Best 30th Birthday Gifts for Friend

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A strong friendship is great, so you need to value your friends and try to please them for a variety of reasons. If your friend has a birthday soon, be sure to try to choose a nice present for him. Our 100 best 30th birthday gifts for friends will help with this.

These are different options – cool and useful, expensive and quite budgetary, so there will certainly be good ideas in the list. Using them, you will definitely choose the best present for your dear friend.

30th Birthday Gifts for Friend

List of The 100 Best 30th Birthday Gifts for Friend

  1. A chic multifunctional Swiss knife. Such a present will be useful to any guy, so your friend will surely find a use for it.
  2. A quality ballpoint or fountain pen from a renowned manufacturer packed in a gift case. It can be made more unique with a personalized engraving if this, of course, does not spoil the design of your gift.
  3. A notebook with an original design is a nice gift for a friend for 30 years, especially if you make an absolutely unique cover to order.
  4. 3D figurine of a friend made from his photo. If you decide to make a cartoon figurine, remember that it should be fun, but at the same time emphasize the birthday person’s dignity and strengths, and not ridicule and offend.
  5. Foldable multi-tool shovel. This is a very handy device that you should always have in the trunk of your car. Such a shovel will help out on the road in various unforeseen situations, and on vacation in nature, and in the country, and in many different situations.
  6. Car repair tool kit in a handy carrying case. It will come in handy for a guy who loves not only to ride a car but also to fix various minor breakdowns himself.
  7. A fishing rod or spinning rod is a great gift not only for a fisherman but also for any person who likes outdoor recreation on the river bank.
  8. A 3D puzzle that allows you to put together a three-dimensional model of a mechanism, for example, a car or a ship, with moving parts.
  9. A beautifully and originally designed external battery. This is a very useful gift, and if you choose something original and funny, it will also cheer you up.
  10. A lightbox with a photo of a birthday boy is a great gift for a friend for 30 years. It can be done in secret from a photo and make such a wonderful surprise to a friend.
  11. Smartphone case with keyboard for typing messages. Guys often complain that touchscreens are awkward to chat. Your birthday present will help your friend solve this problem.
  12. A mug with a photo is a cool and inexpensive gift for a friend.
  13. Solid leather belt with unique embossing. You can also pay attention to the buckle so that it is stylish and original.
  14. USB flash drive. It should be of high capacity and high quality. You can also choose a memory card with an unusual design, for example, in the form of a weapon or a car.
  15. Anti-clock is a wonderful surprise for a person who is used to watching the time and it certainly does not hurt to relax.
  16. Hourglass filled with magnetic metal shavings. It will be a symbolic and very beautiful gift for a friend for 30 years, reminding them of the passage of time and simply creating beautiful pictures inside the clock.
  17. A wireless speaker is the best present for a music lover. If you choose a sufficiently powerful speaker with light and music, your friend can even arrange a disco for himself and his friends in any convenient place.
  18. Massage or heated car seat cover.
  19. Personalized Zippo lighter. She will especially delight a man who smokes, for whom the gift will probably come in handy more than once a day.
  20. A coolly decorated personalized apron. It will come in handy for a friend who loves to cook and loves to look cool in the kitchen.
  21. Surprise party. If a friend does not have time, or money or desire to organize a holiday, you can do it for him. Surely he will be glad to have a fun party that his friends are organizing for him.
  22. Hollywood star “Happy Birthday” with the recipient’s name engraved and nice words addressed to him.
  23. A personalized enamel mug is an interesting, unexpected and useful present at the same time, especially far from civilization.
  24. Going to the bathhouse or sauna. If a friend does not have a wife who will be against such a pastime on his birthday, you can organize such entertainment for a friend.
  25. An unusual set of sweets is a very interesting and tasty gift for a friend for 30 years. You can choose tools or weapons made of chocolate or make something to order that will definitely delight your friend.
  26. Piggybank for wine corks. It looks like a neat wooden box with a transparent front wall and a hole for dropping corks at the top. A personalized engraving can be applied on the glass surface to commemorate the holiday. And the corks collected inside the piggy bank will remind you of pleasant gatherings with friends and romantic evenings.
  27. Warm universal gloves.
  28. A scooter suitcase for fun travel lovers.
  29. Sports water bottle.
  30. A high-quality metal thermos that will come in handy even at work, even on vacation.
  31. A set of unbreakable tableware for camping and picnic in comfort.
  32. A flask decorated with a personalized engraving. It is advisable to choose a flask in a case.
  33. A car mug or glass is a convenient present for a motorist.
  34. Travel pillow.
  35. Keychain defroster for car locks.
  36. Folding brazier to make outdoor recreation even more pleasant, lighter and more comfortable.
  37. A folding chair or chaise longue that you can take with you outdoors.
  38. Multifunctional flashlight with radio or the ability to recharge gadgets, with a solar battery, etc.
  39. A folding bucket for collecting mushrooms is a great present for a lover of “quiet hunting”.
  40. Very cool, high-quality and fashionable sunglasses.
  41. A set for a bath with everything you need: a towel, a hat, a broom, etc.
  42. Copper Turk for making coffee, decorated with unusual ornaments or engravings.
  43. Thermo mug decorated with a stylish print.
  44. An unusual night light, such as a soccer ball or Thor’s hammer.
  45. The beer helmet is a funny present for a fan of incendiary parties.
  46. Cool diploma or medal of the best friend and loyal comrade.
  47. Personalized glass for your favorite drink.
  48. A slow cooker is a useful gift for a man who often has to cook.
  49. The globe-shaped wine bar is beautiful and practical.
  50. Metal cubes for cooling alcoholic beverages, decorated with the recipient’s engraved initials.
  51. A folding knife in the form of a credit card.
  52. Gift set of socks in the form of an annual or monthly set.
  53. Anti-stress pillow with various rustling and massaging fillers.
  54. An ingeniously designed beverage dispenser, for example in the form of a fire extinguisher.
  55. Desktop “perpetual” calendar.
  56. Anti-gravity flying ball, globe or photo frame.
  57. Laptop bag with personalized embroidery.
  58. Bathrobe. The recipient’s name embroidered on the back will also be an excellent decor for him.
  59. Stylish urban backpack.
  60. A large and practical towel with a spicy pattern.
  61. Cool wristwatch.
  62. Business card holder made of quality leather.
  63. A wallet with many convenient compartments for a wide variety of small items.
  64. A set of glowing glasses for organizing the coolest and brightest parties.
  65. Tie storage case.
  66. Watch box with automatic winding.
  67. Money clip made of valuable or not very expensive metal, decorated with a unique engraving.
  68. A set for cleaning shoes in an elegant suitcase in a vintage style.
  69. Certificate for tailoring a business suit or shirt.
  70. A gym membership is the best gift for 30 years for a friend who loves sports or just wants to love it and improve his body condition.
  71. The indoor golf set is a nice birthday present for a friend for relaxation and fun.
  72. A board game that your friend will definitely like, and you will have fun together in your free time.
  73. MP3 player.
  74. Wireless headphones.
  75. Car or bicycle phone holder.
  76. A GPS navigator is a great gift for 30 years for a friend who travels a lot to unfamiliar places.
  77. Folding men’s comb made of wood.
  78. A pillow decorated with photographs of the birthday boy.
  79. Beer mug with original lettering or print. Together with her, you can give a few bottles or a box of your favorite beer.
  80. French press for brewing tea or coffee.
  81. Gift set of honey in neat jars. A sweet tooth who prefers natural sweets will like it very much.
  82. A personalized plate with a cool inscription on the bottom.
  83. Vinyl wall clock.
  84. A box-case for a bottle of wine or for two.
  85. An unusual piggy bank, for example, in the form of an ATM, but not giving out money, but collecting.
  86. A set of skewers with personalized engravings in an elegant and comfortable case.
  87. Prefabricated dumbbells for home workouts.
  88. A set of several packages of your favorite drink – tea or coffee.
  89. The Oscar statuette is a great gift for a friend who loves cinema for 30 years.
  90. Microfiber blanket with sleeves. It will definitely come in handy for a person who prefers to relax at home in a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  91. Jug-shaped water filter. It will provide a friend with a healthy drink, so it will be a good birthday present.
  92. Flying in a wind tunnel is an unforgettable adventure a gift for 30 years to a friend.
  93. A bottle for drinks of an unusual shape, for example, in the form of a double-decker London bus.
  94. A coffee maker or coffee machine. The coffee lover will be delighted with such a useful gift that can make the morning really good and cheerful and significantly reduce the number of every day worries.
  95. Gaming computer mouse or keyboard for the gamer.
  96. Mouse pad with a unique pattern.
  97. Vacuum cleaner for the computer. It will help clean the keyboard and the insides of the system unit from dust, and you can also use it for cleaning in other hard-to-reach places.
  98. A sleeping bag is the best gift for a friend who loves outdoor recreation for 30 years.
  99. Souvenir weapon. It can be a sword, a dagger, a pistol, a gun, anything you like and that can please a dear friend.
  100. Home mini-brewery. This is a great gift for a beer lover. He will be able to prepare his favorite drink himself and even experiment with recipes, and also arrange tastings for his comrades.
  101. Karemat for a comfortable stay in the wild.
  102. Fire. This is a great birthday present for a friend who loves extreme outdoor activities. It will help kindle a fire in any conditions, even if the matches are locked, the lighter will be lost and it will seem that there is no way out.
  103. Smartphone holder in the car.
  104. Shaker for making cocktails. You can choose a model with recipes written on the walls or present it with a recipe book.
  105. The travel case is an excellent present for those who like to travel or who often travel for work.
  106. A set of car mats perfectly protected from moisture and dirt.
  107. Solar battery charger. It will help out in a situation where there are no outlets nearby, but you need to recharge your smartphone or other gadget.
  108. Riding ATVs, buggies, snowmobiles or other unusual and extreme vehicles.
  109. A set of decanters in the form of a globe and two glasses.


To make your gift for 30 years to a friend unforgettable, you can organize an unusual congratulation or presentation. A friend may like a funny joke, a flash mob and just a funny comic congratulation from close friends.

You can even order congratulations on the radio or on TV. It is also important to pack your gift in an elegant and original way so that at the time of delivery, it immediately attracts attention and arouses the most pleasant emotions.

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