Best 30th Birthday Gifts for Women

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Best 30th Birthday Gifts for Women: For some reason, it is the thirtieth birthday that becomes a special date in the life of many of the fair sex. Someone is looking forward to the next holiday and a noisy birthday with gifts, someone is sad thinking about their age, and therefore especially in need of good and pleasant things that will make life more joyful.

We’ve put together a selection of 130 gift ideas for 30-year-old women for you to make it easier for you to choose from a variety of specific options. Whatever the birthday women is – dreamy, careerist, lover of travel, extreme or home, you can find something special for her.

What to Give a Women for 30 Years

  1. A fur or just a long-nap car seat cover is an excellent choice for the cool season.
  2. Flash on the front camera of your smartphone – to take bright and clear selfies even in the twilight of parties or on a night walk.
  3. Travel accessories and accessories made of noble leather, such as python or crocodile, or eco-leather, or handicrafts.
  4. A geyser coffee maker and a package of high-quality coffee are not too personal, but always a good gift for women for 30 years.
  5. A certificate for spa treatments in a good salon, something specific, or just a day for pleasure.
  6. Boxes for growing fragrant herbs and flowers right on the windowsill or on the balcony, you can add seed bags.
  7. A certificate for a photo shoot, and let this wonderful age be captured in professional photos in the studio.
  8. A folding comb with a mirror – a trifle needed in every women’s purse, can be given purely symbolically.
  9. The wireless microphone with a speaker will delight all karaoke lovers. Now it will be possible to sing at home on holiday, in the country, or just at a picnic.
  10. A beauty box is a great present that can be presented to women for her birthday, for 30 years. The tools in the kit are selected so that they are suitable for everyone.
  11. Sea salt for baths, several packages with interesting aromas. Alternatively, build a bath kit by adding bombs and foam.
  12. Women’s dumbbells are stylish, comfortable, which is so pleasant to work with at home. You can confidently give it to all home fitness lovers.
  13. An inflatable sofa is an excellent thing for outdoor recreation, a picnic, it is convenient to take it with you even just for a walk to the park.
  14. A cosmetic bag is always helpful for everyone, it’s nice to use a new and beautiful thing.
  15. The navigator with a projector on the glass is a luxurious gift for women for her birthday; it will appeal to all lovers of auto travel and those who travel a lot to different new locations around the city.
  16. Hair oils and sprays are great for anyone with a little long hair.
  17. A clever jump rope that counts jumps and even shows a number in the air so that you don’t have to tensely count in your head.
  18. Remote car start system – to warm it up without leaving home.
  19. Organizers for shoes and things will definitely appeal to women who love order and organization in everything.
  20. Smartwatches are quite expensive, and therefore a lovely gift for a women who turns 30; birthday is an excellent occasion for such a presentation.
  21. Soft curlers to sleep on.
  22. A salt lamp is both a night light and a useful thing for taking care of their health, young ladies like it.
  23. An eye makeup palette from a good brand in the birthday women’s favorite shades.
  24. An unusual ride around the city – for example, riding in a horse-drawn carriage or riding in a retro car through the most beautiful places.
  25. Click & Grow mini-greenhouses – for those who would like to grow greens and berries but do not like fiddling with soil and sprouts.
  26. An electric meat grinder is a very practical item that can be presented for a 30th birthday to a women who loves to cook.
  27. The machine for weaving braids is what fashionistas who adore interesting hairstyles need.
  28. A night light projector of sea waves – it is so comfortable to gently relax and fall asleep with it.
  29. Elite coffee or a set of several varieties – something that coffee lovers will always like.
  30. The multi- hair styler is a versatile thing that will help you create even complex hairstyles, curl or straighten your hair.
  31. Electric brush for skincare. Exfoliates and gently massages to help fade fine lines and maintain skin tone.
  32. A set for slicing and serving cheese is a very interesting and original gift that can be presented to women on her 30th birthday.
  33. An invitation ticket for two to tasting wine and cheese is also a good solution, and for two – to make it more fun.
  34. A beautiful tablecloth is another worthy option; high-quality, elegant products cost quite a lot, so it’s nice to get one as a gift.
  35. A coffee grinder, manual or electric, to which it is worth adding a packet of quality coffee beans.
  36. Molds for baking, cookies or cupcakes are better than silicone ones, they burn less on them, and it’s convenient to get everything.
  37. A coffee pot is a good gift for a 30-year-old women, always useful. It can be a miniature model for one serving or for two. And there are also electric turks that work from the outlet, with them you can make your favorite drink right on your desktop.
  38. A scent lamp and a set of aromatic essential oils for her.
  39. The foot massager bath will definitely appeal to lovers of high heels, as well as everyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.
  40. Apparatus for manicure and pedicure – with it, you can put your nails in order right at home, at any time.
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Most Original 30th Birthday Gifts for Women

  1. Ampoules for hair are a birthday present for a women from a close friend, such funds are not cheap, but they help to grow the length faster.
  2. A portable speaker, it is optimal to take models with protection from moisture.
  3. Phone camera lenses that work like camera lenses.
  4. PowerBank is a sophisticated or simply original design.
  5. A trip in a limousine around the city – you can look for a certificate for such entertainment or organize it yourself.
  6. Metal “pearls” for cooling wine or champagne are a very elegant gift for women for her 30th birthday.
  7. Fitball is an excellent fitness ball, perfect for practicing at home.
  8. Silicone kitchen accessories – spatulas, whisks, brushes, rugs and more.
  9. Carving knives will definitely appeal to those who love to cook and serve dishes beautifully.
  10. Fluffy Car Mats – Quickly absorb water and snow, leaving your shoes clean.
  11. A designer bag is what many would like very much, and if you know what model the birthday women dream of, just on the birthday, it is worth presenting this bag.
  12. A good modern hairdryer is something that many women would like to receive as a gift for their 30th birthday.
  13. A beautiful and lightweight suitcase on wheels – for travel and commuting.
  14. Bag organizer – easy to pull out and put in another bag with all your belongings.
  15. Car communicator – for those who love fun and communication.
  16. Neck Relaxation Massage Pillow, great for those who work a lot while leaning over the table.
  17. A Finger heart rate monitor is a good 30th birthday gift for a female athlete, the measurement is more accurate than on any fitness bracelet.
  18. A set of spices in flasks or beautiful jars will definitely come in handy in the kitchen.
  19. A stole or an elegant shawl, or maybe an arafat shawl or a fluffy scarf, depends on the style of the birthday women.
  20. A hanger for clothes in a car is convenient for many.
  21. Branded cosmetic accessories – sponges, beauty blenders, makeup removers and more.
  22. Bath table-stand – to put a glass, candles, fix the phone and relax.
  23. Video parking sensors are an excellent idea for a gift for a close women on her birthday.
  24. High-quality and stylish bedding will come in handy in any home.
  25. Scented or regular candles can be completed with candlesticks.
  26. Wine glasses – there are definitely not many of them, you can give two in a gift box.
  27. A smart yoga mat that helps you monitor your exercise performance.
  28. The Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen water tester is for those who are very picky about water quality.
  29. Jewelry made of precious metals is always a good choice if you don’t know what to give women for 30 years.
  30. Painting kit – for example, oil, or watercolors, or pastels.
  31. Electronic measuring spoon for kitchen – shows how many grams scooped up.
  32. An anti-theft backpack – ideal for travel and public transport. There are very feminine models!
  33. Ice cream or yogurt maker, and let homemade desserts be the most delicious and healthy.
  34. Urban leather or fabric backpack in the birthday women’s favorite color.
  35. Perfume is a very welcome 30th birthday gift for women if you know her favorite scent.
  36. Illuminated mirror, with this it is much more convenient to paint and take care of yourself.
  37. Heated mat or long-nap under the feet of the computer desk.
  38. A sensor for plants shows the degree of moisture and soil quality, transmits data to the phone.
  39. Desktop bio fireplace – and beautiful, and cozy, and warms a little.
  40. An exotic plant, such as a carnivore plant, or a coffee tree, or maybe a hot pepper in a pot.
  41. A smartpen is a suitable present for a birthday; you can present it to a women who write a lot by hand.
  42. Car coffee maker to brew quality espresso anywhere.
  43. Lanterns charged from the sun – for summer cottages and your own home.
  44. Travel cosmetics – for those who travel a lot. Bottles, cosmetic bags, mini versions, brushes with replaceable nozzles, etc.
  45. Natural coconut oil – any women will find many uses for it.
  46. A jewelry box or special tree for storing them.
  47. Sports water bottle, classic or with fruit diffuser.
  48. Kigurumi pajamas or just warm pajamas.
  49. A leather wallet or cardholder, or maybe a nifty money clip.
  50. The steering wheel phone holder is an inexpensive but very useful birthday present for a women.
  51. A designer business notebook – for those who work in the office.
  52. Darsonval apparatus – for hair and skincare.
  53. A planner notebook helps you build plans and goals and move towards them.
  54. Certificates for culinary master classes – if the birthday women loves to cook in general and is interested in learning how to make sushi, bake tiered cakes, fry perfect steaks, etc.
  55. Brand mascara is something that can be presented to almost any 30-year-old women, and she will be happy and will use the present.
  56. A lamp for gel polish to do the perfect manicure at home and repaint your nails whenever you want.
  57. A stand for a phone or tablet – although not an essential thing, it is very convenient with it!
  58. Certificates for active entertainment, for example, jumping off a bridge, riding an ATV, flying in a wind tunnel, etc.
  59. Bedside “smart” lamp – the shade of the light can be changed from a smartphone, creating a special atmosphere.
  60. Good stockings are one of the best gifts for a 30-year-old women – there are never too many of them!
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Unusual and Simply Pleasant Ideas for 30th Women

  1. Hanging chair that can be fixed on a balcony or even in a large room.
  2. Beautiful jars and containers for the kitchen – for teas, cereals, bulk products and more.
  3. A large vase will definitely come in handy for a variety of bouquets.
  4. Makeup brushes – made from natural materials, branded, well-made, in a beautiful case.
  5. A portrait of many small photographs is a great idea, such a present for 30-year-old women will definitely attract attention and will decorate the house for many years.
  6. Kitchen blender/mixer – easy to make cocktails, puree soup, smoothies, and much more.
  7. A flash drive in the form of a designer decoration or with security that opens with a code or fingerprint.
  8. Smart scales are what all athletes and healthy lifestyle lovers will definitely like.
  9. An interesting alarm clock that helps you easily wake up from a pleasant aroma or melodic sounds or growing light.
  10. Grill pans – good ones are not cheap, and cooking with them is a pleasure, so it is perfect as a gift.
  11. A hot air balloon flight is a luxurious 30th birthday present for a women, will be remembered forever and will give the most vivid emotions and impressions.
  12. The pool headphone player will definitely appeal to the swimmer. You can also listen to your favorite music.
  13. Phone screen enlarger – with it, it is comfortable to watch TV shows or clips on a kind of enlarged screen.
  14. Good face cream with valuable or unusual ingredients. Better to take something from a series of moisturizers, it will suit everyone, for any skin.
  15. A set for making fondue – useful for a romantic evening and for a friendly meeting.
  16. Decorative items for the home interior – a beautiful blanket, interesting cushions, a floor lamp, a picture, and more.
  17. Glasses with lighting are a very original gift that can be given to a friend for 30 years.
  18. A transforming bag that folds into a small envelope is a trifle and often so convenient!
  19. Eyeliner with a comfortable brush or a good liner.
  20. Bright and beautiful flower pots – for the lover of the home garden on the windowsill.
  21. Kitchen scales – useful for those who monitor their weight and those who like to cook something unusual according to recipes.
  22. Honey with edible gold is a very unusual present that can be given to women for 30 years if she has everything. You will definitely surprise her!
  23. Sleep mask, store or hand-sewn.
  24. A nitrate tester or an eco-tester will appeal to a birthday women who love everything natural and environmentally friendly.
  25. A hammock for legs – for everyone who works at the computer or just at the table.
  26. A body scrub is something that is always useful for everyone, so you can donate sets of different scents or just a large jar.
  27. Silk pillowcases – they are very useful for hair and facial skin.
  28. An elegant box or vase for cookies and sweets is a very cute gift for a women on her birthday.
  29. Utensils for a picnic – even in nature you can eat very nicely and with cutlery.
  30. A basket of delicacies and exotic fruits – if you can’t think of anything else, give the pleasure of life!
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You see how many interesting and pleasant things you can present for a women’s birthday! We hope that in our list of gifts for a 30-year-old women, out of 130 ideas, you could choose something specific for a special person. Or, at least, our proposals prompted you to think of something to come up with. This is a round date, a birthday, so it is definitely worth presenting a bouquet of flowers to maximize the feeling of the holiday!

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