Best 30th Birthday Present for Friend

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Choosing a best 30th birthday present for friend is a serious and difficult task. This is the age when a guy turns into a man, starts a family, and climbs up the career ladder. The present must be chosen based on his hobbies, character, occupation, and marital status. If you have been friends for a long time, then you probably know about the preferences and wishes of the birthday man. Keep this in mind when buying a gift.

30th Birthday Present for Friend

It is necessary to give something memorable and useful, for which a friend will be grateful to the donor. If you find it difficult to decide, use our ideas. Gifts are categorized to help you choose the perfect one.

TOP 40 Best Gifts for 30th Friend

The anniversary is usually celebrated on a grand scale, they order at a restaurant, go on a picnic or to a country house. Therefore, the gift must be appropriate. Here are the most popular options:

  • Gadgets – smartphone, tablet, e-book, or laptop.
  • Wristwatches with engraving, the more expensive alternative are smartwatches.
  • Fitness bracelet – an active and sporty friend.
  • Action camera with a holder for it – you can always take it with you.
  • “Smart Home” system for controlling all types of household appliances.
  • A quadcopter with a camera is an exciting toy for adult guys.
  • Plasma TV with a large diagonal from all friends.
  • The camera is a technique of the necessary parameters.
  • Electric scooter with electric drive for a comfortable ride.
  • Power Bank is a portable charger.
  • Game console for computer game lovers.
  • Globe-bar desktop or floor on legs.
  • Home mini-brewery – a friend will prepare a delicious foamy drink.
  • Coffee machine for making coffee at home.
  • Decorative map of the world on the wall with a backlight.
  • The Steering wheel weather station is a modern device and has a stylish interior detail.
  • Manual wood splitter for home, fireplace, cottage, bath, safe wood splitting.
  • Brand name wireless headphones.
  • Smoke machine for organizing fun parties and parties at home.
  • Handyman’s toolbox.
  • Souvenir weapons – crossbow, samurai sword, saber, bow.
  • A handy leather travel bag for a friend who often travels.
  • Electric shaver or trimmer for grooming your appearance.
  • Pear chair or bean bag chair.
  • Bath set with comic inscriptions.
  • Suitcase on wheels for the traveler.
  • A leather briefcase or purse – a businessman.
  • Fashionable leather gloves.
  • Electronic piggy bank.
  • Thermos in a stylish case.
  • Barbecue for cooking meat dishes.
  • Mannequin for practicing blows to a boxer.
  • Projector for Smartphone – You can watch video from your phone on the ceiling or wall.
  • Travel kit for shoe care.
  • A helmet with a stand for beer cans for a beer lover.
  • A digital photo frame loaded with photos of friends and the birthday boy.
  • Books of your favorite author – fiction, scientific, historical literature.
  • A darts set is a popular pastime for young people.
  • Money – if you decide to give banknotes, creatively decorate the present.
  • A large cake with a portrait of the hero of the day and a congratulatory inscription.

Non-standard, Cool and Memorable Gifts

Do you want to surprise a friend, give not just a thing or object, but a mood? Think of original, unusual gifts. Their list includes things with engraving, products with a touch of humor, and memorable surprises. They should seem special, bright and pleasant to the birthday man. Suitable for this:

  • T-shirt with a cool inscription: “Just call me the Tsar”, “This is what my best friend looks like”, and “I’m 30 today – everything is possible!”.
  • A mug or a cup with comic inscriptions, funny pictures, or a photo of a birthday boy – choose interesting dishware options.
  • Wall clock made to order. The master will apply the best photos of the birthday man and his friends to the accessory.
  • A set of coffee or tea of ​​elite varieties in a festive package with the inscription “30 years”, with the initials of the birthday man.
  • Statuette “Oscar” in the name of the recipient, medal “Jubilee – 30 years!”. You can give the birthday man commemorative letters, diplomas, and gratitude.
  • A computer mouse in the form of a female body will complement any gift and amuse the recipient.
  • A camera splashing water is for those friends who are not offended by jokes, love jokes and have fun.
  • Antistress toy. There are different options for such gifts, they will help to recover, relieve nervous tension, and calm down.
  • Board alcohol game. She will bring a little adrenaline into everyday life, and make parties and gatherings with friends more interesting and fun.
  • A barrel of your favorite beer. You can add original glasses with symbols, a beer belt, and beautiful packaging to it.
  • A painting by a famous artist, which depicts your friend in the place of the main character. Order a portrait in advance.
  • Joking cartoon – you need to choose a photo of a friend, according to which the artist will humorously portray the birthday man.
  • Edible bouquets – beer composition, sweet bouquet, fruit basket, meat and cheese delicacies. Make a creative gift.
  • Sheet “Kama Sutra” – a present will suit a married birthday man, with his soulmate he will try to experiment with poses.
  • Video with the hero of the day in the title role – turn it into a funny video by making an interesting soundtrack, or create a video greeting a .
  • A trip to a strip bar on your birthday – you can rent a separate room, then outside visitors will not interfere with your holiday.

A cool, unusual gift can be given as an addition to the main one or as an independent present. When choosing, consider the attitude of the hero of the occasion to jokes and humor, so as not to offend him.

Inexpensive 30th Birthday Present for Friend

If you don’t have enough money to buy an expensive gift, don’t worry. You can congratulate a friend inexpensively by giving him a useful, interesting present. This category of gifts includes:

  • figured flash drive with a combination lock – only the owner will open it;
  • whiskey stones – with them the taste of the drink will become even better;
  • beverage dispenser – in the form of a tower, gas station, fire extinguisher;
  • a gift set of glasses for vodka or other alcoholic drink;
  • a screwdriver with a large number of nozzles – for a craftsman to repair equipment;
  • USB fridge for drinks;
  • urban backpack – comfortable, fashionable and roomy;
  • a running alarm clock or clock with a target;
  • magnetic hourglass – a souvenir at an affordable price;
  • a set of statuses for the desktop is cool and fun;
  • inexpensive touch gloves for a smartphone;
  • T-shirt with an interesting print, picture, or without decor;
  • a thermal mug with a personalized inscription or a photo of the birthday man;
  • heated lunch box – will allow you to take lunch with you to work and on a hike;
  • stylish belt with a buckle – choose an accessory of a suitable design;
  • stand-organizer for stationery;
  • business card holder – suitable for a businessman, will become an elegant detail of his image;
  • wireless portable speakers are a great choice for a music lover;
  • waterproof case for mobile phone;
  • original keychain with a flashlight, car number, name, and zodiac sign;
  • a cooling pad for a laptop – will support the gadget in working order;
  • men’s umbrella of a classic look – will come in handy for the birthday man.

Gifts for a Friend for 30 Years of Interest

A lot of joy and pleasure will be delivered to the hero of the day by a present made taking into account his hobbies and hobbies. It will be used in business with gratitude to a friend.

  • Give a fishing enthusiast a tent, a rubber boat, an echo sounder for exploring the bottom of a reservoir, a set of camping utensils, a folding chair, a spinning rod, a set of hooks, or other equipment needed by a fisherman.
  • The tourist and the traveler will need a sleeping bag or a tent, a mini-burner for hiking, an LED flashlight, binoculars, a barbecue set, and a spacious tourist backpack.
  • Give the athlete a treadmill, a wall-mounted sports complex, a home exercise machine, an expander or a punching bag, dumbbells, a tracksuit, an athlete’s kit – a water bottle and a towel.
  • An active, fit, athletic guy will suit a bicycle, roller skates, skateboard, longboard, or scooter as a present. Buy a suitable type of transport for the birthday boy.
  • The car owner can purchase a GPS navigator, original seat covers, a smartphone stand, an organizer in the trunk, a handheld vacuum cleaner, a heated mug, and car glasses.
  • Gifts for a friend who is passionate about computer games – a backlit keyboard, a computer mouse and a mouse pad, a virtual reality helmet, a comfortable backpack for a laptop, gaming headphones, and a powerful video card.
  • The guy loves to cook or works in the catering industry – buy him a food processor, a meat grinder, a recipe book from famous chefs, a quick defrosting board, and a set of rare spices in jars.
  • A friend works in the office, give him a set of a leather-bound diary and a branded pen, a desktop punching bag, an organizer for documents, a fluorescent light fixture, a mini desktop fan, and computer glasses.
  • For an intellectual, give chess, checkers, backgammon, poker in a gift case, board games for adults, a three-dimensional 3D puzzle, and a men’s anti-stress constructor for a birthday.
  • A smoker can be presented with a hookah, complete with a set of tobacco, an unusual mouthpiece, a bone smoking pipe, an original lighter, and an ashtray.

If you don’t know what to choose as a present for a friend according to his interests, give him a certificate to the store – fishing, travel, computer equipment. Present a subscription to the gym, to the pool, to a master class on cooking various dishes.

What to Give a Married Friend

Many men are already starting a family by the age of 30. If your friend is one of them, then you can choose a gift that will please both him and the family. You can donate:

  • microwave oven;
  • electric fireplace – wall or floor;
  • cozy plaid with sleeves for two;
  • quality bed linen;
  • robot vacuum cleaner for a quick cleaning in the house;
  • floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp in the bedroom;
  • picnic set – if the spouses like to relax in nature;
  • coffee maker, electric kettle, samovar;
  • luxury photo album for family photos;
  • kitchen appliances – a slow cooker, an electric grill, a toaster, a dryer for vegetables;
  • air purifier or humidifier, air conditioner;
  • a funny family piggy bank with a symbolic print;
  • paired pillows on the sofa with a photo of the spouses;
  • certificate for two in the SPA massage salon;
  • paid thematic photoshoot for the whole family;
  • a family portrait made by the artist from the best photograph;
  • a vacation ticket for two – a present can be presented from all friends;
  • a couple of tickets to a concert by your favorite band, to the theater, to the cinema.

Top 15 Gift Impressions to a Friend for 30 Years

A young guy wants to conquer the world, learn a lot of new things, enjoy life, take risks and get an adrenaline rush. If your friend is just like that, extreme presents will suit him:

  • Skydiving is an adventure for the most daring.
  • High-altitude paragliding flight with an instructor.
  • A ticket to a paintball club is entertainment for the whole company.
  • Playing billiards – even beginners will enjoy this activity.
  • A visit to the climbing wall – the birthday boy will try himself rock climbing.
  • Diving – scuba diving.
  • Karting on a double kart is a spectacular form of motorsport.
  • Hot air balloon flight over the city.
  • A boat trip with friends is for the company.
  • Shooting range with an air pistol.
  • A drifting master class is a real drive for a motorist.
  • Subscription for a lesson in martial arts.
  • Rafting on the river in kayaks with friends.
  • Master class by interests – choose the right direction.
  • Quest game – you can write a script yourself or order a professional.

There is a wide variety of gifts that will suit a friend for 30 years. It is necessary not only to choose a practical, desirable, good gift but also to present it originally. Come up with a non-standard congratulation, please the birthday man, let him remember his little anniversary for the rest of his life!

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