60+ Happy 39th Birthday Quotes & Wishes

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Happy 39th Birthday Quotes & Wishes: No matter how difficult it may be, never give up. Thirty years is no longer a little, But forty is not a problem! And you’re only thirty-nine! And you yourself find it funny: Even if someone asks, he will not believe it anyway.

Happy 39th Birthday Wishes

  • You are thirty-nine today,
    What a beautiful day!
    I wish, only to believe in happiness
    And in the embodiment of ideas!
  • Let health be excellent,
    And money – chickens do not peck,
    And all dreams, of course,
    will find the Route of accomplishment!
  • Thirty-nine is the date!
    Though it is not round.
    I wish the figure
    This happiness will bring.
  • So that you are immensely lucky,
    There was money and love,
    Strengthened so that your health
    And the excitement muddied so that the blood.
  • Another year has passed,
    Time rushes fast.
    Today you celebrate
    as many as 39.
  • There are already many achievements:
    Home and a strong family.
    Further also to advance I
    wish you.
  • So that health was strong,
    Molodetsky was a fuse.
    Positive and drive through life
    In your heart to boil.

39th Birthday Quotes

  • You are thirty-nine today,
    Just a step away from the anniversary.
    Let happiness knock on the door,
    Success will fly in a jamb!
  • From grandiose achievements
    All your days will be made up,
    And your soul will be warmer
    From pure, sincere love!
  • Even the sun is shining brighter now,
    Even the birds are singing more fun.
    Thirty-nine is a good date!
    Thirty-nine is almost an anniversary!
  • Be loved, swim in abundance.
    And be strong like a mountain.
    Let your whole life be sweet,
    Full of happiness, love and kindness.
  • Happy birthday, congratulations,
    39 years old – to you,
    And I wish you a lot of happiness,
    Joy, in your destiny.
  • Let the desires come true, In the
    distance, call you, the dream,
    Let the sorrows, griefs,
    Walk around your house, always!

Happy 39th Birthday Quotes

  • On the thirty-ninth birthday
    I wish you faithful friends,
    And so that the mood sings,
    As if a spring nightingale!
  • Let failures not a concern,
    Always pass by,
    And happiness smiles tenderly
    And it remains to live with you!
  • Health, like a nut, strong
    Let it never fail,
    But Cupid will hit
    you in the heart with an arrow!
  • You meet your thirty-ninth birthday
    , having gained experience in life.
    I wish you that the salary grows up,
    And each day was even better than yesterday!
  • To make dreams come true,
    The house was chic, like in a museum in the capital,
    And any chance led to happiness,
    And your personality attracted respect!
  • On your thirty-ninth birthday
    May happiness enter your door,
    And in every business, no doubt,
    Incredibly lucky!
  • Love
    will cover you with an immense wave,
    And in a moment pleasant moments
    The whole path in life will fill yours!
  • Thirty-ninth on the way,
    But this age is not a problem.
    Years have passed, and let the
    Bad go with them forever.
  • Be healthy, do not know sadness.
    May the dream come true.
    And so that you are not upset,
    And never be sad!
  • You are the best, I confirm this,
    And happy birthday gloriously congratulate you.
    I wish you health, happiness, mood,
    And a lot of great fun in life.
  • On the next anniversary, friend,
    Catch you congratulations around.
    Happy 39th birthday, with a wonderful date,
    I am very glad to be friends with you.
  • Thirty-nine celebrating,
    You shine with bright beauty.
    I always wish to be so,
    And so that success was with you
  • Let love with the warmth of soul
    Surround you every moment.
    Happiness will be daily
    And only a bright fate.
  • You are 39 years old today.
    I wish you to live without sorrows and troubles,
    So that God would protect you all the time,
    He would save you from life’s losses.
  • Of course, I wish you happiness,
    Hope, a lot of joy and kindness.
    And I give you my congratulations so
    that he warms you any day.
  • I give you delicate flowers,
    May the desired dreams come true,
    So that among the clouds and evil of life,
    fate could please you.
  • Thirty-eight years only,
    You think that a lot,
    You can’t even argue with us,
    This age is just the beginning.
  • Do everything that
    Your heart and soul desires,
    Whatever you think is necessary,
    Achieve, do.

Birthday Poems 39 Years Old

  • Happy 39th birthday, I
    congratulate you loudly,
    This is a reason for fun,
    So hurry up this very hour,
  • Gather everyone’s relatives and friends,
    Set a chic, idle table,
    Decorate a mansion with a ball,
    And a colorful dress on the floor,
  • To become for everyone the queen of the ball,
    And do not hide the bright age,
    After all, 39 is not enough,
    You will fly for another century,
  • And I wish like a woman,
    So that love rules in my heart,
    And I wish bright happiness,
    And miracles of beautiful dreams!
  • A little over thirty? It’s time to have fun!
    And live not according to plan, but from the heart!
    Then trouble will not happen to you!
    And if it happens … we will solve it!
  • At thirty-nine, of course,
    It is impossible to guess
    What will happen in eternity
    Or in five years.
  • But on the other hand, we firmly know that
    with your character,
    Every enemy – we win,
    Every crisis – we win!
  • Be rich and successful,
    and a little tight-fisted,
    energetic and, of course, be
    kind and cheerful!
  • Today even the sun is shining brighter,
    And the birds are singing more merrily.
    Thirty-nine is a good date!
    Thirty-nine is almost an anniversary!
  • Be loved, bathe in abundance
    And strong, be like a mountain.
    Let your life be sweet,
    Full of happiness, love and kindness.
  • My friend, your birthday has come,
    We will speak toasts.
    You are thirty-nine today,
    Solid, no matter how you look!
  • In the family,
    I wish you peace and comfort from the bottom of my heart,
    May it be cool at work –
    Salaries and great awards!
  • At thirty-nine, you were waiting for autumn,
    Well, in your eyes, there is spring,
    It is not soon that life will
    sprinkle with silver Will sprinkle you with silver.
  • And happy birthday,
    I want to love with all my heart,
    And I wish that happiness,
    Was always endowed with!

Happy Birthday 39 Years Old

  • From your beauty, I am thrilled,
    Whatever you want, then covet.
    What the hell is 39 ???
    I believe only in my eyes!
  • You are dazzlingly beautiful,
    Like a slender young maiden.
    Do not dream in vain, Do
    not vegetate one day!
  • Let everything that you believe in
    will be fulfilled And nothing will strain.
    I just want to wish
    you a lot of love in your thirty-nine!
  • At this beautiful age,
    it’s time for happiness.
    You can look easy
    Twenty years old!
  • The children have grown up already,
    There is time to be prettier.
    Let them surround with attention,
    Love, appreciate, please!
  • Thirty-nine is a respectable age.
    Yes, and you are a respectable man.
    For father and mother – pride,
    Support wife, hero of the son.
  • Let in the future, surrounded by friends
    And loved by your family,
    You will not be familiar with sorrows
    And your life path will be straight.
  • Happy birthday, dear friend!
    Thirty-nine! How time flies!
    Be bright, cheerful in the midst of the family circle.
    Let the heart tremble only with joy!
  • Well, friend, thirty-nine?
    Not a girl for a long time, wife.
    Do you remember how together
    We ran away from the yard with you?
  • A lot of years have passed,
    But this look is your mischievous,
    Today, let it
    stay with you under the clink of glass forever!
  • And even if you are no longer a girl
    With a perky scythe,
    Darling! I’m like a boy
    In love with you again.
  • Who can say that your
    life has counted thirty-nine years?
    I see you every day like
    On the day that I met.

Birthday Messages for 39 Years Old Birthday

  • You are thirty-nine years old today,
    This is great and cool,
    I send you a big hello,
    Happy birthday, congratulations,
    May you be lucky in everything, Let
    this wonderful year
    bring you joy!
  • You are 39! From years – not a trace.
    You live in health and happiness always.
    It is easy to fly and circle in the world of light,
    Sing songs, work, love and be friends.
    Let them await you in fate with our submission.
    Wonderful feelings, continuous good luck …
    Bring us
    Your joy, happiness, health and light even before a hundred righteous years!
  • You are 39, and you are so beautiful,
    Serious, smart, flawless and domineering.
    Everyone is proud of you, you make everyone happy,
    With you is a huge inseparable success.
    Let them appear in your life.
    More good and loyal friends!
    We wish you health, love and luck!
    We all wish you a happy birthday!
  • Suddenly thirty-nine number crept up,
    But you are full of energy, and fatigue runs into the distance.
    You have already achieved a lot in life, my friend,
    But do not forget to look around sometimes.
    Around you will notice gentle smiles,
    They say that life forgives mistakes.
    Let time stop its course for a moment,
    And then count down the happy minutes without regret.
  • 39 years is just fine,
    And don’t argue – it will be dangerous!
    The very age to live and laugh,
    To swim in success and bliss.
    We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts, accept,
    This juicy and fresh loaf of love.
    Take a whole load of gifts soon,
    Another year – and you will have an anniversary!
    Find congratulations among the gifts, read them,
    Take kisses on your cheeks!
    All that you want now ask us –
    Everything will come true – hope and wait!
  • Happy 39th birthday! May this year be a transitional stage to a point of certainty, full of confidence, ultimate happiness and true love. I wish you health and luck, prosperity and success, luck and vigor, good mood and joy.
  • Happy Birthday! So your third decade is coming to an end, and may its last year be successful, successful and memorable. I wish you to be an absolutely happy person, in whose plans there are still many victories and achievements. Health, love and friendship, joy, beauty and happiness!
  • On this festive day, I want to wish you a sky clear of the clouds of life, a bright and radiant sun, shining with the warmth of the hearts of the people around you, and caressing like a breeze, the breath of your loving half. Let the house have only good weather, cloudless and without precipitation. Peace to your family, prosperity and prosperity.

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