Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

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It is not easy to choose a worthy gift for your beloved girlfriend for 40 years, because some little thing will no longer surprise her, and expensive presents between girlfriends are not particularly appropriate, and not everyone can afford them.

Therefore, you need to look for something interesting and/or useful. We’ll probably find some good tips on our list of 99 gift ideas for a 40-year-old girlfriend. These are different options, both expensive and quite budgetary, serious and comic, practical and useless, but interesting. Surely you will find a good tip to please your dear girlfriend.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Here Is The List Of 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

– Stylish Notebook or Diary

You can choose a gorgeous bound product made of expensive leather or order a notebook with a photo of the birthday girl on the cover. A great idea for originals is a notebook with black pages and a white marker included.

– Personal Power Bank

It can be stolen with the name of a girlfriend or other inscription. Also popular are models in the form of various cool objects, for example, a portion of ice cream or a chocolate bar.

– Sweet Postcard

If the birthday girl is not your closest friend, you should not choose a too expensive present. Often, a simple sign of attention is enough, with a sweet postcard that will perfectly cope with the role.

– Cool Personalized T-shirt

It is better to make it to order so that the image is completely unique. You can also use a photo of the birthday girl if she has no complexes about her appearance.

– Home Weather Station

You can choose a desktop model with an interesting design or a more functional one, equipped with an external outdoor sensor. Such a meteorological station will help not only to observe the weather outside but also to make small forecasts of its changes.

– Portrait from a Photo

It can be processed so that the birthday girl in the picture resembles a queen or a heroine from a favorite movie. A portrait that resembles the creation of a famous artist will also be an excellent present.

– Flower Vase

Flower vase decorated with laser engraving. Thanks to modern technology, the name of the recipient, congratulations and wishes in her address and even a portrait of a friend can be applied to a glass or crystal surface.

– Smart Flower Pot

If a friend loves indoor plants but does not always have free time to care for them, such a pot will be a real salvation for flowers.

– The Original Hourglass

The original hourglass with a Time Management valve will appeal to a friend who loves interesting things and appreciates her time.

– Garden Figurines

They will come in handy for a woman who enjoys looking after her garden or flower beds.

– A Cool Beach Mat

A cool beach mat is like a pizza or donut. Also popular are rugs that repeat the design of the covers of fashion magazines. Lying on it, the girlfriend will look like a Hollywood star.

– Desktop Bio Fireplace

This is a very interesting decoration for an interior with a real open fire. Such a fireplace will create coziness and an unusual romantic atmosphere in the house, as well as help to warm up a little.

– Lamp for Drying Gel Polish

She will come in handy for the bail to do the manicure herself and save on visits to the salon.

– A Bathroom Table

A bathroom table with a stand for a book or a tablet and a glass holder is a great gift for a 40-year-old friend so that she can organize complete relaxation.

– Stylish and Practical Umbrella

Choose from a trendy umbrella that folds inward or comes with a luminous handle for easy walking in the dark.

– Floriana

If the birthday girl loves indoor plants, she will like such a home garden in glass and will delight every day. It is very easy to look after him, so even a very busy lady can handle it.

List of 80 Best Gift Ideas for Girlfriend for 40 Years

  1. A personalized clutch purse is a stylish and practical present for a bright lady.
  2. A beautiful robe with unique embroidery, which may include the owner’s initials.
  3. The plan to conquer the world is a cool gift for a lady with long-term plans.
  4. Oscar statuette for Best Actress or the role of the world’s best girlfriend. You can come up with a donation inscription yourself.
  5. Big and beautiful photo album. Usually, women like to store memories in the form of photographs, so your present will find a place on the shelf.
  6. Personalized wine glass. If a friend sometimes likes to relax in the evening with a glass of wine, drinking it from the lovely staff of glass will be even more pleasant.
  7. Hand-painted silk scarf or shawl using batik technique. You can look for something perfect for the birthday girl in stores or order directly from the master. In the second case, you can take part in the creation of the pattern yourself.
  8. Thermo mug or thermo glass. They can also be uniquely engraved or printed.
  9. Ceramic chameleon mug with a photograph of the recipient emerging after pouring a hot drink.
  10. Elegant pen with personalized engraving. It will come in handy not only for a cool businesswoman but also for any woman, even occasionally signing something. This is a truly universal gift for a friend for 40 years and will suit a friend as well.
  11. A set of towels of different sizes, folded in the form of seashells, flowers, desserts, etc. Such a gift will come in handy for any woman, and if you embroider the owner’s name on it, it will also cheer you up.
  12. A beautiful damask for an alcoholic drink.
  13. A set of honey of different varieties. A sweet tooth will be delighted with such a delicious and natural gift.
  14. Cool apron ” Superwoman ” or “Catwoman”. This is a good gift for 40 years to a friend who loves to tinker in the kitchen.
  15. A personalized frame for a license plate is an excellent birthday present for a fashionista-motorist.
  16. Plaid with sleeves made of soft and warm fleece or natural wool. You can decorate such a gift with cool patterns and even photos of the birthday girl.
  17. The table globe bar is a stylish interior decoration for a strong lady.
  18. Named a Hollywood star. A lady who is fond of cinema and loves beautiful things will like such a gift.
  19. A funny pillowcase, for example, with a crown pattern and the signature “Queen”.
  20. Favorite book in a deluxe edition. You can also choose a whole set of books in the beautiful “Big Bosses and Small” chest. The second option is a great idea for a 40-year-old gift to a boss friend or someone who only wants to learn leadership.
  21. Porcelain or glass bouquet. This is a cute trinket that can decorate a birthday girl’s table and cheer her up.
  22. Magnetic anti-stress toy.
  23. 3D lamp in the form of the Eiffel Tower.
  24. Desktop perpetual calendar.
  25. A set of different types of tea.
  26. A vintage-style music audio system is a great gift for a music lover.
  27. A box for various little things – carved or enameled. It will come in handy not only to tidy up your collection of jewelry or various useful gizmos but also to decorate the room.
  28. Wireless headphones.
  29. Certificate in a good spa salon. This is a universal present that can cheer up any woman.
  30. Scratch motivator “The 100 Most Important Things”.
  31. Picture made of rhinestones or amber.
  32. A set of cups for coffee with graceful drawings or even gilding will be a great gift for a 40-year-old friend who is a coffee maker.
  33. Travel pillow for the traveler.
  34. Elegant desktop business cardholder.
  35. Levitating photo frame. This is not a simple photo frame but a very interesting mechanism. The frame, under the influence of magnetic forces, floats above the stand.
  36. A charger for gadgets with a hand warmer function.
  37. The Nepodgorajka auto-stirrer will please the hostess who loves cooking.
  38. A flash drives in the form of a piece of jewelry or supplemented with a combination lock so that no one can access valuable information.
  39. A 3-in-1 humidifier to keep your girlfriend feeling good and looking great. It is no secret that the correct air humidity has a positive effect on health, so your present will be useful.
  40. A coffee machine is a great birthday present for a friend who is a coffee maker.
  41. Holder for a bag with a mirror or decorated with bright rhinestones.
  42. A briefcase organizer for papers with a notebook is the best present for a serious businesswoman.
  43. A dessert plate with a cool pattern on the bottom or witty lettering.
  44. Wireless speaker.
  45. Gym membership. If your girlfriend is still going to play sports, but something is always in the way, your gift will help cast aside doubts and decide to change something in life.
  46. Wall clock with photo frames in place of numbers.
  47. Original handmade jewelry. If the birthday girl likes unusual accessories, choose a personalized birthday present for her. You can make custom-made jewelry, such as beads, polymer clay, handmade glass beads, wood, leather, etc.
  48. Beautiful bed linen with a 3D pattern or plain, made of high-quality natural fabrics.
  49. Smartphone docking station.
  50. Indoor plant in a pot.
  51. The electronic whisk is a great present for the culinary lover.
  52. A box of sweets or other handmade delicacies is a nice gift for a friend of 40 years. If you have been friends for a long time and know the tastes of the birthday girl well, order her delicacies that will perfectly match them and will delight the dear person.
  53. A Thermo mug powered by USB is useful for anyone who spends a lot of time at the computer.
  54. Nice leather wallet.
  55. Warm mink or woolen mittens are a great gift for a winter birthday girl.
  56. Manicure set in a solid and comfortable case.
  57. Certificate from the store. Many women prefer useful gifts and may be upset when they receive another unnecessary trinket. If your friend is one of them, then the most ordinary certificate from the store will be a good gift for 40 years for her. He will give the birthday girl the opportunity to choose something useful for herself and definitely not be disappointed in the gift.
  58. Pocket mirror with engraved cover.
  59. Cosmetic bag with original embroidery or other unusual decors.
  60. A jewelry box in the form of a small desktop chest of drawers.
  61. The fashionable belt for trousers, dresses or coats.
  62. An unusual barrette or hair tie.
  63. A device for hair care and hairstyling. Surely you know what styling a friend loves and what appliances she has, so there should be no problems with the choice.
  64. Beautiful candlestick in vintage style.
  65. Wine bottle holder.
  66. Interactive piggy bank. Collecting or chewing and swallowing coins or bills.
  67. Jewelry stand.
  68. Cute candy bowl in the shape of a turtle.
  69. An original sofa cushion, for example, in the form of a cute animal or even backlit.
  70. A hamster or kitten is a cute birthday present for a good mood.
  71. An elegant stand for a mobile phone in the form of a crystal shoe.
  72. A hydromassage foot bath will be a good gift for your friend for 40 years, will help you take care of her a little and make life a little more pleasant.
  73. An electronic photo frame with your shared photos uploaded.
  74. 3D puzzle is a very exciting birthday gift for a lover of riddles and intellectual entertainment.
  75. Cozy pajamas made of natural fabric.
  76. Magic ball for predictions.
  77. Convenient and multifunctional computer mouse, decorated with an original print.
  78. A lunchbox is a great gift for a woman who carries lunches to work.
  79. An original teapot, for example, in the form of a pretty house.
  80. Home aromatherapy set.
  81. Mat for yoga or other sports.


To please a dear girlfriend, it is important not only to choose a good present but also to pack it beautifully and hand it over. Even simple help in preparing for the holiday can turn out to be an excellent gift for a friend for 40 years.

You can even organize a surprise party or a small prank with the help of other friends. Then the holiday will become special and will be remembered by a dear friend for a long time.

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