthday present, buy and sign a card to keep it as a keepsake. Or you can do it yourself, for this, show all your creativity, talent and create a small masterpiece.

What to Give Mom for 40 Years From Her Daughter

Girls are by nature more sentimental and a similar warehouse is formed from an early age. Of course, when it comes time to choose what to give a mother for 40 years, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14 years old try to choose warmer and more memorable surprises. This choice is complicated by the lack of a good amount for a present, so you have to consider only inexpensive ideas, but this does not make them worse.

  • A warm blanket will pleasantly please mom because on cool evenings, she will be able to wrap herself up and remember that her beloved daughter gave it to her.
  • A home flower in a pot, try to buy exactly the plant that she does not yet have in her collection.
  • A mug with a photo of mom or a touching inscription for her.
  • Gel-impregnated gloves and socks to keep the skin soft and pleasant.
  • The souvenir money tree will be a kind of home talisman attracting wealth to your mom.
  • Stylish passport cover that also has a compartment for storing bank or discount cards.
  • A breakfast table, such things will be beneficial for those who like to have a snack in bed under an interesting TV series.

And also, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our selection of gifts for 40 years for a mother from a daughter of 15, 16, 17 and 18 years old. At this age, pocket expenses increase slightly, and if desired, there is the possibility of a summer part-time job, so there is much more money for a surprise:

  • Tickets for a concert or a theater, but it is worth remembering that if there is an opportunity to buy several of them, then it is better to do so so that mom does not have to go to the performance alone.
  • A mirror with neon lighting will always come in handy for a woman, with the help of it, it will be possible to see any problem area on the face without the need to connect additional lighting.
  • Order a photo session for your mom for an hour from a professional photographer; it’s good if they apply makeup for free in front of her.
  • Terry dressing gown, the length is better to choose depending on preferences. If funds allow, then order a personalized embroidery in the studio.
  • Cosmetics, older daughters can already choose the cosmetics or creams that mom needs. Be sure to keep in mind that it is best to purchase the same series that she uses.
  • The pedigree book will be of interest to a woman who seeks to learn more about all relatives, subsequently, it can be passed on to future generations.

A gift for a mom from a daughter can be made by hand. The most important thing is to remind her once again that the most important thing in her life is family.

Useful Gifts for Mom From Son

Men think differently from women. In all presentations, they are looking for practical use, including in a gift for mom for 40 years birthday. You can choose from the following:

  • Food processor.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • A vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter.
  • Plaid.
  • Tea-set.
  • Birthday girl’s car accessory.
  • Blender.
  • Coffee grinder.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Book.

It is better to buy a bouquet of flowers and sweets for any gift. Compliments like these are important for the fair sex. They help create a festive atmosphere.

Classic Is a Tradition That Will Never Let You Down

For every occasion of life, there are gifts that will never let you down and are suitable for absolutely everyone.

These include:

  • Things that provide comfort in the house: candy bowl, vase, a set of exclusive spices.
  • Jewelry: chain, ring or engraved watch.
  • Wall Clock.
  • The scarf is made of expensive and high-quality material.
  • Pet: rabbit, kitten, decorative dog.
  • Hobby gift: embroidery table, soap set, etc.
  • Interior item: rocking chair, sofa, coffee table.
  • A book by your favorite author or collectible editions of classic literature.
  • Car or accessories for it.
  • Perfumes: aromatic and essential oils, perfumes.

Advice! If a choice is made towards such personal items as perfume, clothing or cosmetics, then the tastes of the woman should be taken into account. It is necessary to come up in advance and find out the attitude to a particular subject, when it is impossible to conduct secret intelligence, then you can ask directly. There will be no surprise, but disappointment will be avoided.

Original 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Mom’s birthday is a reason to give her something unusual in order to fill her life with bright colors. Original presentations are practical, interesting, memorable, etc., but the main point is to surprise and amaze the imagination.

To achieve the goal will help:

  1. A set of personalized dishes “For the best mom for the holiday” or “Ideal mom”. It can include a plate, spoon, fork, and mug.
  2. A portrait on a historical theme with a photo of mom, where she is in the image of a queen or a goddess.
  3. Convertible table.
  4. “Grow your luck” gift set. The gift is soil and clover seeds. When they sprout, an island of luck and good fortune is formed.
  5. Certificate for courses in acquiring skills and mastering a new hobby or profession.
  6. Organization of a celebration with a circus show or clowns.

Mom needs to give not only the usual classic gifts but also amazing ones that no one else has. She will be able to boast of them in front of her friends and will be proud that the child showed imagination, took the time to choose.

Gifts Depending on the Hobby

Mom, like no one else, will find applications for everything in the house. For the 40th birthday, you can give a useful thing that she will use in everyday life or for personal purposes. But at this time, he will always think about his child mentally thanks. If mom has a hobby, then you can give her a gift associated with him:

  • Sports: inventory, match ticket, fitness subscription;
  • Painting: easel, set of paints, brushes.

They say that a hobby is the best job. Focusing on promoting and developing her online store where they can sell their creations is a good investment for the future.

1. Gifts for the Cook

For lovers of cooking, the following is suitable:

  • Freezer.
  • Bread maker.
  • Mixer.
  • Confectionery syringe with attachments.
  • Silverware.
  • Toaster or waffle maker.
  • A cookbook with original recipes or national dishes.
  • Master class on cooking an interesting restaurant dish.
  • Refrigerator or freezer.

Nowadays there are many technical devices for preparing dishes, and for serving there is a large selection of beautiful dishes.

2. Gifts for the Housewife

For keepers of the hearth and comfort, great gifts will be:

  • blankets;
  • a set of pillows, you can apply a photo of family members, grandchildren, a beloved pet, etc.;
  • aroma lamp with essential oils;
  • home cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaner, steamer, etc.);
  • carpet, bedside rug;
  • a flower in a pot or an ornamental fruit tree;
  • A trip to a beauty salon and a subscription to beauty and health centers.

3. Gifts for the Music Lover

For women who cannot imagine their life without music, the following are perfect:

  • Music Center.
  • Portable speakers.
  • Sheet music, audio recordings, microphone.
  • Collection of songs of your favorite artist.
  • Musical instrument (guitar, grand piano, violin).
  • Vinyl records.
  • Wireless headphones.
  • Concert ticket

If a woman likes a certain style of music (blues, jazz, classical), then you can invite an orchestra or performer to the celebration, who will perform your favorite songs.

4. Gifts to the Fashionista

For those who keep up with fashion, the following are suitable as a gift:

  • Certificate in a clothing boutique.
  • A scarf, shawl or stole of a well-known brand.
  • Nice and stylish boots.
  • Gloves.
  • The dress.
  • Bag or clutch.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Hat.

A fashionista mom will be happy with any gift from a child, but if there are doubts that the item will be liked or will correspond to tastes, then it is better to agree on a purchase or present a shopping certificate.

Advice! To please a fashionista with a new wardrobe item, you need to invite her to shopping on the eve of the holiday and observe what she likes, then clarify why she decided not to buy and what she would like to do. Imperceptibly ask the seller to postpone the product and return for it later. Thus, you can still select jewelry when you need to know the exact size.

40th-Birthday Impressions

If there is no desire to present something material, you can give emotions:

  • PHOTO SESSION. Beautiful makeup, hairstyle, dress, photographer – all this will make Mom’s Birthday unforgettable
  • Flight in a hot air balloon or in a wind tunnel.
  • Horse riding lesson.
  • Visit to the pottery workshop.
  • Tickets to the cinema, where a slide with congratulations will appear on the screen before the screening (the service is not provided by all cinemas).
  • Riding a sports car or go-kart.
  • A weekend trip to local rest houses, to a tourist center.
  • Visit to the dolphinarium and swim with dolphins.

Having made such a gift, it is better to spend time with your mother so that she can share the received emotions with loved ones.

What Original Gift to Give Mom for Her Birthday

For children who want to surprise a loved one with their surprise, we suggest thinking that an original gift for a mother’s birthday can be interesting and non-standard. Now in stores or on the Internet, it is easy to buy many necessary and useful things that stand out from the usual mass of their own kind. For you, we have compiled a selection of original gifts for mom for 40 years, from which she will be delighted.

  • A decorative pillow for a car or on a sofa with a family picture, if funds allow, it is quite possible to order a photo blanket;
  • Find in the archives a copy of the newspaper dated your mom’s birthday and give it as a framed gift. Someone who is good at using editors can add a congratulatory column.
  • Voluminous slippers in the shape of rainbow unicorns will cheer her up and will also warm her in a cool season.
  • Order a cartoon based on the best mom’s photo, such a surprise will pleasantly surprise her, but at the same time, it will not be expensive.
  • Organizer for a table with an aquarium for several small fish and a table lamp is also included.
  • A flashcard in a purely feminine style, such as a shoe, lipstick, cat or mirror.

Additionally, check out a small list of inexpensive but original gifts for mom for birthday:

  • lamp with an alarm clock;
  • puzzle “Black square”;
  • personalized towels for every day;
  • medal or cup “The Best Mom!” or “Mommy is 40”;
  • sensory gloves;
  • Crystal Ball;
  • shower head glowing in different colors;
  • Apron with original lettering.

List of Inexpensive Gifts for Mom for 40 Years Birthday

Of course, every parent understands perfectly well that the child does not have the means to purchase expensive surprises at such an early age, and they are not expecting them. If you managed to accumulate a small amount that you are ready to spend on a surprise, then we recommend our list of inexpensive gifts for mom for her 40th birthday. It managed to collect many different and interesting ideas:

  • photo frame with a picture of the family;
  • fountain pen in a gift box;
  • aroma sticks;
  • a set of foam bombs for the bathroom;
  • tea of ​​different varieties;
  • Thermo mug;
  • lottery tickets;
  • a box of your favorite sweets;
  • slime for cleaning the keyboard;
  • a notebook with a beautiful cover, you can choose with interesting inscriptions;
  • Rubberized cloth in a carcass.

Remember, you can always give your mom a birthday present without big money for a surprise, for example: do a general cleaning before the holiday, iron all your clothes, wash the dishes on a festive day. She will be very happy with an unplanned vacation and will definitely be happy that she has such an independent child.

Diy Gifts for Mom for 40 Years Birthday

Of course, every child can prepare a gift with their own hands for their 40th birthday for their mother, and she will definitely be delighted with anything done. After all, you put your soul into it and tried very hard to fulfill everything perfectly and with love.

  • The smallest children, preschoolers and primary school students, can make interesting crafts, draw pictures or mold beautiful figures from salt dough or clay.
  • If a girl knits well with knitting needles or crocheting, then she can make a scarf for her mother and take in the same style or even knit a cardigan, subject to the availability of a pattern and the required number of threads.
  • Those who know how to make soap can prepare a gift set using a variety of shapes and aromas so that there is a varied choice.
  • Boys can make a photo frame or jewelry box out of wood, but only if they already know how to handle tools. Be sure to handle all edges well to avoid accidentally injuring your hands.
  • Weave a beautiful bauble made of rubber bands or threads, and those who can sew can think of a leather option. To do this, you need to find pieces of old leather things of different colors and put them together in a stylish bracelet. You can always look at detailed instructions on the Internet.
  • Create a photo collage with family pictures, it’s good when there is a photo frame so that mom can immediately put the gift in a prominent place. It is worth choosing only the most significant and important moments for the family so that looking at the college, joyful and positive memories appear.
  • Record a video greeting, you can edit it from photos, combining it with different videos. It’s good if you manage to interview each family member with congratulations and insert them into the video.
  • Bake a sweet treat for Mom. She will be delighted with a postcard cake, homemade sweets or cupcakes.
  • A picture of threads should not be difficult for a teenager. To do this, you need the desired pattern, nails, plywood and threads of the required color.

Thinking over what to give your mom for her own birthday, consider our additional list:

  • sweet treats in beautiful homemade jars;
  • home felt mascot;
  • cartoon or portrait of a mom;
  • decorative pillow;
  • postcard in the style of scrapbooking;
  • a sweet bouquet of sweets.

Tip: Try to get started early so as not to rush your mom’s 40th birthday present. Such an approach will not lead to good, it is better to make it as high quality as possible in a calm atmosphere.

A handmade gift is a surprise with a lot of warmth and light. It will impress, delight and deliver a lot of good emotions that will remain in your heart for years.

Inexpensive but Useful Birthday Gifts

In the absence of a large amount of money, you can still meet a limited budget and please her.

1. Eco-Sets

Eco-kits are now at the peak of their relevance in the context of combating environmental pollution.

There are many ideas, here are the most popular ones:

  • eco sweets;
  • a set of tea or coffee;
  • eco-cube (a wooden box with earth and plant);
  • Handmade soap;
  • a bouquet of dried fruits;
  • A set of vitamins for a year.

2. SPA Kits

Spa kits will remind mom that she is a woman in her prime. This is how you can express your concern. This is the case when the recipient will not perceive the present as an inappropriate hint of appearance.

Gift ideas:

  • Spa certificate.
  • Massage course.
  • Set for manicure and pedicure.
  • Spa cosmetics.
  • Bathrobe or bath towels.
  • Massage Mat.

3. For a Picnic

For lovers of outdoor activities and picnics, good options would be:

  • Basket.
  • A set of utensils for hiking.
  • Grill accessories.
  • Cover. It is possible with a photo or embroidery of initials.
  • Folding furniture.

Knowing what a mom needs to make her a little happier, it is not necessary to come up with something unusual. An organized campfire picnic with guitar songs is also a good option.

Things That Are Better Not to Give Mom for 40 Years

There are things that are better not to give mom on her birthday.

These include:

  • A set of anti-wrinkle faces and body creams.
  • Underwear or a certificate for it.
  • Money.
  • Deodorant and other personal hygiene products.
  • Rags and cleaning utensils.


In conclusion, I would like to note that, of course, it is important that you choose the right present, but remember, for a dear person, the main attention is. And, most likely, you can simply, when deciding what to give your mother for 40 years, stop choosing surprises with your own hands from your beloved children. Listen to advice, they will help you choose interesting options from material things that will be useful in a particular case.

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