Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

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When an important birthday is approaching, you need to prepare well and choose the 40th birthday gift ideas for brother. A loved one wants to present the best surprise so that he will be remembered on such a significant day and, of course, turned out to be necessary.

In the article, We have prepared for you the best 40th birthday gift ideas for brother. Choose what works best for your loved one. As an addition to the present, buy a video card with a screen and create a slideshow from photos. The hero of the day will like such a memorable souvenir because it is original and individual.

How to Choose the Right Birthday Gift for Your Brother for 40 Years

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

The little sister, no matter the elder or the younger, always takes care of her own little man and tries to get the best for him. In this section, we have collected tips on how to choose a 40th birthday gift ideas for brother and what points you should pay attention to.

  • First, decide on your budget, the category of presentations depends on it. Having established clear frames, you can cut off unnecessary surprises that do not fall into the established boundaries.
  • And also, take into account the fact, when choosing what to give your brother for the birthday of 40 years, it is best to start your search in advance. Indeed, in a hurry, people often make rash purchases, which may not cause the violent reaction that they would like to receive.
  • Remember, every man is by his nature a fairly practical person and prefers to receive items that are useful and necessary for the business. 
  • Consider the birthday person’s lifestyle, your choice may directly depend on this. After all, if he is a serious man who does not like jokes, then consider something classic, but, on the contrary, unusual surprises will suit a cheerful person.
  • Consider if your brother has a favorite hobby. By this age, basically, all people have already decided on a job, got a family and, of course, leave their free time for a hobby. If you get a useful and necessary thing for him, then he will be happy. 
  • Submission is very important because it is more pleasant to receive a surprise in a beautiful bag or wrapping paper. The effect of surprise and anticipation plays a big role, so try to please your loved ones, not forgetting about such trifles.
  • Many men prefer not to argue with superstitions and try not to celebrate their birthday for 40 years, if a brother is one of them, then it is best to hand over a prepared surprise the day after the holiday.

List of 45 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

Coming up with different ideas, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the list of 45 best 40th birthday gift ideas for brother. We have collected the most interesting and desirable items in it:

  • travel bag;
  • personalized leather wallet;
  • watches with engraving (you can offer to buy them from you);
  • barbecue set in a case;
  • DVR built into the rear-view mirror;
  • terry warm bathrobe for home or bath;
  • perfume;
  • organizer in the car interior and in the trunk;
  • 3D puzzle “Mechanical constructor”;
  • handmade leather picture;
  • Treadmill;
  • car seat cover with heating or massage effect;
  • B-B-Q;
  • smoker’s set;
  • the desktop organizer made of wood or stone;
  • hourglass with metal chips;
  • home weather station;
  • powerbank;
  • bio fireplace;
  • tools in a case;
  • hookah;
  • surprise box;
  • world map made of wood with backlight;
  • levitating globe;
  • multifunctional backpack;
  • action camera;
  • pulse lighter with initials;
  • car radio;
  • an annual subscription to a car wash;
  • a set for going to the bathhouse;
  • GPS navigator complete with holder;
  • smartphone stand with built-in speaker;
  • laptop bag;
  • rattan garden furniture;
  • wine cabinet;
  • electronic book;
  • coffee machine;
  • a set for cleaning shoes in a retro style;
  • Universal remote;
  • handmade chess;
  • quadcopter;
  • Automobile compressor;
  • Trimmer.

What to Give a Brother for a 40th Birthday

When choosing the 40th birthday gift ideas for brother, try to opt for things useful to him. Be sure to remember your conversations, most likely, they mentioned different items that I would like to purchase.

  • A music center, you can give it to a music lover, but now many people buy wireless speakers, but if the brother loves the classics more, then this option is for him.
  • A gift certificate to a clothing store, but before buying, pay attention to what style he feels comfortable in and is used to walking.
  • Buy your brother something for his cars, such as seat covers, floor mats, neon lights, or a rear-view camera.
  • The book “Family Tree” will appeal to an inquisitive person who is interested in the history of the family.
  • A set for cheese and several elite varieties in a gift basket, you can also add sausage sets with different varieties of smoked meats to this category.
  • Stylish pullover made of high-quality fabric, which will be pleasant to the body, but here you need to know its preferences and the exact size.

Remember that you do not need to insist on giving your brother a 40th birthday gift if he does not plan to arrange a holiday on that date. It is better to give a present a little later, and it will be received with joy and pleasant surprise.

What to Give Brother for 40 Years

When it comes time to choose a birthday present for your brother, the best options are hobby surprises. By this age, each person has already managed to take place, acquire a favorite job, a family and his own home.

In such a well-established and everyday life, everyone tries to find something they love, with the help of which they can relax, but what can you give your brother for 40 years for a hobby? We have compiled a list of the most popular hobbies and selected items that are relevant to their category.

And also thinking about what to give your brother for his 40 birthday, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the additional list:

  • a set of folding furniture for outdoor recreation;
  • cover for fishing rods;
  • MP3 player;
  • Traveler card with erasable layer;
  • holder for convenient storage of documents;
  • waterproof radio;
  • wireless headphones.

If you are planning to buy a gift for your brother’s favorite hobby for the 40th birthday, then try to find out exactly if he has this thing. To avoid the fact that you have already bought the tenth fishing rod, and he still does not have a comfortable chair or box for storing all the paraphernalia.

List of Classic Gifts for Brother for Birthday 40 Years

If you were invited to a holiday with your cousin or even more distant kinship, and you do not know his hobbies, lifestyle at all and generally have scarce information about him, then it is better to choose a classic gift for birthday of 40 years for your brother.

After all, such surprises will be pleasant to many people, and here it is not so necessary to have accurate information about the birthday person. And also, this category is perfect for those who did not have time to prepare a present in advance and are urgently looking for it at the last moment.

  • A set of quality cigars you can give it to a person with a bad habit. He will definitely be delighted with such a surprise, especially if he has long dreamed of trying them.
  • A bottle of a high-quality and expensive alcoholic drink, choose it according to the birthday person’s preferences, for example, whiskey, cognac, brandy or vodka.
  • A dispenser for alcoholic beverages in the form of a filling machine or a fire extinguisher, at any meeting of friends or a holiday, such a serving of drinks will be very interesting.
  • Jewelry for men, for example, cufflinks, a tie or money clip, a ring or a protective pendant.
  • The icon will delight a devout brother, it is worth choosing it with the name of the saint, which was given to the birthday man at baptism.
  • A set for playing poker in a case can be given to a brother who is not averse to getting together and playing with friends in the evening.
  • Home men’s pajamas will be needed by a brother who is accustomed to using them.

Thinking over what to give a classic brother for 40 years, you can add such surprises as:

  • terry blanket in masculine colors;
  • a set of several quality ties;
  • leather bag for documents;
  • a stylish case for glasses;
  • 3D puzzle of a train or plane.

You can dilute your classic gift for a brother for 40 years with a bunch, but of course, not everyone accepts flowers in their address, but a composition of dried fish, sausages or socks will definitely please him.

Original Gifts for a Brother for 40 Years From a Sister

Who else but a sister can present the best 40th birthday gift ideas for brother to please him and pleasantly surprise him. Here you can show all your imagination and creativity because even an ordinary object can be made special and unusual for a birthday person. But what original gift to give your brother for his birthday would be appropriate? We have prepared a list of different options, and from them you can choose something meaningful.

  • The photo crystal will be a good addition to the house and a reminder of your beloved little sister. You can choose either just a beautiful joint frame or some funny photo.
  • A leather-bound diary with additional engraving is perfect for a person who is used to keeping different notes and making notes every day.
  • A portrait depicting a brother, made in an interesting style, for example, from words or in the image of a famous person.
  • Order a congratulatory newspaper “Pravda” for the birthday person, dated on his birthday with an additional column in his honor, and be sure to prepare a classic frame.
  • A photo pillow or a blanket will appeal to any person because it is a good reminder of the brightest and happiest moments in life.

And also, in addition to the above, you can present such original gifts for 40 years to your brother, such as:

  • Slippers for a home heated via USB port;
  • canister bar;
  • a chocolate set of tools or weapons;
  • beer helmet complete with a belt for cans;
  • flip clock;
  • weather forecaster.

Remember, if you decide to put an inscription on the subject, then it should not offend. It happens, it seems, that they have chosen a rather funny phrase, but the birthday boy reacts to it with opposite emotions.

Gifts-impressions for the Brother for the Birthday 40 Years

For your beloved brother, you can always choose an intangible surprise and give it as a gift for the birthday of 40 years from your sister. However, you need to think carefully about what to choose from the diverse range of services. Indeed, depending on the lifestyle, he may like either bright emotions or calm ones. We have prepared a selection of different gifts-experiences for 40 years for your brother and from them, you can choose the right option.

  • For the extreme lover, entertainments such as parachute jumping, bungee, extreme driving lessons with an experienced instructor, go-karting, paragliding, sky surfing, descent from a large mountain in a zorb are suitable.
  • If at the age of 40, your brother is still in excellent athletic form, then you can organize a “City Quest Adventure” for him and his friends.
  • And a person who loves metered emotions can choose to ride snowmobiles or ATVs in picturesque places, fly a jetpack, ride a hoverboard.
  • For a person who prefers to relax more, it is better to choose a general massage course, a visit to a floating room, a certificate for a SPA salon.
  • The quest “In the Dark” will definitely tickle the nerves of even an adult man, you need not only to overcome fear but also to show your wit to find a way out.
  • Help the office employee who spends a lot of time at work and is oppressed by his superiors to release the accumulated steam so that he feels free. To do this, send him to a special room where all objects can be smashed with a bat or just with your hands and feet.
  • But for a lover of cultural recreation, you can buy tickets for a performance, theater, opera or ballet. So he can relax and enjoy watching the prepared program.
  • Sign up your brother for a master class on a topic of interest to him, it can be culinary, dance, construction or any other options.

Try to take into account what kind of character he is and how he used to live, for people with a measured lifestyle, you can organize a small shake-up, but for those who are often in stress or difficult situations, it is better to choose something calm.

List of Inexpensive Gifts for Brother for 40 Years

If you are going to a birthday, but financially there are certain problems, then we recommend that you think about inexpensive gifts for your brother for his birthday. Now, there are a lot of interesting ideas that fall under the category of budget surprises, so we do not recommend hanging your nose ahead of time. We managed to put together a list of inexpensive gifts for 40 years old for my brother, and they will delight him.

  • A classic shirt will be a great surprise for an office worker. However, be sure to find out in advance the exact size of your brother’s clothes so as not to accidentally make a mistake.
  • A portable speaker for music, it is convenient to take it with you due to its small size, and you can listen to tracks through a Bluetooth connection with a phone or a standard USB flash drive.
  • A personalized pen in a gift box, it will turn out to be a valuable surprise because these are not ordinary stationery but a personal item from a dear person.
  • Thermo mug, choose a personalized option, as well as heated from a cigarette lighter.
  • An umbrella cane or in the form of a samurai sword is a useful, practical, inexpensive and original gift for your beloved brother.
  • Smartphone holders in the car, as well as in the same style, you can choose cup holders and an ashtray with the effect of sucking tobacco smoke.

If you can’t set aside an impressive amount of money to buy a present for your brother, choose something of high quality but inexpensive. Attention is most important, not material values. Present one of the following products to your loved one for your 40th birthday:

  • Desktop writing set.
  • Laptop bag.
  • Dumbbells for training.
  • Heated home slippers.
  • Laptop table.
  • Leather key case.
  • Stylish money clip.
  • Car vacuum cleaner.
  • Portable LED torch.

And also thinking about what to give an inexpensive brother for a birthday, check out our additional list:

  • stash book;
  • auto-ice;
  • belt;
  • handmade passport cover;
  • man’s clutch;
  • stones for whiskey;
  • leather bracelet.

We recommend packing even the most insignificant and inexpensive birthday present for your brother in a beautiful and unusual way. It’s good if you come up with an interesting story for the purchased item, which will smoothly go to why it was decided to buy this surprise.

Impressions as a Gift

Men love thrills. Therefore, it is not necessary to give a material present for the fortieth birthday. You can choose a certificate for entertainment. An extreme driving lesson is a great solution. This is a wonderful gift for a 40-year-old brother. In the lesson, a man will learn to enter turns at high speed, go around a sudden obstacle and stop instantly.

You can also give your brother a certificate for:

  • travel by ATV;
  • virtual flight in the cockpit of a jet fighter;
  • boxing lessons with practicing fist-fighting techniques.
  • a rock climbing master class, which means conquering heights;
  • flight in a wind tunnel, during which there is a feeling of free fall;
  • shooting from a sports bow, during which a man will learn to pull the string and aim correctly;

Consider your brother’s preferences when choosing a certificate. Let him have an interesting time and get an adrenaline rush.

What Can Not Be Given to a Brother for 40 Years

Of course, before you decide to go shopping, be sure to study our list of what you can’t give your brother for 40 years, so as not to accidentally upset him. Most likely, if you hand over even the most incomprehensible object, he will try to pretend that he liked everything and he is satisfied, but deep down, there will be a residue, so try to bypass this list.

  • Personal belongings, underpants, socks, undershirts and similar items of clothing that the brother must choose himself fall into this category. Agree that it is rather strange to give underwear to your relative.
  • For too impressionable individuals, try to bypass things that are somehow related to superstitious omens. Society has long had a separate list of things, and it is definitely impossible to hand them over to too suspicious people on holiday: a knife, a tie, socks, slippers, a watch, an empty wallet or a towel. All these things have a special negative history that has arisen for a very long time.
  • Money, many need it, but according to statistics, the envelopes handed over are spent in most cases not for a present for themselves, but for household expenses. So if you want to leave some kind of memory, then it is better to choose a 40th birthday gift ideas for brother.
  • Useless things, empty and incomprehensible figurines, fall into this category. Of course, if you decide to present it with engraving, then it will already be a memorable present and it will definitely be dear to the owner.
  • You shouldn’t give anything related to the kitchen, even to a bachelor. Let him buy such things on his own, first of all, he is a man and the present must be appropriate.


In the article, we have collected many different ideas on what to present to your brother for 40 years old, and you can definitely find a suitable option for him. Please your loved ones and relatives only with sincere surprises, chosen from a pure heart. And also try to follow the tips so as not to make a mistake and find the very necessary and long-awaited present for your brother’s birthday.

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